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Anal Pros 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/17/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  4 hours 15 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Gonzo; Anal; Toys

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Mick Blue and Maestro Claudio

Cast: Lily LaBeau, Roxy Raye, Samantha Rone, Mona Wales

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers; Behind the Scenes with each starlet


Adult superstar Mick Blue has a three-peat under his belt having won AVN’s Male Performer of the Year in 2015, 2016 and 2017. He has tons of other accolades to his name for the past several years. The 40-year-old has been in the biz for 17 years and has a huge collection of flicks to show for it. Since forming his company Bam Visions, Mick has been directing hot anal flicks for Evil Angel that are a pleasure to watch. He always gets the girls who are admitted anal whores who want nothing more than a balls deep round of fucking deep in the rooter. Mick does that in his second installment in the Anal Pros series starring Lily LaBeau, Roxy Raye, Samantha Rone and Mona Wales. This flick is over 4 hours with each scene coming in at just over an hour. That’s a lot of time for Mick to explore each girls rectum using huge dildos, big butt plugs, and his cock. All 4 starlets are extreme anal gaping queens who love the action in the backdoor. That’s what makes them cum. Each scene begins with a short interview and tease from each girl that quickly turns to an hour of ass reaming and creaming. I recommend this flick. Mick matches his studly piston pumping action with 4 starlets who won’t be satisfied until their anal caverns are blown out and their throats are coated in cum.

Scene 1:  Roxy Raye and Mick Blue

When Roxy opens her scene she is proud to show off her new tits. Her boobs are 34 triple D and she tells Mick that she likes everything big. She has on what she calls a ballerina outfit. It’s see through and that makes it easy to see her nipples through them. Mick tells her to keep her boobs in for now because he wants to spray her with oil. Once he covers her boobs in oil, the see-through outfit she has on sticks to them and makes them even sexier. Mick doesn’t stop there with the oil. He sprays it all over her ass cheeks and watches it drain down her legs. Roxy shakes her ass for the camera and rubs the oil into her skin. She turns around and around, showing us her sexy body. Mick calls her Roxy Raye mega butt! She walks back and forth with her oily ass cheeks and squeezes her tits together as she walks closer to Mick. Her pussy is peaking out of her clothes. Roxy says it’s wet already and wants to say hello. She wants Mick to fuck her pussy and ass today. She says her pussy would feel jealous if it didn’t get fucked today. She pulls her bikini aside and shows us her pink pussy. Roxy gets on all fours and shakes her ass for the camera, putting her ass high in the air. She turns to Mick and tells him it’s time to go inside and fuck. Once inside, she gets naked and bends over doggystyle on the couch. Mick eats her ass hole, tonguing it and tickling it while he fingers her pussy. Roxy is enjoying the moment and his tongue. Mick tells her he’s going to make love to her tiny butthole. Roxy reminds him that she likes it nice and deep in her ass.

He decides to put his cock in her pussy first, penetrating her slowly from behind. She starts creaming on his cock right away as it slides in and out of her wet hole. He starts thrusting faster and deeper inside her and she tells him to fuck her pussy! Mick holds on to her ass cheeks while he fucks her cunt. She orders him to fuck her harder and she can’t wait until he fucks her ass hole too. She turns around and sucks on his cock, swallowing her pussy cream while she deep throats his shaft. The throat fucking has left her drooling. Mick fucks her tits next as Roxy squeezes them around his cock. His sticks his dick back down her throat then has her get on her hands and knees again. It’s time for anal play and Roxy is excited already. He pours all over her ass hole then stuffs it with a butt plug. She loves the feeling of it, especially when he fingers her pussy at the same time. They both agree that it’s time to stuff something bigger in her ass hole. Mick fills her rectum with a long ribbed dildo that makes her ass hole fart. He DPs her with 2 dildos, one in her ass hole and the other in her pussy then he sticks his cock in her pussy for a double vag. Roxy giggles, saying anything goes!

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Mick pulls out and sticks his prick in her ass hole while she lies on her side. He bangs her butt while she stuffs her pussy with the dildo. Her DP is continuing and it’s making her cum now that Mick is fucking her deep in her ass hole. She begs to takes his cock right out of her ass and Mick feeds it to her. Roxy rides his cock reverse cowgirl style and we watch the whole thing from Mick’s POV. She gets back on all fours on the floor and squeezes her tits together as Mick drills her gaping ass hole doggystyle. He ass felches again and again while his cock moves in and out of it. She tells him her ass hole is talking to him and she wants him to fuck all that air out of her ass. He stuffs huge anal balls back in her ass, causing a huge gape. He pulls the balls out and immediately fills her hole with his cock again in doggy position. Roxy feeds on his cock in ass to mouth fashion then she feeds on Mick’s ass hole, tonguing and licking it when he lies on his back. She enjoys the taste of it. There is an extreme close up of Roxy’s tongue deep in Mick’s ass hole. She titty fucks him then gets fucked up the ass in reverse cowgirl position and spoon style until Mick quickly pulls out and fucks her mouth, filling it with spunk. Roxy swallows and smiles then sucks on his cock some more, telling him it tastes so good. She thanks him for putting his cock in her butt.

