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Dominantly Submissive

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 11/26/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Alt Girls, Bondage, Domination, FemDom, Fetish, Star Showcase

Director: Joanna Angel



Cast: Joanna Angel, Lorelei Lee, Anna De Ville, Jean Val Jean, Bill Bailey, Jon Jon, Small Hands

Length: 2 hours 29 minutes    

Date of Release: September 20, 2016

Extras: 5 Menu-selectable Trailers, Photo Gallery, Web addresses

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Brightly lit BDSM scenes. Shot nicely, presented well. There's a lot of traffic noise in the background.

Overview: Joanna Angel is the feature star here. It's four scenes of her with other select performers including Lorelei Lee, Small Hands, Anna De Ville. Jon Jon comes in for the Interracial DP, which many fans will enjoy. If you've ever wondered what Joanna Angel looks like in skin tight latex outfits, wonder no more. She looks great, and her female costars sport some pretty nice latex and leather gear themselves. Small Hands, as expected, is in charge of the soundtrack and I thought it was pretty cool, including his opening piano piece.

Scene 1: Anna De Ville, Joanna Angel, Small Hands "Equestrian Tamed"

Anna Deville & Joanna Angel

Anna stands motionless, with pony play gear on; some toys on a platter around her neck as Small Hands plays piano in a large room with BDSM gear. Joanna walks in, adorned in full latex, literally head to toe. Anna gets bent over a leather drum and Joanna starts flogging her and sticks a ponytail plug in her ass. The newly-married couple strap Anna to the drum, while flogging, licking and cropping her strategically. Not being totally familiar with what high-end BDSM gear costs these days I can only guess that the room's gear and the outfits come with a price - but it's a very nice display of quality goods. Joanna's pink hair looks cool outlined in a latex tophat, and Anna looks good wearing her horse-ear leather bonnet, which features un-snappable blinders to expose her facial profile.

Anna Deville & Joanna Angel

That profile comes in handy while Small Hands fucks her mouth while Joanna plays with her other end. Anna is an attentive sub as Joanna demonstrates how to properly suck a cock and since she's a good pony, Joanna fingers the hell out of her. Once Anna's unbuckled from the drum, she gets laid atop it to eat her mistress while she gets dick in doggie. Small Hands and Joanna are very polite doms as they show their sub what to do and have their ways with her. It's pretty hot to watch as Anna gets her ass drilled in doggie on the floor as Joanna kneels beside her sloshing her fingers in her own pussy. Of course, Joanna gets plenty of ass time too and her tits look fantastic - have I mentioned that? Small Hands finally unloads all over Joanna's latex-covered thighs and Anna gets to lick it up as her doms decide to keep her and name her Anna The Pony.

The scene was a bit long, but it covers a lot of ground during that time. It's well filmed and is one of the brightest-lit BDSM scenes you are probably going to come across that has this much detail in it. Worthy.

Scene 2: Joanna Angel, Bill Bailey, Jon Jon, "Serve Me"

Joanna Angel

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Joanna's sitting at the foot of a 4-post bed with rose petals on it, rubbing one out in a cream-colored latex getup while her two male subs stand by at the corners, blindfolded. She unzips her latex dress as she sits atop Bill's face and is enjoying that action immensely. She sits on Jon Jon's face too, the camera showing her facial expressions mostly - which is fine by me. Yep, her great tits and tight ass get screen time too, so no worries there. She talks dirty as she strokes them to hardness and then climbs on them, slapping her own boobs hard and looking into the lens. Bill's boner is the first up, and she appears to cum while riding it and moves on to Jon Jon's. She's a pro, and makes good eye contact with the guys as they rotate her around between themselves.

Joanna Angel

Jon Jon and Joanna are the first to break out in a sweat as she gets plugged from every angle, in every hole. She adjusts her latex stockings as Jon Jon slides into her ass and all I can think is - those have to be incredibly hot and uncomfortable by this time. This is why we watch trained pros on closed courses! Your average woman is just not going to endure this kind of fetish wear for very long during a workout. Kudos, Joanna. You are a trooper. By the time the guys DP her, her hair is flat and she's moaning in ecstasy as they both ram in and out of her. She plucks petals from her latex and her sweaty knees as they swap positions so she can get both holes drilled again. Everyone by this point has petals sticking to them somewhere, as she kneels to get their pops, which she requests to be done in her cupped hands so she can slurp them up them individually.

The location made the scene a bit more sterile than I would have liked, but overall it was a good time all around. Again, it may have been a bit long.

