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First Anal 3

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/26/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 30 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: Anal; All Sex; First Anal

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Scarlet Red, Harley Jade, Amanda Lane, Kristen Scott; Manuel Ferrera, Xander Corvus, Jean Val Jean,

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Website Info for tushy.com


It’s a round of first-time anal explorations for 4 starlets in director Greg Lansky’s First Anal 3. DVD cover girl Scarlet Red is the first to have an anal introduction with Jean Val Jean’s cock, hosting him deep inside her tight hole. The interesting part is that Jean is Scarlet’s brother-in-law and she has finally allowed her deep attraction for him to lead to her first anal. Relative newcummer Kristen Scott has a hot anal tryst with Jean Val Jean after his wife leaves town and she shows up at his house wanting to be punished for being a bad girl. He punishes her ass hole with a round of anal drilling that sends her to the land of ecstasy. Harley has always had a thing for her stepbrother Xander and she finally gets his attention by ruining his laptop. She admits to destroying it and begs to be punished for her bad behavior. He fucks her ass hole in sizzling hot doggystyle, making her wish she had been a bad girl sooner. Brand new starlet Amanda Lane takes Manuel Ferrera up her ass in a passionate scene of anal romance that ends with Amanda’s face and mouth blasted by a cannon of cum. I highly recommend this anal adventure. Lansky brings together young, hot, often new-to-the-biz starlets eager for an anal lesson with meat vendors hungry to please. The chemistry between the couples is great and the exclusive, first anal sessions for each starlet is a turn on to watch.

Scene 1:  Scarlet Red and Jean Val Jean

DVD cover girl Scarlet Red enjoys her first anal experience exclusively for Tushy.com. She has been staying at her sister’s house for the weekend and she finds herself attracted to her sister’s husband, Jean. He has always been a pervert and she notices that he has been flirting with her the whole time. Scarlet is having lunch with her sister and Jean outside at the pool when her sister decides to go upstairs and take a nap. She has been working hard and is tired. After her sister leaves, Scarlet decides she wants to enjoy the pool a bit more and decides to go tanning. She relaxes in the water enjoying the sun when Jean shows up half naked. He offers to put sun tan lotion on her body so she doesn’t burn. She can’t believe what’s happening. Her sister’s husband is applying lotion all over her body and she is so turned on right now. It feels good to her and one thing leads to another. Before she knows it, she is kissing Jean passionately and rubbing her hands all over his body. She squeezes his cock while he tongues her throat. She doesn’t waste any time stripping Jean out of his swim trunks and sucking his cock. She kneels in the pool and swallows his meat, licking his cock and balls all over. He tells her to hold still and let him fuck her mouth. He thrust his dick further and further down her throat, making her gag and gurgle, spitting up everywhere. She looks up at him giggling and telling him how much she loves it. Jean licks her tits and stomach and makes his way down to her pussy, pulling her bikini off and licking her clit. Then he convinces her to go to the bedroom. Once they get to the room, they can’t get enough of each other. Scarlet can’t believe she’s fucking her sister’s husband. Her sister is right next door. She jerks his meat and fingers her pussy, then sucks his cock again, this time taking a dick beating on her tongue.

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After sucking his balls, she sits on his cock in cowgirl position. She tells him to spread her pussy with his cock and Jean says her pussy is so tight and wet. He pounds her pussy hard, squeezing her ass cheeks as he fucks her. Scarlet is creaming all over his cock and she loves how deep his dick is drilling inside her. He gets her ass hole ready by fingering it while his dick slips in and out of her wet pussy. She climbs off and immediately sucks his cock then tells him to fuck her ass hole. It’s her first time and she wants him to stretch her tiny little ass. Jean licks her ass hole first then crouches over top of her in doggy position and works his prick in her tight hole. He spreads her ass cheeks wide as he drills her tight ass hole, stretching it as he digs deeper inside her. Scarlet’s first time anal feels so good to her that she wants his dick deeper and deeper inside her. Scarlet’s tight ass fills the screen as Jean’s dick pumps her hole. She is cumming from her anal adventure and screams out while Jean stuffs her hole. Her ass hole gets an even deeper drilling in reverse cowgirl position and after doing ass to mouth, Scarlet lies on her back and gets fucked up the ass missionary style. Jean spreads her ass hole then pulls out and shoots his cum load down her throat. She swallows his cum then sucks his dick for all that’s left. She looks up at him with cum on her face and says, I’m better than my sister!

