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Black & White Volume 7

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/3/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 30 minutes


Date of Production:  2016

Genre: All Sex; Big Cocks; Interracial

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in 4k Ultra HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky


Cast: Aidra Fox, Arya Fae, Lyra Law, Raylin Ann, Jason Brown, Jovan Jordan, Rob Piper, Flash Brown

Bonus Scenes: No


Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Popshot Recap



Director Greg Lansky’s successful Black & White series is now in its 7th volume and it continues to maintain the high quality, interracial porn production of the previous installments. Porn newcomer Arya Fae is featured on the DVD cover and she is joined in the movie by Lyra Law, Aidra Fox and Raylin Ann. I highly recommend you watch this interracial flick that features young, tight white pussies being stretched out by 4 big black cocks from Jason Brown, Jovan Jordan, Rob Piper and Flash Brown. There is a lot of attention to detail, great visuals and locations, a sound track to remember and hot sex shot well. Arya’s opening scene with Jason Brown begins in the pool with a blow job and ends in the bedroom with Arya cumming multiple times as Jason power drills her pussy. Aidra Fox has a hot threesome with Flash and Jovan, hosting their huge cocks in her pussy and mouth and loving it. Jovan gives her a creampie surprise in the end, filling her pussy with jizz and watching it drain out. Lyra closes the flick with a pleasing scene with Rob. She gets fucked on the bed as her friends hide underneath, not wanting to get caught. Lyra has the 2nd creampie of the movie, going on a cowgirl ride that leaves her pussy full of cum. Black and White 7 is an all-around hot interracial flick with all the bells and whistles Lansky is known for.

Scene 1:  Arya Fae and Jason Brown

Porn newcomer Arya Fae is the featured cover girl in Black and White Volume 7 and she has the opening scene with big cocksman Jason Brown. Jason is her brother’s friend and he’s staying with them for the weekend. The timing is right because Arya’s parents are on a trip. She has always had a crush on Jason, but she has never been able to act on it because her brother is always there whenever Jason comes over. Today, she might just have a chance to fuck Jason’s big black cock. Jason’s room has a perfect view of the pool and Arya decides to lay out, sunning where Jason can see her. He becomes her bait and she becomes a naughty huntress who has her eyes set on one thing. Jason can’t resist joining her at the pool. After a while, he is rubbing her thighs and turning her on. They make out in the pool, kissing each other passionately. She rubs his cock in his pants, making it hard. She is amazed at how massive his dick is. She pulls his swim trunks off and strokes his cock with both hands, sucking him off and licking his balls. She invites him back to her room where she continues to make out with him and suck his monster cock. Once he lies on the bed, she worships his big black pole, licking it up and down from his balls to the head of his cock. She tries to deep throat it but it’s too big to swallow hole. It’s her turn now to enjoy the oral pleasure of Jason’s tongue. He spreads her legs wide and eats her pussy, licking and lashing it with his tongue. She holds his head in place between her legs, telling him that he knows exactly what he’s doing with her pussy. She doesn’t want him to stop. There’s a great close up of Arya’s pink pussy getting a tongue bath from Jason.

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Just then, she begs him to put his big cock inside her. He does her bidding, penetrating her tiny, tight pussy missionary style. She closes her eyes, enjoying the way his cock feels as it thrusts back and forth inside her. She has never fucked a cock this big before and she wants him to fuck her pussy even harder. He drills her pussy, hard and fast and it makes Arya cum. She creams all over his big stick. Jason keeps thrusting further and further in her wet box. She tells him he is so deep in her pussy now. Once he pulls out, she strokes his cock and tastes her own cum off it then gets in doggy position for more pussy stretching action. Jason spanks her ass cheeks while he pounds her snatch. Arya screams she is going to cum again as Jason pumps her hole deep. She orgasms and Jason continues to drill her, stretching her pussy out. His big cock is stuffing her balls deep in a downward doggy and it has Arya screaming and cumming again. She sucks his cock, swallowing her cream then rides it cowgirl style until Jason pulls out and shoots his cum load in her open mouth. She tells him his cum tastes so good, and he warns her not to tell her brother about this.

