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Cheating On Lust

Studio: ArchAngel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 12/15/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The legend that is Kendra Lust. Upon coming onto the scene, this woman has turned heads at every avenue and at every genre in the adult film world. Cheating on Lust, which comes from her heralded Lust Army Productions and was also produced by the sultry superstar, does not fail to deliver at any moment. From scene one to four, this film has that spark and charisma that has been connected with Kendra Lust since day one of her stepping foot in this business. When you add in Alex Ladd's cinematography and the poise of the entire Lust Army Productions team, you are given a slice of fantasy that you will be hoarding until doomsday after you have sat through this film only once, because this one is going to wear out the rewind button on your DVD player.

Film Length: 1 hour 49 Minutes

Principal Camera: Alex Ladd

Produced and Directed by: Kendra Lust


 The Kendra LustThe Kendra LustThe Kendra Lust

Scene 1: Kendra Lust and Romeo Price

The Set Up:

 Kendra Lust and Romeo Price

The folks at Society 15 have filled in their top stars in this sizzling opening sequence. Kendra has brought us into what looks like a world of her and her hubby getting a bit frisky after a hard days work. Kendra's attire is mouth watering gorgeous and it is wonderful how Mr. Ladd's camera work simply showcases every bodacious curve for our viewing pleasure. Seeing Kendra on the couch in her lingerie is a treat before the action begins and as you start to see that story unfold of a husband dead tired after a hard days work and a willing wife ready to take his mind as far away from the office as possible, you see this heated chemistry spark with some great kissing. Romeo really wants Kendra, you can tell in his eyes and his movements that we was really looking forward to this scene and can you blame the guy? Kendra is immaculate, she simply captures your attention with her sultry voice and then drags you by the neck tie for a wicked ride, as she gets hotter and hotter as she undresses Romeo. The intro is tantalizing and quick, Kendra wastes no time in getting us fans in bed with her and I must say dear readers, you may not make it through just the set-up to the sex due to Kendra feminine wiles.

 Kendra Lust and Romeo Price

The Sex:

Legends of this industry find a way to always make each scene, each film unique. Kendra moves with allure and gives the camera everything it desires. Her curves are the best in the business and when you see how much Romeo is chomping at the bit to make love to her, you will see this ultra kinky side to everything. The one thing that stands out in this scene is just how much pleasure Kendra shows to the audience. As she slides her tongue down Romeo's shaft, she shows just as much pleasure when she is swallowing his sword whole. Most fans love that gag reflex you see in a steamy blow-job scene, Kendra's angle in this scene is something just yummy and erotic, she literally devours his manhood. Romeo is anxious to lick and suck on Kendra's nipples and as her head moves back in pleasure, Romeo decides to tiitty fuck her while touching every part of her body he can. The chemistry is excellent, an amazing casting job by Kendra. As the action get heavier, the camera takes us to a place few cameramen can. The one on one opening to this film simply gets you primed for what awaits. Kendra puts on a performance that takes hold and does not let up actually until the film is done. Kendra masterfully set up this scene. She did not over due it, the timing of the scene is excellent and everything that should fall in place, does. I will not spoil the climax but the action gets quite intense and as the fantasy winds down, you will not want the scene to end and rightfully so that Kendra made this your first taste of something beyond delicious.


Scene 2: Kendra Lust, Mia Malkova and Romeo Price

Kendra, Mia and Romeo

The Set-Up:

Happy Birthday to me. That is exactly what you will be saying after you have taken just one gander at this scene. The introduction is that we are joining a delicious birthday party for Romeo Price. Kendra has decided to give him the greatest of all birthday gifts, a blond bombshell in the form of Mia Malkova.

The ladies attire is to die for and Kendra's blue two piece bra and pantie set will be dancing it's way around your fantasies for days on end after you have seen this film. Mia has on the sexiest g-string I have seen in months in a production.

The set-up is quick, but the camera angles make good on focusing within what makes the ladies the girls of our dreams. Mia's booty is especially shot beyond well in this scene.


The Sex:

Things jump start into instant gratification as little dialogue is used in this scene. Kendra simply gives the fans the show they want to see.

It is not that Kendra is not one of the top actors in the business, no, it is that she understands what the fans passions are and what her first couple films should consist of behind the lens so to speak. Mia is phenomenal in this scene, she goes after Romeo from the get go. As both women share his massive manhood, gliding theirs tongue from tip to base before meeting in the middle for a luscious wet kiss. This scene does not get too kinky but it has enough to wet your whistle.

