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Black & White 8

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/9/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 40 minutes

Date of Production:  2017


Genre: All Sex; Interracial; Big Cock

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Lena Paul, Kylie Page, Natasha Nice, Trillium, Jade Jantzen, Joss Lescaf, Prince Yahshua, Flash Brown

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Website Info


AVN’s 2017 Director of the Year, Greg Lansky, has distributed his latest installment in the Black & White series. Black & White 8 presents horny, young, white teens who crave big, black monster cocks in 4 scenes of hot interracial sex. Lansky, who also held the 2016 Director of the Year title, captures the highly erotic performances of Lena Paul, Kylie Page, Natasha Nice, Trillium and Jade Jantzen as they work themselves into ecstasy using the generous black pleasure poles of Joss Lescaf, Prince Yahshua and Flash Brown. Lena is the DVD cover girl and she fucks Joss in the opening scene that’s full of revenge sex. Lena soon realizes she has bitten off more than she can chew when Joss stuffs his hard, long cock deep inside her tight pussy. Kylie and Natasha perform in a fiery threesome with Prince, getting banged hard and playing cum swapping games with Prince’s load. Trillium rides Flash’s long dong and we get some hot close up shots of her tight pussy being stretched missionary style. Jade closes the flick, fucking her favorite driver, Flash, in a pussy slam that’s full of passion and on camera chemistry. I highly recommend this flick. It’s another high-quality depiction of hot interracial sex shot only the way Lansky can.

Scene 1:  Lena Paul and Joss Lescaf

Lena has been married for 2 years now but she is not happy. The worst part of this is that she found out that her husband has been cheating on her. She confronts him about it and he apologizes, but Lena isn’t buying it. She doesn’t think he is sincere and she knows he’s still cheating. Lean decides to get back at him because he needs to be punished for what he did. She meets Joss at the gym and she decides then and there that she’s going to fuck him. Joss is everything her husband is not. He’s strong, dominant and a real man. Lena is turned on by the way he carries himself. Lena invites him over for drinks and makes her move on him. Once she starts rubbing his thighs, Joss responds by kissing her and squeezing her tits. Lena has hatched her plan and is soon enjoying the feeling of Joss’ fingers inside her pussy. She leans back on the couch to take it all in while he makes her cunt wet. He tells her she is so sexy then he gets her to stand up and show him her body. He squeezes her big boobs together and she loves the feeling and that’s when he tells her he doesn’t have time for her dress. He rips it off her body and she pulls his pants off, jerking his big cock and telling him she can’t wait to fuck him. She needs him to turn her into a whore and fuck her better than her husband ever has. She knew she needed vengeance, but she didn’t know it would be this good. Lena gets on her knees and starts sucking his dick, telling him he tastes so good. Lena begs him to fuck her mouth with his giant prick.

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Joss holds her head in place and thrusts his cock deep down her throat. Lena gets comfortable with his black night stick, jerking it more and telling him she’s going to have so much fun with this cock. Lena leads him into her bedroom and tells him she wants his cock now. Before he fucks her pussy, he fucks her mouth again, inviting her to suck his balls first. He whispers to Lena that he’s going to fuck her slowly. His cock stretches her cheeks and makes her spit up. Lena blows bubbles all over his cock then hugs it with her big tits, squeezing his meat between her boobs. Lena lies back on the bed, opens her legs wide and screams as Joss licks her bushy pussy. He eats her snatch so much better than her husband is what she tells him. With Lena already on her back with her legs open, Joss sticks his cock deep inside her pussy. She starts creaming all over his meat right away. Joss prick is drilling Lena’s cunt and she is cumming already. She tells him to fuck her pussy! Pound her pussy please is what she says. Joss is lying on top of her and fucking her deep. The camera gets a close up on the pussy pumping action as his big black cock plunges to the depths of her wet pink pussy. Lean moans out in ecstasy, screaming to be fucked harder and harder. As soon as he rolls off of her, she grabs his cock and sucks it, swallowing her cream off it. When she takes his meat again, she rides it, watching it go deep inside her in reverse cowgirl position. Lena’s all natural boobs bounce up and down while she rides his dick. She turns around into cowgirl position, riding his prick slowly at first then picking up the pace, slamming her body up and down on his and wrapping his cock with her pussy. There’s a great shot of Lena’s ass bouncing up and down on his towering cock. She gets adventurous and tells him to fuck her doggystyle so she can send a video of it to her husband. Joss drills her cunt in downward doggy, sending his shaft to the bottom of her wet hole. She films her face in ecstasy and can’t wait until her husband sees the whole thing. She throws the phone down and says fuck her husband, then turns to Joss, telling him to fuck her. That command gets Joss pumping her pussy in quick time. She slams her cunt and spanks her ass, making Lena’s eyes roll back in her head. He pulls out and pops in her mouth and Lena swallows it all and sucks his dick. She thanks him for helping her get back at her husband. That’s when her husband gets the video message and says WTF!

