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Chocolate Loving MILFs

Studio: Private » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/3/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 20 minutes        

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: All Sex; Interracial; MILF; European

Condoms:  No


Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Xavi Rocka and Pablo Ferrari

Cast: Soraya Rico, Dru Hermes, Catalya Mia, Julia Pink, Marina Beaulieu, Texas Patti, Antonio Black, Kookie Ryan

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers;


There’s a craving for chocolate that Private’s MILFs have and they binge on black cock in the flick Chocolate Loving MILFs. These cougars have not lost their appetite and they can’t be satisfied unless they get a big black cock to stretch their pussies and ass holes. Julia Pink is the featured starlet in this movie and when you see her scene, you’ll understand why. She happily hosts 3 guys in an interracial gangbang, fulfilling her BBC desires. This is the hottest scene in the flick but Julia’s insatiable nature isn’t the only one to watch. She is joined by Soraya Rico, Catalya Mia, Marina Beaulieu and Texas Patti. Each one of these chocolate craving MILFs brings their desires to life in scenes that are hot to watch. Texas Patti’s opening threesome with Antonio Black and Kookie Ryan shows she’s willing to do whatever it takes to land a deal, even if it means a hot black cock DP. Soraya gets her MILF ass hole pumped and stretched by Antonio and inked Catalya serves herself up on the table for Antonio’s prick. I recommend this MILF movie. It’s directed by Xavi Rocka and Pablo Ferrari. The scenes are shot in 4k HD and these MILFs all show they are a force to be reckoned with.

Scene 1:  Texas Patti, Kookie Ryan, and Antonio Black  


German-born Texas Patti is the first MILF up in this flick and she lands her big black cock in double play, fucking 2 guys. When the scene opens, she assures her husband, Antonio, that she will do everything in her power to secure the big contract they need. The doorbell rings and Kookie Ryan walks in. He is reviewing the contract and deciding whether he will move forward. That’s when Texas goes into action. She strips down to her bikini in front of Kookie and walks out to the pool area where she rubs sun tan lotion all over her body. She keeps her eye on Kookie and he can’t stop watching her. She eventually strips all the way down to nothing and her husband calls her back to the business table and tells her he needs her help with something. Texas is happy to do whatever it takes to close the deal. Kookie gets the picture and starts sucking her tits. She sits on a chair and both guys flank her with 2 big black cocks in her face. She begins jerking and sucking each one, starting with Kookie’s cock. She kneels on the floor to get a better handle on all the meat in her hands and starts deepthroating the guy’s poles. Her husband pushes her head into Kookie’s cock, helping her swallow all his meat. She is gagging and drooling now with loads of spit bubbling up out of her mouth on the guys’ pricks.

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She gets back on the chair in doggy position and gets fed cock at both ends. Kookie’s hard dick is choking her throat and her husband’s cock is slamming her pussy from behind. They spin her around in the chair so now Kookie is fucking her pussy doggy style and her husband is fucking her throat. The action is heating up now and Texas is having fun leaving trails of drool all over her husband’s dick. He spins her around again and sticks his spit covered cock back in her pussy and rams it from behind. Kookie squeezes her nostrils and fills her throat with his drill, making her gasp for her air. Texas gets her ass hole stretched next as her husband bangs her ass doggy style, getting her ready for what’s to come. The threesome move over to a bed where they get more comfortable. Texas gets back in doggy position and hosts the guys’ cocks from both ends again and soon screams when her ass hole becomes the dick target again. Her ass gets fucked balls deep then Texas turns up the volume with a DP in reverse cowgirl position. Her husband owns her ass hole while Kookie fucks her pussy, leaving Texas moaning in pleasure. She follows up with a cowgirl DP that sees both her holes get drilled just as deep. When she rides her husband’s cock in reverse cowgirl position, Kookie fingers her pussy and makes her squirt all over herself. Kookie fucks her throat and the cums in her mouth. Texas gets her pussy and ass hole spoon fucked then finishes her black cock adventure where she started, in doggy position taking it up the ass. Her husband pulls out and cums all over her ass hole. Texas did what it took to get Kookie to make the deal. In the end, he agrees to sign the contract.

