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Color Blind

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Steve Pulaski » Review Date: 10/31/16

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Content: 2/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 38 minutes

Cast: Kasey Warner, Adriana Chechik, Reena Sky, Layton Benton, Steven St. Croix, Isiah Maxwell, and Jovan Jordan

Directed by: B Skow

Genres: Feature Film, All Sex, Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: No specifications to note, but the audio occasionally bears echo that makes the lines of dialog difficult to hear

Bonus Scenes: A whole separate disc dedicated to four of them: Marie McCray and Steven St. Croix from Truth Be Told, Dillion Harper and Richie Calhoun from Southern Hospitality, Kasey Warner and Seth Gamble from In the Flesh, Capri Cavanni, Riley Reid, and Ryan McLane from "Daddy's Girls II"

Extras: Trailers

Overview: Directed by B Skow, a recurring collaborator for Girlfriend Films, "Color Blind" intertwines 1990s racial tension and interracial taboos inside a story concerning family drama and the idea of love being blind.

Color Blind opens amidst a racially charged dinner conversation as footage from the Los Angeles riots loops on the television following the acquittal of the officers that beat Rodney King during a traffic stop. Sitting at the dinner table is Noelle (Kasey Warner), a young blind woman, her sister Shauna (Adriana Chechik), and their mother and father (Steven St. Croix and Reena Sky), when the patriarch of the family interjects his opinion with flaming racism. Shauna is furious with this, but her father tries to make up for it by affirming his love and ever-lasting protection of Noelle, who has grown up her entire life incapable of fully understanding racial tensions or color-lines of any kind.

Just before the family goes about their separate ways, two young black gentleman (Isiah Maxwell and Jovan Jordan) arrive at their doorstep in efforts to inform them of Jesus Christ. Following such an abrupt arrival, which has her father angry all over again, Shauna storms upstairs to play with her massive black dildo, Noelle enters another room, and Steven and Reena go to their bedroom. "Love is blind, color is only color," one of the men announces to the father.

Scene 1: Reena Sky and Steven St. Croix

This brings us to our first scene. As Adriana furiously masturbates with a dildo in her crotch and her panties in her mouth, her parents decide to relieve their own stress by having sex. The two stand-and-screw, with Steven inserting himself just a bit into Reena before pulling out and rubbing the head of his penis on Reena's wet pussy, before Reena decides to ride cowgirl. Steven twiddles her clit a bit as she noisily rides, but being as the scene comes out of nowhere, with no foreplay whatsoever, it all feels so sudden and a bit displaced.

The two go on to 69, where Reena shows that she can deep-throat on a whim, if nothing else. A nice bout of intimate spooning occurs before Steven treats her to leg-shaking cunnilingus thanks to his strong skills. The home-stretch reveals itself as Reena arches her back on all fours, twerking her butt a bit to entertain the viewer as she gives Steven a blowjob. His cumshot is a bit overshot onto his wrist as he holds her ass where he wants it, but manages to give Reena enough on her backside to satisfy her. A lack of character development and any kind of introduction only highlight what mediocre, vanilla sex this is, making for an awkward way to commence a film. Two out of five stars.

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The next day, Matt (Isiah Maxwell) stops by once again to pick up the Bible he mistakenly left, thankfully after Steven and Reena take off and leave the girls alone. This gives Noelle some alone-time with Matt, who she begins to have a crush on just by his sensitive nature and open-mindedness. She finally leaves with him just as her parents come back and Steven finally walks in on his other daughter cramming a black dildo in her ass. Embarrassed and humiliated, Shauna reveals to her father what is going on between Noelle and Matt.

Scene 2: Kasey Warner and Isiah Maxwell

Being that Noelle is blind, Isiah guides her most of the way through her first-time. Kasey Warner plays her part quite well, as we watch her blowjob technique slowly but realistically develop as if she were actually blind. She works Matt's shaft a bit before taking off her jean-shorts and revealing a beautiful full bush to compliment such a gorgeous starlet. Matt begins entering her as she lies back on the bed with her legs high up in the air or wrapped around him, which will be the quintessential position of the scene. During these long sex-scenes, you really see how good Kasey is at playing a virginal blind girl, a role that, even for porn, isn't conventional.

This is a scene that relies moreso on color contrast than any actual scene-variety. Kasey and Isiah are fine, but they aren't given anything to work with. Even more noticeable here than in the previous sex scene is the lack of dialog - not even a "fuck me" from Kasey or any engagement from Isiah. It feels stiff, to the point where even moments that should prompt intimacy, like Kasey and Isiah repeatedly interlocking their fingers towards the end, come off as disappointingly flat. Finally, he cums on her bush, and as hot as it sounds, I can't help but feel that was just the entirely wrong place for Isiah's medium-sized load to fall. Two out of five stars.

