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Anal Police Stories

Studio: Other » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/3/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 34 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: Feature; Anal; European; Cosplay

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD, 16x9.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Nathan Blake

Cast: Featuring Julie Skyhigh with Kimber Delice, Nataly Gold, Yves Morgan, Eddy Blackone, Yanick Shaft, Kid Jamaica, Luke Hotrod

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Trailers; 


Director Nathan Blake presents murder, mystery and ass fucking in his rectal drama Anal Police Stories. The police always get their man, but in this flick, it’s a woman they’re after and they need to find her before she strikes again. This European flick features Julie Skyhigh along with Kimber Delice and Nataly Gold in 5 hot ass scenes of sexual intrigue. The detective team of Yannick Shaft, Kid Jamaica, Luke Hotrod, Eddy Blackone and Yves Morgan are hot on the case of an unexplained murder. They arrive on the scene, dust for fingerprints and collect evidence, but Kid has his eye on the maid who he fucks in uniform over the dining room table. With the killer on the loose, the detective team stakes out the local park at night, they see Kimber and interrogate her with their cocks in a 4-on-1 anal gangbang outdoors next to a busy highway. All the evidence points to Nataly Gold. Luke questions her then fucks her in the police station while Yannick watches over hidden video. Nataly confesses and Yannick tells Julie her husband’s murderer has been caught. Julie is so relieved that she hosts his big cock up her ass to thank him for all his hard detective work. I recommend this flick. It’s got hot anal sex combined with sexy European starlets and it’s set against a mystery that takes a full detective team to solve.

Scene 1:  Kimber Delice and Kid Jamaica

When the flick opens, police officers Luke Hotrod and Yannick Shaft are driving around and have stopped for their favorite snack. Luke gets out of the car to get it, but while he’s gone Yannick gets a call over the police radio about a murder. He hurries Luke back to the car and they drive off to the murder scene. When they arrive, Kid Jamaica is already on scene reviewing the crime scene and the bloody body on the floor. They are taking pictures and looking for fingerprints. Luke thinks there’s something strange about this whole murder scene and he remembers a young lady he met in the street previously. The lady was Nataly Gold. He stops her in the street and notices that she is carrying a lot of money. He asks her about the wads of cash she is carrying, but she takes care of his concern by sucking his cock in the parking lot. With a wet, sloppy blowjob, Luke forgets about the money Nataly is carrying. He notices a unique chain and pendent around her neck and takes a close look at it. That chain and pendent is the same one found at the crime scene. Luke takes it and leaves for the police station to do more investigation. Just then, Kimber Delice walks back into the apartment and the crime scene and she explains to Yannick and Kid that when she came in to clean the house, she found her boss dead on the floor. The guys have no more questions for her. Yannick leaves for the station but Kid stays around to do a few more things. He tells Kimber to do her cleaning job.

Kimber is wearing a short maid’s uniform and Kid can’t help but notice her as she cleans the house. He calls her over and tells her she is very beautiful. He invites her to have a seat at the dining room table and takes out his hard cock, telling her that it is very hot in here. Kimber puts his big dick in her mouth and starts sucking it. She has a greedy mouth and fills her throat with his dick, gagging and spitting all over it. Kid guides his cock down her throat, helping her deep throat his meat. He stands her up, putting her in standing doggy position with one knee up on the chair and he fucks her from behind, right over the crime scene. She moans as his cock spreads her tight pussy out from behind. After slamming her pussy, he sits on the couch and invites her to climb on top of his hard pole reverse cowgirl style. She hugs his cock with her warm pussy and bounces up and down on it, telling him to fuck her pussy. He spanks her ass while she rides him and she mumbles that it feels so good.

Kimber turns around into cowgirl position and continues to ride his tower. She looks back over her shoulder at the way his dick disappears in and out of her pussy. Kid pistol whips her ass with his gun, turning her cheeks red. Kimber lies on her back next and Kid stands and delivers his cock in and out of her wet pussy. He pulls out and beats her clit with his dick then goes back inside her hole, pounding it. Kimber does doggy next on her hands and knees on the floor as Kid pounds her pussy from behind letting his balls spank her clit. He pulls out and tells her to open her mouth and look at him, then she shoots his load in her mouth and on her face.