Scene 2:  Lily LaBeau and Mick Blue

When we meet Lily, she is sitting on the couch being interviewed by Mick. She says she has known Mick for at least 6 years now. Mick reminds her that the 2 of them have had a lot of sex over the years and they’ve known each other longer than most marriages last. Lily took a whole year off from the porn biz and now she’s back today to have anal sex. She likes anal sex and describes it as a totally different sensation than getting her pussy fucked. She loves being fucked in the ass because it teases her pussy at the same time. She stands up for the camera and shows off her legs. Mick thinks she has the most amazing legs than most girls in the industry. Lily starts her tease by walking for Mick, showing off her legs and ass for him. He encourages her in her tease, telling her she is so sexy with the way she walks and rubs her body. Lily sits on the edge of the table, opens her legs and starts fingering her pussy, promising to make herself cum right now for Mick. She moans that she wants to get fucked so bad. Lily cums from all that playing in her pussy then she starts a slow strip show for Mick, bending over in standing doggy position, exposing her pink pussy then turning around and squeezing her tits together, pinching her nipples. Lily has a little bush on her pussy and Mick rubs his fingers through it while she tells him how much she missed his cock. He gives her the cock she has been missing, thrusting it down her throat. Lily grabs hold of it and sucks it, drooling all over it while looking up at him. His cock is so far down her throat, it’s making her eyes well up. She spits on his dick, lubing it up while she jerks and sucks it.

We get a hot POV look at Lily eating Mick’s meat. She enjoys having his cock in her mouth and continues to make a sloppy mess all over his dick. She promises to try her very hardest to make him cum and she can’t wait to feel it explode in her throat. She sits on the floor and fingers herself until she cums again, then she gets in doggy position on the couch where Mick starts drilling her pussy from behind. He spanks her ass cheeks and she moans, telling him he’s fucking her so good. Mick’s cock is thrusting all the way inside her tight, pink pussy and it’s covered in cream from Lily’s box. The doggy slam is making Lily cum again and her eyes roll back in her head while she enjoys getting her pussy stretched. She tells him to open her pussy up more. She wants to be fucked! Once Mick pulls out, Lily spends more time sucking his dick, lubing it up again before sitting on it cowgirl style. She bounces up and down on his cock, hugging it with her tight pussy. Following her pussy slam, Lily lies on her back for some anal playtime. Mick begins by stuffing her ass hole with a buttplug that makes Lily’s hole felch. She spreads her ass cheek wide, enjoying the feeling of the plug. Her ass hole is talkative, felching each time he puts the plug inside her. Her hole is starting to gape, especially when he stuffs it with a large dildo. Lily’s ass hole is ready for Mick’s cock now. She opens it even wider with her fingers as Mick aims for her hole and penetrates it with his hard cock. Her ass hole is being stretched now as Mick drills deep inside her. He fucks her rectum harder and faster then begins fingering her pussy at the same time.

We get a close-up view of Lily’s ass hole as Mick’s cock disappears deep inside it. He pumps her sphincter balls deep while she fingers her clit. Lily is in ecstasy now, telling Mick to keep fucking her ass hole just like that. She does a greedy ass to mouth then sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position. We watch the action from Mick’s POV as her hole gets a deep banging. More reverse cowgirl anal banging leads to doggy up the ass with Lily on her hands and knees. The camera work stays close to Lily’s hole as Mick’s dick does the work.  Spoon fucking up the ass leads to more cock sucking. Lily turns up the heat by licking Mick’s ass hole and sucking his balls while he lies on his back. A final round of cocksucking gives Lily the cum load she has wanted when Mick shoots in her mouth. She squeezes his cock, working out all his jizz, then swallows and thanks him for the load.

Scene 3:   Mona Wales and Mick Blue

Mona is a sexy bombshell and she walks up in tight leather pants and a see-through bra. This is her first time working for Bam Visions and she is excited to be here. She knows how to tease and works her body around and around in her tight pants. She tells Mick to dip his dick inside her and make her moan and cum. That’s when she unzips her pants and starts fingering her pussy. The camera zooms in close on her clit while Mona asks Mick if he wants to taste her delicious juice. Mona turns around and bends over, showing her beautiful ass peeking out from the slit in her leather pants. She stays on her knees and Mick puts his hard cock in her mouth. We want the blowjob action from Mick’s POV. Mona tells him his cock is like candy to her and it’s a treat for her pleasure. She squeezes his balls tight and continues to suck his dick. Mona crawls her way over to the couch and plays with her pussy some more, fingering it and giggling while she seduces Mick. She foot-fucks his dick then enjoys a round of anal playtime with a butt plug wedged in her ass hole. She fingers her clit at the same time and cums.

