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Honey Glazed Buns

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 2/4/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 4/5 stars

Running Time: 1 hour, 50 minutes

Cast: Katja Kassin, Megan Reece, Laurie Vargas, Sophie Dee, and Alex Sanders

Directed by: N/A

Genres: All Sex, Anal

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: No technical specifications to note, but audio and video are of fair quality (presumably HD, not 4K).

Bonus Scenes: None

Extras: Photo gallery

Overview: Jizz Center goes for broke with Honey Glazed Buns, the hopeful kickstart of a new franchise that merges porn stars with round asses getting coated with gobs of honey before enduring a sensual bout of anal sex.

Scene 1: Katja Kassin and Alex Sanders

Only two minutes into Jizz Center's Honey Glazed Buns and we discover the relevance of the title.The gorgeous Katja Kassin removes her fuzzy pink panties, showing off her ass as it's coated in gobs of thick honey. She twerks as it layers itself all over her, gliding down her long legs, seeping into her high heels, and forming a molasses-thick puddle below her feet. She uses the excess honey to grace over her succulent breasts and body before it's time for sex.

She's all clean for sex, however, but almost instantly makes us forget about what we just saw by honing her impressive deepthroat skills on Alex Sanders. "Your penis wants to go on a journey deep down my throat," Katja purrs as she swallows Alex whole, even showing off incredible prowess as Alex thrusts her head back and forth on his shaft. No matter whether she's on her knees, lying on her back, or getting Alex's hand in her ass, Katja can deepthroat under any given circumstance.

He predictably shifts into anal right after his exceptional blowjob, something she welcomes as she breaks her wrist with the vigorous motions she performs on her clit. She rests her head on a pillow and hoists her ass in the air, which results in the perfect view for cause we can see her twat proceed to get progressively more slippery.

Things take a turn for the unpredictable, however, when Alex leaves and returns with a foot-long, lubed up black dildo intended for Katja's ass as he gets another blowjob. Following that, he breaks out a white dildo of equal size so she can service both simultaneously, spitroasting herself between two heaping plastic monstrosities.

Katja eventually finds her way back to a rousing round of anal sex after ravaging her ass with dildos, and proves deepthroating is also not complicated even amidst a 69. Alex decides to make the cumshot rather interesting, giving it to her in her mouth and on her face as she lies upside down. Upon giving her a medium-sized load, he proceeds to dump a load of honey into her asshole, concluding an exhaustively hot cacophony of unconventional sex. 4/5 stars.

Scene 2: Megan Reece and Alex Sanders

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Megan Reece smiles wide as she drops her panties and awaits a honey-bath. Just as that thought enters the mind, loads of honey proceed to coat her round rump, her most obvious feature, in addition to her beautiful breasts and well-rounded figure. She lets her pussy drown in a puddle of honey as another heavy load is dumped into her mouth before she's clean and polished enough to polish Alex Sanders' dick.

Her blowjob technique is slow but passionate, leading into Alex rimming her ass quite seductively. Her soft, almost graceful moaning becomes her trademark throughout the scene until initial penetration becomes a bit more than she expected and she can help but let out a few more vocal affirmations. She cutely tickles herself as she's being anally serviced, in addition to keeping her ass and legs tightly together to accentuate perfect form for Alex, as well.

He eventually has Megan lie on her back to eye her as he penetrates her ass. We watch from her ass as a glob of spit on his dick falls down the cheeks of her ass in a subtle manner. He continues plowing away, making her spray the camera with her excess juices at one point, before prompting her to have her face down and her ass up so her pussy can be the target.

