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Hot Hitchhikers

Studio: Private » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/17/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 51 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: All Sex; 18+ Teens; Double Penetration; Anal

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in 4K Ultra HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Frank Thring and Raul Lora

Cast: Featuring Luna Rival with Alana Moon, Kitana Lure, Monique Woods, Suzy Rainbow, Alberto Blanco, Chad Rockwell, Juan Lucho, Mugur, Potro de Bilbao, Sabby

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers


Hot Hitchhikers is from the Private Specials Line and it lives up to its name. The girls in this flick will do anything for a ride and that includes fucking their gracious hosts in a variety of locations. Luna Rival is the DVD cover girl and starlet of the flick and she opens the movie in a hot roadway romp with 3 hard cocks. After being picked up by the guys, they stop on the side of the road for some outdoor sex on the trunk of the car. Luna is left with her pussy covered in cum. The guys take her home for more action that features lots of double penetration. This is one hot scene. There are 5 scenes in the flick and the other starlets who join Luna’s ranks are Suzy Rainbow, Alana Moon, Monique Woods and Kitana Lure. All the sex is outdoors in open meadows and in historic ruins. There is lots of anal sex and Alana Moon enjoys a DP in the grass that ends with a creampie in her ass hole. Overall, I recommend this flick. It’s directed by Frank Thring and Raul Lora. It’s a hot movie with 5 European hitchhikers that get taken for a hard ride.

Scene 1:  Luna Rival, Alberto Blanco, 2 Guys

Luna Rival is on her way to Seville and she holds up a sign on the side of the road with her thumb out, hoping someone will stop and give her a ride to Seville. Luckily for her, 3 guys stop and pick her up. They invite her into the back seat and drive off, kissing her. As the car drives away with Luna in the back seat, one of the guys who is sitting next to her, pulls up her shit and starts kissing her tits.  He pulls down her pants and plays with her pussy. The other 2 guys know that it’s time to pull the car over and have fun with Luna. They pull onto the side of the road for fun and games with Luna, dropping their pants and jerking their cocks.  Luna gets on her knees and starts sucking Alberto’s big cock and licking his balls. He holds her head tightly and fucks her throat, shoving his cock down her throat until she gags. One of the other guys is eager to feed her his cock too and he does the same, stuffing his mouth with his dick. Alberto lies Luna onto the hood of the car with her legs open wide and hanging over the edge of the trunk. He starts fucking her tight wet pussy while the other guys sit on the hood next to her, enjoying her hands as she jerks their cocks. Alberto stretches her cunt, watching for any cars that may drive by. Then he pulls out and cums all over her pussy and thigh. One of the other guys blows his load on her thigh as well, followed by the 3rd pop shot that splashes on her pussy and ass hole. She rubs the cum around her clit then the guys sit her in the car and drive off to the house for round 2.

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As soon as they get to the house, the sex picks up again. Luna is in for a second round of a threesome. This time around, she experiences anal and double penetration that keeps her satisfied. She bends over and starts sucking 2 cocks while one of the guys eats her pussy from behind in standing doggy position. He wastes no time stretching her pussy again, pumping her hole in standing doggy position while she moans with a hard cock in her mouth. She is eager to suck and fuck all 3 cocks and sits on the couch so another guy and fuck her pussy while she deep throats a different prick. She is jerking and sucking 2 cocks again while he pussy gets slammed. The guys take turns in her snatch, stuffing and pumping it and pleasing her. Luna finds herself in a blowbang, trying to swallow 3 cocks at one time. After a triple round of throat fucking, Luna sits on Alberto, riding his dick deep inside her pussy. The guys feed her their cocks until one of them moves into her ass hole, filling it up with cock while Alberto fucks her pussy. Her DP has begun and she’s enjoying it in cowgirl position. Luna is one happy hitchhiker, being pleasured by 3 cocks and being stuffed airtight with one dick in her pussy, one in her ass hole and one in her mouth. Luna’s cowgirl DP goes on for a long time with the guys trading places in her tight holes. After an anal reverse cowgirl, she gets into a reverse cowgirl DP followed by a hot to watch doggystyle DP that keeps her squealing. She gets her pussy and ass finger fucked then another dick spreads her ass doggystyle. Her holes are gaping as they get fucked. More doggystyle anal soon turns into spoon fucking and missionary. She is left with a flowing pussy creampie as the first guy pops inside her. The second guy goes in for sloppy seconds, fucking her pussy and while he stretches her cunt, the third guy cums all over her tits. She moves into doggy position where the jerks off and splatters cum all over her ass hole.

