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My Girlfriend Fucks and Swallows!

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Steve Pulaski » Review Date: 2/1/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Content: 2.5/5 stars

Running Time: 1 hour, 19 minutes

Cast: Marina Angel, Emma Stoned, Gigi Rivera, Carla Cox, Amira Adara, and Angelica Lane.

Directed by: N/A

Genres: All Sex, Big Dick, Teen (18+)

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: "Shot in HD" so states the box. Audio and video quality are fairly standard, maybe even a bit substandard at times, especially during the second scene, featuring Emma Stoned.

Bonus Scenes: None

Extras: Photo gallery

Overview: Red Light District Video specializes in a unique middle ground of pornography, where part of their library wants to cater to fantasy, while the other wants to deliver a nonstop, concise "all sex" romp. While My Girlfriend Fucks and Swallows!, one of its first catalog releases of 2017, suffers from the inevitable problems of this formula, it nonetheless wins the hearts and hard-ons it does so naturally inspire.

Scene 1: Marina Angel and unnamed male performer

Marina is relaxing with her man, finishing the last of an ice cream cone when she begins her quest to find more cream. Of course, she figures out quite quickly that she'll be able to extract more cream from her boyfriend and immediately crouches down to suck his cock. She's quite vocal when she begins getting pounded, just two minutes in, as he inserts himself inside of her while she lies on her back. Her pussy hugs his dick while she smiles the whole time, biting her fist for a shivering effect.

She then flaunts her booty and manicured feet as she's hoisted on his lap, riding him with varying intensities and still not letting up on the moaning. Her back is soon arched for doggy style, then gets acrobatic shortly after. She amazing rests her back against the back of the couch - whilst on her side, balanced by her arm - as she simultaneously lifts her leg high in the air for her man. Her dangling navel piercing is the eye-catching centerpiece.

Our introductory scene seems to end before it even starts, as he blasts a fairly good sized load into her mouth, which she enjoys swirling for a few moments before swallowing. This is the structural formula for the disc that you must get used to; scenes start quickly and end quickly, cycling in and out an array of shots that leaves you dizzy if you can't keep up. 2.5/5 stars.

Scene 2: Emma Stoned and unnamed male performer

Porn-star Emma Stoned bears a serious schoolgirl look to her image, only influenced by the presence of a polka dot blouse and skimpy jean shorts her man digs into instantly. In response, she eagerly rushes into a more forceful blowjob than Marina, impressively deepthroating on the bed while retaining full eye-contact during a blink-and-you-miss-it POV session.

She eventually takes the lead during sex, dribbling her ass on the hard dick of her man with unceasing moans. "Lick your juices off of it," he instructs when she hops off only to slide back on just as quickly. This time, she shows us an unbridled look at her torso, flashing how capable she is when it comes to contorting her body. In traditional "face down, ass up" style, Emma is plowed doggy, and quick, lightning fast cuts heighten the endurance test style of this scene.

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Momentary kissing that comes with passionate displays of affection contrasts the wild fuck taking place on-screen, but it all concludes with a fast swallow that is followed by Emma adorably biting her lip. She then proves it's all gone, concluding a performance well done, despite some less-than-average videography at times and editing that's fast enough to give you the impression this is a highlight reel. 3/5 stars.

Scene 3: Gigi Rivera and unnamed male performer

Gigi Rivera gets started by servicing a long and fairly girthy cock, desperately looking to find out what her man's cum tastes like. During her slow, sensual suck, we see her perfectly round butt hidden behind a pair of pink and white polka dotted panties and a ruffled skirt, both of which disappear in a matter of moments.

Gigi does indeed keep her pink knee-highs, however, when she decides to ride him doggy style; a stuffed bear on the couch compliments the innocent decorum of the entire situation. Rapid cuts echo a hypnosis compilation that most of us have seen before, but Gigi makes the style work because she's always animated and full of energy. We get a diverse collection of angles, my personal favorite being an up close look at Gigi's progressively moistening pussy.