Mona sits on Mick’s dick in cowgirl position. She rides his pole, using it for her pleasure deep inside her pussy. She lies on her back next for missionary style drilling, encouraging Mick to fuck her real good. He chokes her while he pumps her pussy, making her groan in pleasure. He eats her pussy then turns his attention to her ass hole, fucking it in spoon position. Mona gets on all fours and enjoys a glass buttplug deep in her ass hole. Mick pushes it inside her slowly and gets it all the way in there. He spanks her ass hard while she fingers her pussy until she cums. He pulls the huge plug out of her rectum slowly then inserts his cock inside her. It’s time to fuck her ass hole again. Mick penetrates her ass doggystyle and we get a full on view from behind as Mick’s balls slap against her tight gaping ass hole. She takes a double anal next, hosting Mick’s cock and a dildo in her ass hole at the same time. That double anal turns into double penetration with the dildo in her ass and Mick’s dick in her pussy. Mona is beside herself in pleasure. Ass to mouth is followed by reverse cowgirl up her bum then spoon fucking in the ass. The hard and fast drilling makes her cum again. Mick lies on his back and Mona buries her face in his ass hole, licking his hole and sucking his cock and balls. She jerks his dick, keeping her mouth open until he pops on her tongue. She swallows and sucks his cock and tells him how much she loved this experience.

Scene 4:  Samantha Rone and Mick Blue

Samantha is pretty in pink. When she turns around in her tight, latex dress she reveals a huge cut out showing her nice, round ass. Samantha talks about what she likes about getting fucked in her ass hole. The whole thing turns her on. She turns around and teases the camera with her tight ass hole. Mick zooms in close on her cheeks and Samantha fingers her ass hole and licks her fingers. Mick can’t resist her ass and he eats her hole from behind when she bends over. Samantha changes into something even sexier, revealing her bushy pussy. She pleasures herself by fingering her pussy then stuffing a big dildo in it. Mick wastes no time attacking her pussy. He eats it and tongues her ass hole then sticks a butt plug in there. He works the plug in slowly, making her eyes roll back into her head until the whole plug is in her ass. With her ass hole warmed up, Samantha gets on her knees and sucks Mick’s cock. We watch the action from Mick’s POV and Samantha keeps her eyes pinned on him while she eats his meat. Samantha has worked up so much spit on his cock, she blows bubbles with it. Mick fucks her face then eats her pussy again. Samantha cums when he stuffs her ass hole with a buttplug and fingers her pussy at the same time. Her body shakes when she cums. She goes even deeper into ecstasy when Mick eats her wet, creamy pussy right after she cums for him.

The anal play continues with more toys being pushed deep inside Samantha’s ass hole followed by Mick’s cock doggystyle. She holds her ass cheeks open while Mick splits her hole with his cock. He spanks her and drills her ass hole some more until she grabs hold of his cock and puts it in her mouth for a round of ass to mouth. He stuffs her rectum with more cock in missionary position and as Samantha fingers her pussy, she cums again. He eats her wet pussy then fucks it and her ass hole in spoon position. Samantha screams in total sexual submission. She takes her turn licking Mick’s ass hole and sucking his balls followed by riding his cock cowgirl style from Mick’s POV. She climbs off and jerks and sucks his cock until he cums on her face, making her smile. She puts his cock in her mouth and sucks all the cum off it then swallows.

Final Thoughts:

What do you get when you mix AVN’s three-peat winner of Male Performer of the Year in 2015, 2016 and 2017 with 4 gaping starlets who are longing for an anal exploration deep inside their rectal caverns? One hot flick is what you get and that’s what Mick Blue’s Anal Pros 2 is all about. This flick is the second installment in the series from Mick under his Bam Visions production company for Evil Angel. This mega sphincter adventure features Mick Blue stuffing and analyzing each starlet’s ass hole for over 4 hours. The insatiable starlets are Lily LaBeau, Roxy Raye, Samantha Rone and Mona Wales and they turn their tight asses into hungry, felching holes begging for Mick’s hard dick. Each girl opens her scene with a short interview and hot solo tease. Some of them even finger themselves until they cum just thinking about the anal action that’s about to happen. I recommend this movie. The girls are horny, sexy cock queens who are aching for anal stimulation. Their holes are hosts for butt plugs, huge dildos and Mick’s cock in hour after hour of hot, deep anal plunging. Each girl gets a load of cum as a reward in the end for an incredible hour of explosive anal sex.


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