Scene 2:  Suzy Rainbow and Sabby

In Suzy’s hitchhiker pick up, she ends up in a park being fucked by a fellow student, Sabby, leaving her with a sticky cum facial. Sabby sees Suzy on the side of the road, needing a ride. He invites her in his car and takes her for a ride. They end up in the park inside a site of old ruins. As Suzy is looking around the site, Sabby is looking at her ass as she bends over. He can’t believe his eyes and starts rubbing her round ass. Suzy responds with a big smile and starts kissing him. He pulls her dress up, revealing her ass then pulls up her shirt and starts kissing her nipples. All this action has Suzy turned on and she wants to give him a blow job. She takes his cock out of his pants and starts sucking it, looking up at the camera while she guides his meat down her throat. Suzy gags and spits on his dick then positions herself in standing doggy for a round of pussy whacking from his tongue. She bends over while he eats her pussy from behind then she sits on his face, giving him a mouthful of her wet cunt. Suzy’s body shakes as Sabby continues to tongue her clit. He fingers her pussy and she creams all over his fingers before bending over in standing doggy position for a round of fucking.

Sabby grips her ass cheeks and slams her pussy, making her moan in the woods as he fucks her standing doggystyle. He pulls out and she turns around to suck his cock and enjoy the taste of her pussy of it. She deep throats his prick then sits as he fucks her throat, making her gag all over it. Suzy rides his reverse cowgirl style next, bouncing her pussy up and down on his hard stick. She rides him so much she makes herself tired but climbs off and sucks him off again. She lies on the ground on her side for a hard fucking in spoon position that keeps her moaning. After blowing him off one final time, she rides him cowgirl style until she makes him pop. He pulls out and jerks off in her mouth, splashing spunk on her tongue. Suzy blows bubbles with this load and swallows it the continues to suck his dick as the scene ends.

Scene 3:   Alana Moon and Mugur

Alana is successful in hitching a ride with Mugur. He’s taking her where she needs to go when his car breaks down on top of a grassy hill. Mugur gets out and tries to fix it, but he’s having no luck. Alana gets out of the car and watches him work. When he takes off his shirt, she gets turned on and walks up to him and rubs her hands across his back. Mugur returns the favor, rubbing her tits and pulling up her skirt to discover that she’s not wearing any panties. He starts fingering her pussy, making her wet. Alana bends to her knees to suck his cock. She looks up at him and smiles then runs her lips back and forth across his shaft. The pair are in front of the hood of the car which is still up in the air. Alana has a greedy mouth and Mugur beats it with his cock and stuffs it back down her throat. The pair have great chemistry in this outdoor session. Alana sits on the front bumper of the car and opens her legs wide for Mugur. He licks her pussy and spanks it, driving her crazy. He fingers her hole hard, keeping it wet and creamy then the 2 get comfortable on the grass where Alana sits on Mugur’s dick and rides it cowgirl style.

He spanks her ass cheeks while she rides his cock. She turns around into a reverse cowgirl ride, taking more of his cock deep inside her pussy. Alana enjoys the reverse cowgirl fuck, screaming out while she gets pumped. She climbs off and sucks his dick, swallowing her own pussy cream then she keeps the action going, getting spoon fucked on the grass. Mugur pulls out and stands up over her, fucking her face and beating her lips with his dick then he spoon fucks her some more. Alana eats his meat then gets on all fours for a pussy stretching doggystyle. Mugur drills her hole, keep her satisfied and pulling out periodically to fuck her face. One time he pulls outs, showing her pink gaping pussy. She takes his cum in her hand then swallows it. 

Scene 4:  Monique Woods, Chad Rockwell and Mugur

Monique’s hitchhiking techniques pay off for her when Chad and Mugur stop and pick her up. They take her to a meadow for an afternoon picnic and in no time, she finds herself sandwich between both guys, rubbing their dicks and kissing them. She smiles as she unzips Mugur’s pants and starts sucking his cock. She is soon holding Chad’s cock in her hand as well, jerking and sucking it. Monique moves her lips from one cock to the next, giving the guys a thank you blow job for picking her up. Mugur beats her face with his dick then fucks her throat, squeezing her nostrils shut while he fills her mouth. She puts both cocks in her mouth at the same time, showing how much she loves to suck their pricks. Monique bends over on all fours and enjoys getting her pussy eaten by Mugur. He strips her out of her panties then tongues her pussy and ass hole while she sucks on Chad’s cock. She deep throats Chad meat while Mugur fingers her ass hole. After a face beating from Chad’s cock, Monique sucks his balls then lies on her back to suck Mugur’s prick and get her pussy tongue lashed by Chad. Chad fingers her wet snatch, stretching her hole with 4 fingers.

