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My Dad's Hot Girlfriend 32

Studio: Naughty America » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/20/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 21 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: All Sex; Love Affairs

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Sovereign Syre, Lolly Ink, Dillion Carter, Christiana Cinn, Kimmy Granger, Preston Parker, Peter Green, Bill Bailey, Levi Cash, Tyler Steel

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers for 2 Chicks Same Time, My Friend’s Hot Girl; Behind the Scenes with 3 minutes of interview footage


What do you do when your dad has a hot girlfriend? You fuck her of course! That’s what happens in Naughty America’s My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend 32. This DVD includes 5 scenes featuring hot starlets getting fucked by their boyfriend’s son. Christiana Cinn stars in the flick and she opens it in her scene with Peter Green. She plans to surprise her boyfriend tonight in the hot new lingerie he bought for her. She puts it all on, including the blindfold, and starts masturbating in the bed. She hears who she thinks is her boyfriend come in the room but it’s actually Peter who starts eating her pussy and getting her wet. As she is about to suck his cock, she pulls the blindfold off and sees it’s not who she thinks. By this time, she is too turned on to turn back now and she fucks him. Other starlets in the flick are Sovereign Syre, Lolly Ink, Dillion Carter and Kimmy Granger. The willing cock providers are Preston Parker, Peter Green, Bill Bailey, Levi Cash and Tyler Steel. This flick runs 2 hours and 21 minutes and the set up for each scene is pretty simple. There is a short story behind each fuck session. I recommend you watch this one on demand. Christiana’s scene is worth watching.

Scene 1:  Christiana Cinn and Peter Green

Relative porn newcummer Christiana Cinn can’t wait to get all dressed up in the lingerie her boyfriend bought for her. She talks to him on the phone and tells him she’s going to be all dressed for him tonight when he comes home in her stockings and garter and all the sexy pieces he bought for her. She hangs up and gets dress for him, taking her time to look sexy for him. After she puts all her lingerie pieces on she puts on the pink blindfold he bought for her too. She lies back on the bed and waits for him to come home. She is already horny and decides to get started without him. She lies back and starts fingering her pussy, getting herself worked up. Just then her boyfriend’s son Peter comes over to watch the game with his dad. He walks in on Christiana masturbating on the bed with the blindfold on and he can’t believe it. She thinks it’s her boyfriend who just walks in and she tells him to eat her pussy. Pete decides to play along with the whole thing, even disguising his voice to keep her in the dark. She opens her legs wide and Pete licks her pussy, running his tongue in circles around her clit. It’ feels so good to Christiana, she wonders where her boyfriend learned all these new tricks with her pussy.

She begs for his cock and tells him that she’s ready to feel his big cock inside her right now. She still has the blindfold on and reaches for his dick. It’s a lot bigger than she remembers and she asks him if he got the pills they saw on TV. As she jerks him off she decides to take the blindfold off to see his big cock and instead she sees Peter. She is embarrassed by the whole thing but tells him she is so horny right now that she can’t stop. She needs his cock right now. She starts sucking his dick, telling him that his dad is taking too long. She needs cock now. She spits on his meat, telling him it’s so much bigger than his dads. She wants him to fuck her now. He pins her up against the wall mirror and eats her pussy while she leans up against it in standing doggy position. He guides his face between her legs while he eats it. He stands up and fucks her in standing doggy position with Christiana moaning and telling him to fuck her and not hold back. Pete is being such a good boy, so good that he’s making Christian cum up against the wall mirror. The standing doggy turns to doggy on the bed. Christiana holds her ass cheeks open and tells him to bang her just like that. He pounds her pussy from behind and tells her to spread that ass wider. She wants it deeper and harder. After sitting on his face so he can eat her pussy, she foot fucks his cock then rides it cowgirl style. When she turns around for a reverse cowgirl ride is when she cums again, bouncing up and down on his dick. The reverse cowgirl is making her cum again. She drops to her knees to suck him off and enjoying getting a cum shower in her mouth. He beats her lips with his dick and she makes him promise not to tell anyone this ever happened.

