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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/3/17

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genres: Couples, Feature

Director: Jonathon Morgan
Writer: David Lord



Cast: Alexa Grace, Kenzie Taylor, Edyn Blair, Lauren Phillips, Lucas Frost, Ryan McLane, Seth Gamble, Tommy Gunn

Length: 2 hours 2 minutes

Date of Release: November 23, 2016

Extras: Photo Gallery, 6 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Promo Reel

Extras Menu

Bonus Scene 1: Lauren Phillips & Bianca Breeze 22:10 minutes

Bonus Scene 2: Alex Grey & Ryan McLane 16:49 minutes

Bonus Scene 3: Edyn Blair & James Deen 24:10 minutes

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Presented in anamorphic widescreen with clear audio. The sex scenes seem to be shot by a different camera crew than the storyline, and the former fall a bit short of the usual high standards this studio is known for.

Overview: David Lord and Jonathon Morgan weave a twisting tale where Alexa Grace plays newly engaged "Jennifer" that suffers from amnesia, who is then in a car crash which brings about flashbacks of who she was formerly. As she recovers, she's forced to piece her life back together and discover her forgotten past. Her fiance is played by Lucas, and the rest of the ensemble cast are players from her shadowy past. Since it is a feature, I won't get into the backstory any more than necessary to set up the sex scenes I describe below.

Scene 1. Alexa Grace, Lucas Frost

After a night out, Alexa is about to head home when Lucas "pops the question" and she ecstatically agrees to marry him with some celebratory sexcapades quickly following. Her pretty eyes light up as he gloves up and starts laying the pipe. Her tiny tits jiggle in doggie as he maintains a grip on her equally tiny tushy while she pumps back into him. She's a booty wiggler as she rides, which is nice to watch and she claims to cum quite a few times, which seems to be Lucas' cue to deliver a line.

Alexa Grace

Lucas was nominated for an AVN award as Best Male Newcomer 2017, but I guarantee you it wasn't due to his acting skills. Luckily, we have Ms. Grace to focus on; but even that fact doesn't really save this scene as the editing is often abrupt and some of the camera angles are just not flattering.

Alexa Grace

Lucas' lines seem to be intended to setup a storyline where they are planning on doing some world traveling, but the fact that they are delivered during the romp is just awkward. While Alexa is a cutie to watch, this scene really felt "flat" to me. As the romp closes out, and she heads home, there's an exterior shot of her leaving through a glass door some of you may recognize from other Wicked features. Unfortunately, nobody took a minute to hit it with glass cleaner and the lighting in the scene makes every finger, palm, and nose print on it glaringly obvious.

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Scene 2. Kenzie Taylor, Ryan McLane

Relative newcomer Kenzie plays a doctor who is confronted by a police officer that wants to see her ID. She doesn't have it on her at the moment, so she's going to have to identify herself by performing sexual favors. Her bright eyes make good contact as she does some sword swallowing, but again the camera work goes astray. There are times the performers occupy maybe one-fourth of the left side of the screen while the rest of the frame is filled by the hospital room for no apparent reason. At other times, we see Ryan's face and the back of Kenzie's head while he titty fucks her. As he performs some cunnilingus, we get a much better view of the attractive starlet; her legs held high and wide.

Kenzie Taylor

Once Ryan starts pumping into her, the camera frame is actually filled mostly by her tan body. She looks good when shot from the side, and she bites her lower lip as he slides in and out of her. As she gets flipped into missionary, she commands him to give her the cock while lifting an eyebrow for dramatic effect. It's a bit overdone, but it is cute. As she climbs into cowgirl, she basically holds on for dear life as he pummels into her from below and then she takes her turn doing the boner bounce. Her eyes roll up into her head as she gets hammered to orgasm in spoon before going on another ride and then flipping over so Ryan can jerk his juices onto her patch.

Scene 3. Alexa Grace, Seth Gamble

Alexa Grace

The leggy Alexa is wearing a cute little body suit as Seth makes her an offer to be more than an employee and to join him in one of his shady side ventures. Even though it's against his policy to bang employees he succumbs to her advances and she drops to her knees, eager to please. She goes with the two handed jerk and slurp and he alternates that with some deep throat thrusting of his own, their gazes fixed upon one another. A quick unsnapping of her crotch snaps allows him to reciprocate and lick her bald beaver as she lies back on his desk.

Alexa Grace

Her face is angelic, yet devilish, as Mr. Gamble grips her tightly and pounds into her with a swirling hip rotation. Her whole body moves backwards as he thrusts into her forcefully and then spins her around to bend her over the desk. She is into that, spouting a bit of dirty talk as he pulls her hair and pounds away. He gets some time to rest as she practices her rodeo skills, bouncing high and hard. After his little rest period, she's back on the desk for more banging, the camera switching from tight on her face to wide action coverage as she has a teeth grinding orgasm. That drives Seth to the brink, and she kneels before his manhood, his fluids spurting right over her head before dripping to her lips.

The framing and composition of this scene are much better than the previous ones.

Scene 4. Edyn Blair, Tommy Gunn

Edyn walks in on Tommy and his brother Seth having a family talk and Seth leaves the two to tango. She's quick to shed her sparkly dress so Tommy can get his face into her fiery bush as she sits on his pool table. The sunlight coming through the windows is filtered through red curtains, adding a deeper red to her locks as she kneels while returning the oral favor. Now that they are both warmed up, she tosses a leg onto the pool table so he can give her the shaft.

Edyn Blair

Tommy lies back on some furniture so she can mount him, the camera going wide to show just how much red decor is in the room in addition to the red haired vixen currently grinding away on him. As the two trade positions, the camera takes an overhead view showcasing her boobs as well as her large script tattoo running from hip to hip. Tommy is gunning into her and then shoots all over her patch and the aforementioned tattoo.

Scene 5. Lauren Phillips, Seth Gamble

Before Lauren goes to take care of some loose ends, Seth wants more than a goodbye kiss. She's happy to accommodate that request with some topless knob slobbing. Seth seems to be trying in tough guy character, his face grimacing almost menacingly as he watches the top of her head go up and down. Her big booty jiggles as she climbs onto his cock and rides the rod. The leather couch squeaks as she pole slides, Seth's face still maintaining that determined stare as she slams down onto him. He does some slamming of his own once she's in spoon, her mouth open wide as he plunges deeply.

Lauren Phillips

She gags on his condom-clad cock as she rubs herself before he slides back into her in missionary. The camera briefly loses track and we get a shot of his head and her foot before an edit pulls us to a wider shot of him drilling into her and her quickly dropping for the pop.

Final Thoughts: Like most dramas that involve an amnesiac in the storyline, this one gets somewhat complicated as memories are regained. Flashback sequences abound as the story unfolds. Some of the sex scenes just fell flat for me, and the plot line seemed to be filmed by an entirely different camera man than the sex scenes. The story portions seem to have more depth and better lighting, with more effective camera framing than the sex scenes do. Alexa's acting is far better than anyone else's in the flick, although Seth has his good moments. Sadly, those moments come and go. Tommy Gunn, oddly enough delivers about half his lines in a wooden manner and other scenes convincingly. This film is far from what Jonathon Morgan usually brings to the table, which really surprised me. Even with over an hour of bonus sex scenes, I just don't think the average viewer is ever going to pop this into their player more than a single time. The storyline is definitely not one of the best Wicked has put out. For those reasons, I am going to say if you are a fan of one of these girls then watch that scene online if it sounds like it would appeal to you. Since it is aimed at the couples market, I'm going to say that crowd will be better served by many other Wicked titles and for them they may as well just skip this.

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