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Studio: Digital Playground » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 1/16/17

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Genre: Supernatural Feature


Cast: Mea Melone, Alessa Savage, Mila Milan, Misha Cross, Ella Hughes, Lou Lou Petite, Luke Hardy, Pablo Ferrari, Nick Moreno, Pascal White, Sam Bourne

Director: Dick Bush

Length: 2 hrs. 21 Min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Slideshow and Web Access


Overview: In this convoluted European based supernatural thriller, the knockout Czechoslovakian beauty Mea Melone plays police detective Holly. She's investigating the murder of her sister from five years earlier. Her investigating leads her to the Hotel Infernal, a gorgeous gothic hideaway that's actually the center of Heaven and Hell. The staff are made up of angels and demons who are awaiting the arrival of the savior to open the portal to the afterlife for all of them. At least that's what I can garner from this extremely confusing tale of the convergence of good and evil that seems to be more concerned with style than substance and filled with some pretty bad acting. Thank goodness the sex scenes are good.


Scene One: Alessa Savage and Luke Hardy


The movie opens with punk rock chick Trix, Alessa Savage, and nerdy looking serial killer Giles, Luke Hardy, checking into the hotel (they aren't together per se, they just check in at the same time). We're also introduced to the hotels owner Eve, played by Mila Milan, and the receptionist Pascal White. Trix and Giles set up a date for that night after they get some rest. Later in his room Giles contemplates murdering Trix but resists the urge until he's visited by a demon, big tittied English blond Lou Lou Petite, the director's girlfriend who for some reason is uncredited in the film, probably because her role is non sex.  Pity, since her cockney aristocratic performance is the best acting job in the whole movie.


She convinces Giles to do his dirty work on Trix, who meanwhile is waking up from a nightmare next door. Giles goes to check on her and she answers the door naked. They start making out and he throws her on the bed and starts eating her pussy. This starts a furious fuck session with so much energy and electricity it nearly sets the bed on fire. Trix gobbles down on Giles cock, gagging and deep throating him before he fucks her missionary. He pounds away at her pussy making her writhe with pleasure. They then go into a doggy Giles digging deep into her pussy. She backs her ass up on his cock making all kinds of O-Faces and noises as she cums on his cock. She then climbs on top of him and grinds away on his cock, first forward then reverse. She raises her arms and bounces on his cock effortlessly.


He throws her over and he spoons her from behind before going back into a missionary, Giles slamming away at Trix's pussy with his hand around her throat. He tells her whores shouldn't be allowed to reproduce and jacks his cum on her face. He goes back to his room and comes back with his murder weapon, a chainsaw with black dildos glued to it. He chases her down the hallway and kills her with it in a bloody violent exchange. This scene pretty much sets the tone for the movie. Very convoluted if well shot story centered with most good sex scenes.


Scene Two: Mila Milan and Pablo Ferrari


Det. Holly goes to the hotel and asks the receptionist if he had seen Giles. He says no and in extremely broken and almost incomprehensible English tells him she'll look around. Cut to Lou Lou and Eve arguing about something about Giles, the innocent ones and the savior, who I guess is Det. Holly. In walks Simon, played by Pablo Ferrari, who breaks the two girls up, telling them they have to work together. Cut back to Holly who hears screams coming from one of the rooms. She kicks the door open and finds another angel, Jesse, played by Misha Cross, and a demon together. The demon runs at her and Holly shoots at her. Pascal White pushes her in and closes the door behind her. Cut back again to Eve and Simon. Eve tells him they should fuck one last time. She goes down and starts sucking on his cock before she rides him on the couch. She bounces his cock, her little pale Austrain ass grinding on him. They then go into a doggy and she pushes her ass against his cock as he fucks her from behind. They then lay down and he spoons her from behind making her titties bounce with every stroke of his cock.


He then sits down and she starts sucking on his cock giving him some great head. She then climbs back onto his cock and she rides him reverse cowgirl, rubbing her clit as she bucks on his cock. They then go into a missionary before he cums on her chest. Despite the good oral job from Mila Milan this is a very bland scene. Mila is just so emotionless. Sure she goes through the motions and she grunts and groans a lot, but her eyes seems so dead. Even with the pop shot, she just stares at Pablo's cock with her mouth agape. Not a great performance.


Scene Three: Misha Cross and Nick Moreno


This scene is so confusing and convoluted I'm just going to give a quick rundown before the sex starts. Det. Holly sees a vision of an incident in the past when suddenly she's outside where Lou Lou and Jesse talk about how there's no Heaven and Hell and the hotel is the center of everything and blah, blah, blah. Suddenly Holly is inside where she sees Giles who in a horrible bit of acting tells her they're damned for eternity. And then some chains tear Holly's clothes off and chain her against the fireplace. Giles changes into Lou Lou and her and Jesse start making out after talking about eternity or something. Lou Lou then transforms into Nick Moreno, and then the long awaited sex scene finally starts, and it's worth waiting for.


Jesse starts sucking on Nick's cock, gagging and choking on it before climbing on top of him and riding him. She glides up and down on his cock and then sucks her juices off before they do and anal doggy style. He destroys her ass, his balls slapping against her pussy as she screams out with pleasure. He then spoons her from behind with a great shot of Nick's cock fucking Jesse's ass as she rubs her clit to orgasm. They keep fucking like this giving Jesse multiple orgasms before she climbs on top of Nick and lowers her asshole on his cock.