The guys focus on her tight ass hole first, opening it up with their cocks. Mugur fucks her ass in reverse cowgirl position. Monique bounces up and down on his cock, taking it deep in her ass then she gets spoon fucked up the ass by Chad while she gives Mugur a blow job. There’s a round robin of spoon fucking in Monique’s ass as she hosts Chad and Mugur deep in her hole, enjoying the penetration. After a round of ass to mouth action with Chad’s cock, she is back on all fours for doggystyle anal. This time Mugur is making her ass hole gape with his hard prick. After a deep anal drilling, she shows her gaping ass hole off for the camera then prepares for a cowgirl DP in the meadow. She straddles Chad, sitting on his cock in her pussy and Mugur climbs aboard, filling her ass hole up with his dick. Both guys pump her pussy and ass hole in and out, stretching her insides and making her moan. The guys switch holes with Chad now fucking her ass hole and Mugur pumping her pussy. She takes Mugur’s cum load in her ass hole and Chad’s popshot on her face. Mugur takes cum from her ass and feeds it to her. She swallows the spunk with a smile on her face.

Scene 5: Kitana Lure and Sabby

Fresh new face Kitana Lure needs a ride from the town square and luckily for her, Sabby stops to pick her up. He offers her a banana and she appreciates it, but she wants his banana. She leans over and starts sucking his cock in the car once they reach an open meadow. She invites him to touch her while she blows his cock. The pair take the oral action outside the car with Kitana on her knees sucking Sabby’s hard cock. She spits all over it, lubing it up with her mouth, drooling as his cock slides back and forth into her mouth. Sabby helps her strip out of her clothes so he can finger and eat her pussy. She leans up against the car with one foot perched in the window of the car and one foot on the ground. Sabby kneels and tongues her pussy, making it wet. She lies on the grass for more pussy licking, moaning intensely as Sabby’s tongue does flips on her clit. He fingers her ass hole and pussy as the same time while she rubs her clit. Her pussy is wet and creaming all over Sabby’s finger. There are lots of great close up shots of Kitana’s pussy and ass hole being stuffed by Sabby’s fingers.

With both her holes opened up, Sabby starts in her ass hole, fuckling it missionary style, drilling it deep. Kitana lies back in ecstasy enjoying her anal romance. He pulls out and goes straight for her mouth, feeding her his cock in ass to mouth fashion. She sucks and licks it all over, tasting her own ass hole. Sabby goes back into her ass, massaging it with his prick. The anal exploration continues in doggy position. Kitana is bent over on all fours, hosting his cock deep inside her hole. She holds her ass cheek open while he fucks her then does more ass to mouth, spitting on his cock again. Kitana is making this an all anal scene. Now she is riding his cock in reverse cowgirl position up her ass hole. She is screaming the loudest ever in this scene, fully enjoying the feeling of Sabby’s hard stick deep in her ass. She fingers her clit while she bounces her ass up and down on his cock. After more ass to mouth, she takes to riding his cock some more, hosting him in her ass. When he pulls out and stands up, she sucks him off, jerking his dick back and forth until he cums on her face and tits.

Final Thoughts:

The Private Specials Line presents Hot Hitchhikers and this is one hot movie with lots of outdoor sex featuring 5 European starlets who will do whatever it takes to get to their destination. Luna Rival is the featured starlet of the flick and she has an opening roadside sex scene that’s a pleasure to watch. After being picked up by 3 guys, she finds herself parked along the side of the road, on the trunk of the car being fucked by one guy while she sucks the other guys’ cocks. After cumming all over her pussy, the guys take her home for some double penetration action that Luna has fun with. This is one ride that she will never forget. Luna is joined by Suzy Rainbow, Alana Moon, Monique Woods and Kitana Lure in more hot sex scenes. The action all takes place outdoors in open meadows and in the woods in old ruins. These hitchhikers want to repay their friendly drivers for the ride and they do it well in multiple scenes of deep anal action and more double penetration. Overall, I recommend this movie. Directors Frank Thring and Raul Lora do a great job bringing 5 hot hitchhiking scenes together in this flick.


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