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Lesbian Psychodramas 23

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/25/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Lesbian

Directors: Unknown



Cast: Alexis Fawx, Kimmy Granger, Elsa Jean, Summer Day, Layla London, Bree Daniels, Shyla Jennings

Length: 2 hours 54 minutes

Date of Release: October 21, 2016

Extras: 29:29 minutes of Trailers

Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Presentation is 16:9 widescreen and the dialog is clear, which will come into play due to the fairly complex backstory. Camera work is decent enough, and lighting is completely adequate for each scene. Astute viewers may catch a glimpse of a second camera lens briefly popping into frame, but I doubt most will even notice it.

Overview: Girlfriends Films presents seven pretty girls getting it on with each other over the course of four scenes. As the title suggest, there is a psychodramatic story line that is being told over the course of those four scenes. That story line gets set up at the beginning of the disc, with some more backstory playing out between the second and third scenes. For those that just want to jump to the action, the chapters are setup so you can pretty much avoid the whole storyline altogether. Whether you like your ladies small and pixiesh, wily and cunning, or are looking for a busty MILF making out with younger women, you'll find it here. The acting is well done, for those who care, and the sex is steamy. Each pair of ladies brings a different dynamic to the action, so you'll find plenty of variety to choose from.

Setup Part 1: Elsa's hot for her friend Summer, who's reluctant to let anything happens since she's dating some guy that Elsa thinks is a douche. As the pair and their friend, Kimmy, chat in a bedroom the subject of Elsa's mom being a suspected lesbian comes up. As Summer's friends tease her about her boyfriend, her sister and her friend listen in on the conversation from the hallway. When Elsa pushes Summer too far, she rushes out of the room and leaves the house. Elsa's mom sees her distress and sends Kimmy away so she can confront her daughter on what just happend. Elsa plays down the episode and then turns the tide on her mom with lesbian accusations. While Mom reacts with shock and anger, her daughter takes on an air of superiority and struts out of the room.

Meanwhile, in Bree's room, Bree and her friends Shyla and Layla are discussing the possibility that Bree's mom is a lesbian. Bree sits on the bed casually explaining the evidence at hand while Shyla listens in amazement. Layla, on the other hand, is not incredulous to the idea and has been plotting for some time on how to seduce Alexis. She vows to do just that and Shyla takes offense and sends her packing.

Scene 1. Bree Daniels, Shyla Jennings

Shyla's probing for more information about the lesbian porn on Bree's mom's laptop, and what the girls do. Bree can't show it to her, because her mom's home and she'll obviously notice her laptop missing. Since visual aids are out of the question, Bree gets convinced into a physical demonstration using Shyla as her partner.

Bree & Shyla

The gapped-tooth, pixiesh redhead, Bree reminds me of Belladonna a bit. It's really just the cutely different smile, obviously, as otherwise they have totally different looks. Regardless of that, she looks good as she overcomes her initial trepidation and starts showing Shyla what she saw in those videos on the laptop. Shyla isn't overly tanned, but she is much darker than the milky white flesh of Bree, who seemingly has paid acute attention to the videos in question; as she undresses her friend and expertly enjoys some time between the thighs. Her eyes are unwavering from her sexual partner's face as she licks the dark-haired beauty through a series of body quivers and muscles tensing. Their eyes are all smiles as Shyla grinds her hips to a panting orgasm, the nipples on her perky breasts standing erect.

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Bree & Shyla

Shyla isn't as soft and sensual as Bree when she takes her turn down at the "Y". She's grinds their groins together forcefully and plunges her tongue in hard and deep. Bree's muscles also involuntarily quiver and spasm as Shyla enjoys her new fuck buddy's juice box. When she comes up to engage Bree in a passionate bout of kissing, Bree decides to change the tune and opts for some hardcore finger fucking and more aggressive tonguing before the two cool the action with soft kisses and caresses.

Scene 2. Alexis Fawx, Layla London

As she promised earlier, Layla's in the kitchen putting the moves on Bree's mother, Alexis. She's forthcoming with her attraction to Ms. Fawx's tits as she stands twirling Alexis' hair. The doe-eyed brunette speaks in an authoritative tone as she rubs the blonde MILF's body and gets her motor running. Once the engine is revved, Layla pulls Alexis into a nearby bedroom for some foot worship. She obviously has a plan, and control of the situation, as Alexis nervously let's her daughter's friend explore her feet and legs with her fingers and tongue. Layla wants more than some leg from this conquest, and gets busy with Ms. Fawx's boobs while making her touch herself and working out the terms of the deal.

Alexis & Layla

Alexis & Layla

Layla may only have a few dozen credits to her name as of this, but she obviously has a future in the industry using her natural domineering skills. Even though she's almost half of the blonde fox's age, she expertly prods her into doing exactly what she wants. What she ultimately wants, like any normal person on Earth, is to see Ms. Fawx squirm and shudder as she gets her body toyed with. Layla's eyes are like a predator's, unflinching and determined as she sinks her fingers into Alexis' fuck hole. Alexis is over her initial nervousness, and is enjoying her role as a Sub, holding her legs wide as her Domme fingers her to orgasm and then challenges her to turn the tables. Layla seems to really enjoy being dominantly submissive as her friend's mother folds her in half and buries her face in her. Alexis has been waiting for this for quite some time, and exploits her opportunity to take some tongue time on Layla's young pussy and ass. The feeling is mutual and the pair mash their bodies together in any way they can get their tongues and fingers deep into their intended targets. The sex is passionate and purposeful. This isn't exploratory touching, this is girls enjoying each other immensely.

