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Couples Seeking Teens 21

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 12/29/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Couples, 18+ Teens, Threesomes

Director: Bobby Manila



Cast: Sarah Vandella, Sara Luvv, Nina Elle, Britney Amber, Liza Rowe, Joseline Kelly, Sarah Banks, Jaclyn Taylor, Mark Wood, Tommy Gunn, Toni Ribas, Steven St. Croix

Length: 2 hours 17 minutes    

Date of Release: October 18, 2016

Extras: Cumshot Recap, Slideshow, Trailers

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good on both counts. Steady camera work, no harsh lighting. Shot in HD and presented in anamorphic widescreen.

Overview: Four unrelated scenes from Reality Junkies that portray married couples each getting a chance to bang a younger girl together. The "cougars" in the series should be familiar to most viewers, as should most of the male talent. Some of the "kittens" may be new to you, but all are worth a look. It's four fun-filled threesome romps with different setups in the 21st installment of this popular series.

Scene 1: Sara Luvv, Sarah Vandella, Steven St. Croix "Exchange Student"

Steven and Sarah are nervously awaiting their new exchange student from Costa Rica, Sara. The cutie arrives and the couple start confusing her by trying to speak Spanish in an Italian accent, and bowing. Before they dig a hole too deep, they show her to her cabana where she can "sleepo solo". She starts to change as they frantically search for a translation app back in the house, which is to no avail because their cell phone loses signal. Since they have no app, they go to try and apologize and catch her half naked. They don't want to make her feel uncomfortable, but Steven leers at her and Sarah tells her how cute her body is. They explain by pointing that they are swingers, and she seems to understand that concept.

Sara and Sarah

The girls are quick to strip, Steven's tongue buried in the girl's ass and then the couple move so wifey can taste the teen pussy while hubby gets his knob slobbed. Sarah looks good going down on their new guest, who is throat deep on a cock. A quick swap around has Sarah in the same scenario, letting out a good ol' cowgirl "whoop" as she comes up for air and tells Steven to fuck him some Latina pussy. Sarah's whoopin' it up having a gool ol' time with Sara's face buried in her patch while Steven slams Sara from behind until she's screaming. He moves on to banging his wife, almost slipping it in the wrong hole, making her laugh; as she's saving that one for later in the day. The trio become a tangled mess as Sara bends to lick some stick as it comes out of Sarah's hole while squatting on the blonde's face.

Sara and Sarah

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Sarah seems to be loving this action the most, smiling and talking and gurgling and giggling. Sara's no slouch when it comes to a blowjob, but Sarah inhales a cock like it's her first meal in a week. Her blonde locks brush against Sara's ass as she rides the D, with Sarah helping to pump her tiny ass up and down on it. She's a rotater as she rides in reverse, Sarah, rubbing on her clit and kissing her while encouraging her to "cum, si". Steven's load bearing moment comes with Sara in doggie, and a quick flip to missionary that causes him to drain all over their faces that are engaged in a makeout session. Sara exclaims she loves fucking couples because it's so fun, and mentions that their Spanish is terrible. Steven is taken aback and storms out of the room screaming that his Spanish is great; he got an A in science.

Overall, a really fun, fuck-filled scene!

Scene 2: Joselyn Kelly, Jaclyn Taylor, Toni Ribas "Naughty New Neighbor"

Jaclyn and Toni stop by the new neighbors' with a homemade pie. Only the daughter is home, wearing shorts and bikini top. She invites them to wait, her Dad will be right back, as she suggestively fingers their pie. They sit on the couch, and Joselyn turns freaky on them, starting to strip. Once Jaclyn gets sight of her upturned little titties she wants to fuck her. Doesn't seem like that will be a problem as the girl gets naked and kisses on them. The wife calls her out (in a good way) for being a whore and wants to watch her suck some dick, which the girls share.

Jaclyn and Joselyn

Jaclyn and Joselyn

Jaclyn's got a dirty, dominant mouth on her and makes sure her new found slut friend doesn't waste too much time rubbing one out when she could be rubbing her husbands balls. Toni gets his face fucked by his wife while the neighbor girl jerks and slurps him. Joselyn appreciates the fact that the lady next door thinks she's a whore and is ready to use her. The girls take turns in pole position, riding Toni like a pussy pogo stick. Toni starts ass smacking and tit slapping, their boobs and bottoms getting as red as his chest and face are turning. Jaclyn wants a finger in her ass while she gets drilled in doggie, her face getting pummeled into her new partner's pussy. Toni puts Joselyn on the floor and piledrives her from the couch, his helpful wife rubbing the girl's clit while sitting on her face. Now that the two girls are on the floor, he pulls them into position so his wife can suck him and then jerk him off onto the teen's face.

