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Innocence of Youth 9, The

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/25/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 28 minutes

Date of Production:  2016


Genre: Cosplay; 18+ Teens; All Sex; Older Men

Condoms:  No


Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Paul Woodcrest

Cast: Starring Kimmy Granger with Gia Paige, Kylie Quinn, Aurora Belle, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar, James Deen, Chad White

Bonus Scenes: Scene 1: Natasha White and Bruce Venture from The Innocence of Youth 7; Scene 2:

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers; Behind the Scenes with 33 minutes of interview footage; 2 Bonus Scenes; Pick Your Pleasure; Fantasy Lingerie; Company Info


Director Paul Woodcrest knows how to turn pretty starlets, unique costumes and lots of sexual tension into a steamy, sultry, sexy flick that I highly recommend you watch. The Innocence of Youth 9 is a stunner from start to finish with tons of turnons, the least of which are 4 beautiful young babes who want nothing more than to please their sexual masters. Kimmy Granger stars in the flick and is joined by Gia Paige, Kylie Quinn and Aurora Belle. These young starlets are pretty little dolls for their Cockmasters Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar, James Deen and Chad White. These dolls are here to please and the game of dressing these dolls in their beautiful clothes leads to unbridled fucking that leaves these girls cumming all over themselves and on the hard cocks that are bringing them pure pleasure. The scenes are shot well and use lots of shadows to add to the sexual heat between the partners in each scene. The chemistry is great making this is a flick well worth watching. Each scene has its own unique set of turnons as these innocent dolls get their tight pussies stretched.

Scene 1:  Kimmy Granger and Chad White

Chad returns from his trip and in his suitcase he’s carrying a pink dress for his doll, Kimmy Granger. He takes it out of the suitcase, admiring the way it looks then he calls for Kimmy. She is waiting patiently and naked behind the dressing stall in the bedroom. He hands her the undergarments one at a time. She puts each piece on her body like the perfect doll. He hands her the pink dress next and she slips it over her body. We can see Kimmy’s body through the cutouts in the dressing stall. She puts her feet on his leg and he pulls the socks over her feet then leads her out from behind the stall, twirling her around like a ballerina and telling her that he loves her new dress. He tells her that he went all the way to Japan to get it for her. She thanks him and promises to keep the dress nice. He calls her his good girl. He sits her on the tub and tells her that every time he sees her in these dresses he wants to fuck her hard. He travels across the world to get these dresses for her because it makes him happy. He pulls her top down, revealing her tits then he rolls up the bottom of the dress, revealing her panties. He starts rubbing and smelling her pussy in her panties, getting Kimmy excited. Soon, he has her panties pulled off to the side and is tonguing her pussy while look her in the eyes. Kimmy lies back in pleasure, enjoying his tongue wagging across her snatch. Chad takes several minutes eating her pussy, getting it warm and wet then he leads her to the bedroom and asks her if she’s ready. She says yes sir as she unzips his pants and pulls out his hard cock.

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She starts licking his dick and works it into her mouth, taking orders from Chad on when to lick it and how to lick it. She spits on it and jerks it, rubbing her hands around it then choking on it. Chad wants to see her eyes while she sucks his cock. He orders her to sit in the middle of the bed and he stands over her and feeds her more of his cock, making her spit up all over it. Kimmy is being the perfect cock sucking doll. She lies on her back and shows her acrobatic flexibility, wrapping both legs across her chest like a bow while Chad fucks her pussy, drilling deep down inside her hole and making her cum. He fucks her harder and faster as she says fuck me and using my fucking pussy! She begs to ride his cock and gets her wish when he helps her into a cowgirl ride. She takes every inch of his meat and the camera zooms in close on her pussy as it gets filled with dick. She tells him she loves it when he stretches her pussy out. Her reverse cowgirl ride is even more intense as Chad fucks her hole and fingers her clit, making her beg please, please, please as she gets fucked.  She gets fucked in spoon position then takes a hard round of doggystyle pounding, looking back at him and telling him she’s his good fucking girl. He pulls out and jerks off over her while she begs him to paint her fucking face with cum. Chad sandblasts her face with his cum load. She garbs his cock and sucks his dick and balls, telling him that she’s his good little girl then thanking him.

