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My Mom's Hot Step-Sister

Studio: Swank » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/9/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: All Sex

Directors: Unknown



Cast: Nora, Kristy, Brenda, Sabina

Length: 1 hour 35 minutes

Date of Release: November 17, 2016

Extras: Photo Gallery, Trailers for Fun Sex Titty Fuck #5, Anal Babes Gone Wild #2, Pervert X

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Decent enough, for the most part. Presented in widescreen. The camera work isn't going to win any awards, and the first scene suffers from serious audio clipping throughout. Since there is no real dialog, you can safely mute this disc and avoid the porno-soundtrack.

Tech Notes: The cover states it is digitally remastered for DVD. There's your first clue that is a compilation. The cover also states there is a BTS segment, which there isn't. When you load the DVD - your player may show you the title; which in this case is "DVD". I'm mentioning all of this up front so you know where this review is heading before I even get into it.

Overview: Four girls, listed as Nora, Sabina, Kristy and Brenda have sex on camera. There is ZERO setup related to family in any scene, so I hope you read this review before you buy this disc and expect some family roleplay. You will not find it here. This is girls having sex with uncredited guys in front of uncredited film crews.

Scene 1: Nora

Nora's a pretty, dark-haired girl who gets a gift from the guy in the first 15 seconds of the scene and that's the setup. She's wearing a sheer white dress, showing off her dark bra as she gets busy sucking some dick as a thank you. She's not a deep throater, but she gets his shaft wet enough, that with the help of his own spit he can jam his cock right into her ass as she gets into doggie on a couch.


If you still have your volume on at this point, now is the time to mute it. The audio is clipped, so almost every grunt and groan is distorted at the end.


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Nora has a cute, tiny ass, but it has no trouble hosting her man's long shaft as he rams in and out of her. She bounces that ass hole on his rod in sitting cowgirl, and when it slips out, they make sure to hold it open, gaping for the camera, before she takes it in her mouth. Once his cock is lubed up with some more salive from each of them he fucks her pretty titties and then peels off whatever clothes she still has left on so he can ram her anally in spoon, her boobs bouncing around wildly. She uses those boobs to jerk his rod some more, looking and sounding like she is enjoying it more than he is. She gets his dick deep in her ass again in reverse cowgirl and as she lies sideways on the arm of the couch. The camera gets wide/mid and close shots; fans of pretty girls getting ass rammed will appreciate that. He cums inside of her ass and they spread the jizz around as she cleans his cock off with her tits and mouth.

There's very little eye contact, but the ass sex is pretty good.

Scene 2: Sabina


A fairly buff dude with some tribal arm tats is licking on Sabina's big boobs, and then she sucks his cock. She's an attractive girl, with long, stringy blonde/brunette streaked hair. There's a mixture of what appears to be incandescent light bulbs and sunlight lighting the scene through sheer curtains, which creates odd color casts on the walls, but flesh tones remain accurate. The guy lies her back and fucks her boobs, removing her panties for a quick sniff and toss away before doing her in doggie. It's really uneventful sex, sewn together through edits of different positions, permeated with blow jobs in between them. If watching knockers flail around is your thing, then you might like this, as they jiggle and joggle in each of the usual positions. He makes almost no noise, and she continually grunts softly as if she actually cared to be here. She finishes him off with her mouth, trying to keep her head to the side of his shaft for the camera, causing her to miss most of his load as it shoots off screen left. She does manage to get enough of it to spread around her chin and boobs with her tongue, if you haven't skipped past this scene yet.

Scene 3: Kristy


Kristy and her guy are in hallway with a "staircase" of sorts, that is totally non-functional, looking more like it is intended to lead to a "cat condo" than anything. He pins the blonde babe against the wall and shows off her boobs and ass by pulling her pretty bra/panties aside and licking. She's the hottest girl on the disc, and she seems to know it. She's sporting a much more fashionable hairstyle than the others, and has paid more attention to her makeup; her eyes and lips looking good as she goes down on the guy, her fabulous breasts portrayed nicely from above. The pair each jiggle one of her breasts as he rubs his cock in her cleavage. She sits on the stair thing so he can reverse titty fuck her and teabag her simultaneously.


Unfortunately, the downfall here is the lighting suffers  from an improper white balance; everything has a muddled greyish cast to it. That's a shame as she looks great lying in missionary as he pumps into her, panties pulled aside. Once those panties are gone, she squats in reverse cowgirl and bounces, her boobs windmilling around the scene. Just like her face, she has taken some time with her nether regions; her slit shaved completely bald with no hints of stubble. The girl has a body built for porn, and the guy uses it. He sticks his cock in every hole she has, and she has no problems with it. She does a weird thing with her mouth as he slides in and out of her ass; as if she is trying to pop her ears as her plane lands. The sex is predictable, and not fever-paced, but it is captured from pretty good angles so it works. Plus, she's a beautiful girl, so you can't go wrong there.

Scene 4: Brenda


Brenda's sucking some cock in her light blue jammies, her hair looking as if she went to a stylist with 2 pictures: 1 of Mercedes Carrera and 1 of Joan Jett and said combine these. It works. What doesn't really work here is the editing. One second her guy is getting a BJ, the next, he's fingering her slit around her jammie bottoms, then he's sliding his cock in and out of her. Lather, rinse, repeat. The sex takes place on a little purple couch - like the kind with some Swedish name you'd find in the the kids' section of Ikea. It works as a backdrop to the color palette of her socks and jammies, but again the editing is really heavy handed as he hammers, or doesn't, or whatever the next 12 seconds encompass.


She's an active cowgirl, and the camera is close enough that you can see every individual hair on the guys balls and there are a lot of them! When she's in reverse cowgirl, the guy seems to like that angle and jackhammers into her. He even decides to slip it in her back door, her moaning has been non-stop throughout the scene, and it doesn't change when he does that. The editing continues to take us through, missionary, doggie, more BJs, different anal and more until he finally jerks his little load onto her tongue. She licks his dick, spreading it around while staring into the lens.

Cover vs. Content: The cover and title are totally deceptive. Yes, the picture is accurate, but all the words on the cover lead you to believe that this is going to have a setup related to family roleplay. NOT. Don't get duped.

Final Thoughts: Four starlets ranging from cute to hot get banged by guys with almost zero setup. This could be shot by anyone, anywhere. The studio doesn't identify the guys, or the crew and as mentioned in my tech notes above - there are some other red flags that should relegate this title to a bargain bin. Sometimes, you just want to see a dick going into a pretty girl's hole and this title will serve that function well; so it narrowly avoids the dreaded skip it. The extras aren't worth watching and for that reason I say check out a scene or two On Demand.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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