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These British Are Smoking Hot 2

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 11/7/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: All Sex, Foreign, British, Fetish, Smoking, Big Boobs

Director: Unknown



Cast: Delta White, Louise Jenson, Logan Montoya, Jasmine James, Nikita Law  

Length: 1 hour 49 minutes    

Date of Release: October 13, 2016

Extras: Absolutely None

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in HD. The camera moves a bit much for more tastes and extraneous ambient audio is present throughout. Lighting isn't bad, but it is nowhere near great either.

Overview: As the title implies; five British girls start with a smoking tease and then are joined by a guy, or in the case of Delta's scene, two guys. Sex while smoking is tricky, at best. Some girls here seem more comfortable with it than others. In addition to the smoking fetish, there's lingerie, corsets, boots, heels, and even some heavy chains that make an appearance. All the action takes place on a small soundstage, no fancy locations here. Fans of British dirty-talking vixens and smokers will enjoy this the most.

Scene 1: Delta White & 2 Guys

Delta White

Ultra-buxom blonde Delta is up first, heavily inked and pierced; clad in black and smoking a little cigar. Two stunt cocks enter and bind her wrists loosely with a large, heavy chain as she gets to work mouthing boners in turn. She's cute and playful as she bounces on one boner and gags on another in reverse cowgirl. Her inked arm and fishnetted legs are shown off nicely as she gets spitroasted on a chair. One guy abruptly backs out of scene, leaving the other to drill her in doggie, her eyes making good contact as she looks back while he slaps her ass a bit. A screen wipe takes us to the guy re-entering for her to bounce on as the other guy withdraws.

Delta White

He's back soon enough for her to suck on while she rides. Her body is nicely tanned for a British girl and her ass looks good as it slaps up and down. One of the guys dips into her in spoon and then licks her clit for a moment while the other dude moves into position for some oral pleasure of his own. She gets plowed from behind, the chain having made a reappearance as it is used like a set of reins. She's very accommodating as the men manhandle her around so they can get whichever hole they want at the moment. She seems to be having a lot of fun as she kneels while they take turns showering her with sperm.

Scene 2: Jasmine James & Guy

Jasmine James

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Jasmine's up next, sporting striking red hair and a fishnet body stocking. Her smoke session is a slo-mo montage where she looks directly into the lens. She takes that right into addressing the viewer directly as she smokes and talks dirty while touching herself. Her stunt cock enters so he can get some smoke blown onto his cock, her eyes bright as she looks up while blowing him. Her tongue is pierced with a bright blue bead that starkly contrasts with her hair as she shows it off while licking his erection. She puts her ciggie aside so she can focus on fucking his cock with her mouth while staring into the camera. Her British dirty banter is nice, he talks a bit too much for an unidentified male performer.

Jasmine James

He bones the Brit babe from behind, her pussy queefing loudly as he rams her; the daybed rattling. Her eyes rarely leave the lens as she spouts dirty talk while taking the dick. Her massive boobs are displayed nicely in the stocking cut out as she gets slammed in spoon. The guy is working hard, and takes a few moments to lick between her legs and get his cock sucked, and she does a great job with that; paying particular attention to licking his length. She gets into some rodeo riding, with a nice circular grind as the camera shoots from below. She then lies back to enjoy a nice smoke while he nails her, working up a load to her nasty talk as she addresses the camera and asks for a load to her fucking face. He mostly misses her face with a massive load which drips all between the mesh surrounding her tits as she finishes her smoke.

Scene 3: Logan Montoya & Guy

Logan Montoya

Logan is up next, with only a few titles to her name even though she's been filming since 2013. Right off the bat, I'm not buying her as actually being a smoker. She doesn't inhale and she holds the cigarette oddly much of the time. Her knee-high boots, however are hot. She's a pretty girl, but like I said in a previous review of her work "Maid For Pleasure 3"; her inexperience really shows. Her eyes dart off set as if constantly distracted or looking for direction. The camera man doesn't help matters as he moves in and out while bobbing around and chopping heads off once her boytoy enters the scene.

