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Only Dillion Harper 2

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/12/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Star Showcase, Lesbian

Directors: Unknown



Cast: Dillion Harper, Sara Luvv, Kharlie Stone, Casey Calvert, Natalia Starr, Kasey Warner, Cherie DeVille

Length: 2 hours 51 minutes    

Date of Release: 2016

Extras: Scene-specific Slideshows

Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Good. There are some audio issues here and there, but the camera work is pretty solid and the lighting gets no complaints from me. Since the scenes are all from Dillion's live camshows, I give the girl props - she's not shooting this on her laptop from across the room. These are well-produced camshows.

Overview: A compilation of six scenes that I believe came from www.dillionharperexclusive.com. Each scene features fan fave Dillion paired with whichever hottie she was featuring that day on her live cam show. Other than the first scene, which is an outdoor yoga playdate the rest are all her and her girlfriends putting on a cam show. If you are into Dillion but aren't a subscriber to her website, this will be a great chance for you to check her out in some girl on girl action.

Scene 1: Dillion Harper & Sara Luvv

Dillion & Sara

Dillion and Sara are having a yoga day in the back yard. Sara starts stretching while Dillion starts gawking. Luckily, Sara thinks the best way to learn a new yoga move is to do it nude so you can watch the muscles in action, and Dillion's down with that. The two help each other stretch, while perving on the other's ass. They're obviously comfortable around each other and are having fun; naked soon enough and licking nipples.

Dillion & Sara

Nipple licking becomes pussy play, with Sara quivering as Dillion licks below her manicured triangle patch. Sara takes her turn in the driver's seat with Dillion perched on a camp stool in the picturesque back yard. The chemistry and eye contact are good as the two rub and lick on one another. They work up a thirst while grinding groins and kissing, luckily they brought bottled water. That water never makes it into their fantastic bodies though, rather it gets poured on them as they joke and giggle together. The water is obviously cold as they banter and pour the bottles on boobs and butts alike, shaking and twerking. All in all it's a pretty fun scene.

Scene 2: Dillion & Kharlie Stone

Dillion & Kharlie

Kharlie and Dillion are camming on a couch. Kharlie's new to the industry, about half of her dozen or so credits are web scenes at this point, but she has a thin, cute body with small boobs and long brunette hair. Dillion's quick to have her topless and starts sucking on her nipples as the camera guy stifles a cough. There's a bunch of extraneous noise in the scene; traffic, coughing, camera thumping, etc., but Dillion ignores it and takes the lead going down on the newbie who seems a bit tense. Tense or not, it's got to be hard not having an orgasm with a hottie like Dillion in between your legs.

Dillion & Kharlie

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The two watch the monitor and take requests from the viewers, spreading and masturbating, touching each other and giving shout outs. Kharlie's broken out of her shell a bit and gives Dillion the ol' tongue tickle, and uses a little vibrator to make her cum. If you're familiar with Dillion at all, you know when she's cumming as she has a very distinctive "O-face" which is one of her many charms. She reciprocates by whipping out a Hitachi and smiling at the camera as she drives Kharlie wild with it, even pulling it away right before the orgasm and taking a moment to crank it up to high before rubbing it all over Kharlie's coochie. Kharlie also seems to have a distinctive orgasmic habit in which she says things while apparently breathing in rather than out and then exhaling later. The two go back to taking requests while vibing themselves and moving to the camera in tandem as the cam show comes to an end as they joke with the audience about some of the requests.

Scene 3: Dillion & Casey Calvert

Dillion & Casey

Casey's vibing on the couch in what has to be the world's most famous "porn house" by now. Dillion sneaks down the stairs and takes the opportunity to surprise her right before she cums and the two get a good giggle out of that and start making out. As the camera zooms in and tilts down their bodies we get a look at the toy Casey is using, which seems to be an fairly intricate glass rabbit dildo with a wired bullet inset in it functioning as the rabbit head. Dillion commandeers control of that contraption, wiggling it around and making Casey shriek, the walls reflecting it loudly. The pair lick her juices off of it and Casey makes a dive for Dillion's landing strip. It seems the ladies are prepared with a a plethora of plastic penii and they get busy trying them out.

Dillion & Casey

They share sensual moments as they lick the juices off of them as needed. Casey selects a thin, ribbed, yellow one and licks it while getting licked herself. It seems the girls have a plan for that as Dillion laps at Casey's rear end and the two slide it in her ass as Dillion licks her pussy. They aren't done yet; I told you they were prepared; they have an ergonomic double dildo which they share, their asses looking spectacular albeit completely different form one another as they impale themselves together in ecstasy. They fuck each other for a bit and then kiss and walk upstairs holding hands as the camera zooms in on the toy collection and the scene fades.