Scene 2:  Kylie Page, Natasha Nice and Prince Yahshua

Kylie and Natasha are up for a spot in Prince’s new music video. There is only one spot left and both girls want it. Prince decides to interview Kylie first, leading her back to his bedroom. Natasha waits patiently at the pool but after a while she gets impatient. She takes matters into her own hands and walks up to Prince’s room to see what’s taking so long. When she gets there, she finds Prince lying on his back naked and Kylie sucking his cock. This doesn’t bother Natasha one bit because she is willing to do whatever it takes to get in that video. She walks into the room and joins the action, sucking Prince’s cock just as good as Kylie is. The girls are great at sharing his dick and encouraging the other to deep throat it. Natasha is the first to get wild and nasty with his cock, spitting all over it and gagging. Kylie helps push her head down on his meat, telling her to take it all the way to the back of her throat. The girls kiss each other, then go back to sharing Prince’s prick. It’s Kylie’s turn now and she stretches her throat his cock. Natasha starts titty fucking him next, squeezing her big round boobs around his pole. Kylie won’t be undone and she does the same with her tits.

It’s Natasha who rides him first, sitting on his prick in cowgirl position. Prince squeezes her ass cheeks while his dick spreads her pussy. Kylie gets involved, helping Natasha bounce up and down on his meat. Kylie spanks Natasha’s ass cheeks and tells Prince to keep fucking her just like that. Natasha moans in pleasure and hopes she is securing her spot in the video. When she climbs off his cock, Kylie sucks it, swallowing Natasha’s cream. The next round of cowgirl fucking in Natasha’s pussy makes her cum. Kylie licks his cock clean again and puts it back in Natasha’s wet hole and tells Prince to fuck her hard. The girls share sucking his cock again then Kylie goes for a ride on his hard pleasure pole, enjoying the feeling of Natasha squeezing her ass cheeks at the same time. She pulls his dick out of Kylie’s pussy and sucks it clean of her cream then sticks it back in Kylie and spanks her ass. Natasha sits her pussy on Prince’s face then kisses Kylie. Both girls are in deep pleasure from Prince’s cock and tongue. After sharing in the cock sucking bounty again, Kylie gets fucked missionary style and Natasha follows up with a deep doggy pounding. The girls get on their knees in doggy position near the edge of the bed for throat fucking and gagging on Prince’s cock then Kylie does more doggystyle fucking. When he pulls out, Natasha opens her mouth wide and gets a cum load on her tongue that she shares with Kylie. Natasha lets the jizz drain out of her mouth into Kylie’s and Kylie repeats the action. Prince smiles and tells the girls he has a feeling both of them will make the video.

Scene 3:  Trillium and Flash Brown

Trillium is such a great babysitter for Flash and his wife. He tells her as much and she is very grateful for the complement. He offers her money to pay for tickets to the big event she wants to go to this weekend. Trillium can’t afford it. She takes the money and thanks him. Flash tells her there is plenty more money where that came from and if she takes care of him he will always take care of her. He opens her blouse and squeezes both her big breasts. He asks her if she’s getting wet now. Trillium is getting wet and is turned on by the idea of fucking her boss’ big black cock. He takes her to the bedroom and tells her again that he’s going to take care of her if she takes care of him. She answers by saying, yes daddy. They make out in the bedroom and she tells him he has such a nice body. Flash orders her to her knees and puts his hard cock in her mouth. Trillium can’t believe how big his cock is. She tells him he has such a beautiful black cock while she sucks it, trying to deep throat it. She can’t make her way down his shaft all the way. As she tries, she drools and gags all over his dick. He tells her to do that one more time. She keeps on sucking his big dick now that he’s lying on the bed. She jerks it and keeps it in her mouth.