Scene 2:  Kristen Scott and Jean Val Jean

Relative newcummer Kristen Scott takes it up this ass for the first time in this scene with Jean Val Jean. She has been seeing Jean who is married man for some time now and the relationships has been incredible. One weekend when his wife went on a trip, Kristen decides to show up at his house and surprise him. He is face timing with his wife when Kristen sneaks up outside his bedroom and starts stripping on the balcony. He is shocked to see her and hurries his wife off the phone. He pulls Kristen into his bedroom and asks her what the fuck she’s doing. Kristen says she’s been a bad girl and she deserves to be punishes. He bends her over his knee and spanks her ass repeatedly, turning her cheeks red. She loves the discipline, begging him for more and telling him she has been so bad she deserves the punishment. Both of her cheeks are beet red now from the spanking. Jean tells her he’s going to fuck her ass hole now. They stand up and kiss and Kristen begs for his cock, stripping him out of his clothes and putting his hard dick in her mouth. She keeps her eyes focused on his as she licks his dick. He beats her face with his cock, reminding her how much of a bad girl she has been. She may be a bad girl but she’s a good cock sucker, opening her mouth wide and taking his dick to the back of her throat.

He skull fucks her and she is drooling almost immediately, gasping for air as his dick lodges toward the back of her throat. She tells him she wants him inside her so bad. After another round of passionate kissing, Kristen gets her wish, sitting on top of his chard cock and getting her pussy stretched. He continues to spank her ass cheeks, keeping them rose red while she bounces up and down on his drill. She kisses him then kisses his cock right out of her pussy before experiencing her first anal in reverse cowgirl position. She rides his dick slowly at first but Jean starts pumping her ass hole harder and faster then he spreads her legs open wide and annihilates her ass hole, making her cum from all that anal pounding. After a greedy ass to mouth session where Kristen swallows her own ass juice, she bends over doggystyle for the anal pounding of her life, taking him deep in her ass hole, leaving her gaping wide open. She lies on her back for more anal drilling that leaves her legs shaking uncontrollably. She fingers her clit while he stuffs her ass and she cums again but begs him to cum inside her ass hole. She wants an anal creampie and Jean fulfills her wish, leaving her ass hole full of cum. Kristen squeezes his spunk out of her ass and spreads her ass cheeks open, telling him his wife is so lucky.

Scene 3:   Harley Jade and Xander Corvus

21-year-old Harley Jade stars with Xander Corvus in her first anal adventure. Harley has always been a smart student and a conservative girl. Her reputation and grades have always been very important to her. Harley’s parents divorced and her dad remarried. She has a stepbrother named Xander but she doesn’t understand him. He doesn’t care about school and listens to loud rock music all day. Harley is hiding a deep dark secret. Even though she doesn’t like the way her stepbrother acts, she is attracted to him. Xander tells her she should be nicer to her stepbrother because she can be such a little bitch sometime. The more she gets into fights with him, the more attracted she is to him. She keeps fantasizing about and imagines him storming into her bedroom and fucking her. One day when her parents were gone, she thought about doing something crazy that would really piss him off. She pours a drink all over his laptop, ruining it. Xander goes ballistic, storms into her room and asks her why she ruined his laptop. She looks up at him and says she’s been a bad little girl and she deserves to be punished. Xander sets off to punish the spoiled little rich girl that Harley is. He lays her across his legs and starts spanking her ass, making her ass cheeks red. Harley likes the pain, telling him she’s sorry for spilling soda on his laptop. Xander stands her up and starts kissing her and stripping her out of her clothes. She does the same to him and holds on to his cock, jerking it in her hands while he tongues her and tells him she has wanted him for so long. Harley is naked on the bed and has made Xander’s cock hard. She can’t believe how big it is as she drops to her knees to start sucking it. She licks it at first then puts it in her mouth and tries deep throating it. Xander orders her to look at him and show him those pretty eyes while she sucks his dick. Harley spits on his meat then is instructed to put his balls in her mouth. She obeys every order, lubing Xander’s cock up with her mouth juices.

