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Interracial Icon 3

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/26/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 34 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: Interracial; Big Cock; All Sex

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring DVD cover girls Leah Gotti and Lana Rhoades with Kylie Page, Lily Labeau, August Ames, Valentina Nappi, Isiah Maxwell, Jason Brown, Flash Brown, Rob Piper

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Website Info: blacked.com, blackedvideo.com


DVD cover girls Leah Gotti and Lana Rhoades are black cock icons in director Greg Lansky’s Interracial Icon 3 along with Kylie Page, Lily Labeau, August Aimes and Valentina Nappi. These young starlets turn to big black cock to remedy their ailments, from loneliness and mistreatment to revenge and sex fantasies. Leah, Lana and Kylie are in exclusive interracial scenes for the Blacked.com studio, taking their black cocks long and hard in minute after minute of pussy stretching bliss. The big black cock deliverers are Isiah Maxwell, Jason Brown, Flash Brown and Rob Piper. The hottest scene of the flick is its sizzling opener featuring Leah and Lana in a group session with Isiah and Jason. The hot action starts outside in the pool where the girls suck cock doggystyle in the shallow end and take their passion inside where the guys finish off their pussies in deep penetrating, pleasurable fashion. Overall, I recommend this movie. It’s what you would expect from Lansky in high end production quality and the young starlets bring great chemistry and sexual craving to each scene.

Scene 1:  Leah Gotti, Lana Rhoades, Isiah Maxwell and Jason Brown

DVD cover girls and starlets Leah Gotti and Lana Rhoades start the flick in this first-time exclusive scene for Blacked with Isiah Maxwell and Jason Brown. The whole scene begins with Lana feeling depressed about the fighting going on between her and her boyfriend. He doesn’t treat her well and never gives her the attention she deserves. Leah has just the thing to get Lana’s mind off her boyfriend. She tells Lana to stop thinking about him. Leah invited Isiah and Jason over to hang out at the pool to have a few drinks. In no time, Leah is having the time of her life, playing in the pool with the guys. After a while, the guys took charge and started making out with Leah and Lana and Lana admits that she really needed this moment. She has always wanted to experience a black man and now’s her chance. The couples kiss passionately in the pool and are soon naked. Jason sucks Leah’s tits and she bends over to sucks his cock doggystyle in the pool. Lana is experiencing Isiah’s cock and she is enjoying putting it in her mouth and sucking it. Both girls are cock sucking doggystyle then kneel to deep throat the guys’ dicks as they sit back against the edge of the pool. Jason gets the girls to move the love making inside and they pick up the cock sucking in the bedroom. The girls are standing back to back with their asses rubbing each other. The guys kiss them passionately while the girls work their way back down to the guys’ dicks. Leah and Lana marvel in how big Isiah and Jason’s cocks are. The guys lie side by side on the bed while Lana and Leah focus on sucking their balls then on running their tongues up and down the guys’ shafts. These 2 girls are having lots of fun together and enjoy playing together. They tell them guys to fuck them together.

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Once the girls bend over doggystyle next to each other, Jason and Isiah eat their pussies from behind until Lana begs to have a dick inside her. The girls get their holes filled in doggy position as both guys drill them from behind, fucking their pussies fast and deep. Lana’s depression over her boyfriend has completely disappeared now that Isiah is slamming her tight pussy and filling it up with big black dick. The starlets lie on their stomachs for downward doggy that keeps a big smile on their faces. They kiss each other while they get fucked, yelling fuck me baby, fuck me! The downward doggy action is hot and we get the perfect angle on the pussy slamming action. The girls suck their pussies juices off each cock then switch cocks, choosing to ride them cowgirl style. They get their ass cheeks spanked hard while they bounce their pussies up and down on Isiah and Jason’s dick sticks. The girls play with each other while they ride, kissing and spanking each other’s ass cheeks. The cowgirl ride makes their pussies dripping wet. After sucking that juice off the dicks, they lie on their backs for a deep drilling missionary style fuck. We get a full screen view of Lana’s pussy getting pumped by Jason’s dick. He fucks her tight hole balls deep, making her moan. Leah is getting fucked just as hard and deep by Isiah and grips his arms while her hole gets stretched. Isiah fucks her then pops inside her, filling her pussy with cum. She squeezes his cum out while Jason pulls out of Lana’s pussy and blows his load in her mouth, holding her head in place while his cum splashes on her. Lana tells Leah to push Isiah’s cum out of her pussy so she can swallow it. She licks it up out of Leah’s pussy then cum swaps with her. At the end of the scene, Lana is washing up in the bathroom and finally answers her boyfriend’s call.  She tells him she is hanging out at Leah’s house and yes, she had sex. Her boyfriend is just going to have to deal with it because he never takes care of her.

