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Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 12/9/16

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When it comes to an adult film, few in the industry can mix great story with spectacular sex, especially in the realm of lesbian cinema. Alan and Bree have become associated with excellence and patience in the adult industry. Patience in the sense that they have molded Girlsway into one of the most trusted companies for quality both from the fan and performer standpoint. One example being with this film and it's beautiful box cover design and layout. If you are bold enough to purchase the DVD version of this film, a coupon for 50% off their membership site awaits you for your investment, but that is not all that awaits. Their cover jacket is elegant art, the graphics, the PR poster that showcases their upcoming releases, that in itself is just a small indication of the little things that make-up the excellence of this company and the quality they give to fans day in and day out in so many ways.

Abigail Mac in one amazing role

Approximate Run Time: 2 Hours & 27 minutes

Director: Stills by Alan

Camera work & Angles: Stills by Alan, Matt Holder, Billy Visual, Shallow Hal

Written and Produced by Bree Mills.

Hillary Scott in her triumphant return

Transmission is a film that features some of the most dazzling veteran girl/girl performers in the industries history with Celeste Star and Hillary Scott. Add in to the mix, today's most recognizable superstars of adult fantasy, like Abigail Mac, Charlotte Stokely and Lexi Belle, you have a marketing recipe that will get your interest peaked in a second. What truly sold me and got my mouth watering as a viewer in anticipation of this film, was seeing the wonderful Samantha Rone on the box cover. A performer who always delivers in the category of sexuality and fantasy. This cast will have you wondering just how Bree and Alan got such talent in the same room with a story line that features some very well researched concepts that give off a cool scientific vibe. I kid you not, you will be geeking out a bit when you see just how well researched this film is when it comes to the stars above. From the dazzling design work in the opening credits, this film will have you hooked and when the story gets rolling about messages from outer space, the true question is, did Alan and Bree do enough to keep your attention focused on screen for two and a half hours?

Scene 1: Samantha Rone and Hillary Scott

Scene Length: 38 Minutes

The opening credits have the most cool score, color and feel I have seen in a Girlsway film yet. From the first reel, you get this feeling of something marvelous is coming your way. The camera action is perfection, the make up on Hillary Scott and her casual, yet sexy attire as she gazes into the night sky is great. As the hypnotizing melody gets things moving like clockwork, we find out that Hillary is mapping the night sky, getting ready to head home to Samantha for a romantic dinner. Hillary's character is the workaholic that never sleeps and as she skips her romantic dinner with Samantha due to some crazy discoveries she learns of while going her research you sense the lust ahead. It seems contact from beyond has been initiated and the acting is simply brilliant displaying the excitement. Both women are a joy to watch. This scene could be viewed without the sex and it would still command your attention. As Hillary makes this life changing discovery she shares the news with Samantha in the bedroom and there is only one way you celebrate in the adult world. The camera work is beyond beautiful. The acting will have you forgetting you are watching and adult film and showcase every bit as to why it is called adult entertainment.

Hillary Scott and Samantha Rone

The Sex:


Both ladies have a fast pace to the action. Both are naked in a matter of moments and Hillary Scott shows she still has it, as that performer who can have your mind going a million miles and hour no matter what she does. Samantha Rone is her perfect mate, as Samantha makes the kissing, the undressing so mouthwatering as only she can with her innocent look, sexy body and true performance skills. The use of many cameras is obvious here and it makes for a vibrant show, especially when you see the angles switch to exactly what you want to see. One shot that is burned into my brain, is watching Samantha move her head back in the most lustful fashion during orgasm, then having the camera switch to a side shot of Hillary sucking her pussy with full force as Samantha gropes her breasts.

