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Seduced By A Cougar 44

Studio: Naughty America » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/27/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 12 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: All Sex; Big Boobs; Cougars; MILF; Mature

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Featuring Ava Addams with Ariella Ferrera, Julia Ann, Sara Jay, Emma Starr, Tyler Nixon, Mr. Pete, Johnny Castle, Preston Parker

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers for My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend, My Friend’s Hot Mom; Behind the Scenes Interview with Alura Jenson



The cougars are on the prowl again and they always get their prey. Naughty America’s Seduced By A Cougar 44 stars buxom brunette Ava Addams in an outdoor pool fuck. She is joined by an all-star MILF line up including Julia Ann, Ariella Ferrera, Sara Jay and Emma Starr who have their eyes on the young cocks of Johnny Castle, Mr. Pete, Preston Parker and Tyler Nixon. This 5 scene flick puts our cock crazed cougars in close proximity to their unsuspecting prey. Once these cougars pounce, their cock boys are left fucking them and cumming all over them, much to the pleasure of these horny MILFS. You should watch this flick on demand. Julia Ann and Sara Jay deliver some hot pussy performances, dominating Johnny and Mr. Pete’s cock. Julia gives Johnny a blowjob in a car wash that’s hot to watch then she takes him home and orders him to fuck her in the garage. Overall, the scenes are set up well and these MILFS deliver the goods and get their way with each cock they stalk.

Scene 1:  Ariella Ferrera and Michael Vegas

Ariella is a 38-year-old Colombian MILF who is on the hunt for some fresh, young meat. Michael fits the bill and serves her a hard cock. It all starts when Ariella shows him her brand new piano. Michael thinks it’s a fantastic piano. She asks him to teach her how to play piano and he gets excited about it. He teaches her the different keys and octaves on the piano but he’s going too fast for her. She asks him to slow things down. With the 2 of them sitting so close together at the piano, Ariella likes the way he smells and she compliments him. Then she asks him to show her how to use the foot pedal. She starts playing footsie with him under the piano then tells him to play something for her and she will watch him. Once he starts playing a tune, she starts rubbing her fingers through her hair and tells him that maybe she picked the wrong instrument. She bends over and runs her hand down his shirt then offers to teach him a thing or two while she unbuttons his pants. He leans back on the piano while she grips his cock and sucks on it and swallows his balls. She tells him to get out of the rest of his clothes as she continues to blow him off. That’s when she unbuttons her blouse and squeezes her giant gazongas around his cock, telling her to fuck those tits. She goes back to sucking him off, leaving drool hanging from his dick then she tells him she wants his cock in her pussy.

Michael lies on the bench and Ariella straddles him cowgirl style, hugging his cock with her warm, wet pussy. She rides him, banging her finger and his head against the piano keys. Her big tits bounce everywhere as she uses his cock as her pole of pleasure. After sucking him off, she rides him in a nasty reverse cowgirl that has her moan in ecstasy. She climbs off and tells him to taste her honey pot. Michael licks her wet pussy, telling her it tastes so sweet. Ariella’s cougar skills have landed her a young, hard cock and she takes full advantage of it. She orders him to fuck her pussy with his tongue and lick her clit button. Ariella gets off on Michael’s oral maneuvers, screaming out in total abandon. The piano becomes a shelf for Ariella to lean up against in standing doggy position for more deep pussy drilling from behind. She fingers her clit, rubbing her hands through her bush while Michael’s balls slam against her MILF pussy. She wants him to slam her hole harder and harder and he gives her what she wants. The standing doggy is intense and when he fucks her bicycle style over the piano bench, she reaches her orgasmic peak, sending Michael’s thrusting into overdrive. She tells him to feed her his cum. He drills her pussy right up to the last second then pulls out and shoots his load in her wide open mouth and in her eyes.

Scene 2:  Julia Ann and Johnny Castle

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This scene is a hot one with MILF stunner Julia Ann sucking Johnny’s cock while they drive through a car wash. It all starts when Julia leaves her car with Johnny to valet but before Johnny can park the car, Julia gets back in and tells him to drive. Johnny doesn’t know where he’s going, but he does what she tells him. She orders him to drive into a car wash then she pulls his pants down, leans over and sucks his cock. The car is getting a good wash and Johnny’s cock is getting hard for Julia as she works it in and out of her mouth. By the time they get on the other side of the car wash, she helps him put his cock back in his pants and she tells him to drive to her house. They pull into Julia’s garage. She tells him to shut off the car, get out and fuck her in the garage. She smothers him in her big boobs then drops to her knees and sucks his cock again. Julia takes her time run her lips up and down Johnny’s hard shaft and balls. She bends over in standing doggy position over the hood of her car and Johnny eats her pussy and ass hole. July gets nasty and puts 1 foot up in the window of the car and spreads her pussy open. Johnny tongues it, giving her the sensation she is looking for.