Setup Part 2: Elsa, Summer, and Kimmy are relating a story to Alexis about how Summer discovered her supposed boyfriend actually is a douche and she's done with him. Elsa sits by conniving, as she rubs her friend's shoulders in support. Alexis lays out a plan for Summer to "put him on blast" and then heads out to do some shopping, inviting Kimmy to come along as her fashion consultant.

Scene 3. Elsa Jean, Summer Day

Elsa & Summer

Elsa's back to putting the moves on Summer in her time of need. Summer's smile lights the room as her friend rubs her shoulders and massages her breasts. Hand drawn artwork of girls in fetish gear can be seen hanging on Elsa's bedroom wall as she loosens Summer up enough to enjoy some kissing and top-down boob play. Once her top is down, it's easy enough for Elsa to bring the play to the next level; her hand moving to explore the crotch she's been lusting after. Summer squirms nervously at first, and then starts to relish the feeling of her friend's fingers as they work their magic on her mound.

Elsa & Summer

Elsa keeps that air-of-superiority look she achieved in the setup with Alexis as she continues her conquest by getting Summer naked so she can access her shaven slit with her tongue. Her licking works Summer into enough of an ecstatic state that Elsa is able to get Summer to agree to straddling her face as she slips out of her own clothing. Once she's hovering and quivering over the tiny tart's tongue her fingers are drawn to Elsa's also barren box, and her tongue follows suit. Elsa's face lights with delight as she finally has her friend's face in her fuck hole, Summer's eyes staring up at her. Summer's fully warmed up now, and works her groin along Elsa's thigh and opens up to letting her ass being licked while her pussy gets rubbed to orgasm and the girls cool down with some kisses.

Scene 4. Alexis Fawx, Kimmy Granger

Alexis & Kimmy

Back from the shopping spree, Alexis is modeling her new outfit and gets the feeling that her shopping partner might be crushing on her a bit. Since she's already experienced the fun of fucking one of her daughter's friends, she just jumps right in and puts the moves on Kimmy. Kimmy feels a bit uncomfortable, but Alexis determinedly keeps up the offensive. After some reassurances that her daughter won't ever know, and some forceful kissing, Kimmy finally succumbs to the big busted cougar. Even though she's been playing coy, Alexis finds out that Kimmy has been going commando the entire time which makes for easy access to her triangle of love. Now that she's in the grips of seduction, Kimmy lies back to enjoy the tongue of her friend's mom. (It's about this point in time that it occurs to me that I don't recall ever seeing Ms. Granger in a girl/girl scene, although I've reviewed a number of her boy/girl scenes.)

Alexis & Kimmy

Kimmy seems to enjoy the fingering from a female, as she holds her legs to the sky and her neck strains to watch Alexis between her thighs. Ms. Fawx isn't going to stop with just a tasting session; she strips down and starts humping Kimmy with her hand between them. Wanting even more, she goes groin to groin for some hard pumping action as Kimmy grits her teeth and grinds right back. All worked up, Kimmy takes her turn at the wheel, her lips doggedly nipping at the MILF's assets. She lubes her fingers up with a good amount of drool and slides them into Alexis, who is pumping her body with each insertion and removal. That pumping encourages Kimmy to finger faster, and then Alexis takes her turn operating the high speed finger rail before the cuddling and caressing cool down.

Final Thoughts: Girlfriends Films put together a great lineup of lovely ladies for the 23rd installment of this series. It's an equal balance of exploratory lesbianism and older woman/younger girl action that is hot and steamy. Summer shines as the shy one, while Elsa excels at her role as the conniving lesbian that's hell bent on having her way with her. Layla lays out her plan in no uncertain terms to conquer Alexis' coochie and does just that, and then Ms. Fawx unleashes her feminine charms on her daughter's friend Kimmy. Shyla and Bree also get in a good romp right after kicking Layla out of the room for being so disrespectful. The storyline is well thought out, and well played out.

The way the disc lays out allows the viewer to jump right into the sex scenes without getting bogged down in the backstory. That will come in handy upon repeated viewings, but upon first watch I suggest you actually check out the setups as they will allow you to have a deeper appreciation for the acting that the ladies accomplish with their eyes as the sex scenes unfold. Layla and Elsa, in particular, really work the facial expressions in character portrayals. Alexis' expressions are also quite pertinent, as she plays two sides of one coin in two different scenes. The other performers are also proficient at this eye acting, although their expressions aren't quite as crucial to the storyline as the former three I mentioned. Overall, it's good lesbian action. If you are looking for some hot girl on girl action then you really can't go wrong here. It's simple scripted lesbian sex between good looking girls, with no elaborate sets or fancy camerawork which many viewers will appreciate. This is Recommended lesbian viewing.

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