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My DP Volume 2

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/23/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 36 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: All Sex; Anal; Double Penetration; Threesome

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in Ultra HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Starring Carter Cruise with Natasha Nice, Mystica Jade, Anya Olsen, Mick Blue, John Strong, Jean Val Jean, Christian Clay, Markus Dupree

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Website Info


Greg Lansky has just been named AVN’s 2017 Director of the Year and it’s his second win in a row. He has much to celebrate and in watching My DP Volume 2 it’s easy to see why his work is still getting the attention it deserves. The gorgeous and horny Carter Cruise stars in this flick that is 4 scenes of threesome sex climaxing in deep drilling DPs that send these girls into a spiral of ecstasy. The chemistry between the girls and their cocksman is good and the scenes are all shot well, bringing out the hottest moments in close up HD. Carter is joined by Natasha Nice, Anya Olsen and Mystica Jade. These girls can only be satisfied with 2 cocks inside them and they get those hard cocks from John Strong, Jean Val Jean, Markus Dupree, Christian Clay and AVN’s 2017 male performer of the year, Mick Blue. I highly recommend this DP sensation. The hottest scenes of the flick are Carter’s opening scene with John and Jean and Anya’s threesome with Christian and Jean. Anya’s scene begins in the pool where she gets all wet for cock and takes her a-dick-tion to the bedroom where the guys stretch her pussy and ass hole out.

Scene 1:  Carter Cruise, John Strong and Jean Val Jean

Atlanta-born, 25-year-old Carter Cruise covers Lansky’s My DP 2 in an opening threesome with John Strong and Jean Val Jean. This starlet is no newcomer to hard pounding group sex having done a few sizzling gangbangs. She loves the attention of more than one cock at a time and she gets more of that in this scene. When the scene opens, Carter tells us how much she enjoys her condo in the hills. Her dad bought it for her for college and it’s an awesome place. The only thing ruining it is her neighbor. She says he’s one of those European party guys who plays loud music all day long and it’s impossible to concentrate when she’s trying to study. It’s like the guy never sleeps. One day, she decides that she has had it. She marches downstairs and bangs on his door. When Jean opens his door, she yells at him, telling him he has to stop playing loud music all the time. Jean apologizes and tells her he’s having a party. He invites her inside for a glass of wine. After a while, we see that Carter has been drinking with Jean and John. She has had a few glasses and is soon taking French lessons from Jean. She has completely forgotten why she came there in the first place. She finds Jean very hot and a charming guy. That’s when it all happens. Carter and Jean kiss each other passionately. He tells her to kiss his friend John. She does it and allows the moment to take over her, finding herself sandwiched between her 2 hot neighbors. The guys rip her blouse open, revealing her perky 36C boobs. After kissing her tits, they suspend her in mid-air with her legs wrapped around Jean’s shoulders. He tongues her pussy while John holds her up on the other end.

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When she hits the ground again, her skirt is ripped off and as she kisses both guys, she tells them to fuck her and fill all her holes, please. Back in the bedroom, all three of them strip naked. Carter jerks the guys’ cocks and then sucks them, wanting some reassurance that the guys are going to fuck all 3 of her holes. She deep throats John’s prick first then spits on Jean’s and sucks it. She lubes their poles with her lips the opens her mouth wide as John fucks her throat. After sucking their balls, she lies the guys side by side on the bed and continues her deep throat adventure down their shafts. John is the first to penetrate Carter’s cunt. She enjoys his cock inside her in missionary position with Jean’s dick in her mouth. Jean fingers her clit too and the full-on ecstasy is written all over Carter’s face. She’s cumming and orders them to fuck her harder. With her first orgasm behind her, she’s ready for the next one and the next one. Jean takes the helm, thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy while she sucks John’s dick. He licks her creaming snatch then stretches her ass hole out with his prick. She nods her head in agreement with the way his cock is gliding in and out of her ass hole. John is up next in her ass hole and with both of her holes stretched out, she is ready for 2 cocks inside her. She rides John cowgirl style and Jean bends over top of her, pushing his cock deep inside her ass hole. Her 2 cock sexcapade has begun and she squeezes the sheets in pleasure. She wants to be called a slut while they fuck her, telling them that the DP feels so good. The camerawork gives us great closeups of Carter’s pussy and ass hole getting pumped. She tells them to use her fucking holes and fuck her. The cowgirl DP continues for a long time then Carter continues to host both cocks inside her in reverse cowgirl position. She goes aerial with her standing cowgirl DP, looking down at John’s cock in her pussy and Jean’s in her ass. She’s cumming again. She prepares for a double shot of cum and gets on her knees, opens her mouth wide and smiles as it’s coated in Jean’s cum. John pops next, shooting his load all over her tongue. She swallows both loads and continues to suck their cocks.

