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Touch of Lust, A

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/3/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Couples, Vignettes, Erotica, Porna

Director: Roma Amor


Cast: Nicole Vice, Vinna Reed, Ria Sunn (Credited as Riz Sunn),Nick, George/Lee (Lee in Chapter Selection), Lutro

Length: 1 hour 29 minutes, not approximately 120 minutes like the cover states

Date of Release: December 14, 2016

Extras: NONE

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Beautifully shot and presented in anamorphic widescreen. Audio consists of background music during the warmup and then performers' sounds take over as the action progresses. Can be safely muted, there is no dialog.

Overview: Roma Amor presents three erotic lovemaking scenes in this title from Sinful XXX. For those of you that are new to Sinful XXX, like I was, it is female and couples friendly porn, or porna. It's basically porn that shows a much deeper connection between the couples than traditional porn films do. It doesn't seem to use much dialog (if any) to accomplish that end; it relies on visual storytelling and very deliberate camera moves and angles coupled with very specific lighting setups. The lights and cameras focus solely on the person(s) in frame, unless a small area of the scene is pertinent to the feel of the movie.

Sinful XXX was an XBIZ nominee in 2017 and was a Dusk award winner for Best Porna 2016. While most of my readers are probably familiar with XBIZ, Dusk may be new to you, again as it was to me. Dusk is an online and TV network in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe that broadcasts porna: porn for women. Think of it as high-end Euro porn that pays attentions to a woman's desires, wants and points of view. It's sex films, but sex with chemistry. Yes, it gets up close and personal, and goes far and wide. It's cinematic, and more to the point: erotic. Please pay attention to my fnal thoughts as to why this is rated as it is.

Scene 1. Riz Sunn & Lutro "The Book of Love"

Riz Sunn

This is the story of Riz and Lutro. They're in love and that love is shared through their lust for one another. Riz is in a private library browsing books and Lutro joins her, where he watches her through the pages of a book that he folds into a heart as she tempts him with some peeks underneath her attire. The camera view is voyeuristic and artsy as Lutro walks to her and starts making love to her beautiful breasts with his mouth as the music fades. Pinned against the bookshelf, her legs wrap around his waist as she passionately returns his kisses. His kisses move downwards until he arrives at a cute pair of panties, neatly split up the crotch with a little bow atop the slit.

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The camera switches between closeups of his tongue making love to her and a wider shot showcasing the warmly lit bookshelf, her back pressed against it. As the undressing commences, and the action gets more intimate; the angles and lighting feature one body part at a time. The look is soft and sensual as she works his manhood erect as he presses up against the bookcase. Luckily, there's an ornate bed in this library so the couple can get comfortable as their lovemaking becomes more passionate. The camera uses Depth of Focus techniques quite effectively to showcase the passion on their faces and the intimacy happening between their legs as they stroke each other.

Riz Sunn

Riz is a beautiful blonde, and Lutro an athletically built stud. The chemistry is believable and the whole shoot is quite enjoyable. It has the feeling of being shot "on film" even though I'm pretty sure it is 4K digital. The sex is not intense, but it is passionate and hot to watch as they go through the game of "who's on top". There are many times where the only thing in frame is her face, or perhaps his. Many porn movies try that, and many fail because it changes the tempo that they were filming at. Here, since every camera movement is so deliberate, it totally works and draws you into the psyche of the performer.

Scene 2. Nicole Vice & Nick "Dance D'Amour"

Nicole and Nick appear to be back from a night out, and they toss a record onto a really cool-looking turntable and enjoy a spin around the living room. She's looking great in her slinky pink dress and he's looking pretty suave in his well-cut suit jacket, which he casually tosses aside as he takes some time to worship her super fine ass as the music stops. As the disrobing starts, she's wearing one of those hot 3/4 high cup bras, if only for a moment before it goes the way of the dodo.

Nicole Vice

She's getting hot, as evidenced by her breathing as he pulls her panties down and begins fingering her crotch as she does likewise with him. The lighting on them is warm, the background features a number of light sources adding a sense of depth to the scene as she sits on the table and lets him enjoy her love triangle with his tongue.Her perfectly round breasts heave and her legs quiver as he works his magic.

Nicole Vice

Her fellating efforts are very erotically shot; her necklace gleaming against the backdrop of her tanned skin as a light flickers in the background. Their bodies look molded for each other as she gets bent over the table for a rhythmic lovemaking session. Her body looks divine as she moans softly in missionary; bringing him to a drenching orgasm.

Scene 3. Vinna Reed & George "Romantic Surprise"

George is leading Vinna around the yard, the best he can as she is wearing an ankle length gown and a lace blindfold, eyes closed. After a bit, she manages to come across the ring box he has strung up from a tree branch. After some kissing and hugging, he carries her to the house, across the threshold. A roaring fire sets the mood as he sets her atop a wooden trunk that he's laid a warm fuzzy blanket on. Fire and lust show in his eyes as they tickle tongues together.

Vinna Reed

If your volume is on, and you are paying attention, you can not only hear her gown being unzipped, but every tiny crackle and pop from the fireplace as things heat up. Her tiny tits are lit by off-camera lighting, and the glow of that fireplace, as he works his hand between her now nude thighs. I'm not sure if they are just that into each other, or that fireplace is really hot, but both of their bodies take on more glisten as he goes down on her.

Vinna Reed

The lovemaking is slow and deliberate. Each bump and grind captured in exquisite, detailed closeup. Perhaps too much detail. Upon close inspection; either the source material is revealing the limits of my viewing equipment or tiny amounts of chromatic aberration and anti-aliasing can be witnessed. Nobody is going to catch that but me - so pay it no heed and just enjoy the sensual ride. Her constant, slow pumping on him leads him to climax quite unexpectedly for me. It just came without warning (no pun intended). Luckily camera two had coverage of that, as camera 1 was tight on his face.

Final Thoughts: This is not your average spank film. It's not intended for that audience at all. As I mentioned in the overview, this is porna. It's produced for women, using the latest scientific information available on what arouses a woman. It's soft, it's sensual, it's romantic. It's highly produced and superbly polished sexual cinema. This is the second title from this studio that I have reviewed and I really liked them both. My other review, Desire for Sex, garnered a rating of Watch On Demand and that is what this is going to receive also. Take note that rating is only given because of the lack of extras on the disc and to also alert you to the fact that there is plenty of porna available to you, if you are looking for it. It just seems to be easier to find online at the moment, than waiting for discs to trickle out one by one. While my rating is going to be watch on demand, you must understand that this is highly recommended viewing if you are looking for expertly shot erotica.

For those of you that want to seek out more beautiful scenes like this check out the following sites: www.sinfulxxx.com and www.dusk-tv.com. If you are a female (I believe that is a requirement) you can actually participate in a panel, anonymously, that helps to decide what Dusk TV shows! you can do that at www.duskpanel.com.

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