-- sponsored by --

Kendra, Mia and Romeo

Mia Malkova is the focus point in this scene. She looks like a million bucks. Her body is looking more fit that ever and being that she has one of the best derrieres in the business, Kendra does an outstanding job of ensuring we get to see every aspect of it. The positions are marvelous, one of my favorites being when Kendra sits on Mia's face and Romeo gives her what for in missionary. It is one of the sexiest things to watch Mia get hammered as she has a mouth full of Kendra luscious kitty between her lips. The raw sexuality of this scene is it's big selling point. Kendra turns every angle and every movement into something of grandeur. One key point being, even though I do not like spoiling the end pop shot, is when Romeo is obliterating Kendra in Missionary position, with Mia sucking her nipples. You see Romeo grab her leg and simply pop right in the nick of time to show the camera. The sex was that real, that intense and that pleasurable. It is that true to life sensuality that makes this scene the hottest in the film. Mia adds so much to any movie, but when you see her riding Romeo's face and she tells Kendra, "you can do anything you want." that is a sign for something spectacular and an indication that everyone is enjoying things as much as the fans do watching. The timing of the scene is perfect. The camera angles are done the best in this scene, featuring POV's, some wonderful doggie and angles of the ladies enjoying Romeo's manhood to the point of pure ecstasy. This scene will have you wanting more Kendra and Mia and believe you me, it is ESP like, how Kendra can see into the brains of her fans to know what their dirty little minds are thinking and what they wish to see.


Scene 3: Kendra Lust and Mia Malkova:

Kendra and Mia

The Set-Up:

Kendra and Mia

Once the previous scene fades, we are thrust right back into a wonderful view of Mia Malkova's backside, as her and Romeo get the business. After the last scene, I would not at all been reluctant to watch another go round with this threesome. As things begin to spark, Kendra walks in to see that this little meeting was done behind her back.

Kendra and Mia

Kendra is marvelous as the jealous wife who is going to even the score. Her lines are as sultry as they are seductive. It is one of her many weapons when it comes to the arsenal that is Kendra Lust.

Things are short and sweet once again and as she proclaims as she ties up Romeo to teach him a lesson that he will never forget, that since "she has the pussy, she makes the rules."

You as an audience member will be as quite and still as Romeo is due to how well Kendra sets up this scene with her seductive voice and alluring dialogue. Kendra finds the best way to teach her husband a lesson, is to not let him play with the girls and boy oh boy are you in for a treat on this one once the first kiss is shared.



The Sex:

Kendra and Mia

Kendra Lust's use of a few cameras is done so well in this scene.He zooms in on all the right moments, which proove to be the bread and butter when picking up all the little wonderful things like Mia and Kendra locking lips and flicking tongues as they get each other all heated up. The lighting is great and every square inch of both ladies amazing physiques is shown at the upmost quality. Kendra once again shows something that words can not describe. The only thing I can think to compare when watching her on screen, is the same as when you would meet that sexy girl in line at the store, you ask her out and score within the same night. Kendra brings that type of anticipation and satisfaction in this scene. You just simply can't believe how lucky you are to be witnessing what you are, especially when you see Kendra sit on Mia's face and she moves with skill and elegance in a way that simply no one can do but Kendra. The foreplay and kissing is a tad minimal in this scene, which I understand given that these women are in consecutive scenes and did not want to see things get stale, but I think the scene could have used a few more up close shots in order to really give the viewer that full fledged experience of being right there in the middle of the action. Both ladies have amazing chemistry together and when you see them smiling and looking into each others eyes after each sexy position and view, you may need to take a break from the action to gather up more than just you scruples. This scene has all your basic wants in a girl/girl scene in the middle of the film. It gives enough to wet the appetites of any true girl/girl fan. Being that this is Kendra's last scene in the film, you can not help but say this woman can do it all. She keeps your attention from start to finish, she delivers her lines better than the greatest phone sex operator on the planet and she teases you just enough to make things erupt in the grandest fashion when you see Mia get her turn at licking her from head to toe. This scene features wonderful positions and a chemistry that will knock your socks off leading to the grand finale.


Scene 4: Mercedes Carrera and Romeo Price

Mercedes and Romeo

The Set-Up:

Mercedes Carrera

We catch up to see a set of gorgeous lips setting up something sinister it may seem. Mercedes Carrera's voice is something provocative in a way that simply sends the fans minds a wirl.

