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Sex With My Younger Sister 2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/14/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 6 minutes

Date of Production:  2016


Genre: 18+ Teens; All Sex; Taboo

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Paul Woodcrest

Cast: Featuring Elsa Jean with Lexxxus Adams, Bea Wolf, Elizabeth Jolie, Xander Corvus, James Dean, Karlo Karrera, Logan Pierce

Bonus Scenes: Scene 1: Jessica Leon and Chad White from My Sister Has a Tight Pussy 3; Scene 2: Zoe Wood and Jordan Ash from I Came Inside My Sister 2

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers; Behind the Scenes with over 20 minutes of interview footage with the starlets; 2 Bonus Scene; Pick Your Pleasure with tease, blowjob, missionary; Fantasy Lingerie; Company Info


It’s all in the family in Paul Woodcrest’s Sex With My Younger Sister 2 when horny stepbrothers and stepsisters put their family ties aside and fuck while their parents are away. The flick stars Elsa Jean and she is joined by 3 relative newcummers to the business, Lexxxus Adams, Bea Wolf and Elizabeth Jolie. These girls all admire their stepbrothers and are hooked on their cocks once the action heats up. Elsa gets a complete pussy makeover from Xander’s big hard cock in a round of hard sex right after their parents leave for the day. This is the hottest fuck of the flick. Bea Wolf’s kitchen cock down with James Deen is a close second, featuring pussy eating on the countertop followed by James’ signature pussy pumping that keeps Bea cumming and cumming and cumming. Lexxxus is blackmailed into fucking stepbrother Logan Pierce and Elizabeth has always wanted a guy like her stepbrother Karlo. Lucky for her, Karlo is happy to show her the ropes while introducing her pussy to his hard cock. Overall, I recommend this movie. Bea and Elsa’s scenes have great chemistry and lots of nonstop fucking action. These girls enjoy themselves, letting their passions and desires run wild through their bodies until they cum. Lexxxus and Elizabeth’s scenes lacked some of that chemistry but there is still some heat worth watching. The production quality is high as is usually Eddie’s style and the DVD has tons of extras, including 2 bonus taboo sex scenes.

Scene 1:  Bea Wolf and James Deen

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Brand new porn actress Bea Wolf entered the biz in 2016. She enjoys sex on film with porn veteran James Deen in this first scene of the flick. She is walking around the house in her underwear and James must have another talk with her about it. He tells her she shouldn’t be walking around half naked because it reminds him of things he can’t have. He remembers the fun times they used to have fucking each other before she was his stepsister. Bea doesn’t see anything wrong with bringing those fun times back again. These 2 are like magnets, kissing and grinding on each other against the kitchen cabinets. Bea leans back and opens her legs up while James fingers her pussy hard, pulling her panties off to the side while he does it. Bea wants his cock so bad, she drops to her knees and starts blowing him off, stroking and sucking his cock, working it in and out of her mouth. After a round of sloppy cock sucking, Bea sits on the kitchen countertop and lies back with her legs wide open, inviting James’ tongue into her pussy. He eats her pussy and smacks on her clit, causing Bea to beg for his cock so bad. The 2 take their energy to the couch where Bea is in missionary position on the couch begging for cock. He spanks her clit with his dick then sticks it in her hole, fucking and stretching her pussy.

James spanks her tits, making her moan while he fingers her clit and slams her pussy. She screams louder and louder and yells I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming! She has her first orgasm of the scene as James reminds her how tight and how fucking good her pussy is. He doesn’t let up on her pussy, stretching and drilling it harder and faster as she yells for him to keep fucking her just like that. She turns to sit on his cock in reverse cowgirl position and bounces up and down on his hard stick while he fingers her clit, setting her on a path to cum again. The camera gets in close as Bea’s pussy gets filled all the way up. She climbs off his dick, sucks her pussy juices off it then sits on it and rides it cowgirl style. The doggystyle fucking comes next and it drives her wild as James plumbs her pussy balls deep. With a little pussy to mouth in between, she takes more pussy slamming from behind and then on her side, cumming again. She lies on her back with her legs spread wide as James plows her hole and orders her to open her mouth wide and wait for his cum. He pulls out of her pussy at the last second, popping immediately and shooting cum all over her stomach, tits and in her mouth. She grabs his cock and licks the head of any remaining cum.

Scene 2: Elsa Jean and Xander Corvus

DVD cover girl Elsa Jean fucks her stepbrother Xander in this scene and it all starts when their parents leave for the day, leaving the 2 horny, adventurous teens alone. They wave goodbye to their parents from the front door and start imagining all the mischief they can get into today. Xander takes her back to the bedroom, gets her on all fours and spanks her ass cheeks. Elsa puts on such a good girl act for her parents but Xander sees right through that. He drives his fingers deep inside her wet pussy, telling her to turn around and look at him while he fingers her hole. He spanks her for not obeying his orders then he spreads her pussy wide and stuffs it full of fingers. She is creaming all over his hand. In no time, Xander is thrusting his big hard cock in her pussy doggystyle, stretching out her tight pussy and keeping Elsa in ecstasy. She slams back into his dick, gripping and hugging it with her pussy and calls him the best brother ever as she looks back at him. Xander keeps a steady pace of balls deep thrusting in her pussy from behind, pinning her face to the couch. She tells him how good it all feels.