He concludes by painting her mouth and chin with cum. This scene effectively showcases some romantic vibes as Alex works on petting Megan's hair and easing her way into the various positions. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 3: Laurie Vargas and Alex Sanders

The voluptuous Laurie Vargas fingers her panties and jiggles her ass for the camera before spreading her cheeks to absorb the honey in its gooey glory. She makes an effort to take this time to bathe herself in it, massaging it into her breasts and hairy pussy, soaking it in as if it's a bubble bath. She subsequently reveals her blowjob technique to be sloppy and unrestrained, prompting an occasional deepthroat of Alex Sanders that would make the inexperienced gag. Not Laurie. She's too talented when it comes to this kind of work and her animated facial expressions add to her charisma.

This time, Alex surprisingly forgoes her round mound of ass to dive right into Laurie's furry pussy, to which she can't resist. Her moans are emphatic, especially when she gets her ass slapped in missionary, galloping her ass down Alex's cock. She enjoys basking in seductress-like mannerisms of eye-flirting and hair flipping while riding cowgirl until her ass is finally christened. She sticks it in the air for Alex to behold, he mouth ostensibly stuck in an O-shape after the fact as Alex doesn't hold back.

After making herself gag on Alex's dick after her anal-introduction, she lies on her back revealing her ass to him by hoisting it in the air. She's rammed into the couch, squealing and whimpering to Alex's delight, causing her to eventually bite the pillow and laugh at herself in the process. She almost can't hold back after she starts fingering herself, so much so that I was surprised she didn't squirt. He continues to go balls deep into her butt until he, at least, sprays gobs of cum all over her chin and mouth. She couldn't be happier and neither could the viewer after a dedicated romp like that. 4/5 stars.

Scene 4: Sophie Dee and Alex Sanders

Sophie Dee has always blurred the line between schoolgirl innocence and MILF-like appearance and experience. Here, she couldn't present the dichotomy better boasting a grown woman's body in juvenile black panties that read "FUKMORE." Those panties briefly disappear as Sophie's welcomed with warm honey, glistening as it glazes her boobs and buttocks so quickly. She can't stop smiling during the entire thing, even as copious amounts of honey overflow from her mouth to bathe her entire torso.

Furthermore, one of Sophie's most dazzling features has always been her eyes and she makes them pop in Honey Glazed Buns with pink eye shadow contrasted with emphasis on her deep-black eyelashes during her blowjob. Sophie represses giggles as she so wonderfully slurps until she climbs atop Alex and rests her pussy on his dick. She does a lethal combination of gyrating and jumping before he carries her to the couch to lie on her back, spreading her out and having her just as he wants her.

Sophie fights a grimace as she perches herself on her hips to allow Alex the privilege of anal sex. "You're gonna have to go a little slower in my butthole," she cutely tells Alex, to which he obliges, until Sophie begins throwing her round ass back onto him, forcing her face to fall from the couch to the floor at one point. She rubs her clit and tries to talk to him as she's stuffed, then shifts to lying on her back for more anal penetration. This turns out to be the position for her as she farts and squirts twice, the second time soaking the camera lens, in a matter of arousing seconds.

Alex concludes things by blasting a wonderful, sloppy load in her mouth, which she loves playing with until deciding to ask him for permission to swallow it. He's not a monster. Of course he lets her. 4/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Don't be surprised if you catch yourself breaking a sweat during Honey Glazed Buns, for there is a lot to take during this film in a fairly short amount of time. If this begins a new franchise for the underrated Jizz Center, I'm all for it, as the mixture of glistening, honey-soaked foreplay and unpredictable anal sex is a winner in my book. The only thing preventing this disc from a "highly recommended" - what I think the movie itself ultimately deserves - is the scant DVD itself, lacking any meaningful features outside of a photo gallery or any kind of behind the scenes content.

There's still enough here to warrant a purchase, however, whether it's because of Katja Kassin's no holds barring level of commitment to sex, the romantic edge to Megan Reece's scene, Laurie Vargas's animated, expressive personality, Sophie Dee's cross-platform, multi-layered appeal, or some wonderful combination of all of the above. The concept here is a big winner and the content runs its course without ever becoming too stale. Maybe next time, honey's role will be a bit more of a leading presence rather than simply a supporting player.

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