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Moms Bang Teens 18

Studio: Reality Kings » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/20/17

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Genres: MILF, 18+ Teens, Threesomes, All Sex

Directors: Unknown




Cast: Crystal Ray, Diamond Foxxx, Alexis Fawx, Jamie Valentine, Alexis Adams, Bianca Breeze, Amara Romani, Sophia Leone, Lilith Shayton

Length: 3 hours 30 minutes

Date of Release: December 13, 2016

Extras: Cumshot Recap and a Photo Gallery

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good lighting that is consistent, and seemingly provided by the sun. The camera capture is crisp and bright, unfortunately many scenes suffer from excessive camera movement. Background audio anomalies abound in the first three scenes.

Overview: Reality Kings is back with another installment of this hit series that features threesomes "with mom". "Mom" joins in the romping, and sometimes she steers the scenario her way to appease her own needs. Alexis Fawx is the highlight of this disc, but I have to admit really liking the look of Bianca Breeze in this one! Let's take a look at some Moms banging teens!

Scene 1. Amara Romani, Diamond Foxxx, Cody Steele

Amara & Diamond

Amara's looking like she's been doing a lot of leg work at the gym as she stands, making out, with her boyfriend Cody. Her short red skirt matches her kicks perfectly and is accented by a black top. The room is spacious and well lit with natural light, a constant hum audible in the background. Some small light flicks across the walls and Amara's body occasionally, perhaps a camera lens reflection? Amara's horny and starts pumping rod, Cody's pants around his ankles as he sits on the couch. That's when Mom busts in and Amara tries the old "we weren't doing anything" line and Diamond isn't buying it. As Amara struggles to get her panties back on, Mom starts stroking her boyfriend's cock. Amara starts sucking it under Mom's orders and Diamond whips out her tits and joins in.

Amara & Diamond

There's some audible thumping, most likely from someone fiddling with a microphone, as Diamond strips out of her clothes and gets to work. Cody seems pretty casual with the whole interruption cum threesome as the girls trade oral duties on him. Amara is pretty skilled in that arena, but Diamond goes deeper easier. She's ready to fuck the young stud and they rip open her pantyhose to allow access to her pierced pussy. While Stepmom rides, Amara plays with herself. Yep, it's one of those threesomes where someone gets sidelined at times. Diamond's a bit more active in participation as her stepdaughter does the boner bounce and she even licks Amara's slit as she gets some more dicking. When Amara gets her turn again, Mom's behind her as she lies in missionary, cradling her and keeping her stockinged feet at the ready in Amara's thighs. When Cody's ready to cum, Diamond makes sure to get her toes blasted with it.

I like Amara, but she just didn't seem into this scene at all. That, coupled with the constant background noise of humming and thumping and banging just makes for a huge let down of a scene.

Scene 2. Alexis Adams, Bianca Breeze, Tyler Nixon

Alexis & Bianca

Alexis is asking Tyler's Stepmom what she should do for their first anniversary, because she's had girlfriends prior to this and isn't quite sure what a good thing for a guy is. Bianca's more interested in the whole girl girl thing and starts hitting on her. Alexis is open to it, as long as they don't tell Tyler. Bianca's wearing a skirt that allows Alexis' hands to rub her hot red panties as they kiss softly. Alexis has her tongue in Bianca's hairy muff when Tyler comes home and the camera pans to show the girls getting it on on the world's longest couch while Tyler freaks out. The girls convince him to join in for an anniversary present. I'm sure Alexis' perky boobs and Bianca's pretty face framed by her stylish locks helped in that enticement!

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Alexis & Bianca

As the camera moves in closer to the trio, it shakes back and forth just a bit, as if the operator was on his knees and had to stand to move. The girls both have tight, firm bodies that play well to the camera and Tyler bangs them both pretty well. I see Tyler in a lot of setups like this, and he works well in them. He is never overly polished, but totally believable in his dialog. Bianca has a fantastic rear end, and Alexis gets to experience from below as her boyfriend pumps his stepmom in doggie while Alexis gives her the tongue. Tyler moves the girls into a double-stack and takes the time to pivot their asses to the camera before cock swapping their holes. The girls seem to enjoy that, gazing into the other's eyes as they get their pussies pumped. They finish the anniversary party off by catching a little pop in their opened mouth and sharing it.

The camera movement in this scene drove me crazy at times. It doesn't flail about wildly, but it does overpan and have to come back far too often.

Scene 3. Jamie Valentine, Sophia Leone, Sean Lawless

Jamie & Sophia

Sean's brought chocolates and a teddy bear to Sophia for Valentine's Day, but she's gone a step further and is decked out in a hot pink lingerie number. They lie on the bed feeding each other chocolates as the problems from scenes 1 & 2 creep in. We're back to the background audio noises and the overpanning of the camera. Sophia's busy getting Sean's dick shoved in her hole when Jamie peeks in and decides since it is her house and she had a horrible Valentine date she'll remedy that. After a few moments of hushed overacting by her; she's off to the bathroom to change into a hot bondage-like lingerie number that exposes her big breasts. Then, she's back to the room with the Valentine banging where she bursts in with a bit more overacting. Sophia invites her to show off her skills, since her abilities have been called into question and Jamie threatened to call her Mom.