That's when "Dad" walks in and scolds his daughter for fucking their neighbors. Now, they'll have to move again.

Scene 3: Liza Rowe, Britney Amber, Tommy Gunn "Anniversary Dessert"

Tommy's setting the dinner table for a special dinner when wifey shows up with a surprise; one of his students, Liza. He hesitates for a moment, but they all agree to be discreet and start with Liza as dessert, abandoning dinner until later. The two ladies start rubbing his cock through his slacks while Liza gets naked as Tommy helps Britney undo her dress. Now that everyone is comfy on the sofa, Britney strokes while Liza bobs. Tommy wants to taste some tight young pussy and slides into a 69, his wife lying on top of the pile to lick Liza's little ass hole.

Liza and Britney

Liza and Britney

Liza and Britney look good together as they work Tommy's rod. He remains almost invisible, usually buried in female flesh. Britney goes for a bounce while Liza licks her clit, causing a super shrill shrieking. Her eyes roll back into her head as Tommy hammers her from below. Liza's quick to suck all of her juices off his jock as she dismounts; Britney lubes it back up with her spit so Liza can take her turn. Her tiny ass looks good with it's g-string tan line as she slides up and down his shaft while whimpering. There's a hot position when Liza lies on her back in a 69 with Britney above while Tommy rams his wife from behind and occasionally slips it into his student's throat. Things progress through some different iterations, resulting in a tongue train, with Tommy bringing up the rear. Britney's eyes are big as she stares up at her man while he bangs home and the girls drop for the pop.

There's a nice background, the back yard saturated with color rather than being blown out. There's a reason it's called the "golden hour" that photographers strive to shoot during. That same effect also affords the extremely attentive viewer a chance to notice the reflection of someone pacing around the room off camera.

Scene 4: Sarah Banks, Nina Elle, Mark Wood

Nina and Mark's daughter brought home a friend unexpectedly, and they sit down to dinner. Trixie (Sarah Banks) starts playing footsie with Mark. Everyone retires for the night, Sarah telling her friend that her parents are hot; they are busy in their own bed discussing how hot she is. Nina looks fabulous, her eyes sparkling against the brightness of her pink lingerie. Soon enough, everyone's sleeping and Sarah sneaks in to bed with them. Her chocolate skin stands out well amongst the milky whiteness of the pair as she drops top to reveal her perky young tits. Nina follows suit, revealing her own beautiful globes, which Sarah licks softly before turning her mouth to Mark's stiff shaft.

Nina and Sarah

Nina and Sarah

Nina strips off the visitor's panties and puts her face into the girl's groin before joining in on the blow job. She then backs up onto her husband's boner and goes back to eating pussy while she gets pounded. Everyone is grunting and moaning, Nina spouting some dirty talk in between licks and kisses with her new love toy. She wants her pussy eaten too, and straddles Sarah's face as Mark slides in and out of the tight young hole. He's giving her a good pound and the couple share a foot lick as it sticks in the air between them. Mark gets back into his wife's womanhood, and Sarah helps Nina rub her pussy as he pounds. That's a pretty visual as the two girls fill the screen with fingernails in different styles as her pussy gets slammed up and down. Sarah's a freaky teen and wants a finger in her ass while Mark slams her in doggie, Nina finding it totally hot as the ebony beauty licks her box. Sarah even starts talking some dirty smack talk while she rides the pony in reverse, the palette of fingernails making an appearance again. Nina takes a final drilling in missionary, Sarah's face lying on her tummy ready to catch the fruits of their labors, which she does. The ladies share the load through a kiss and you know that's when the daughter bursts in.

A fun scene.

Final Thoughts: Eight girls and four guys. Remember when that was risque for an adult feature? Yeah, me neither. Nowadays, we're bombarded with ten million sub-genres catering to every possible niche, and sometimes you just want to get back to "basics" like this. Married couples banging some fresh young meat. There's nothing here that you probably haven't seen before, but each scene has a slightly different setup angle to it, and you are probably familiar with at least half of the cast here if you watch any amount of porn at all. There are some new faces in the bunch, like Sarah Banks and possibly Liza Rowe; so you can check out those girls if you're looking for some new eye candy. Sarah Vandella, Jaclyn, Britney, Nina and Sara should need no introductions. Each scene is filmed competently, and everyone seems to be having a great time. It's good, fun porn. The Extras section is lacking a bit, so I don't know if you'll want to own this one. I think most people will want to stream it for a day or two, and for that reason I'm going with Watch It Online.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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