During this scene - I kept having flashbacks to the time I tried the rose petaled bed thing during a romantic night at a hotel. Upon checkout I was really expecting a crime scene unit to arrive - nevermind a huge bill. It literally looked like a murder scene. Soon after, I learned that they make color-fast rose petals for just this kind of thing. Don't pluck petals from a bouquet, people! The hotel never complained - perhaps because I was a platinum member, perhaps because I left the maids a good tip, I don't know - but take my advice and go to a bridal store for the colorfast roses!

Scene 3: Lorelei Lee & Joanna Angel "Obedience"

Joanna & Lorelei

In a twist for this scene, Joanna is the sub here, as the tall blonde Lorelei takes control and collars her. What we have here is two girl's with 3 hair colors that contrast perfectly. Lorelei is dominant from the word go, as she smacks, spits and twists on Joanna's body and face. Her flogging is Pete Townshend style...circular and non-stop. The girls' outfits are a mixture of latex, satin, and leather. Lorelei is an excellent dom, fingering her sub and constantly keeping Joanna from cumming too early. She employs a leather paddle on Joanna's ass and feet as Joanna squeals and conforms. In between "punishments" she stops to kiss Joanna softly, smiling. The pair enjoy a lot of intimate moments as the dom fingers the sub aggressively, Joanna's hand instinctively reaching out to slow it down as she nears cumming without permission.

Joanna & Lorelei

The ladies are obviously into each other, and having a ton of fun, as they make eye contact and giggle during what many would consider really hardcore domination and punishment. Lorelei keeps up the flogging, turning Joanna's chest red while tempting her to cum while preventing it expertly. Joanna is all smiles even while she winces, as the two dance on the threshold of pain and pleasure. They laugh as Lorelei finds a special spot with a toy and then adds another to the mix. Lorelei doesn't just play the dominatrix here, she gets her own face turned beet red as Joanna works her pussy over with her fingers. That's over pretty quickly as she binds Joanna to the leather drum with some expert bondage roping and goes to town with some toys as helicopters fly overhead (audible not visible). She even gets serviced by Joanna, still bound to the drum, in a hot leg-to-head gripping.

Scene 4: Joanna Angel & Jean Val Jean "Mercy"

Joanna Angel

Jean is on the phone making a business deal or something and Joanna walks in, arms in a spreader bar separating the tea kettle from the cup. She manages to pour him a cup like a good, well-trained sub would - and it's interesting to watch. He makes her answer in French as she sucks his cock. She's gasping for breath, yet smiling, as she kneels in a hot latex/Clear PVC (Not sure here) outfit and sucks his dick. Jean pins her up against a photogenic wall and spanks her fine ass hard, her arms spread by way of the spreader bar. She gets bent over the massive conference room table in her assless latex dress and gets fucked hard.

Joanna Angel

Later on in this long scene, her arms are released and the two fuck with abandon. She gets blindfolded with his tie, and throat fucked. Once they are both naked, all bets are off. She gets rammed mercilessly and loves it. He takes her up the ass, smacking her tits and face a bit and she just licks her fingers to rub her clit for more. They rock each other's world for awhile and then she two-handedly jerks him into her mouth and she licks the missed drops off the table top.

Final Thoughts:  I will tell you that if you are in the market for some seriously cool BDSM gear, then you probably aren't going to find a better representation of them on film. This is high quality gear on display in full lighting, not obscured by dungeonesque shadows. I'm sure there is higher-end custom stuff available, and I know for a fact there is a ton of crap on display at your local porn store.

Is this film worth your time and money? That's really up to you. Do you want to see Joanna Angel's awesome body in two scenes of domination and two of submission? Do you want to watch two and a half hours of girls dressed in skin-tight latex, with high-end bondage gear employed? If you've read this far - then the answer is probably yes and you should definitely grab a copy of this film for your collection. If you are just curious as to what high-end bondage gear looks like on attractive women, then you'll want to stream this so you can see what it actually looks like in action rather than in a package at your local porn outlet.

Final Final Thoughts: Joanna shows off why she's still in the industry after an illustrious career. She still looks great, she knows how to work a cock, and her husband is down with all of that - plus he knows how to drill a girl. If you're looking for "dungeon porn" then this isn't your title. If you're looking to pick up some pointers and some gear, then by all means - this IS THE FILM YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. Because I'm split on how to rate this, depending on what you are looking for overall, I'm going to say "Recommended". You can adjust that accordingly on what you are looking for at the moment, but I must say - if you want to see quality BDSM gear "in action" then you definitely want to watch this.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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