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Scene 2:  Sovereign Syre and Bill Bailey

Big Apple starlet Sovereign Syre is in bed talking on the phone with her boyfriend. She is disappointed again that he isn’t coming home to fuck her. It’s been more than a month since the last time they fucked and she needs sex. She has on the lingerie he bought her but she feels like a doll that never gets taken out of the box and played with. She starts touching herself, thinking about her boyfriend. She tells him about it, except the real hands touching Sovereign’s body are Bill’s. He is rubbing and squeezing her tits while she has phone sex with her boyfriend. She tells him that she is imagining him touching her right now and fingering her clit. Bill is fingering her clit and doing everything she tells her boyfriend she wishes he is doing. Eventually, Bill pulls her panties off revealing her bushy pussy. He fingers her clit and it’s her favorite way of cumming. Her pussy is getting wetter and wetter, especially when Bill starts tonguing her pussy. She is cumming on the phone as Bill works on her clit. Sovereign has her boyfriend believing that she is making herself get off this way when it’s Bill that’s doing this. She cums again and tells her boyfriend she has to go now. Bill isn’t going anywhere. He keeps eating her pussy then starts sucking her nipples, getting her warmed up. Sovereign bends over on all fours to wrap her lips around his cock. She starts sucking his dick, slurping and spitting all over it. She tries to work her lips all the way down his shaft, deep throating his meat but she ends up gagging.

Sovereign stays on her hands and knees and experiences Bill’s cock stretching her pussy from behind. She looks back at him as he fucks her doggystyle, spreading her pussy with his cock while his balls spank her clit. She lies on her side and takes more of Bill’s dick in spoon position. He plows her pussy with his hard cock, keeping Sovereign in moaning pleasure. After pussy to mouth, she rides his dick cowgirl style then climbs off again to suck her pussy juices off his cock. Sovereign lies on her back for missionary style fucking, looking up at him the whole time while his cock drills her hole. Bill pumps her until he’s ready to pop, then shoot his cum load directly onto her tongue. She swallows it all then sucks his cock again and tells him she had fun playing with her toy.

Scene 3:   Dillion Carter and Levi Cash

23-year-old Dillion Carter is from Miami. She got in the biz in 2013 and at the time of this review, had done 42 movies. She’s cut with beautiful tits. Dillion likes to skinny dip and her boyfriend’s son Levi knows all about it. He hides in the bushes and videotapes Dillion in the pool enjoying her weekly skinny dipping activities. His phone goes off and startles Dillion. She sees being a peeping Tom and orders him to get over here right now. He grabs her robe and hands it to her then gets scolded by his dad’s boyfriend. After she scolds him, she asks him what he thinks about her body. She tells him she’s only with his dad for the money. Levi is more her age and someone she’s attracted too. She leads him to the bedroom and puts on another show for him, stripping out of her robe. She sits on his lap and guides his hands toward her pussy. Levi starts fingering her while she leans back and kisses him.

She pulls down his pants and sees his big dick in her face. She says his father does not have a cock like that and she begins sucking it. She works his cock back and forth in her mouth then swallows his balls while jerking his dick. Dillion straddles Levi and rides his cock cowgirl style, screaming out how good he feels. She feeds him her nipples while she rides his cock, telling him how good his cock feels in her pussy. He grips her around the waste, holds her in place and fucks her pussy hard from beneath. She turns things around by riding him reverse cowgirl and giving us a great POV as she slams her pussy back and forth on his pole. This time she’s cumming from the hard fucking. She climbs off and swallows all that pussy juice off of his cock, calling it yummy then she gets fucked hard doggystyle. In no time, she’s lying on her side for a lesson in deep spoon fucking that has her screaming my pussy, my pussy! She transitions to reverse cowgirl then to missionary for more of Levi’s cock before jerking it back and forth in her mouth until he pops on her tongue and down her throat. She warns him to never tell her father about this. They agree to meet at the same time next week.

Scene 4:  Kimmy Granger and Tyler Steel

Kimmy Granger was nominated by AVN fans as a hot newcummer in 2016. This sexy brunette bombshell is fun to watch. In her scene with Tyler, she argues with him about the way she has been doing the laundry. Tyler shows her that she has been cleaning her dad’s shirts all wrong and her dad can’t wear any of this. Kimmy says she has noticed that Tyler has been jealous of his dad’s relationship with her this whole time. She sees the way he has been watching her and she knows Tyler wants to fuck her. He’s jealous of the whole thing. She tells him to fuck her and just get the whole thing out of his system. Kimmy grinds back and forth into Tyler, rubbing her ass around and around on his cock and tells him that his dad won’t be home for a while, so now is his chance to fuck her. She tells him to admit that he has wanted to fuck her. Then she puts his cock in her mouth and deep throats it, showing Tyler the way she has been taking care of his dad all along. He wants her to choke on his cock. Kimmy jerks it then focuses on his balls, licking and sucking them. She runs her tongue all the way up and down his shaft then deep throats it, pinning him back against the washer.