Trillium lies on her back and puts both legs up over Flash’s shoulders and watches his cock dive deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. She moans out, giving in to the pleasure of his thrusting. She fingers her clit and before she knows it, she’s cumming for her boss while he fucks her missionary style. They kiss passionately, then the fucking picks up pace again, with Flash’s dick disappearing deep in Trillium’s pussy. She takes control of her pleasure by riding his cock cowgirl style. She works her ass around and around on his big dick, feeling the pleasure of getting her pussy stretched to its limit. He spanks her ass cheeks then fucks her pussy like a piston, slamming his prick deep inside her and it has Trillium screaming out uncontrollably. She cums again and creams all over his hard, black pole. She tells him no one has ever fucked her like that. She enjoys his cock doggystyle next, hosting his meat in her hot, wet box until he’s ready to pop. She lies on her back and he cums directly in her mouth, giving her all the jizz she wants. Trillium sucks his cock and swallows his load. He reminds her that he will always take care of her.

Scene 4:  Jade Jantzen and Flash Brown

Jade loves her driver Flash. He is the best. He treats her like a lady and she tells him he is her favorite. Of all the drivers her dad has ever hired, Flash is the best. A few minutes after Flash drops her off at her house, Jade calls him and tells him there is a spider in her room and she is terrified. She wants him to come over and kill it for her. Flash gets over there right away and walks into her room. He asks her where the spider is but she tells him she can’t find it anymore but she needs him to help her with something else. She opens her legs, revealing her naked pussy. Flash knows right away that Jade wants to be a bad girl. He makes her promise not to tell her dad about this and he sticks his tongue in her tight pussy. He eats her cunt just like she hoped he would, making his tongue do loops and circles around her clit.

When he strips down for her, she tells him he has such a nice body. Flash gets back to tongue lashing her pussy and it sends Jade to cloud 9. Her pussy is dripping wet now and Jade is ready for his cock. She tells him she has masturbated so many times just thinking about his big dick. She gets on the ground on her knees and puts his hard dick in her mouth, sucking it and calling it big and beautiful. Jade is sucking her best driver’s dick and she can’t get enough of it in her mouth. Before long, Jade is telling him to keep fucking her harder and harder as he spreads her pussy open missionary style. Her cream is covering his cock and she is screaming out in ecstasy while he stretches her pussy. The camera zooms in close on her pussy as Flash’s cock drills balls deep in her hole. Her cream is everywhere and her moans tells just how much she is enjoying getting her pussy drilled. Jade turns to doggystyle fucking, begging him to keep his cock inside her. Before riding him cowgirl style, she sucks his prick, licking it clean of her pussy juices. Flash takes control and pummels her pussy from underneath, filling her all the way up. She climbs off to suck him off then gets back on her big dick ride, bouncing up and down in reverse cowgirl position. When he pulls out, Jade gets on her knees and waits for his cum. He shoots his load and she swallows and following up with more cock sucking, getting all his load.

Final Thoughts:

It’s hard to win AVN’s Director of the Year title for 2 years in a row and not put out high quality porn. Greg Lansky holds the title and he has produced another great depiction of hot interracial sex that’s a pleasure to watch in his flick Black & White 8. This movie showcases the highly erotic performances of Lena Paul, Kylie Page, Natasha Nice, Trillium and Jade Jantzen hosting big black cocks in their tight, wet pussies. These girls do everything from have hot revenge sex with black cock to an interracial threesome where both girls are vying for a spot in a music video. Lansky once again shows why his porn excites audiences with 4 scenes full of passion and on camera chemistry. The sex is hot and the camera angles, lighting and high quality production make these scenes bigger than life. The black cock masters are Joss Lescaf, Prince Yahshua and Flash Brown. Between these guys, there is enough meat to go around to satisfy our horny starlets. I highly recommend this flick. It’s another high-quality depiction of hot interracial sex shot only the way Lansky can.


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