She knows how to use her tone, her movement and everything in between to capture the audiences attention. As Romeo enters his hotel room after a long day at the office, he believes himself to be walking in on Kendra waiting in a gorgeous black negligee.

The camera keeps a wonderful distance shot as we see that long, flowing hair, those stunning bangs and that one in a billion derriere. The angles showcase everything in the best way possible as Mercedes informs Romeo that she is his present to do with as he pleases.

The set-up is short and in my opinion not needed when it comes to Mercedes due to her talent as an actress. You get this feeling that something aggressive is coming with Mercedes quick actions and what ends the film, is nothing short of spectacular.


The Sex:

Mercedes and Romeo

Mercedes aggression is at the forefront. As she gets Romeo completely naked, the oral is out of this world. Mercedes has a flow to her performance. She has the knack to put you in the actors place with how authentic she licks and sucks Romeos manhood. Kendra did a good job of keeping the angles simple and letting Mercedes do what she does best. I think when you watch a Mercedes Carrera film, you have to look for the small things, which give every scene she has done and this one is no exception, a very high replay value. You see Mercedes stroke Romeo sword with both hands, then see her take everything he has to offer, coming up with a smile and sexy line after each swallow, making things ultra steamy. She uses that performance savvy to twerk on Romeo's cock and being that she has the best booty in the business, you will be on all fours howling to the moon before the next position flips. After you have seen Mercedes jump start things once again into reverse cow girl, you will be pondering why AVN does not have a category for sexiest moaning in an adult film, because Mercedes would sweep the board with this scene. As she is getting hammered, her expressions and erotic moaning add a cherry on top to the final coarse of a five star meal. The end climax is something that should end things in the best of ways, yet feature something you have not seen in the film already. Romeo and Mercedes do an incredible job. When you add in the efforts of the camera crew, this scene just leaves a brand upon your mind that you will not forget for days. The room they used was very small in this scene, that is obvious, but there is a part, where you sense the camera men had to have gotten up on a piece of furniture in order to get the angle of Mercedes getting pleasured in missionary position. That effort truly made for an even more erotic feel to this scene. Mercedes can do it all, she uses her skills as an actress to draw us in and never let go as the willing present and giver of pleasure. You sense focus and yearning from Mercedes character and Kendra's, Alex, Daemon and Billy add something that has us all swooning from her attire, to her positions, to her incredible screams of passion and of coarse it is all captured by some of the best camera men in the business. Wonderful end, to a wonderful piece of erotic cinema. This is one hot grand finale if I have ever seen one and not just for Mercedes Carrera fans.

Mercedes and Romeo


 Don Juan's Bottom Line:

Kendra seems to always know what the fans are thinking before they do. This woman's dedication shows through in the grandest of ways. The casting of three of the hottest super stars in the world today is spot on spectacular. Most performer/director films feature the stars closest friends, which can be more of a hindrance than a commodity many times, not with Kendra. Mia and Mercedes add a flair that is different and unique, Mia being the blond bombshell who oozes sex at every corner and Mercedes, being that take no prisoners, throw a mother fucker down and give him the time of his life, type of performance makes this tale of cheating complete and fulfilling. Kendra is Kendra, she is the best, she is something that is changing the way we see porn and it's performers. Her acting is never stale and never done the same way twice. Kendra fans know this, but for those fans who are barely learning about her, rest assured you can always count on a Kendra Lust film to deliver from her department. This Lust Army production is everything and some. It says a lot when a performer can put on a show, that even if you are not a fan of the genre, you will enjoy that is this film. It has simplicity in the places it should, in moments like having one male lead and keeping the dialogue short, yet sexy. I thought there could have been way more extras and behind the scenes, but Kendra more than makes up for that. The movie is error free, keeping you in the fantasy the whole time and given the look on Kendra's face, it is something very cool to see that a performer enjoys the scene every but as much as we do and makes that fantasy come to life right before our eyes. When it is all said and done, this is a must see film, not just for Kendra Lust fans but for porn fans of every make and model, because when a woman puts this much effort into a production, like you can tell she did from the wardrobe to the positions, this film is a truly a fans fantasy come to life in so many ways and something that you will spend your money on wisely to watch time and time again.


 "Within you heart....mind....and soul..."


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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