Scene 2:  Raylin Ann and Rob Piper

Raylin and her father went on a weekend trip to San Diego. The condo complex they’re staying in is amazing. Raylin really likes it here but she soon notices a really hot guy staying next door. It’s Rob and she is determined to get his attention. Whenever she tries to flirt with him, her father gets in the way. If she’s going to meet Rob, she’s going to have to get rid of her dad. She pretends to be sick and asks her dad for aspirin. There’s none in the condo so he has to go to the store to get it. Once he leaves, Raylin takes a chance at meeting Rob. She knocks on his door and with one look, he knows exactly what he wants. He takes her back into the bedroom for a make out session that has her wet and turned on. She pulls his cock out of his pants and drops to her knees to suck it. She uses both hands to stroke it and keep it in her mouth. Raylin savors his cock in her mouth, running it back and forth across her tongue, looking up at him while she blows his dick. Rob fucks her throat, gripping her neck and hair while he thrust his black pole in her mouth.

Raylin continues the focus on his dick, sucking him off as he lies on the bed. After kissing him and making out again, she straddles him and hosts his big black cock in her pussy cowgirl style. Rob drills her hole hard and fast, keeping her bouncing up and down on his meat. He spanks her ass cheeks while it bounces up and down on him. When his cock slips out of her pussy, she begs him to put it back deep inside her. Raylin moans in ecstasy as Rob pounds her tight little pussy. She climbs off and sucks his dick again, enjoying the taste of her own pussy off his cock. She goes for a reverse cowgirl ride on top of his cock then after stroking his cock and sucking him off, she lies on her side to be spoon fucked. Raylin’s pink little pussy is stretched out from Rob’s meat. She tells him to keep fucking her just like that and when he pulls out and tongues her pussy, she is in nirvana, begging him to keep licking her pussy just like that. Raylin takes more of Rob’s pussy pummeling in doggy position, looking back at him as he slams her hole. She is going to cum now from the way Rob is fucking her. Rob pulls out and she tells him she wants his cum on her face. He pops and fills her mouth with spunk. She looks up at him the whole time while her mouth fills up. With a mouth full of cum, she strokes his cock, sucks it then swallows his load.

Scene 3:   Aidra Fox, Flash Brown and Jovan Jordan


Aidra is in a hot BBC interracial in this scene with Flash Brown and Jovan Jordan. She finishes with a creampie from Jovan. It all starts when she talks about how expensive law school has gotten. Because she needs the money, she went on to one of those sugar daddy websites and found an older man to pay all her bills. Everything is working out just fine. He is paying for everything and the relationship is going so well that a few months later her sugar daddy refers her to one of his associates, Mr. Flash Brown. Aidra is supposed to meet Flash and his friend Jovan and another girl. Everything is all planned and Aidra is looking forward to making him happy. His voice is so deep and he sounds so hot, it’s turning her on. He gives off a mysterious vibe, making Aidra even more interested in meeting him. She gets dressed in front of the mirror, seductively putting on her lingerie, making sure everything is just right for her meeting. Soon, she is having a glass of wine sitting between Jovan and Flash. He tells her how much she is turning him on. He loves just how innocent she looks. She tells him that maybe she isn’t so innocent. She asks where the other girl is. The guys tell her that the other girl had to cancel, but everything is going to be fine. They wonder if she has ever been with 2 men before. Aidra is excited about trying this and gets turned on as the guys begin making out with her. While Jovan kisses her, Jason strips her down to the lingerie he bought for her then tells her to be a good girl by getting on her knees and sucking both big dicks.

Aidra is enjoying being surrounded by big black cock. She goes from cock to cock, sucking and stroking each one. Aidra spends a lot of time sucking these guys’ cock, lubing them up with her mouth and gagging and drooling on them. She looks up at them, stroking their dicks and telling them that she can’t believe she’s doing this right now. The guys lift her up with Flash putting her legs around his shoulders and eating her pussy while Jovan holds her up on the other end and sucking her nipples. She squeals in ecstasy then gets in doggy position for the beginning of her hot threesome. Jovan is the first to fucks her pussy, slamming her from behind while she sucks on Flash’s big cock. She mumbles out how good Jovan’s cock feels inside her. The guys switch places and Flash fucks her pussy doggystyle while Aidra sucks Jovan’s dick. Flash penetrates her snatch slowly, spreading and stretching it out as he works his cock deeper inside her hole. She enjoys the taste of Jovan’s dick right out of her pussy and sucks off all her pussy juices. After creaming all over Flash’s cock she sits on Jovan’s dick cowgirl style, going for a ride on a big black pole. She rides Flash’s pole next, staying in cowgirl position. She gets a deep, hard fucking from Flash in reverse cowgirl position then takes more drilling from Jovan missionary style. Jovan pumps her pussy while she fingers her clit and begs for more of his cock. He pumps her until he’s ready to cum and fills her cunt with a creampie. He pulls out and watches his jizz drain out of Aidra’s pussy. Flash tops her off with a popshot in her mouth, giving her more of the cum she has been craving.