Scene 2:  Natasha Nice, Mick Blue and Markus Dupree

Natasha reminisces about her recent sexual activity, fucking her stepbrother Chris. She felt guilty about it but she admits that it was so much fun. She loved fucking him. Not long after that, her stepbrother had 2 of his European boarding school buddies staying at the house. Natasha thinks both guys are hot. One weekend when her parents were out of town, she started flirting with Mick and Markus. She walks around in her lingerie, leaves the bathroom door open when she’s taking a shower, but no matter what she does, the guys won’t make a move on her. She thinks they’re afraid her brother will find out. One day she decides to get more aggressive with her plot. She walks downstairs in her lingerie and sits on the couch between both of them and starts kissing them. There’s no doubt now that she wants them and they respond. Mick kisses and sucks her tits, telling her she has been teasing them for so long. Markus is busy eating her pussy from behind as she bends over doggystyle. All her sexy antics have the guys cocks hard and ready for her. She stands sandwiched between both of them as they drop their pants, showing her the cocks she has wanted for so long. She jerks their dicks then kneels to suck them. She slurps and smacks as Mick and Markus’ cocks as they get thrusted against her tonsils.  She uses them to beat her big, round tits then puts both of them in her mouth at the same time.

She bends over on the bed doggystyle and Mick plucks her bushy pussy from behind while Markus continues to fuck her mouth. She gets to work on Markus’ balls now, licking them all over and begging Mick to give it to her. Mick is fucking her pussy balls deep now, filling her wet hole fully. She tells the guys to make her their sex toy and pass her around. Hearing that, Mick power fucks her pussy, slamming his cock into her box hard and fast. He’s ready to fuck her ass hole now. She stays in doggy position and penetrates her rectum. Natasha warns him that his cock is too big to fit into her tight ass hole. He thrusts into her hole nice and slow, continuing to stretch it out. Markus takes his turn now and he picks up where Mick left off, fucking her ass hole doggystyle. Natasha cleans Mick’s cock in ass to mouth cock sucking action. She is ready to be double penetrated. The guys tell her to relax as she sits on Mick’s cock cowgirl style while Markus pumps her ass hole from behind. Her cowgirl DP is in full swing and she is in pleasure palace, telling the guys that their cocks feel so good inside her at the same time. Both cocks drill her holes like 2 hard pistons pumping back and forth. Markus pulls out and feeds her his dick in ATM fashion then he drills her again. The hard pounding of 2 cocks inside her makes her cum. She sucks both cocks and does more cowgirl DP followed by reverse cowgirl DP. Mick is stretching her pussy and Markus is fucking her ass. Natasha is cumming again just as the guys are ready to cover her in spunk. She drops to the floor on her knees and opens her mouth wide. Mick shoots his load in her mouth and Markus follows with his spunk, leaving Natasha with a mouthful and face full of cum. After swallowing their loads, she jerks and sucks their cocks some more and rubs them all over her nipples.

Scene 3:   Anya Olsen, Jean Val Jean and Christian Clay

Anya has been messing around with Jean for a while now. She has been having so much fun with him. Nothing is serious between them but the sex is amazing. Jean makes her feel so adventurous. He pushes her to explore and find new limits. Anya is attracted to Jean’s roommate, Chris. She thinks he’s cute too. Chris is always hitting on her right in front of Jean and Jean doesn’t seem to mind. Anya has the feeling that Jean and Chris have shared girls in the past. One day, Jean invites Anya over for some fun in the pool with him and Chris. They are all enjoying a glass of wine when things get frisky. Jean starts kissing her and Chris starts playing with her pussy underwater. Anya is getting the message loud and clear and she wants to go on this new sexual adventure with both of them. In no time, her bathing suit is off and Chris is tonguing her wet pussy, holding her up out of the water while Jean kisses her. He tells her that both of them are going to fuck her. This all wet pool scene is one of the hottest ones in the flick. Anya grabs hold of both cocks, jerks them and sucks them. Jean fucks her throat then turns her loose to Chris who does the same, banging her tonsils. She moves back and forth from cock to cock being a dirty little girl who is hungry for more than 1 dick. Both cocks are covered in her mouth lube. She bends over doggystyle and gets her pussy fucked by Chris’ hard cock from behind while she eats Jean’s meat. It’s time to take the action inside to the bedroom and the scenes gets even hotter. The chemistry between this threesome is hot to watch as Anya explore the pleasure of fucking 2 guys. She passes her second round of double headed cock sucking with flying colors, keeping both poles hard and lubed.