Jamie & Sophia

It's obvious that her mouth is more useful on a cock than it is spouting semi-insults at the two people banging in her house. The two girls have totally different personalities, one loud and mouthy the other kind of shy and loving. They share a desire for dick though, and their boobs and asses jiggle as they practice their rodeo skill sets. I don't think the dude cares what they are saying or how loud they are, he's just happy he gets to play wet-hole-merry-go-round until the girls team up for the dual cock slurp, box of chocolates held underneath his balls as he spurts across it, on it and into their faces. The girls share some chocolates and the guy admits Sophia's gift was better than his.

Scene 4. Alexis Fawx, Lilith Shayton, Robby Echo

Alexis & Lilith

Lilith is babysitting and Robby shows up at the window looking like a dork in a hoodie. He climbs in and gets scolded for almost waking the baby. Once the scolding is over, the makeout begins in a chair and moves to a bed. A bed featuring a comforter I know I've seen Alexis on before. Perhaps another episode of this series? It seems we have a different crew for this scene, or perhaps they just hadn't over-caffeinated before shooting this one, as it is way quieter and calmer, making for a more enjoyable viewing session. Lilith is getting ridden from the rear when Miss Fawx shows up and goes the hell off on them for fucking in her bed.

Alexis & Lilith

Robby's still got that dorky hoodie on, but unlike his girlfriend - Alexis has a problem with it and pulls it off as she commands her babysitter to start sucking his dick. Robby and Lilith have played the most realistic reactions to getting caught in the act so far, they seem reasonably ashamed and remorseful as Alexis decides to get her threeway kink on for her own amusement. She has some cool strappy heels on that come off slickly with a zipper in the back as she repositions everyone and has to break character when she reverses her lines. It's a five second shared character break and moments like these make a scene fun. Soon enough, she's back to dictating the  sex. She's equally at home with her finger or tongue in a pussy as she is riding a rod, and she jumps right in to aid Lilith's rhythmic bouncing. She even does some toe sucking while fingering Lilith who's busy sucking some schlong. As the girls 69 Robby pounds his girl's hole and then they line up to catch his load, after which Alexis kicks them the fuck out of her house.

The scene was better than the previous ones, but clocked in at about 45 minutes long, which in my opinion could have been edited down quite a bit.

Scene 5. Alexis Fawx, Cyrstal Rae, Van Wylde

Van and Crystal are getting it on, her pretty boobs bouncing with each stroke in spoon, when she hears a noise and gets up to see if her stepmom is home. Van takes that moment to setup a "hidden" video camera and jump back in bed where Alexis confronts him about not only being here, but having a stiffy, and busting him for the camera that apparently isn't all that hidden. She thinks it's kind of funny and figures she might as well put that camera to use since her stepdaughter won't be back for a while. (Which begs the question - how big IS this house supposed to be?)

Ms. Fawx is moving seductively and talking softly as she strokes Van's cock and gives him some BJ time.The camera work in the scene is really the only one that seems to have some thought put into it and is edited together from multiple angles. Her soft talk turns dirty as she squat fucks his cock and then flips around into doggie, her hair illuminating in a stream of sunlight as he bangs into her. Her tiny ass is shot from a flattering angle as she pumps back into his rod, as she gazes backwards into his eyes and asks him to grip her throat. The dicking is going well and that's when Crystal pops back in, feigning surprise and hiding a smile. She sits down and they all discuss just what's going on, and that he's filming - so they decide to give him something worth filming.

Alexis & Crystal

While Van tries to weasel out of his predicament, the girls giggle and strip and get ready for action. Stepmom talks dirty and hold's Crystal's hair as the pretty dark-haired girlfriend goes down on her boyfriend. This family seems to be all about sharing, and Alexis gazes up from between Crystal's thighs as van pounds her from behind. Alexis makes sure to get her pussy time in as she rides some cock while her stepdaughter licks her ass. She also does some face sitting while Crystal gets the cock. As the two girls mount each other, Alexis gets rammed from the rear causing him to explode down her ass crack. Crystal quickly repositions herself to lick it off and share it with her stepmom.

Alexis & Crystal

Far and away, the best scene on this disc.

Final Thoughts: Five scenes of Moms jumping into the fray with their teen stepkids. The first three scenes have serious audio issues, and the camera work leaves a lot to be desired. You'd think after all the previous editions of this series, this should run like clockwork by now, but alas it doesn't. Alexis Fawx's scenes definitely had more attention paid to them than the others, and those are worth checking out online. The scene with Crystal Rae and her is more fun than the previous one, but a lot of that has to do with the lack of editing in the prior scene, it's just overly long. The problem with this series, overall, is demonstrated here: it is just hit or miss. They take some key scenes with great performers and toss in some filler material to fill out the disc. Maybe they do that to bump up VOD sales, or website subscriptions, I don't know. What I do know is that some of us still prefer physical media rather than recurring monthly charges or the inevitable buffering that always happens at the most inopportune time when streaming. As it is, I just can't recommend any of the scenes except Ms. Fawx's, and that is a shame. I really like many of the other performers on this disc, but their scenes are riddled with technical problems beyond their control. Watch Alexis Fawx's scenes Online.

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