Scene 4: Dillion & Natalia Starr

Natalia & Dillion

Dillion smiles at the camera and introduces Natalia, who has been a popularly requested co-star on the site according to Dillion. The two are sitting in a foyer; Dillion in red lingerie and Natalia in black. AS usual, Dillion's the first one to get naughty, licking on her playmate, peeling off Natalia's panties and tossing them to the camera, telling the viewer to lick them. She buries her face in Natalia's pussy and shakes her head back and forth making Natalia squirm and scream. She gets a chance to make her own sex sounds as she perches on a chair so Natalia can lick both of her holes. Dillion grabs a sculpted dildo and starts ramming it into Natalia fast and furiously while fingering herself and the two share a lick on it while getting crotch-to-crotch. That position allows them to slide the rod up and down in between their slits but Natalia needs more pussy and dives back into Dillion, bringing her to that aforementioned O-face quickly and expertly. Natalia crawls her way up Dillion's hot body and they do some face licking to end the scene.

Scene 5: Dillion & Kasey Warner

Our pair is sitting on a daybed wearing sheer one-pieces and performing some tongue play as they keep an eye on the monitor for requests. There is a constant noise, like an A/C unit is running next to the camera. Someone wants toe sucking and Kasey gets busy on Dillion's feet. The two joke a bit as they trade foot worship duties. There's some sensual kissing and body licking and then Dillion puts her face in Kasey's bush and starts lapping like a dog just home from a run in the park. Fans of Dillion's chest will love it when she sits on Kasey's face, although that part of the scene is brief it does offer great full-frontal of Dillion. Once she climbs off, she takes a bulbed dildo and starts sliding it in and out of Kasey causing her to clench the sheets and her leg to jerk involuntarily.

Dillion & Kasey

The pair do some requests including thumb-sucking, toe sucking and dildo licking. Then they get busy pleasuring themselves with toys. Dillion's one of the cool kids and breaks out with the wireless bluetooth Hitachi. Kasey opts for the glass dildo and a mini-wand vibe. They call out usernames as they get themselves off, their bodies jerking and quivering as they watch the monitor. They trade toys freely as they continue to talk to the viewers, Dillion totally relaxed and laid back with her foot in Kasey's mouth as she orgasms and then grabs hold of the Hitachi Kasey is using and forces it into her clit hard making her have a spasmodic, shrieking orgasm.

Fans of watching girls masturbate will have a good time with this scene.

Scene 6: Dillion & Cherie DeVille

Dillion & Cherie

The girls are having a good time on the couch, joking around. There's electricity in the air as the two are completely at ease with one another and Cherie is bouncing around and having a ton of fun. The fun intensifies as they lift their tops revealing their world-renowned racks. The banter continues unabashedly as they converse about first experiences. They know what the viewers want and they play right to the camera as they get on their knees to rub tits together, the banter still flowing, their smiles white and wide as they start making out. They get back on the couch and demonstrate some leg lifts and foot jerk-off motions as they crack themselves up with jokes. It seems as if they may have done some pre-scene partying a bit, as they are having a really good time as Cherie shows off her ass and Dillion spanks it. I'm not sure Dillion spanked it nearly hard enough in Cherie's opinion, but it was cute as they played to the camera.

Dillion & Cherie

Cherie shows why so many people love her as she narrates while peeling off Dillion's panties and tonguing her ass. She's just so charismatic! I'm pretty sure Dillionaire's can expect their girl to become the same way. Both of these girls are naturals in front of a lens and they have no problems hamming it up a bit while looking super hot doing it. They both trade expert tonguings and finger play; Dillion holding Cherie's head tight to her twat as she gets eaten. Cherie breaks out with the Hitachi and Dillion squirts all over the couch, leaving a huge wet spot. Cherie is more than happy to lick the excess off her thighs and then she facemounts Dillion, her ass matching the hotness of Dillion's tits. There's no way they aren't going to finish this scene off in style and they go crotch-to-crotch with the Hitachi between them, teeth gritted as Cherie narrates the cumming all over each other while Dillion curls up into a near-fetal position as she orgasms. Cherie flails backwards onto the couch, spread legged as Dillion holds the Hitachi into her snatch for a long-lasting orgasm. There's some final viewer addressing as they crawl to the camera as if to catch the viewers' loads.

Final Thoughts: Dillionaires rejoice! If you're gaga for this hottie, then this is a fun disc! It gives you some highlights from her live shows with hot female costars and you don't have to pay a monthly fee. Now, if you are a serious Dillionaire you already subscribe to www.dillionharperexclusive.com and have probably seen these and many others. If you want to check out Dillion having playtime with her girlfriends, you can't go wrong here. There's soft, there's fun, there's toys! All in all, I say this disc is recommended for hot Dillion girl on girl action. I'd go higher than that, but there's a few reasons I won't: there's no guys (I like to see Ms. Harper with guys too!) and the constant looking off screen to check a monitor is a bit off-putting. I get it, it's a compilation of cam scenes, so it is to be expected - but I'm reviewing a disc, not a camsite. Also, as mentioned above there are some audio issues and if you've read any of my other reviews you'll know I'm a stickler when it comes to that. I would say you could watch this on demand, but since it seems to be geared towards Dillionaires specifically it doesn't have wide distribution or tons of VOD options for it yet, so again: if you aren't a subscriber to her site, do yourself a favor and purchase this disc.

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