Hillary and Samantha

The action is hot and I do mean hot. The scene features a lot of squirting. I do not want to go as far as to say the squirting took away from the scene, but I think the avenues explored in the scene would have benefited more with other positions and sexual interactions. Hillary's dirty talk keeps the action going without a hitch and seeing the girls go from angle to angle is perfectly timed and filmed. I thought the action died down a bit in the end, as did the chemistry between the two performers. The start of this scene is like a space launch at maximum thrust and after you see Samantha squirt the first time, the scene levels out. The small things will grab your attention as well, one of the hottest parts being when Samatha has cum dripping down her hand as Hillary flips her over after a very aggressive fingering session. This scene does enough to wet your appetite and when you mix two ladies who have such a grasp on acting and timing, you get something that has you intrigued for the film to continue.


Scene 2: Abigail Mac, Samantha Rone and Hillary Scott

Scene Length: 50 Minutes

Abigail Mac, Samantha Rone and Hillary Scott

The Set-Up:

As the lights fade from the first act, the action moves to this amazing montage of guns, bullets, shotgun shells and aggression. The music is kicking and the graphics and digital effects are wicked cool. The scene brings you to what looks like a S.W.A.T. team getting ready to breach Samantha's & Hillary's humble abode and not in a good way. The guns are a very neat touch, Alan used some incredible shots that will have you in marvel.

As the terror squad bust open the front door, we see the sexy Abigail Mac emerge from the  Government vehicle. Her acting is amazing, her sexuality is oozing at every aspect of her being and character in this scene. Abigail is the bad ass NSA agent, looking to keep things hush with Hillary's discovery. She humiliates Samantha and cons Hillary in the only way that can be done in an adult film, sex for silence, or in this instance recognition.

-- sponsored by --

Abigail steals the spotlight. She jars your brain with how drop dead sexy and commanding her character is. It is so well timed and filmed, you know what is coming next and in the anticipation and even though you know what is on the horizon, it is like seeing a dominant sex scene for the first time, that is how good miss Mac is. The payment for fame is pussy and when you see her lift up her skirt to jump into the sex part of the scene you may already be drenched from the sweat due to the heat in the room that miss Abigail Mac generates by seducing these women and showcasing a body that she has put incredible time and effort into creating. These three pack a punch from the start.


The Sex:

Abigail Mac, Samantha Rone and Hillary Scott

Abigail is the one leading the direction. Her body is a sculpted work of art. Her character is that aggressive, take no prisoners style bad guy, that just has your attention from the get go. The sex is amazing and as you see her force Hillary's hand when she brings Samantha in, you are in for a real treat. This scene is the perfected version of the first. There is foreplay, squirting that is not over done and kink that is out of this world. Abigail Mac is calling the shots and that is easier said than done in a threesome. All three ladies are showcased equally for their fans.

Abigail Mac, Samantha Rone and Hillary Scott

The angles are something special in this scene. The close ups are done at the right moments, for instance, there is a shot were Samantha squirts and cums in Abigail's mouth and shot is a distance away showcasing Abigail's stunning backside as she works Samantha's pussy to climax. Then as she is squirting, the camera zooms in tightly with out tilt, to see Abigail drip the pussy juice from her lips into Samantha's mouth and as it drips down the sides of her mouth, Hillary is there lapping up every drop ensuring none of it is wasted. This scene is nasty in the best of ways. Abigail shows off why she is one of the top five porn stars in the world with what she can command on screen. Her acting is intricate and genuine. The sex in this scene is long and each position brings something new. You will not be looking at the counter on this scene guaranteed. The dirty talk is not over the top and when you see each ladies character get more and more into the action you see why they are master performers in the adult realm. Abigail steals the show though, she gets the tempo of everything going over a hundred miles an hour. When you see her commanding the girls to get her naked and you see the ladies looking to please her at every aspect, you will be ready to pop your top guaranteed. This scene is scorching hot, the hottest in the film and once the action is done and you witness the wonder before the climax you will never forget, your attention for the rest of the film will be keenly focused as if you just drank a pot of coffee to yourself. The sex simply gels into something so great after the ladies act their asses off to make it look like they are repulsed by the idea of sharing each other in order to gain notoriety, then becoming joined at the hip with each other in the most provocative way. Simply a tantalizing scene.