Scene 2:  Kylie Page and Flash Brown

Porn newcummer Kylie Page experiences an exclusive first-time scene with major cocksman Flash Brown. Kylie is 19 years old and from Oklahoma. She starts her scene talking about the way she met her fiancé. He is older than her but her parents like him. He makes tons of money and life has been very comfortable for her. She moved in with him after they got engaged. She lives in a big house and has everything she wants but she doesn’t have his attention. He practically ignores her. Sometimes Kylie feels like she’s his trophy. The final straw came with her fiancé left for a fishing trip one weekend and left her home alone. She calls Flash, who is a promoter at a local club, to come over and spend some time with her. He comes right over and the 2 enjoy a drink outside at the pool. One thing leads to another and Flash starts sucking her nipples, turning her one. They stand up and continue kissing while Kylie jerks his cock. She is finally getting the attention she has been craving for so long. She works her way down to his cock and jerks it in and out of her mouth, sucking it. She closes her eyes and deep throats his meat, enjoying the way it feels in her mouth. Kylie invites him back to her bedroom, commenting that she has never seen such a big cock. She worships his dick, spiting on it and sucking it, lubing it up for her pussy. She moves him to the bed and slobbers all over his dick, then straddles him, working his dick deep into her pussy cowgirl style.

Flash kiss her big boobs while she works her way down onto his cock. She sits on his big black cock slowly, taking more of it further and further in her tight, wet pussy. Flash stretches her pussy more and more with his thick meat, spreading her wide. She rides him faster and faster and starts creaming all over his cock, crying out as she bounces up and down on his meat. Flash spanks her ass then grips her cheeks and keeps guiding her around and around on his dick. The fucking gets more and more intense, leaving Kylie screaming out oh yes, yes, yes! After creaming all over his dick, she climbs off and licks her juices off his cock then bends over on all fours to get fucked doggystyle. Flash works on stretching her pussy again, this time opening her up from behind. She begs to taste his cock again so he pulls out and puts his wet dick in her mouth and tells her to taste it. She sucks him off doggystyle then straddles his dick again, this time in reverse cowgirl position. Flash power slams her pussy from underneath, making her swallowing her pussy juices off his cock again in hot pussy to mouth action before she climbs on his meat again and rides it. Flash tells her he’s cumming. She climbs off quickly, drops to her knees and opens her mouth wide as his cum splashes on her tongue and down her throat. She swallows then looks up at Flash and tells him she wishes her fiancé has a cock that’s big like his then she could deal with him being an ass hole. In the end, Flash texts Kylie’s fiancé a pic of her getting fucked doggystyle by his big black cock.

Scene 3:   Lily Labeau and Rob Piper

Lily loves playing her video games and that’s one good thing about living home alone. But Lily’s mother is getting more and more strict. Ever since her divorce, things have been getting worse at home and Lily can’t take it anymore. What makes things worse is that Lily’s mom is fucking a young black stud. One day when Lily’s mom leaves for the grocery story, Lily decides to do something to get back at her for the way she has been so strict lately. She decides to fuck Rob, her mom’s hot stud boyfriend. Once she fucks him, she knows he will think of her every time he fucks her mom. She goes into her mom’s bedroom where Rob is asleep, she pulls the sheets off his naked body, strips out of her top and asks him if he wants to fuck. Before Rob can respond, Lily is jerking his cock, making it hard. She gets naked then crawls back into bed and starts sucking his cock. She tells him she just wants him to notice her, that’s all. She takes a deep breath and tries to deep throat his big dick, working her mouth all the way down his shaft then pulling away and telling him she almost did it. She has fully lubed his meat with her mouth juices and she jerks his dick faster and faster, telling him she knows now why her mom is so happy with him. She admires his big black cock and asks him if her mom sucks his dick as good as she does. Rob says she sucks his dick better than her mom. Lily tells him that she bets her mom never licked his ass hole. That’s when she sticks her tongue in his ass, eating his hole then working her way back up to his balls and swallowing them. They make out and kiss each other before Lily sits on his monster cock cowgirl style. She moans, telling him she has needed this big black cock inside her. He pounds her pussy, making her talk about how much he is stretching her pussy out. She slams her body up and down on his meat, telling him that he knows how to fuck her pussy.