Logan Montoya

She does look good sliding a cock down her throat; her big eyes looking up. She sucks her finger coyly while she gets the cock from behind, the camera man not sure whether he wants a side view or a rear view. We get a better view as they roll into a spoon, but she still seems awfully distracted. She rides actively in cowgirl, but she seems most interested when there's some manhood in her mouth. She does eke out a smile here and there, especially when he asks how much she likes cum and she says she loves it so he tells her to kneel for his spunk; which he delivers all over her lips and chin.

Scene 4: Louise Jenson & Guy

Louise Jenson

Louise is up next, her HH tits hanging out over her corset. Her clear stripper heels catch the blue hue of the lighting behind her and match her bright blue panties which are well displayed against her long nails as she rolls around smoking and touching herself. She seems very comfortable with a smoke in her hand, deftly switching between smoking it and the pole that is presented to her. She puts her cigarette in the ashtray so she can get serious about stuffing his sausage in her mouth. Her barren beaver is nicely displayed as the guy grips her huge globes from behind in spoon while she smiles at the viewer.

Louise Jenson

Her tiny ass jiggles as she gets jammed in cowgirl. She does a bit of dirty talking as she looks back into the camera. Her bolt-on boobs are prominent when shot from below during the reverse ride and then she stops to light a cigarette and goes back to puffing between the pecker and it. She enjoys a good smoke while the guy fucks her tits and then she deftly flicks her ash into the tray while getting fucked from behind. She's obviously done this before as she flicks her ashes while flipping her hair and squat fucking all simultaneously. Someone offscreen manages to grab her smoke when the two start rough riding before she drops for the pop, tongue extended; her eyes wide open even though they get covered in spunk.

For smoking fetishists looking for a girl who can Smoke While Fucking, this is definitely the standout scene.

Scene 5: Nikita Law & Guy

Nikita Law

This is only Nikita's second credited title over at IAFD. her smoke has a different filter than the others, leading me to believe it's a fuller flavor cigarette than the others. Her scene starts just like Jasmine's; in slo-mo with dirty talk. She puts her smoke out as her dude walks in and starts finger ramming her. She then pumps her head on his pecker, holding it deep in her throat. She has a tight little body and the camera person explores a few new angles in this scene. She does a little twerk as he gets ready to ram his rod in and they discuss how she should be punished for smoking. Her ass looks like an upside down peach emoji (the old one not the new one).

Nikita Law

Nikita may be new to the industry, but she's no stranger to sucking, fucking, or talking dirty. She has a pretty, and photogenic, pussy when shot from below and I'm sure it's going to attract more than a few directors if she sticks around. She's super enthusiastic as she slams his cock deep inside of her fuck hole in cowgirl. She gets a good tit and throat fucking and then gets folded in half in missionary. Her man lights a cigarette and hands it to her while he hammers her hole and she yells for his smoky cum on her face, daring him to extinguish her smoke with his spunk.

The girl definitely shows some promise, especially in this fetish genre.

Final Thoughts: This disc has hits and misses, for me. Louise and Nikita are definitely going to be the biggest hits with people looking for smoking while fucking. Delta will have good appeal to those that like their angels inked and pierced, and for those purists looking mostly for good smoking action Jasmine should fill that order nicely. Unfortunately, both times I have seen Logan she just doesn't seem to be into it at all. Maybe it's just her personality, but it doesn't play well to the camera. The production value is really nothing more than the sum of its parts: a cheap soundstage, some plastic backdrops and a pack of smokes. I'm pretty sure each girl just brought along some lingerie and picked something out. The chain was an attempt to bring some bondage into the mix - but if you are going to break out large hardware like that - focus on it rather than use it as a momentary prop. All in all, it's not a horrible production; but since there are ZERO extras (not even a smoke-scene recap) I'm going to say it has almost no reason to recommend you own it. Check out my descriptions above, and look at my screengrabs and pick a girl and watch those scenes online.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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