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Scene 2:  Kimber Delice, Kid Jamaica, Yannick Shaft, Eddy Blackone, Luke Hotrod

Yannick discovers that the fingerprints they found at the scene belong to Nataly Gold. They set up a perimeter and search the neighborhood on foot looking for her. Later that night, Yannick, Luke, Eddy and Kid meet in the park near the river, planning their next move in search of Nataly. Yannick thinks he sees her walking near the river and he yells after her to stop. She runs away, disappearing into the woods. The guys split up in search of her and Yannick and Kid find her but it’s not Nataly. It’s Kimber. The stop her and question her, searching her belongings. They find illegal drugs in her bag and threaten to take her in. Kimber begs them not to do that. Yannick and Kid decide to cut a deal with her. They take out their cocks instead of their handcuffs. Kimber kneels on the ground and starts sucking their big dicks. It’s a night so the guys hold a flashlight on her so they can see her suck their cocks. Kimber gasps for air as she swallows their meat.

Yannick tells her to stand up and show them her ass. He spanks her ass cheeks then bends her over in standing doggy position, ordering her to suck Kid’s cock while he fucks her from behind. Her pussy is so tight, Yannick has trouble penetrating her but he soon works his cock deep inside her hole, banging her from behind. It’s Kid’s turn to fuck her now. He slams her tight, wet pussy in standing doggy position just as Luke and Eddy walk up on the threesome. They waste no time taking out their cocks for Kimber. She sucks on Eddy’s cock now while Kid continues to stuff her pussy. The guys are in a round robin of fucking Kimber’s snatch. Eddy pumps her hole and Yannick stuffs her again followed by Luke. This detective team is probing deep inside Kimber’s cunt and she is enjoying it. The sound of cars going by on the nearby highway can be heard as Kimber goes for a reverse cowgirl ride on top of Yannick’s shaft. Her mouth is busy going from one cock to the next while she bounces on his meat. Kimber gets nasty, hosting a DP in the park with Yannick’s big cock in her ass hole and Kid’s dick in her pussy in reverse cowgirl position.

She is screaming louder than ever now as her holes are stretched to the limit. The guys to take takes with her DP and in her pussy and ass as she tells them it feels good. Kid moves her back to doggy on the ground, fucking her pussy from behind while Luke feeds her throat with his cock. Luke and Eddy fuck her ass hole doggystyle while she sucks Yannick and Kid then Yannick stretches her ass hole in standing doggy. He tells her she needs 2 cocks inside her again and they quickly put her in cowgirl position and DP her pussy and ass some more. Kid is in her ass hole and Yannick is in her pussy. After that round of DP, Kimber sits on the floor and prepares for 4 loads of cum. Kid is the first to pop in her mouth followed by Yannick and Luke then Eddy. Kimber has gotten a late night 4 on 1 fuck in the park but she still tells the officers that she doesn’t know where Nataly is.

Scene 3:  Nataly Gold and Luke Hotrod

In this scene, the police have found Nataly and they have her at the police station for questioning in the interrogation room. Luke begins the questioning while Yannick watches the whole thing on video. He asks her if she knows why she’s here today. Nataly remembers the blow job she gave him in the parking lot and says she’s there because he really like what she did to him. Luke gets nervous that Yannick heard her say that and he tells her not to discuss that. He asks her where she was yesterday. She says she was at her place all alone. Luke tells her they found her necklace at the crime scene and the fingerprints match her. Nataly asks if this means she is in trouble. He tells her yes. Nataly does the only thing she knows how to do best. She walks around the interrogation table and sits on the desk in front of Luke, pulls her dress up and rubs his cock. Luke can’t help himself. He bends her over in standing doggy positon across the table and fingers and eats her pussy from behind. Nataly moans in pleasure as Luck tongues her cunt. Yannick watches the action on the video screen and wonders what the fuck is going on.

After spank her ass, he sticks his dick in her pussy standing doggy style. Nataly lies her head on the desk and screams out in ecstasy as her pussy gets pounded by the officer. She hopes this hardcore fucking will get her out of any trouble she is in. Yannick can’t believe what he’s seeing as he watches these 2 fuck. Luke pulls his cock out of her pussy and sticks it in Nataly’s ass hole and fucks her from behind. His cock drills her rectum, stretching and spreading it. He sticks his dick back in her pussy and slams her hole then sits on the chair so she can ride his prick in reverse cowgirl position. Nataly bounces up and down on his cock then takes it from her pussy to her ass hole. He fingers her clit while she rides his pole. Nataly lies on her back on the table and Luke walks up and fucks her ass hole. Nataly screams loudly in the interrogation room and fingers her clit while Luke pumps her ass balls deep. Nataly has one leg up on his shoulder now while the fucking continues. Yannick starts jerking his cock while he watches. When Luke pulls out, Nataly kneels for face fucking, deep throating his prick and sucking it right out of her ass. She bends back over the table in standing doggy with one knee up on the desk and takes another round of hard drilling in the ass from behind. Luke pulls out and cums all over her ass cheeks. The 2 of them get dressed and he tells her to have a seat. He continues the interrogation and asks her to tell him what happened yesterday.