The two conclude their fuck as Shauna and her parents continue to bicker outside. Shauna claims Noelle is in love with a guy she's met twice and doesn't even know that well, and calls out her father's perpetually racist attitude by continuing to say he knows nothing about this in any respect. Before he can even say another word, Shauna goes to get Noelle, deciding that going by her new friends' house is a better idea. "Maybe I'll bring another black guy home for mom," she says, driving the stake into her father's feelings one more time.

At Jovan's apartment, the four gather to eat breakfast, while the girls' father, angry and beside himself, decides to leave and pay a visit to an old friend Rhonda (Layton Benton).

Scene 3: Layton Benton and Steven St. Croix

The father's friend turns out to be a buxom black lady who helps him get over even the toughest family problems. While he can't bring himself to discuss the matter with her, that doesn't mean he can't accept a sloppy blowjob from her and a little rimjobbing. Steven grabs Rhonda's massive breasts as she gives him a spit-soaked blowjob, with saliva and droll coating the entire bottom half of her jaw.

When she cowgirls him, her rocking body and medium-level enthusiasm come to life and make this scene at least more engaging the others. Steven must also have a talent for cunnilingus given Rhonda's incredible appreciation and high-pitched moans upon receiving a rapid-flicking tongue to her twat. When she goes to suck his dick again, the slobber drips all over her mouth and onto her arm, in true, dedicated fashion. To end things, he finally doubles her legs over to get better penetration before treating her stomach to a heavy load of cum. We're definitely a step in the right direction at this point, with enthusiasm and two seasoned performers taking center-stage and bringing life into the project. Three out of five stars.

Back at the apartment, the four lovebirds are watching a movie when Kasey and Isiah decide to go to bed. A quick glance from Adriana to Jovan informs him why she's here too and the two go into their respective bedroom.

Scene 4: Adriana Chechik and Jovan Jordan

Any person to peruse pornography casually probably knows of Adriana Chechik and her uninhibited, wild style during shooting, and here, she is no exception, thankfully. She breeds life into a film that truly needs it, and as soon as she's faced with Jovan's girthy member, she gets to work reminding porn fans why she's one of the hottest names. She gags on and titfucks his cock, and goes for sloppy head unlike her sister. Despite initially having a difficult go when it's time for Jovan to enter her during missionary, she successfully finds a way to fill the void of her massive dildo and rides him with total exuberance.

As soon as his dick goes up her ass, it doesn't take long for her to cum, nor does it take long for her to flinch and shake during some hot spooning sex. Jovan slaps her thigh in the middle of it all, which is apparently cue for her to clean up the mess on his dick and toy with her asshole a bit, while continuing to favor her ass throughout the scene. This scene is also where B Skow's directing prevails, in that his camera always knows where to point and he doesn't skimp on the variety of angles even for a pretty basic scene. When sucking Jovan off, she knows how to force his thick cock down her throat, even without making for a totally sloppy and unabashedly messy affair.

It all concludes with a "face down, ass up" sequence that lengthily carries its way into Shauna lying on her back and accepting a few more deep thrusts. When Jovan gives her the face-pasting load she so passionately worked for, she smiles and tells him, "I know my dad would love to see me right now," with an incorruptible smile on her face. Four out of five stars.

The entire thing wraps up with Noelle and Shauna arriving back at their parents' home to introduce their new boyfriends to her parents. What unfolds is a loud tirade that ends unexpectedly and strangely, all while trying to induce a bit of morality into the picture.

Final Thoughts

It's not too hard to see where B Skow was trying to take Color Blind. A race-centered pornographic picture, all focused around a woman who is physically unable to see color, the film boasts an interesting premise and spicing it up with interracial sex ostensibly makes for a perfect balance. The problem with the picture is if it's not sterile in its presentation, it's lacking in the narrative-component. This should've been just as much about the narrative of the girls as it was about the sex scenes, but by the time we abruptly and awkwardly arrive at Steven's affair with Rhonda, we see the total disregard for the carefully constructed plot and period for just another run-of-the-mill porn-flick. With that, nothing kills momentum like two thoroughly disappointing, even mediocre sex scenes at the very beginning.

Even Kasey Warner feels like a secondary character in her own film, despite glimmers of serious talent as an actress. As a result, Adriana Chechik winds up being the star performer here, and while there's nothing wrong one with that, one can't help but feel that this is not how it should've gone nor what it should've been at all. The latter two sex-scenes may outweigh the first two, and seeing Adriana toy with a dildo half her size is never boring, mind you, but there's a too little to chew on for such a lofty and ambitious idea.


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