Scene 4:  Lyra Law and Rob Piper

Lyra lives next to a superstar, Rob Piper. Her friends are always coming over to her place to spy on him, trying to catch a glimpse of him out of Lyra’s room window. She tells them that they won’t see Rob today because he’s out of town. They wonder if Rob told her personally, she says no, he posted it online. Her friends get excited to hear that Rob isn’t home. They talk about sneaking into his place and nosing around while he’s away. Lyra tells them Rob actually leaves his back door open for the pool guy so they could actually do this. They sneak through his back door and start rummaging through his things, running up the stairs to his bedroom. They can’t believe how expensive his room looks. They find a really pricey watch and cash in his drawer. As they’re counting the money, they hear the front door slam and the sound of someone walking up the stairs. In a panic, Lyra tells her friends to get under the bed and let her handle this. When Rob walks in he asks her what the fuck is she doing here. Lyra says she thought she was at her friend’s house. Rob isn’t buying it and tells her he’s going to call the cops. She stops him and says, why don’t you just punish me. Lyra drops her pants, revealing her ass and tells him that this is much better than calling the cops. Rob bends her over and starts spanking her ass cheeks, disciplining her for trying to rob him. It hurts but Lyra loves it. Her friends lie quietly under the bed, listening to the whole thing.

Rob orders her down to her knees to suck his dick. Lyra didn’t expect to have to go this far. Rob threatens to call the cops if she doesn’t so she drops to her knees, pulls down his pants and starts sucking his cock, making it hard. She tells him how big his dick is getting as she strokes it and sucks on it. He makes her promise to be a good little girl and tells her to open her mouth so he can fuck it. Lyra starts gagging and drooling as Rob’s cock dives further and further down her throat. She has completely forgotten about her friends under the bed as she gets fucked in standing doggy leaning up against the wall then doggystyle on all fours on the bed. Rob wants her to cream all over his cock and she does it, enjoying the way his big cock is stretching her pussy out. He calls her a dirty little girl for breaking into his house and trying to steal his stuff. They get into a downward doggy that makes her cum then Lyra’s pussy is drilled deep in missionary position. She tastes her pussy off his dick then rides it cowgirl style until Rob cums inside her, filling her pussy with jizz. He pulls out and she squeezes his cum out of her snatch. Rob and Lyra end their scene with a sensual make out session in the shower. The water pours over Lyra’s body as Rob pins her against the shower wall, kissing her and rubbing her body all over.

Final Thoughts:

Volume 7 of the Black & White series from Director Greg Lansky doesn’t disappoint with its pretty, young babes getting their pussies completely stretched by big black cocks. Porn newcomer Arya Fae is the featured starlet and DVD cover girl in the movie and she opens it in the first scene, tackling the monster cock of Jason Brown. These 2 get cozy at the pool, leading to Arya giving him a blow job. She takes her passion to the bedroom where Jason fucks her pussy, making her cream and cum multiple times. The flick’s other starlets are Raylin Ann, Aidra Fox and Lyra Law who each have a big black cock experience of their own. Aidra has 2 big black cock experiences, hosting a hot threesome with Flash Brown and Jovan Jordan. She has never been with 2 guys before and gets her pussy and mouth stretched on both ends. Jovan fills her snatch with cum, leaving her with a dripping creampie. Lyra’s fuck session with Rob has a funny an interesting storyline set up leading to her big black cock slam on the bed while her friend’s hide underneath. Overall, I highly recommend Black & White Volume 7. Lansky knows how to film hot sex with attention to backdrops, sound, lighting and overall production. This flick is worth watching and it keeps the sizzle that the previous Black & White installments have given us.


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