Another scorching moment comes during a low angle shot of Gigi's tush sliding down on her man's pole, his hands guiding her down his seismic shaft. It's as if they're training wheels for the delicate yet fearless Gigi. She's a brave woman, though as she grinds with no difficulty later on. A perfect, energetic performance is capped off with an unfortunately small load. Making the most of it, Gigi swallows and polishes the shaft off which she so tirelessly work. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 4: Carla Cox and unnamed male performer

Legs spread, allowing her pussy to breathe, all while bearing a devilish grin on her face, the blonde stunner Carla Cox wags her middle finger in an urgent, queen-like manner to command her man to enter and begin eating the goods.

She's happy to reciprocate soon after when her man drops his drawers to reveal a Shane Diesel-esque dick, downing his dick as much as she can before pulling back. She goes about halfway but her admirable effort should not be lost on the viewer, especially when he decides to go deep into her with flawless consistency. Carla is happy to take it, fighting for her right arm to have clearance to wrap around her leg and massage her clit. Doggystyle helps spread her out a little bit, wide enough to engulf his cock as she grabs a handful of her ass. She eyes the camera lustfully and happily.

In the home-stretch, she plants her ass on his dick with her back toward us. As she's slammed, her curly blonde locks flow majestically, and her hard work is rewarded when she jerks a load out of her man to stomach. 3/5 stars.

Scene 5: Amirah Adara and unnamed male performer

Amirah Adara is a lanky beauty, but her talents are unfortunately put to little use in a scene where Red Light District's style fails her. She's given far too little to do and far too little time to do it in. It all begins with an innocent make-out session for Amirah that turns into hand jobbing and clit-massaging. This prompts sexual bliss on Amirah's part, especially when her man takes over on her clit as she jerks his dick.

Heavenly acts continue as he enters her from the back after using his tongue to ease his entry. She's happy to grind on his shaft as he scoops her ass in his hands. Amirah is loud and proud, keeping her sexual rhythm alive even if her vocals become a bit deafening. To conclude things, she vigorously slurps down his cock as a load is blown on her tongue. He aids in helping her suck it up just to watch her swallow it all.

Amirah is a lovely lady, but this is a scene that feels more rushed than the rest solely because the editing and camera angles don't feel as calculated as they once did. There's a strange artificiality present that also works to separate it from the rest of the scenes in the collection. It was only a matter of time before this style worked to breed some contempt, I suppose. 2/5 stars.

Scene 6: Angelica Lane and unnamed male performer

Covergirl Angelica Lane closes out My Girlfriend Fucks and Swallows! at about the hour mark. She's all ready to suck dick but her man makes her wait a while; he would rather tease her pussy. When the moment of truth comes, Angelica's eyes bulge at the immensity and girth of her stud's girthy dick, even when she begins to enthusiastically suck. Sadly, it's a short blowjob as it descends into an extreme closeup of a now doubled over Angelica being rammed, pussy and penetration filling the screen.

Soon it's her ass filling out the screen, acting as a cushion during a rough and deep missionary round. The camera pleasantly steps back a bit to show Angelica's sexy style and shimmying slenderness overtakes her man. By reverse cowgirl, she's slippery wet and flushed with sexual bliss, her purple nails dancing all over her pretty pussy.

To end things, Angelica plays with herself a bit, in addition to laying flat on the couch for a few final thrusts, before swallowing a healthy load, making the most of every minute to conclude the disc.

Final Thoughts

As stated, there are inherent problems with the way Red Light District constructs and edits My Girlfriend Fucks and Swallows!. For one, there's no humanization of the performers whatsoever, just vague, or sometimes nonexistent, vessels for them to play prompting no acting challenge that isn't sexual. While this style is conducive to time-crunch masturbatory sessions or cut-and-dry pornography fans, it has trouble functioning in a world where people are paying more for DVDs or video-on-demand privileges whilst demanding more.

The scant bonus features and occasionally substandard videography echo a lot of the same issues I took with Swank Video's Cum Fuck My Juicy Twat 8. These were porn DVDs that flooded the market en masse over a decade ago, but the quality of this one in moments still means the style has a place. It's just difficult to recommend watching My Girlfriend Fucks and Swallows! in any format other than video-on-demand given the fact that such layered, higher quality porn exists. However, there is beauty, arousal, and value if you're willing to dig or embrace.


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