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Studio: Vixen.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/25/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 35 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: Big Boobs; All Sex; Natural Boobs

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: August Ames, Lily Love, Nina North, Crystal Rae, Jason Brown, Jean Val Jean, Mick Blue

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Website Info for Vixen.com


Vixen.com has launched a brand new series called Racks and right out of the gate, this first feature stars Vixen Angel August Ames and her all natural tits. This series is a celebration of hot starlets and their naturally busty chests and it’s a pleasure to watch those round, voluptuous boobs bounce around while these girls get their pussies stuffed. August is joined by big rack starlets Lily Love, Nina North and Crystal Rae. These girls get a deep penetrating pussy workout from Jason Brown, Jean Val Jean and Mick Blue over 4 scenes of big boob bliss. Overall, I highly recommend this movie. Director Greg Lansky sets the bar high in his first installment in this new series, giving us all the fantastic filmmaking he has developed a knack for coupled with hot and heavy sex and girls who are naturally busty. August has fun with Jason in the opening scene, fucking him in her hotel room and not caring even after her travel mate walks in on the action. She finishes her scene with a pussy full of cum as Jason’s inside job leaves her with a creampie. Lily fucks her celebrity realtor, Jean Val Jean, who is trying to sell her house and Nina fucks her sister’s boyfriend in a hot revenge fuck scene that her sister will never forget. Crystal ends the flick, fucking her brother’s best friend, Jean Val Jean, in a steamy scene that begins in the pool and climaxes in a facial cum blast in Crystal’s bedroom. Lansky is off to a strong start with this new series from his Vixen studio and it’s a flick I highly recommend  you watch.

Scene 1:  August Ames and Jason Brown

September Vixen Angel and DVD cover girl August Ames opens Lansky’s new series Racks. August doesn’t get a lot of days off and when she got a three-day weekend, she immediately booked a vacation with her friend Jessica. August thought they would have lots of fun that weekend but Jessica turns out to be a total bore. She spends her time reading all day and she doesn’t want to party or go out at night. Luckily for August, Jason develops an attraction for her. The 2 of them hang out at the pool and get to know each other better. Sparks fly between these 2 and August decides she wants some alone time with him She sends Jessica away to fetch more wine then she takes Jason back to her hotel room. They make out and August enjoys getting to know Jason even better. She reaches for his cock and squeezes it in her pants. She tells him she wants to see it and she pulls down his pants and starts jerking his big meat. She turns around, leaning her ass into Jason while he fingers her pussy. She moans in ecstasy and tells him she wants his cock in her mouth. August has always been a sloppy cocksucker and she make a wet mess of his hard dick, covering it in mouth lube and choking on it. Jason calls it good girl spit as she tries to deep throat his cock. He returns the favor by eating her pussy missionary style then replaces his tongue with his big dick in her pussy, stretching it out quickly.

August moans that she is already cumming as Jason’s cock drills her tight hole. She fingers her clit then kissing him passionately. After creaming all over his cock, August puts it in her mouth and swallows her own pussy juices then she sits on Jason’s cock and rides him cowgirl. Her ride is getting intense and her eyes roll back into her head just as her friend Jessica opens the room door. Jessica yells what the fuck! August tells her to go read her stupid fucking book! She continues to ride his cock and work herself up into another orgasm. After another round of pussy to mouth, sloppy cock sucking, August rides him in reverse cowgirl position, squeezing his cock inside her pussy until he pops, leaving her with a dripping creampie sliding down her inner thighs. She sucks his cock again, saying that she has finally had fun on her vacation.

Scene 2:  Lily Love and Jean Val Jean

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24-year-old Lily Love rolls around in the bed in a steamy tease at the top of her scene. She is dressed in black lingerie and squeezes her tits together as he looks seductively into the camera. Lily and her husband are getting divorced and they decided to sell the house and begin their separate lives. She is looking forward to it. Her husband hired a celebrity real estate agent, Jean Val Jean, to sell their house. Lily develops an attraction for him the first time she saw him. Having an attractive man around is really turning her on because she hasn’t had sex in a long time. She skinny dips in the pool one day, showing off her natural, round racks. When she emerges from the water, Jean in standing at the edge of the pool dressed in his professional suit.  She asks him to hand her a towel. When she steps out of the water to get it from him, she decides to have some fun and started kissing him and helping him out of his clothes. She jerks his dick and tells him she has been waiting a long time for this. Lily bends to her knees on the pool deck and starts sucking Jean’s cock, looking up at him while she holds his dick in her mouth. The passion and chemistry between these 2 is hot to watch, especially when Lily plays in the water, pouring handfuls of it all over her tits and then on his dick. She licks his shaft up and down then starts eating his balls.