She rides his cock in once again another terrific reverse cowgirl shot. After making Jesse cum again they go over to Holly, still chained to the fireplace, and fuck standing. Jesse feels all over Holly's body, much to Holly's disdain, as Nick plows her asshole from behind. They keep fucking like this until Nick shoots his load into Jesse's mouth, Jesse swallowing most of it. Incredibly hot mostly anal scene with a lot of energy from both Misha Cross and Nick Moreno.


Scene Four: Mea Melone, Pablo Ferrari and Pascal White


Nick Moreno has changed back into Lou Lou who unchains Holly so she can finally confront Giles. He meets her, dildo chainsaw in hand. He attacks her with it, but Holly is able to wrestle it away from him and kills him with it instead. Jesse, Simon, Eve and Lou Lou walk in and they kill Jesse now that her services are no longer required. Cut to the front desk where a newly married couple, Ella Hughes and Sam Bourne are checking in. We find out that these are “the innocents” and they are needed in their thing to open a portal and yada, yada, yada. Meanwhile Holly is chained to a bed when the Angel Of Death appears. Holly shoots her making her go up in a fireball multiple times. Simon pops up and tells her she can't leave yet. Meanwhile Eve and Lou Lou have taken the married couple hostage. Cut to Holly chained to a chair with Simon and Pascal. They explain to her she is needed in their plan, and to bring her sister back she needs to have sex with them. She starts by sucking their cocks. Going back and forth between them. She gives them both some great head before she is sandwiched between them doggy style, Pascal in front and Simon in back. Simon pounds her nice tanned ass when she turns around and gives Pascal some. After double teaming her like this she climbs on top Pascal and they give her a DP.


There's a nice shot of Simon's cock in her ass as she rides on Pascal's. Eventually Simon goes ass to mouth on her while she's still gliding up and down on Pascal until she squirts on his cock. She climbs off and sucks her juices off Pascal while Simon beats it behind her. She climbs back on Pascal he shoves his cock up her ass. She grinds her asshole on his cock until she orgasms. He tehn flips her over and he spoons her from behind, cock still up her ass. She rubs her pussy until she cums while Pascal anally destroys her. He eats her cum off her pussy until Simon t-bones her pussy. He fucks her pussy this way while Pascal sits back stroking his cock to the gorgeous sight of their fucking. Pascal eventually gets up and sticks his cock in Holly's mouth. She sucks and jerks him off as Simon continues fucking her missionary.


She climbs back onto Pascal and they DP her again, reverse cowgirl She has an amazing orgasm and then Simon and Pascal shoots their cum on Holly's face. Holly lets out a scream and a bolt of light shoots out of her to the heavens. The portal is open and Holly suddenly developes a god complex, destroying Pascal and Simon and turning them both into a pile of dirt. Mea Melone is amazing in this scene. Incredibly hot with all holes open for business. She takes them both like a trouper in completely raw sensuality. Very hot scene.


Scene Five: Mea Melone, Ella Hughes and Sam Bourne


In the final scene Eve and Lou Lou have locked “the innocents”, Abigail and Hugo, in a room and tell them what their position is in the ritual. They are to have an orgy with Lou Lou. Meanwhile, Holly and Eve battle it out in front of the hotel. Cut back inside where holly brings the now unconscious Eve into the room. Lou Lou freaks out to this and Holly kills her. Holly tells the Abigail and Hugo to save the world they must have sex together. All three start making out, kissing and in the most sensuous scene on the disc they start disrobing each other. Holly and Abigail start sucking on Hugo's cock, passing it back and forth. Abigail then gets on all fours and Hugo starts fucking her doggy. He pulls his cock out for Holly to suck on before she guides it back into Abigail's pussy for Hugo to fuck.


Abigail is loving every stroke Hugo makes with his cock in to sweet ginger pussy while Holly looks on with delight. Hugo then lays down and Holly lowers herself on his cock. She sweetly rides him, rubbing her pussy to orgasm. Every once in a while she pulls him out of her for Abigail to suck on him before putting it back in. Holly guides Abigail's hand down to her pussy so she can rub her clit as Holly bounces on her husband's cock, licking it from time to time. After a few multiple orgasms Holly climbs off and Hugo spoons Abigail from behind. He sweetly fucks her pussy while Holly rubs her clit to orgasm.


5-2 Holly then lays on the floor, legs spread wide, and Hugo fucks her anally. Holly rubs her pussy cums as he pounds her asshole with his cock. They all then stand up and Hugo fucks Abigail from behind as she sucks on Holly's tits. Abigail then does an ass to mouth and wraps her lips around Hugo's cock, catching all of his cum in her mouth. This is my favorite sex scene on the disc. Very tender and sensual with great performances all around. The movie ends with all three leaving the hotel, with Giles and the angel of death killing Eve and big tits.


Final Thoughts: I'll admit I had a hard time following this story. It's so confusing and convoluted and most of the actor's accents are so thick you really can't make them out, so that's no help. Pascal White tries so hard to speak English, but most of the time it just comes out as a jumbled mess. The only saving grace besides the beautiful photography are the terrific sex scenes, mainly from the amazing Mea Melone. Her raw sexuality and no holds barred attitude is incredibly hot. And I say shame on Digital Playground for not crediting Lou Lou Petite. They didn't even give her a name in the film, and she gave the best acting performance. I can't really recommend the disc, so it's best just to watch on demand.


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