Scene 2:  Soraya Rico and Antonio Black

Romanian MILF Soraya Rico is a bombshell brunette with a thing for big black cock but she has never experienced it before. That all changes today when she arranges an intimate session with Antonio Black. When he arrives, Soraya gets her fantasy moving right away, kissing him on the couch and taking off his shirt. She takes off her dress and is wearing a g-string. Antonio pulls that off her and fingers her pussy from behind before dropping his pants so Soraya can suck his dick. He tells her to go deep and she runs her lips further down his shaft. We get a POV look at this MILF in action as she sucks his cock. She bends over doggy style on the couch and moans in ecstasy as he fingers and eats her pretty pussy from behind. Soraya’s sense of pleasure rises further once he sticks his dick in her pussy and fucks her doggy style. She moans out for him to fuck her and fuck her hard. He slams deeper and deeper into her pussy, forcing her face into the cushion. Antonio takes his cock from her pussy to her ass hole and fucks it doggy style then he penetrates her pussy again, stuffing it full of cock.

Soraya sits on her black cock prize next, riding it cowgirl style up the ass. She climbs off and sucks his cock in ATM fashion then is soon sitting on it again reverse cowgirl style in her ass. After another ATM, Soraya goes back to what she loves, hosting his big dick in her ass hole in reverse cowgirl position. She rides him for as long as she can then lies on her back for missionary fucking up the ass. After getting her rectum stretched, she switches to standing doggy position for an even deeper anal adventure. Soraya’s anal romance doesn’t end until Antonio cums in her ass after pumping it missionary style. Soraya spreads her cream filled anus open, inviting him to stuff it with his cock again.

Scene 3:   Julia Pink, Kookie Ryan, Antonio Black and Dru Hermes

German MILF starlet Julia Pink enjoys a 3-on-1 interracial gangbang that includes a triple deep throat and long lasting DPs. The action all starts at the beach where Julia is topless and rubbing her body with sunblock. She sees the three guys walking down the beach and invites them over to rub the lotion on her body. One thing leads to another and she invites the 3 guys over to her house for some fun. She explains that she has never had 3 black guys before and it’s something she wants to experience. The guys are out to show her the time of her life and they begin by turning all her buttons on. One guy fingers her pussy, another eats her ass and another sucks on her tits. She squirts all over Antonio’s fingers, screaming oh yea and she cums! She is kneeling in the middle of a 3 cock ring and she starts making the rounds with her mouth, sucking each hard black cock. The guys thrust their dicks back to her tonsils until she spits up. Julia takes things into her own hands and has all 3 guys lie side by side in bed. She jerks and sucks each hard pole, working her way down the line, sucking their balls as well. She even eats their ass holes one by one as each guy lies on his back and lifts his legs in the air.

Julia is off to a nasty start, experiencing black cock for the first time in triple fashion and sticking their ass holes with her tongue. She is ready to fuck and bends over doggy style to takes Antonio’s cock from behind while she sucks Kookie and the other guy’s prick. Her pierced pussy gets stretched by Antonio’s pole and he chokes her with both hands while slamming her from behind. Dru penetrates her wet pussy doggy style then lies on top of her in a deep drilling missionary style fuck. Julia is in ecstasy and is fully surrounded by the black dick she has fantasized about so often. Kookie is up next, filling her pussy then Antonio takes over. This time he massages her ass hole with his prick. With her ass hole warmed up, Julia sits on Kookie’s stick reverse cowgirl style, feeling it deep inside her anal walls. The other guys stand over her, jerking off and fucking her throat until she turns up the heat and starts her first DP in reverse cowgirl position. The past gets faster and faster after this moment with the guys trading places in and out of her pussy over and over again in various positions. They do the same, using her ass hole as a target and drilling it until they pop. Antonio is the first to blow his load all over her ass hole after fucking it. Dru fucks her in sloppy seconds then cums on her stomach while Kookie cums in her mouth. Julia rubs the cum all over her body and enjoys the moment.