This sexually insatiable pair take their attraction back to Lily bedroom. She keeps jerking him off and kissing him, telling him she has waited so long for this moment. She worships his cock even more and allows him to fuck her throat, making her gag and spit all over his meat. He tells her to beat her tongue with his dick then deep throat it. Lily is taking her cock sucking orders just fine. She bends over his dick and gets titty fucked, squeezing her boobs together around his cock. With a long episode of meat eating, Lily is ready to get her pussy taken care of. She sits on him in cowgirl position and bouncing her round ass up and down on his meat until she starts creaming. He spanks her ass cheeks then pounds her pussy hard. She screams give it to me as he stretches her hole. Lily yells don’t stop! She finally cums after weeks of no sex and it’s incredible for her. The cowgirl fucking continues as Jean doesn’t let up on her pussy, slamming it hard and deep, putting her on track to cum again. He tells her to show him how dirty she is and climb off and suck his cock. She enjoys the taste of her pussy melt on his cock then she sits on him again in reverse cowgirl position. Jean fucks her hard and fast, making her cum all over again. She squeezes in some pussy to mouth action then rides him reverse cowgirl again before bending over doggystyle to get slammed from behind. She orders him not to stop as he stuffs her pussy full of his cock. He drills her hole and it’s keeping Lily in pleasure land. The doggy fucking doesn’t stop until Jean cums, pulling out and shooting his load all over her face and in her mouth.

Scene 3:   Nina North and Mick Blue

Nina North, 2016 AVN fan nominee for hottest newcummer, fucks her sister’s boyfriend, Mick Blue, in this scene. The Miami native doesn’t get along with her sister at all and things are getting worse. Her sister is flaunting her relationship with Mick in front of Nina and when she fucks him, she bangs on Nina’s wall loudly, driving her insane. Nina knows that there is only one way to fix this whole situation. It’s payback time and Nina is out to show Mick that she is the hotter and better sister. When Nina gets a text reminding her of her hair appointment today, she leaves in a hurry, apologizing to Mick for leaving. Nina watches her leave the house then sets her plan into motion, dressing in her sexiest lingerie and throwing herself at Mick who is in the bathroom dressed in a towel. Nina wastes no time getting her man, she walks up to him and tells him she wants to fuck him. She promises not to tell her sister. These 2 kiss and rub each other’s bodies until Nina pulls Mick’s towel off, revealing his already hard cock. Looking at his dick, she says now she knows why her sister likes him so much. She gets on her knees to taste his cock, working her lips down his shaft and telling him his dick is so big. After licking his dick all over, she asks him if she sucks cock better than her sister. Mick smiles and says her sister never sucks his cock. Nina continues her conquest of his prick, spitting all over it and jerking it back and forth. Mick grips her head and fucks her face just as Nina begs him to fuck her before her sister comes back.

Mick lifts her in his arms and rushes her off to the bedroom. They don’t much time. Once they’re in the room, Nina goes back to cock sucking and ball licking then she experiences his dick for the first time, sitting on his prick in reverse cowgirl position and bouncing up and down on it. Nina tells him how good his cock feels and she screams out fuck me! Mick plows her pussy, stuffing her tight snatch balls deep. He stretches her hole, keeping her moaning in pleasure and soon she is cumming. She sucks his cock then rides some more before getting her pussy eaten. Mick position her on all fours in doggy position and drills her pussy from behind, spanking her ass cheeks as he thrust deep inside her. She goes on a cowgirl ride then lies on her side for more pussy stretching as Mick spoon fucks her. She loves the way he fucks her and smiles and giggles as his dick plunges her wet hole. Mick’s spoon fucking gets harder and harder until Nina begs him to cum on her face. He pulls out then pops in her mouth. Nina sucks his dick, telling him his cum tastes so good. Mick tells her she is better than her sister. Nina memorializes the whole affair by taking a picture of her cum fill face and naked Mick lying behind her. She texts the picture to her sister who yells fuck!