She does this again and again, driving Tyler nuts. Kimmy puts one leg up on the dryer and tells him to put his big cock inside of her. He drives his dick in her tight pussy in standing doggy position, drilling her hole slowly at first then getting faster and faster and turning Kimmy on. He stuffs his fingers down her throat, fucking her mouth with them while he fucks her pussy from behind. She tells him to get on the floor and fuck her doggystyle. She’s on her hands and knees right now with her face in the dryer getting her pussy pummeled from behind and telling him to keep it right there. She climbs on top of him cowgirl style and rides his long, straight pole. Missionary is next with Kimmy fingering her clit feverishly. It’s the reverse cowgirl fuck that has her screaming and cumming as Tyler fucks her hard and fast, sending her into bouts of body trembling ecstasy. A spoon fuck on the floor turns to more missionary where Kimmy yells that she wants to swallow all of his cum. He pulls out and she grabs his cock and says give it all to me. She jerks it until he deposits his jizz in her mouth. After she swallows, he tells her she’s cute but his dad still needs his shirts ironed.

Scene: Lolly Ink and Preston Parker

Lolly is digging for money, trying to break into her boyfriend’s briefcase. Preston hears a lot of noise in his dad’s office and walks in to investigate, finding Lolly trying to pry his dad’s briefcase open. He asks her what is she doing. Lolly says she’s tired of the way Preston’s dad treats her. She plans to take all his money and leave and she wants Preston to come with her. He doesn’t like this plan at all but Lolly soon convinces him, after a long kiss, that he can trust her. She tells him to lie down on his dad’s desk. Once Preston is lying on his back. Lolly unzips his pants and pulls out his cock, sucking it and making it hard. Her head bobs up and down as she hugs his prick with her lips, making it wet and slippery all over. She licks his balls then gets on top of Preston in 69 position, continuing the cock sucking while he starts licking her pussy. His long tongue finds its way in and around her clit until she orders him to fuck her.

Lolly lies on her side and watches Preston penetrate her pussy with his big hard cock. He tells her he has been wanting to put his cock inside her for so long. He fucks her balls deep, stuffing every inch of his dick inside her on top of the desk. Lolly climbs off the desk, gets on her knees and sucks Preston’s cock. She strips out of her top, revealing her huge jugs. Preston eats her wet pussy, sitting her back on the desk and opening her legs wide. Then he fucks her over the edge of the desk, keeping her pussy wet. She bends over the desk doggystyle with one leg up on the desk and Preston splits her pussy some more, making Lolly close her eyes and hold on tight to the desk. She takes control by riding his dick in reverse cowgirl position, gripping his cock with her snatch, making Preston cum. She tells him she wants his big load all over her tits. He jerks off and shoots his cum all over her jugs. Lolly stands up and tells him let’s get that money and fucking go.

Final Thoughts:

I recommend you watch My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend 32 on demand. The flick stars Christiana Cinn in the opening scene fucking Peter Green. Christiana’s scene is worth taking a look at after she fucks her boyfriend’s son in a case of mistaken identity. After dressing up in sexy lingerie, including a blindfold, to surprise her boyfriend, she starts masturbating on the bed in anticipation of him coming home. When the door opens, she invites him in to start eating her pussy. As she reaches for his cock, she takes the blindfold off to find that it’s not her boyfriend who has been eating her pussy, it’s his son Peter. By this time, she is too turned on to stop now and tells him to fuck her. Christiana is joined by starlets Sovereign Syre, Lolly Ink, Dillion Carter and Kimmy Granger in a total of 5 scenes that run over 2 hours and 21 minutes long. The prick purveyors are Preston Parker, Peter Green, Bill Bailey, Levi Cash and Tyler Steel who gladly fuck their dad’s hot girlfriends.

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