Abigail Mac, Samantha Rone and Hillary Scott


Scene 3: Celeste Star and Hillary Scott

Scene Length: 38 Minutes

The Set-Up:

Celeste Star and Hillary Scott

After that amazing threesome, I thought it would be tough to top a scene like that with this much depth in story and writing. The story picks up on Celeste Star speeding through the California coast line in a wicked cool Mini Cooper. Once again, the cinematography is excellent and as we catch up with a broken Hillary Scott, who has been balling her eyes out since the end of the previous scene that resulted in Samantha Rone being taken prisoner in exchange for Hillary giving up her pursuit of glory. Now, I am not one to take sides and say that a star being featured in three straight is too much, because Hillary Scott is like her twitter states: A Porn Legend. Her acting is good and she gets the job done in that department, especially when it comes to selling her characters. When Celeste Star enters the picture, we find out that she is an A.I. inside of a human body and wished to aid Hillary in finding out more of the "Transmission" that has gained her so much trouble. Celeste Star is dashing in her sexy dress and gorgeous panties. As the sex begins and Celeste wishes to relief some stress from the woeful Scott, the audience is simply begging to see Celeste get naked. The story once again is wonderful and has your eyes and other things I might add at full attention.  I think Celeste Star adds the perfect touch a almost cyborg style sex pot. She brings even more flavor to this scene and what follows does indeed deliver.


The Sex:

Going into the sex, as much as I was begging to see Celeste get naked after the great set-up of the scene, I was beginning to think to myself, "Hillary, again?" I think three scenes back to back to back may be pushing the envelope, simply because their is only so many angles you can show consecutively as a performer in one film no matter the genre or how talented a person is. I thought the addition of Hillary's running make-up was a great cinematic touch to the set up and the sex. The dirty talk from Hillary gets repetitive in this scene, as I stated before, it is not poorly performed, we have just scene it for almost an hour and half consecutively, it just slows the film down to the viewer in my eye and takes away from the fantasy, unless you are a true Hillary Scott fan compared to your average everyday viewer who might not know who this porn legend is. Celeste Star proves that she still has it. Her tone, sexy body is the highlight as always, but the camera angles once she is down to her birthday suite is debonair. Alan's angles are great as well, moving at a pace like the first scene, not too much and not too fast.

Celeste Star and Hillary Scott

A shining example of this camerawork is watching Celeste suck on Hillary's pussy, with her gorgeous booty being highlighted as she munches away. When it is time for Celeste to get her comeuppance, you will see why she is truly a porn legend herself and destined for every hall of fame there is. She contorts her tiny frame into the most gorgeous spread eagle shot for the action to take place. Her moans of passion are real and never come from the same place. Watching Hillary get to slide her tongue up and down her slit in the close up shots is spectacular, especially during points of orgasm. The oral stands out in this scene, no matter if it is Celeste's meaty tongue or Hillary quick flicks of the clit with the tip of her tongue, the pussy licking truly brings you back into the fantasy. I have to give credit to Celeste so much in this scene. No matter if it is her kicking her leg up during orgasm, or going into the splits while she scissors miss Scott, her positions mixed with great camera work and editing make for such a dazzling spectacle to the eyes and mind. 

Celeste Star and Hillary Scott


Scene 4: Charlotte Stokely and Lexi Belle

Scene Length: 28 Minutes

Lexi Belle & Charlotte Stokely

The Set-Up: 

Lexi Belle & Charlotte Stokely


Now, the story seems to end for Transmission and what begins in scene four is more like a bonus to the wonderful goodness that the Transmission story was. This scene takes us to a new fantasy, were Charlotte's husband seems to think that she is cheating on her.

The music that scores this scene is very stylish and fits that theme of a steamy detective story or murder mystery. Lexi Belle is the PI hired to follow Charlotte Stokely and expose her infidelity. The visuals are amazing with pieces that have the camera pan down Charlotte Stokely's beautiful body as she exercises naked, or the low tilted shot of watching Lexi step out of her truck, showing the smallest hint of her gorgeous derriere to tease the audience.