Anya is bent over doggystyle getting her face fucked on one end and her pussy eaten from behind on the other. Jean buries his tongue deep in Anya’s ass hole, preparing it for what’s next. He fucks her pussy first, stretching it out with a consistent drilling while Chris makes a sloppy, drooling mess of her mouth, making her gag on his dick. Jean fucks her hard, causing her eyes to roll back into her head. She looks back at him telling him to fuck her just like that. The fucking feels so good she tells them she wants 2 dicks in her now She cleans Jean’s cock with her mouth first and hosts Chris deep in her pussy. His hard rod plows her wet box open. The doggy fucking turns to doggystyle ass pounding that Anya loves. Jean is massaging her rectum with his cock and she tells him to keep doing it just like that. She invites Chris back there to fuck her ass next. He plunges deep inside her tight ass, fucking it just the way she likes. With her ass hole stretched out, Anya is ready for our double cock pounding. She rides Jean cowgirl style in her pussy and smiles as Chris pierces her ass hole with his hard pole. She has the best of both worlds now with a cock in her ass and a cock in her pussy. She says she feels so full now. The double cock stuffing doesn’t let up. The guys fuck her holes harder and faster and faster. Chris is all the way deep inside her gaping ass hole, pumping it balls deep while Jean drills her pussy from underneath. She gets her ass hole spoon fucked next then turns to a reverse cowgirl DP. She sits on Chris’ cock while Jean drills her cunt. Both holes are wet and both holes are stretched. The guys switch places and continue their reverse cowgirl pledge. With her holes fully fucked, she readies herself for a jizz bath. With her mouth wide open, Chris splatters it with jizz and Jean is a close second. She wastes no time swallowing her new found cum loads then looking up at the guys smiling. This DP experience has made her day.

Scene 4:  Mystica Jade, John Strong and Markus Dupree

Mystica Jade closes out the flick. She has been dating Markus for a little while now, enjoying the hot sex with him. He helps her explore her sexuality but there is one fantasy she is afraid to tell anyone about. She wants to know what it feels like to have 2 guys at one time. She would watch porn in her bedroom, fantasizing about what it would feel like to be fucked by 2 guys. She finally builds up the courage to tell Markus about all this. She’s surprised by how open he is about the whole thing. He even suggests that they invite his friend John to be part of this. The day finally arrives for her fantasy to come true. Mystica is kissing both John and Markus but she is a little nervous about the whole thing. The guys make her feel comfortable as they kiss her all over her neck and chest, making her hot for sex. Mystica is somewhat new to the porn biz, entering in 2015 with about 13 flicks to her credit by early 2017. She is a beautiful, brown-haired babe who gets on her knees and sucks the guys’ cocks and balls, readying them for the hard pounding action waiting in the wings. She strokes and sucks then gags on cock, enjoying the way each hard pole makes her drool.

When she bends over doggystyle, John aims for her tight pussy, spreading and stretching it from behind with each stroke. Markus fucks her face, stretching her cheeks with his missile. The guys play round robin, trading places with Markus now drilling her tight pussy and John fucking her throat. She orders Markus to fuck her harder and he takes commands well, thrusting hard and deep inside her. Anal fucking is next and Mystica stays in doggy position as John assaults her sphincter, driving his dick deep inside her hole. The steady pumping has her whimpering in pleasure, telling him don’t stop. She tells the guys to fuck her together and sits on Markus’ prick cowgirl style. John continues the ass pummeling from behind, feeding her 2 cocks at once. It feels so good to her. The cowgirl DP rides on and on with Mystica enjoying both cocks. She climbs off and sucks both cocks right out of her pussy and ass then does a reverse cowgirl DP that keeps her holes gaping. A standing cowgirl DP helps Mystica experience more inches of dick until she gets down on her knees and sucks both guys off until they cum in her mouth and on her face.

Final Thoughts:

Director Greg Lansky now has a new title. It’s AVN’s 2017 Director of the Year. This makes him the winner in this category for 2 years in a row and in looking at his work, it’s easy to see why he’s getting these accolades. In his flick My DP Volume 2, 4 cock hungry starlets beg to be satisfied by 2 cocks at once. Once they experience the DP of their dreams, they reach a climax that has them begging for more. Carter Cruise is the DVD cover girl and she is joined by Natasha Nice, Anya Olsen and Mystica Jade. All 4 of these girls can only be satisfied when 2 cocks are drilling and stretching their pussies and ass holes at the same time and they get that sensation from cocksman John Strong, Jean Val Jean, Markus Dupree, Christian Clay and AVN’s 2017 male performer of the year, Mick Blue. I highly recommend this flick. It’s shot extremely well in ultra HD, the girls are genuinely horny, the chemistry is great and each girl reaches her climax, riding a top 2 hard prick poles.

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