After devouring his dick, she jerks it and tells him it’s so hard she wants to feel it inside her now. Harley hosts his cock in her pussy in cowgirl position Xander wastes no time drilling her pussy, making it his dick target. Harley moans at how deep his dick is inside her pussy and a close up on the action shows how much she is creaming all over his cock. Xander instructs her to keep bouncing on his cock. He spanks her ass cheeks while she rides his dick, fingering her ass hole, getting it loosened up for its first anal adventure. Xander turns her over onto all fours, ordering her not to move. He splits her ass hole open, spreading it with his cock and reminding her that she said he could have it. He stretches her ass hole wider and wider, making it gape when he pulls his cock out. Xander fucks her tight hole balls deep, filling her all the way up. Harley begs to feel his cock even deeper in her ass hole. Xander spoon fucks her and gets every inch of his pole buried in her ass hole, making Harley’s mouth gape wide open. The great closeups on Harley’s ass hole show much cock she is taking, stroke after stroke. Harley greedily does ass to mouth then lies on her back for more anal fucking in missionary position. She fingers her pussy while Xander’s cock massages her ass hole. He drills her hole harder and faster until he pops, pulling out of her ass hole quickly and plastering her face and tongue with cum. She swallows his load and tells him she fucking loves his cum because it tastes so good.

Scene 4:  Amanda Lane and Manuel Ferrera

Porn newcummer Amanda Lane is a 21-year-old starlet from Poland who was raised in the U.S. She makes her anal debut in the last scene of the flick, hosting Manuel Ferrera’s big cock deep in her ass. When the scene starts, Amanda is getting out of bed in her lingerie at her boyfriend’s house. She calls and tells him she doesn’t like it when he leaves her alone at the house because he has a roommate and she barely knows him. Amanda fixes a cup of coffee and is having a quiet morning when Manuel interrupts it. She is very uncomfortable at first as she is half dressed, but Manuel makes her feel at ease. She is sitting on the kitchen counter and he tells her that he heard her having sex last night and it doesn’t sound like his roommate knows how to take care of her. Before she knows it, Manuel is offering to give her the feeling she wants and he puts his hand down her panties and starts fingering her pussy while sucking her nipples. The feeling has Amanda moaning in ecstasy, closing her eyes and falling to Manuel’s arms. He takes her to the bedroom and the 2 continue their passionate make out session. Amanda unzips his pants, pulling out his hard cock. She sucks it and tries deep throating it but it’s too big for her to swallow hole so she turns to licking his balls. She runs her tongue up and down his cock shaft, telling him how much she loves his cock. It’s so much better than her boyfriend’s dick.

Manuel puts her in a downward doggy, spreads her ass cheeks open and eats her pussy from behind, making her pull and scratch across the bed. He turns her over onto her back and continues the tongue lashing of her clit, driving her crazy. With her pussy all wet now, Manuel spoon fucks her slowly, working his prick into her pussy while he fingers her clit. Amanda is on her way to cumming quickly as Manuel sends her to pleasureville. These 2 enjoy kissing each other and fucking slowly and passionately. Manuel picks up the pace, eventually making Amanda’s eyes roll back into her head. She orders him to fuck her ass hole with his big cock. He pulls out of her pussy and slips his dick into her tight ass hole, remaining in spoon position. Her ass hole is so tight, he has to work at drilling her ass hole slowly in order to stretch her open. She tells him it feels so good inside her as he spreads her ass hole open. Manuel gets his cock deep in her ass hole balls deep and Amanda can’t believe how good it feels in her ass. She goes from spoon fucking to reverse cowgirl, taking all of Manuel’s cock up her ass. After a slow tasting ass to mouth she rides him reverse cowgirl style again. Amanda hosts more of his meat deep inside her in doggy position as Manuel fucks her ass hole, pumping it back and forth and keeping in gaping open. He promises to cum all over her. That he does after pulling out and shooting a cannon of cum all over her face and in her mouth.

Final Thoughts:

First Anal 3 doesn’t disappoint with its 4 scenes of exclusive, first-time anal bouts featuring DVD cover girl Scarlet Red along with Harley Jade, Amanda Lane and Kristen Scott. These girls experience anal for the first time in exclusive scenes for Tushy.com, getting their ass holes explored by dick drillers Jean Val Jean, Xander Corvus and Manuel Ferrera. Our starlets are left with gapping ass holes and cum splashed faces after an intense round of balls deep ass fucking. I highly recommend this anal adventure. Scarlet Red is so attracted to her sister’s husband, Jean Val Jean, that she ends up fucking him and hosting his cock in her ass hole while her sister naps. Kristen is being naughty and she surprises Jean Val Jean while his wife is on a trip. He punishes her tight ass hole for her bad behavior. Harley is trying to get her stepbrother, Xander’s, attention. She finally does when she destroys his laptop. She begs to be disciplined and he punishes her ass hole for her devious actions. Porn newcummer Amanda gets fucked up the ass balls deep by Manuel’s cock, leaving her moaning in ecstasy and covered in cum in the end. There is great chemistry in every scene and the production quality keeps the anal action front and center. This is a flick worth watching.

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