It is beyond well done. The scene begins to get steamy as we see Lexi following miss Stokely into this gorgeous upstairs living room. She begins to masturbate after talking with a special someone about a wonderful chat session the night before if you catch my drift.

Lexi watches with these hungry eyes and leaps out from behind the couch Charlotte is masturbating on thinking she has caught her in the act. Little does she know, Charlotte was simply rubbing one out to some lesbian porn and as the tides are reversed she blackmails Lexi into her first lesbian experience. The acting is wonderful. The camera work and sound simply take the viewer to another realm.


The Sex:


These two are veterans of performance and production. With Charlotte already strutting her stuff naked throughout the scene, it is simply something grand to see Charlotte take control of Lexi. The ladies dirty talk is a huge plus and turn on in this scene. The action is short and I do mean very short, especially for a Girlsway film.

Lexi Belle & Charlotte Stokely

The women do a great job in the allotted time they were given and the angles showcase some but not all of the stunning assets that both women posses. The huge selling point in this scene is the performance aspect of both girls.

They have a lovely chemistry and they both stay in character throughout the scene. I think there is so much more that could have been done with the scene. It simply falls short a tad because of length of the sex after and amazing intro and I think, the limit if different shots of these grizzled veterans doing what they do best took away from the sex as well. Camera work once again is flawless and the editing was wonderful as can be without the hitches that derail most productions in this industry.

I just felt that things came up a little short as far as a climax goes. Other than that, this scene is definitely worth a view from every other stand point. I don;t see it as the true end to this film though. I was yearning to see a fourth scene from Transmission but what Lexi and Charlotte do is keep our interests peaked. Their bodies are immaculate and their lust for flesh is something that can not be duplicated by just anybody. It gives a fair end to a glamorous production.


The Extras:

The trailers are visual works of pure fantasy. Alan is a master of creating something dazzling to catch your eye with one look, but something that him and Girlsways also do to perfection, is the aspect of showing the performers in their true light, as the women behind the characters.

He brings out a comfort level in the BTS interviews with the girls and fans, if you are quick on your feet and keen with your intellect, you can actually get a glimpse of what these ladies are like when they are not bringing your fantasies to life. Extras definitely worth viewing, the questions asked are what fans want to know which I think is a huge selling point and true bonus of the film.


 Lexi Belle & Charlotte Stokely

Don Juan's Bottom Line:

There are some things I would state before purchase of this film and they are big factors to consider when buying opposed to viewing from a pay site which is what I recommend. One: This is the legendary Hillary Scott's big return after a long six year hiatus. Hillary has always had the ability to get the fans motors going in the best of ways. I think this film is a tribute and a must own for her fans. Now, for the girl/girl lovers in the room, the focus on miss Scott is something that is Transmission, she is a great actress with a heavenly body and seeing her as the MILF is indeed a pleasure to finally get to watch on film. I just think that the story could have gone a lot further than it did. I know what your saying, this is a porn flick asshole, but the truth of it is Girlsway's strength, is their production value. All the films that are legendary in this business, Debbie Does Dallas, Behind the Green Door, Pirates and virtually most films done by Vivid Video had story and that is what sold the product and that is what fans love. The story grabbed me in this one from the get go, but I got a feeling of the driver letting up on the gas towards the end of the film. The camera work was magnificent and Abigail Mac's performance is definitely worth the price of admission. I'm guessing Alan and Bree have future chapters in store for their dear fans and I will say that this film is worth watching and not a waste of film. The amount of good far outweighs anything else and I would honestly say if you go into this film with the mentality described above you will have left feeling satisfied. With something that catches your eye in the brilliant way this film has been marketed, it indeed does just enough to get by. This was a great welcome back for Hillary and I honestly must say, I will watch the next chapter of this series with intrigue.


Don Juan

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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