Elsa does pussy to mouth until she gags then sits on his cock and gets fucked in a cowgirl off to the side. She straddles him in a full-on cowgirl and Xander goes bonkers, drilling her pussy fast and deep, making her scream. The reverse cowgirl fucking is just as intense and the pair stop briefly for a slurpy 69 oral session that has Elsa spitting up all over his prick. She gets spoon fucked next then takes a downward doggy that pleases her. After missionary fucking, Xander stuffs her throat with his meat, choking her with his dick then fucking her hard again. He pulls out and shoots his jizz in her mouth. Elsa doesn’t waste a drop, grabbing hold of his cock and sucking it some more.

Scene 3:  Lexxxus Adams and Logan Pierce

Lexxxus Adams is another fresh face to the porn business. At the time of this review, she had only done 3 flicks. She gets fucked by stepbrother Logan Pierce showing great chemistry. Logan tells her that he saw her kissing a boy and he feels obligated to tell mom and dad. Lexxxus begs him not to tell their parents. Logan sees this as an opportunity to make a deal with her. He tells her they could rekindle the tryst they had a few weeks ago. Lexxxus says he’s her stepbrother. They can’t do that anymore. Logan says if she does it again, he won’t tell mom and dad. She agrees reluctantly and starts kissing him. Logan runs his hands up and down her thighs and promises that mom and dad will never know a thing about this as he pulls out his already hard cock. Lexxxus runs her lips all the way down Logan’s shaft, deep throating his cock. He holds her head steady then drills her throat, loosening up her cheeks and making her drool all over his cock. Lexxxus is bent over on all fours sucking and dribbling all over his hard dick. She gets on all fours and Logan stands over her, feeding her his dick. She savors his meat, running her mouth back and forth on his prick slowly. He instructs her on what to do while he fucks her throat, telling her to look up at him with her big wide eyes. Then she shows him how far down his shaft her lips can go. She goes from sucking his cock to licking his balls while keeping her eyes pinned on his.

Lexxxus bends over doggystyle on the couch and gets her pussy lashed by Logan’s tongue. She turns over to lie on her back missionary style and Logan licks her clit, telling her how sweet her pussy is while he spanks her thighs. He buries his face in her pussy again and licks it back and forth, driving her crazy.

Logan runs his cock across her clit then penetrates her pussy with it, pumping her faster and faster, making her moan. She whispers that she loves when he fucks her then she gets on all fours for doggystyle fucking. Logan pumps her pussy, filling her hole all the way up then sits her on top of his dick cowgirl style and finishes the job of stretching her pussy far and wide with his cock. Lexxxus is cumming now that Logan is fucking her in reverse cowgirl position. His dick fills her hole to the balls and it drives her wild. She gets spoon fucked until Logan pulls out and pops on her round ass cheeks, splashing spunk all over them.

Scene 4: Elizabeth Jolie and Karlo Karrera

Elizabeth is another porn newcummer. The 21-year-old from Los Angeles gets introduced to Karlo Karrera’s cock in this scene. Karlo is moving back into their parents’ house and Elizabeth wonders why. He explains that he broke up with his boyfriend and he needs a temporary place to stay. Elizabeth is surprised to hear that things didn’t work out with him and his girlfriend because they were so good together. She wishes that she can meet a guy like Karlo someday. That sets off a chain reaction that sends these two into a round of passionate kissing that leads them over to the couch. He lays her on her back, opens her legs and tells her to stay right there while he eats her pussy and kissing her thighs. His tongue works overtime whipping back and forth across her clit, keeping a big smile on her face. He fingers her pussy then stands and drops his pants for her. Elizabeth marvels at how huge his cock is as she works it in and out of her mouth. He wants her to show him how deep she can put his cock down her throat.

He positions her in missionary position again on the couch, opens her legs and pumps her pussy, calling her a good girl while his dick opens her snatch. She loves the feeling and enjoys taking all his dick. After pumping her pussy, he pulls out and pumps her mouth, making her taste her own pussy juices off his cock. She gets fucked missionary style again then does more pussy to mouth before riding him cowgirl style followed by reverse cowgirl. Elizabeth can’t stop admiring how huge his cock is. After sucking him off, she gets spoon fucked and gets on all fours for a deep drilling doggy session. Karlo admires her beautiful body and spanks her cheeks and asks if she can feel his big dick all the way inside her. He pulls out and lets her jerk him cock until he cums all over her tits. She smiles and rubs his jizz on her nipples then sucks his dick.

Final Thoughts:

It’s a family affair in Paul Woodcrest’s Sex With My Younger Sister 2 and the 4 horny stepsisters in this flick are the naughtiest around. Elsa Jean is the featured starlet and she gets her pussy pummeled by hard cockstar Xander Corvus in a chemistry filled scene that’s a turn on to watch. These 2 enjoy fucking each other and Elsa works herself up into frenzy of ecstasy that leads to multiple orgasms. Elsa is joined by Bea Wolf who opens the flick in a kitchen countertop fuckfest with James Deen. Her pussy is on the menu and James eats it in the kitchen before moving her to the couch where he fucks it until she cums. Lexxxus Adams fucks her stepbrother Logan after he blackmails her, threatening to tell mom and dad about the guy she has been making out with. Elizabeth Jolie is happy to meet Karlo Karrera’s big cock after he moves back home. Overall, I recommend this movie. Elsa and Bea’s scenes are the 2 hottest of the flick, full of chemistry and orgasms. Lexxxus and Elizabeth don’t have as much chemistry in their scenes but watching them get their pussy stretched is still worth seeing. The production quality of the movie is at a high level and there are tons of extras, including behind the scenes interviews and 2 bonus sex scenes.


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