Scene 2:  Gia Paige and James Deen

Gia is dressed perfectly in her red and white dress. She does her job of slowly undressing James, first taking off his tie then unbuttoning his shirt and taking it off him while he stands in place. Next is James’ pants but before she can unzip them, he asks her if his bath is ready. She says yes sir and unzips his pants. While he is sitting in the bath, he tells her that his favorite party of every day is walking in the house and seeing his pretty little girl all dressed and ready and waiting for him. It makes his so proud to call her mine. He sits in the bath to cleanse himself of all the filth and horror of the outside world so it can just be the 2 of them together. He tells her that he’s ready to get out of the bath now. On cue, she grabs his towel and drives his wet, naked body. She runs the towel all over him, taking extra care to dry his cock and balls. James lies down in the bed and his perfect, innocent servant begs for his cock. She pulls the towel aside and puts his cock in her mouth. She jerks and strokes it up and down while she runs her lips all over his shaft. She thanks him for his hard cock. He tells her how he likes it sucked and she does everything to please him, telling him that she loves taking care of him. He tells her to use her tongue all over his cock and to take it nice and slow. His perfect doll does as he wishes.

He grips her around the neck, choking her then positions her on top of him in reverse cowgirl position, making her beg for his cock. She says please sir, can I have your cock. James works it in her tight hole and fingers her clit hard as she maneuvers up and down on his hard pole. Gia still has on her red dress but with no panties on. James keeps fingering her clit and fucking her pussy and it’s driving her crazy, making her thank him again and again. James tells her it’s time for her to cum now and he gets more intense with his fucking and fingering, making her cum. He flips her over onto all fours, spreads her legs wide and eats her pussy from behind, burying his face between her ass cheeks. He keeps her in that position and starts drilling her pussy hard, slapping her ass cheeks and turning them red as she screams thank you sir. He stuffs his thumb in her ass hole while his cock stretches her tight little pussy. The doggy fucking is that hottest fucking of the scene with Gia moaning in ecstasy. After a downward doggy fuck, she sucks his cock, swallowing her wet cream off of his meat then she lies on her back and continues to get stuffed in her wet box, telling him that he fucks her so good. James has his sights set on making her cum again and he drills and fingers her until she reaches orgasm. Now she gets fucked in cowgirl position and James keeps his fingers in her ass hole, making her squeal and beg to be fucked. After more pussy to mouth, she lies on her side for a long round of spoon fucking followed by more pussy to mouth. She jerks and sucks his cock, begging for his cum. He orders her to put his cock in her face so she can get his cum. James soon pops, shooting his load in her mouth and on her face and telling her to keep jerking his meat. She puts his dick back in her mouth and sucks it, swallowing his cum and thanking him for fucking her. He tells her to lick it all up off her fingers and hands. She even licks it up off the bed sheets. Once she cleans up all the cum, he orders her to get in the bath.

Scene 3:   Aurora Belle and Mick Blue

18-year-old Aurora is awakened by Mick knocking on her room door. He tells her it’s time to get dressed and he has everything prepared for her in the other room. He walks up behind her and reminds her that she is so beautiful as she stands there with the dress half up her body, revealing her perky tits. He pulls the pink dress up and ties it in the back, then grips her from behind. Her gives her a white G-string and tells her to put it on. She wears it for him and he lifts up her dress, positioning it perfectly on her body. He asks her if she is ready to play. She is and she sits in the other room in the window sill dressed in her pink dress and pink ribbon in her hair. Mick starts kissing her in the sill, rubbing his hands under her dress. These 2 are playing a game of passion and sensuality as they make out in the window. He pulls the top of her dress down and starts kissing her perfect nipples, licking and sucking them, causing her eyes to roll back into her head. He keeps her lodged in the corner of the window sill and slowly starts eating her pussy. The only thing she can do is sit there and feel pleasure as Mick’s tongue works its way around and around her pussy in a tight circle.