Scene 4:  Crystal Rae and Jean Val Jean

School is out and it’s summer time. Crystal has the house to herself most of the time but sometimes her brother comes home with Jean to hang out. She isn’t bothered by them being there because she is so attracted to Jean. She thinks he is attracted to her too but the 2 can’t really flirt because her brother is always around. One day when her brother and Jean were hanging out at the pool, Nina noticed that her brother must have had too much to drink because he is passed out. Jean is drinking alone. Nina puts on her sexiest swimsuit and goes down to the pool to hang out with Jean. They finally have their time together. They talk for a little bit but pretty soon, they both know what they want. With her brother floating silently in the pool behind her, Crystal straddles Jean and starts kissing him. The making out between these 2 escalates quickly as Jean sucks Crystal’s natural tits. She pulls his bikini off and puts his cock in her mouth and lubes it with her mouth juices, licking his balls and running her tongue up and down his shaft. He sits over the edge of the pool telling her how good it feels. She has a smile on her face as she eats his meat, running her pierced tongue all over it. Jean tells her he’s going to fuck her so hard it will make her cum. She loves his comment and works his dick in her mouth. The pair rush back to the bedroom, excited that Crystal’s brother is still drunk. They make out some more and Crystal picks up where she left off, sucking his dick.

The action gets harder and nastier now as Jean fucks her throat, squeezing her hair in a ball and telling her don’t move while he thrusts his cock deeper and deeper down her throat, causing her to gag. Drool is draining from her mouth and his cock as he fucks it hard and call her a dirty little slut. Crystal can’t get enough of his cock down her throat and when he lies on the bed she doesn’t let up, swallowing his prick. With Jean lying on his back, Crystal straddles him cowgirl style, riding his meat slowly at first and then picking up the pace. Your pussy is so tight is what Jean tells her and Crystal tells him his cock feels so good inside her. She says fucks me! That’s when Jean picks up the pace, pummeling her pussy while she sits on him. She can feel his cock in her stomach as he drills her deep. The reverse cowgirl fucking is just as hard and as Crystal screaming even louder than before. When Jean turns her around and starts fucking her doggystyle, she tells him to fuck her deeper. His dick stretches her tight hungry hole, keeping her wet and in complete pleasure. She lies on her side and gets her pussy spoon fucked until Jean pulls out and blows his load all over her face and in her mouth, blasting her with cum. She sucks his cock while his cum drains off her chin. Jean tells her they’ve got to get out of the room now before her brother wakes up and sees them. They run off giggling.

Final Thoughts:

Vixen Angel August Ames covers director Greg Lansky’s new Vixen.com series Racks. This flick flaunts the full racks on hot babes in over 2 hours and 35 minutes of short stories, big boobs and hot sex. August is joined by busty starlets Lily Love, Nina North and Crystal Rae who share their voluptuous tits in 4 scenes of passion and wet pussies. Jason Brown, Jean Val Jean and Mick Blue are the cock fulfillers and they provide these girls with the sexual sensation that takes them over the edge.  August has been craving a vacation forever and when she finally gets one, she takes advantage of all it has to offer, including the hot stud Jason who has been flirting with her at the hotel. She takes him back to her room and fucks him and doesn’t stop even after her travel mate walks in on them. Lily is in the middle of a divorce and has decided to sell the house. Her husband hires a celebrity realtor who shows Lily a thing or two in a sizzling sexual dance that begins outdoors at the pool and works its way into her bedroom. Nina’s sister is an ass hole. When her sister leaves for a hair appointment, Lily has the revenge fuck of her life with her sister’s boyfriend, Mick Blue, riding his cock until he cums then texting a photo of the whole thing to her sibling.  Crystal has a crush on her brother’s friend, Jean Val Jean, and one day after her brother had too much to drink, she sets her sights on Jean and fucks him hard all while her drunk brother sleeps the afternoon away.  Overall, I highly recommend this flick. Lansky sets the bar high in this first installment of Racks and it’s a series worth watching.

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