Scene 4:  Marina Beaulieu and Antonio Black

French MILF starlet Marina Beaulieu is as horny as they come and she is desperate for her first interracial experience. She gets dressed in front of Antonio, putting on her sexy stockings while he watches. He can’t help himself and he starts rubbing her ass and kissing her. He pulls up her skirts and rubs his fingers between her legs, squeezing her nice ass. Marina runs her hands all over his body as well and soon moves down to eat his meat. She puts his cock in her mouth and enjoys sucking it and jerking it back and forth. Antonio holds her head still while he thrusts his cock in her mouth, skull fucking her. She works herself up toward deep throating his cock, moving her lips slowly down his shaft. Once she spits up on his dick, he helps her to the bed and spreads her legs open to eat her pussy.

Marina moans in pleasure as he fingers her tight hole and licks her clit. Before she knows it, he’s stuffing her pink snatch with his big black cock, drilling her on her back with her leg up over his shoulder. She holds her other leg open so he can drill her pussy good. Her tight, wet box farts when he starts fucking it doggy style. Marina moans as she looks back at the way his cock stretches her hole. He stuffs his thumb in her ass hole while he fucks her pussy from behind, sending Marina to cloud 9. She sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position, riding him and pleasing herself at the same time. She tells him it feels so good. A long round of spoon fucking keeps her pussy stretched open and she rides his tool again cowgirl style this time, creaming all over his prick. Sexy MILF Marina cums after he drills far inside her cunt. She finishes him off orally, sucking his cock and balls until he shoots his load in her mouth. Marina keeps her mouth open as he thrusts his dick in there again, leaving her with a pool of cum on her tongue.

Scene 5: Catalya Mia and Antonio Black

Inked, French-born MILF Catalya explores her fantasy for dark meat with her cock subject Antonio Black. She serves him up a cup of coffee then starts rubbing his chest and kissing him. It doesn’t take long before she has unzipped his pants and is jerking his cock while he sucks her nipples. This horny MILF knows what she wants and it’s to have her pussy pummeled by this black stud. She starts her fantasy by sucking his dick, working it in and out of her mouth. His hard pole beckons for her mouth and she answers the call, lubing it with her spit. Catalya is a deep throat queen who doesn’t stop until her lips reach the bottom of his shaft.

Once he gets her out of her clothes, he bends her over the table in standing doggy position and eats her pussy from behind. Her cunt is double pierced and has 2 rings, intensifying her pleasure as he fingers her hole. She creams on his hand then positions herself in standing doggy position for a black cock intrusion. He fucks her wet, MILF hole, slamming her pussy and stuffing it full of hard cock. This makes Catalya scream out in pleasure as she gets the rough body slamming sex she has been craving. She serves herself up on the table by lying across it on her back and positioning her pussy over the edge. Antonio walks up and fucks her pussy, holding her leg up over his shoulder. Catalya closes her eyes in pleasure while he drills her snatch. Her pussy wraps his dick when she rides it reverse cowgirl style. Her black cock experience wraps up in standing doggy, leaving her pussy full stretched. She sucks him off in the end and takes his shoot load in her mouth and on her face.

Final Thoughts:

The 5 starlets in Private’s Chocolate Craving MILFs are a force to be reckoned with when they bring their insatiable pussies to a black cock party. These cougars can’t be satisfied unless every hole is stuffed and stretched by black cock, fulfilling their secret fantasies. Julia Pink stars in the movie and shows she can handle a 3-on-1 gangbang that leaves her pussy and ass hole creamed with cum. She takes a triple cock oral bang and nonstop anal and DP.  Soraya Rico, Catalya Mia, Marina Beaulieu and Texas Patti join her in their quest to quench their chocolate cravings. Texas Patti has a hot threesome that stretches her pussy and ass hole and lands her the deal she needs. I recommend this MILF movie. Xavi Rocka and Pablo Ferrari direct the scenes which are all shot in high-quality 4k HD.

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