Mick admires her pussy then fingers it, making it wet. The pair leave their favorite place to play and pick up the action in the living room where Mick takes his cock out of his pants and feeds it to Aurora. She is sitting on the floor as Mick thrusts his cock in and out of her mouth. Soon, Aurora is gagging on his meat and spitting up as she tries to swallow more and more inches of Mick’s dick. He orders her to look up at him while his cock is in her mouth. Tears starts rolling down her face as his dick makes its way further back into her throat. He has her turn around on the couch and kneel on all fours, in doggy position. He inserts his cock into her pussy, introducing his meat to her wet box slowly at first. Soon he is fucking her hard and fast and she looks back at him moaning yes sir, yes sire as his dick slams inside her, stretching her pussy. He chokes her around the neck and fucks her hard and this gets Aurora crying out louder and louder. The doggystyle stuffing continues at a fast pace, leaving Aurora with her mouth gaping open as she gets fucked. Mick squeezes her pussy lips and the camera zooms in close on this hot action. The doggy fucking leads to a missionary drill that has Aurora writhing in ecstasy. He keeps one of her legs up over his shoulder and annihilates her pussy with his cock. She sucks him off the sits on his dick for a reverse cowgirl pump that keeps her moaning. She swallows her wet pussy juices off of his dick then rides him cowgirl style for another deep penetrating round of fucking. Aurora holds her ass cheeks open and her mouth open as Mick’s dick does its work of stretching and spreading her tight, pink pussy. He eats her wet pussy before pumping it missionary style on the couch. A long round of missionary drilling leads Mick to his popshot. He fucks her hard then pulls out and plasters her lips and tongue with cum. She finishes the job by sucking his cock, capturing any remaining cum in her mouth. She looks up at him with his cock in her hand and says she loves being his fuck doll.

Scene 4:  Kylie Quinn and Ramon Nomar

When Ramon comes home he finds Kylie already dressed up like a perfect doll, sitting on the floor waiting for him. He didn’t know they were going to play today, but he likes this. He has a box in his hand and promises her that with what’s inside, they’re going to make playtime even more perfect today. He brings her the item out of the box. It’s brand new lace up boots for her. She is sitting on the kitchen counter when he helps her try them on, putting her white socks on first. He asks her if she has something in mind to make him happy today. She says she does. With that, Ramon takes his cock out of his pants and starts fucking her feet in between the soft new white socks he just put on her. In order to wear the special boots, he tells her she has to suck his cock. Kylie climbs down to the floor, gets on her knees and worships his dick, sucking it back and forth and squeezing his balls. She has a smile on her face while Ramon’s cock goes back and forth in her mouth. Sucking his dick is making her happy. He tells her to use both hand and jerk his dick at the same times she is sucking it.

She has earned the right to wear her brand new white boots. She puts them on, displaying them for Ramon while he watches her and jerks off. They take their passion to the living room where he pulls her dress up revealing that she has on no panties. He fingers her pussy and she creams on his fingers which he puts in her mouth. With her getting wet already, Ramon lies her back on the couch, opens her legs wide and tongues her pussy and clit, sending Kylie into ecstasy in minutes and making her scream out. He takes his tongue from her pussy to her mouth and back to her pussy again, making her moan. He promises to make her cum like this. Before fucking her, he beats her pussy with his cock then orders her to suck his dick again. She drops to her knees to suck his meat. This time he fucks her throat hard, causing her to drool all over herself and on his cock. After a sloppy blow job, Kylie sits on Ramon’s cock in reverse cowgirl position, getting the pussy warm up she has been craving all day. He positons her up and down on his dick and tells her to cum on his fucking cock. Kylie is enjoying his dick and screams out in pleasure as it opens her snatch. She does pussy to mouth then gets fucked hard in cowgirl position, making her cum. The doggy fucking is hard and intense and Kylie puts one leg up on the couch as she gets her pussy slammed from behind. He lays her on her back and makes her beg for his dick while he rubs it across her clit, making her cum. He stuffs it back in her pussy and she goes into an uncontrollable rant of screaming and squirting everywhere. She just came in a big wet way and wants more of it. Ramon slams her hole then pulls out and pops all over her. She has a huge smile on her face and jerks and sucks his dick, working out any leftover cum. With cum all over her face, she looks up at him and says thank you sir.

Final Thoughts:

Kimmy Granger stars in The Innocence of Youth 9 and this is a flick I highly recommend you watch. Director Paul Woodcrest does a great job of showcasing young, innocent starlets in sexually intense scenes that build up to rough fucking, leaving these girls creaming all over themselves and their dresses. Each scene has the sexual tension that’s a turn on to watch as these starlets go from perfect, innocent dolls to fuck toys, tossed and turned until they cum. Kimmy is joined by starlets Gia Paige, Kylie Quinn and Aurora Belle who all worship their Cockmasters Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar, James Deen and Chad White. The perfect dolls in this flick are all dressed up and ready to be fucked and it’s a pleasure to watch. Woodcrest uses shadows to add to the simmering heat in this flick and the chemistry between the pairs makes the scenes even hotter to watch. The Innocence of Youth 9 should be added to the porn stash and it’s one you’ll enjoy watching over and over.


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