He fucks her in standing doggy position with Julia’s boobs knocking against the side of the car while she gets her pussy slammed. She looks back at him and tells him to fuck her. Johnny pounds her hole some more then pulls out and eats her wet box and penetrates it again, fucking her even harder. Julia bend all the way over the hood of the car and spreads her ass cheeks open wide for more of his hard dick. She orders him to fucking pound her pussy. Julia sucks her pussy juices off his dick then lies on the garage floor for a round of deep penetrating spoon fucking. She loves the way his cock looks driving in and out of her snatch. She fingers her clit and watches her pussy get stretched open. Julia rides his dick next in reverse cowgirl position then climbs off and sits on his face. Johnny licks her clit then puts her in the pretzel and fucks her, sending Julia to nirvana. When his cock slips out she tells him to put that cock back in there and don’t stop fucking that pussy. He turns to titty fucking her until he cums, blasting her tongue with a load of jizz. Julia vows to valet her car more often.

Scene 3:   Sara Jay and Mr. Pete

Sara Jay is a 39-year-old MILF who has been in the adult business since she was 18. She is known for her curvaceous body and beautiful big ass. She’s also known for her insatiable sexual appetite. When the scene opens, Sara is busy doing office work as a realtor on her computer but she gets some bad news from her boss who calls her. He tells her that her sales numbers are really low and if she doesn’t get a sale by the end of the day, they will have to let her go. Sara can’t believe it but she vows to do whatever it takes to make a sale happen by the end of the day. With that, she gets busy. She shows Mr. Pete a huge house with a beautiful view with a mountain and lake. Mr. Pete is in love with the place, but he can’t make up his mind. Sara tries to close the deal. She tells him this is an incredible house and she can get a price that’s way under listing. Mr. Pete wants the price even lower but Sara doesn’t think she can go that low. She tells him this house is a steal right now and it won’t be on the market long. She offers to do whatever it takes to get him to sign the papers today. She pushes him on the bed, unzips his pants and takes out his cock. She sucks him then he opens her blouse to see her big tits. Sara drops to her knees and sucks his cock. She is determined to make this sale happen today.

Mr. Pete fucks her big tits then sits back and enjoys more cock sucking for Sara. She assures him that she knows how to take care of all her clients. She gags on his cock, lubing it with mouth juice. After licking his balls, she lies on her back near the edge of the bed and screams in ecstasy as Mr. Pete fucks her MILF pussy. She calls him a nasty muthafucka as he stretches her pussy. Sara wants his cock deep in her fucking pussy and she tells him to fuck her just like that. She tastes her pussy off his cock then rides it in reverse cowgirl position. She bounces up and down on his pole, letting her gazongas shake in circles. They spoon fuck and get into a bicycle fuck before Sara gets on all fours on the bed for a hard pounding doggystyle fuck. She takes control at one point, slamming her pussy back and forth on his dick. She drops to her knees again for more big titty fucking. He thrusts in and out while she squeezes her boobs around his cock. He cums all over her tits while she screams she loves it. Sara looks up at him and says after she gets all cleaned up they’re going to sign the papers, right? Mr. Pete assures her that the deal is done.

Scene 4:  Emma Starr and Preston Parker

Emma Starr is having problems with her grill. She has a big party coming up and she needs to get the grill working. Preston takes a look at it, trying to figure out what is causing the problem. She tells him the propane tank is full, but the grill still won’t light up. Preston turns the knob and the grill lights up. He tells her she has been turning the wrong knob. Emma feels like she’s having a blonde moment. She can’t believe how simple it was to fix the grill. Because Preston has great success fixing her grill, she invites him inside her bedroom to fix something else for her. Once Emma gets him into the bedroom, she tells him she needs him to check out the busted spring in her mattress. When Preston bends over to check the spring, Emma pushes him into the bed and tells him to bounce up and down to test it. He doesn’t notice a problem so Emma tells him maybe 2 people need to be in the bed at the same time. She straddles him and bounces up and down, saying oh yeah, that’s it. Preston admits that the bed feels great and that’s when Emma pulls his pants down and sucks his cock. He tells her she’s beautiful but he doesn’t want to get in trouble over this. She says not to worry because her husband is out of town. Emma sucks his dick, making it hard and putting Preston’s worries aside.