Scene 4:  Nataly Gold and Yves Morgan

Nataly continues to answer the interrogation questions from Luke. She explains that yesterday she went on a date with Yves Morgan. After they finished eating dinner, they went back to her place. They sit on the couch and enjoy a glass of wine when Nataly rubs Yves thighs and tells him he is very sexy. Before long, she is leaning over and sucking his cock. He pulls her hair behind her head and as she bobs up and down his shaft, deep throating his meat. She lubes his dick all over with her mouth then lies on her back and opens her legs wide for Yves to eat her pussy. Nataly closes her eyes and sucks her own finger as Yves sucks and licks her pussy all over. The feeling of his tongue moving back and forth across her clit drives her bananas.

Yves lies on top of her and fucks her missionary style on her couch, making her scream in pleasure. He slams her pussy hard, stretching it out and making her cream all over his big cock. Yves drills her pussy, slamming up against her body as his cock pumps in and out of her snatch. The pair fuck doggystyle next on the couch and they fuck just as hard as they did missionary style. Nataly’s pussy is being pummeled from behind. The anal romance is next and Nataly hosts his dick deep in her ass doggystyle. Her wet ass hole squirts as he stuffs it with cock. Nataly rides his dick cowgirl style now, taking it deep in her ass then she turns the tables and rides his cock in reverse cowgirl position, sending it further and further in her ass hole. She fingers her clit while he fucks her ass hole and she cums from the sensation. The ass drilling continues missionary style with no end in sight for Nataly who is in ecstasy. Eddy pulls out of her ass and shoots a huge load in her mouth and on her face. Nataly swallows his cum. She continues to explain to Luke that after fucking Yves, they got into an argument. He pushed her and she picked up a knife and stabbed him, killing him in his apartment. Luke tells her to wait in the interrogation room.

Scene 5: Julie Skyhigh and Yannick Shaft

In this last scene, Yannick meets with Yves’ wife Julie. He explains that they found her husband’s murderer, Nataly, and she has been arrested and will be punished. Julie is happy that they found her husband’s killer. She is grateful to Yannick and shows him how much she appreciates that her husband’s murder has been solved. She rubs his thigh and kisses him. Yannick returns the affection by opening her blouse and sucking her nipples. He soon takes out his big cock and she puts it in her mouth, licking and sucking it on the couch. She jerks it in and out of her mouth and keeps eyeing him while mouthing all over his prick. She strips down to her bra and panties and Yannick eats her pussy, pulling her panties aside to suck on her clit. Julie screams out as he twirls his tongue in and around her cunt.

With Julie lying on her back on the couch, Yannick opens her legs wide and penetrates her pussy, fucking it deep with his big cock. She fingers her clit at the same time, making herself cum while he fucks her. Julie sits on his big pole reverse cowgirl style and is surprised at how big his cock is inside her tight hole. He pumps her pussy and she cums again. Julie turns around to ride his long stick cowgirl style and she yells out for him to fuck her! She takes a hard pounding in her pussy doggystyle then deep in her ass hole. Yannick plows through her sphincter, stuffing her rooter with his cock. She takes more cock up the ass in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl style and begs him to fuck her ass harder. She hosts all of his dick in her tight ass hole, getting the full pleasure out of his prick. Yannick pulls out of her ass and shoots his load all over her butt cheeks.

Final Thoughts:

The police always get their man and in the movie Anal Police Stories, it’s a woman they’re after. The bad girls get busted and they also get their ass hole interrogated by dick detectives who are in search of a murderer. This European flick is directed by Nathan Blake and it features Julie Skyhigh along with Kimber Delice and Nataly Gold in 5 hot, anal scenes. Julie’s husband has been murdered and the detective team of Yannick Shaft, Kid Jamaica, Luke Hotrod, Eddy Blackone and Yves Morgan are in search of the elusive criminal. After collecting evidence at the crime scene, Kid fucks the victim’s maid in the ass in uniform and tries to get more information from her. It’s a dead end. Still in search of answers, the detectives stake out a park at night. They corner and question Kimber, fucking her up the ass and giving her an outdoor DP next to a busy highway. She finds herself in a 4-on-1 anal gangbang and hopes the detectives won’t detain her. Luke cracks the case and all the evidence points to Nataly Gold. He interrogates and stretches her rectum with his cock in the police station. Once he cums on her ass, she knows she’s facing jail time. Yannick tells Julie her husband’s killer has been caught, then he stuffs her tight ass hole with his long meat, making her cum. I recommend this flick. There is hot anal sex throughout, sexy European starlets and a great storyline.

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