She climbs off and gives him another sloppy blow job, deep throating his meat until tears well up in her eyes. She comes up for air, telling him that she bets her mom has never sucked his dick this way. She sits on his dick again and as Rob plows her pussy, she screams out that she’s cumming. He fucks her and spanks her ass cheeks, sending her into ecstasy. She sucks him more then rides him reverse cowgirl style before taking a hard throat fucking from Rob. She bends over doggystyle near the edge of the bed and Rob fucks her the hardest so far, stretching her pussy and filling it all the way with his black cock. He eats her pussy and fucks her missionary style, making her cum again and again. She begs him to cum all over her face and make her fucking filthy. Rob pumps her pussy then pulls out and jerks off in her face, cumming in her mouth. She bets that the next time he fucks her mom, he’ll think about her.

Scene 4:  August Ames, Valentina Nappi and Flash Brown

August and Valentina are sunning outside and talking about how much fun they had at a party. August is so sad that Valentina has to leave for Europe tomorrow. She shows him a pic of  Flash’s big black cock and giggles, talking about what it was like fucking him. Valentina is jealous and she tells her to share him with her. August agrees to give Valentina a great present before she leaves town. Flash shows up and Valentina thinks he looks even better in person than he does in the pictures. The girls tell Flash that they want a threesome. August brags about how good of a kisser Valentina is. The 2 girls start kissing each other and eventually turn their attention to Flash, kissing him and stripping him out of his clothes. Valentina can’t take it anymore. She tells August that she wants to see his dick. They pull off his pants and start jerking his big black hard cock. Valentina wants it inside her right now.

The threesome moves inside where the girls start sharing and sucking his cock. Valentina is lying on top of Flash in 69 position, sucking his dick while he eats her pussy. August sucks his balls then dares Valentina to go as deep as she can down the shaft of his dick. It’s so big that she can’t fit it all in her mouth. With the cock sharing behind them, Valentina is the first to get fucked and experience Flash’s big rod. She takes it doggystyle and August is helping her fuck his cock by pushing her ass back and forth, slamming her body into his. She asks Valentina how it feels. Flash pulls out of Valentina’s pussy and feeds August his cock, making her swallow Valentina’s pussy juices. The doggystyle fucking gets even more intense with Flash slamming deeper and harder into her pussy. August is next to take his cock doggystyle and Valentina licks her ass hole while Flash fucks her pussy. Valentina rides him cowgirl style and August sits on his face, riding his tongue. The girls share his cock again and August is the one to make Flash pop when he fucks her missionary style and pulls out, cumming in Valentina’s mouth and all over August’s thigh. Valentina sucks his dick, filling her mouth with his load then cum swaps with August.

Final Thoughts:

Leah Gotti, Lana Rhoades, Kylie Page, Lily Labeau, August Aimes and Valentina Nappi all experience what it’s like to be a black cock icon in director Greg Lansky’s Interracial Icon 3. These girls seek out black cock to help them get over bad relationships and a controlling mother and to fulfill a big cock bucket list before leaving for Europe. Overall, I recommend this movie. Leah and Lana are the DVD cover girls, fucking Isiah Maxwell and Jason Brown in a barn burner of a sizzling opening scene. The chemistry and playfulness start when the couples make out in the pool, leading to a joint cock sucking session with the girls bent over doggystyle in the water. These 2 have lots of fun with each other and with the big black cocks in their mouths and pussies. More pussy stretching happens between Kylie and Flash Brown and continues when Lily gets her bratty pussy disciplined by Rob Piper’s pole. August and Valentina close out the flick in a threesome with Flash Brown that leaves both girls happy they ended their day sharing a big black dick. The cinematography, production quality and camera work are all great and speak to Lansky’s successful filmmaking style. He has a knack for putting hot interracial sex on film, giving fans high quality porn they want to watch every time.  


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