He makes her pussy wet by kissing her all over then lying her on her back and eating her sweet box. She rubs her hands through his hair while he tongues her snatch. She tells him he knows his way around a pussy and that’s a good thing. They get into 69 position with Emma sitting on his face and ordering him to lick her pussy. She sucks his long pole, telling him how much she loves his cock. She says fuck me barbecue guy! Preston spreads her legs open wide and fills her pussy with his big hard cock. She can’t believe how deep his cock is inside her hole and it’s driving her crazy. She calls him her favorite barbecue guy ever and she rides his prick in reverse cowgirl position. Emma can’t stop smiling from the feeling and tells him how much her pussy is getting wetter and wetter. She sucks his cock clean then goes on a cowgirl ride up and down on his stiff stick. He spoon fucks her pussy, keeping her cunt creaming all over his dick, then he feeds her his cock and fucks her tits. All the titty fucking leads Preston to blow his load all over her chest. She opens her mouth wide to catch some of it and rubs her fingers in his cum and licks them clean. She invites him to come by the barbecue party she’s having tomorrow for some more fun.

Scene 5: Ava Addams and Tyler Nixon

DVD cover girl and MILF starlet Ava Addams closing out this flick with an outdoor fuck with the pool guy, Tyler. She is sunning outside and looks gorgeous in her bikini. Tyler accidentally hits her with his pool clean and he is so sorry. Ava can’t believe the pool guy just did this, wetting her with his pool tool. She tells him to go to the other side of the pool and she’ll just get in because he already splashed water on her. Ava enjoys the feeling of the water rushing over her body and she calls Tyler closer over to her and tells him he missed a spot. When he comes toward her, she pulls him into the pool and calls it revenge for the way he got her wet. Once Tyler is in the water, she pins him against the side of the pool and pulls her bikini off, putting her big beautiful tits in his face and telling him that she saw the way he has been looking at her. The spot Tyler missed is her pussy and she sits on his face. Tyler eats her pussy, making Ava moan. She tells him he is much better at eating pussy than he is at cleaning a pool.

Ava is a thing of beauty, fully naked, bent over in standing doggy position with one leg up on the side of the pool getting her pussy and ass hole tongue whacked. She is ready to give Tyler the same oral pleasure and she pulls off his short and puts his cock in her mouth. She looks up at him while she eats his meat, spitting all over it to lube it up. She hugs his cock with her big boobs then gets in standing doggy position for the start of their outdoor fucking. Tyler slams deep into her wet MILF pussy, squeezing her ass cheeks and holding them open while he fucks her hole. Ava loves the way his cock feels inside he and she encourages him to give her more of it. She climbs on top of his dick in reverse cowgirl position and makes short work of his cock, hosting it inside her. She finger her clit and rides his pole, bouncing up and down. He eats her pussy again then gives her a bicycle fuck before helping her ride his meat cowgirl style. After more standing doggy, Ava lies on her back for an all-on pussy assault. Tyler stuffs her snatch and she tells him to keep fucking her pussy until he’s ready to cum. She wants his cum all over her. Tyler follows her orders, fucks her then pops in her mouth. Ava swallows his load and sucks his cock, draining it of any left over spunk. She tells him he’s a shitty pool boy, but she’s going to keep her around.

Final Thoughts:

Cougars always land their prey and the MILF cougars in Naughty America’s Seduced By A Cougar 44 show they’ve got what it takes to get what they want. Brunette bombshell Ava Addams leads the pack of cock starved cougars in this flick, fucking her pool boy in an all wet round of hot outdoor sex. Ava is joined by Julia Ann, Ariella Ferrera, Sara Jay and Emma Starr and they each are stalking cock like only a cougar can. They get their prick prizes from Johnny Castle, Mr. Pete, Preston Parker and Tyler Nixon. I recommend you watch this movie on demand. MILF superstars Julia Ann and Sara Jay have hot scenes. Julia sucks her valet driver’s cock in the car wash then takes him back to her den for a round of pussy fucking action in her garage. Sara makes short work of Mr. Pete’s hard dick when she learns she has get to get him to sign the papers on a new house or she will lose her job. The 5 scenes are shot well and the set up of each scene is good. These hot MILFS never lose sight of their targets and pounce when the timing is right.

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