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Lesbian Psychodramas 24

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/22/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Lesbian, Psychodrama, Continuing Series

Directors: Unknown



Cast: Chanel Preston, Violet Starr, Vanessa Veracruz, Veruca James, Romi Rain, Scarlett Sage, Mercedes Carrera

Length: 2 hours 59 minutes

Date of Release: January 31, 2017

Extras: 25 minutes of trailers

Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Decent. Dialog is clear, and that's good because there is a ton of it. The camera moves a bit more than I'd like it to, and the picture was a bit soft.

Overview: This is apparently episode four of an ongoing tale. While I loved Volume 23 of Lesbian Psychodramas; apparently I missed episodes 1-3 of this particular tale which was last seen in Volume 22 from what I can tell from the prelude at the beginning of this disc. Let me be frank about this storyline: the title credits call it "Drama to the Highest Degree: Messed Up". That is putting it mildly. This is an extremely fucked up tale. Imagine if Eli Roth, Rob Zombie, Joss Whedon, and Rod Serling all sat down over drinks one night to write a lesbian psychodrama series...yeah, it would not approach this level of twistedness, I don't think. Don't get me wrong, that comparison isn't really fair. There's no time warps, demons, or chainsaws involved in this tale, but it gives you a good idea of the level of weirdness that's going on in this storyline.

Unlike my usual stance on spoilers, this review WILL CONTAIN STORYLINE SPOILERS, so that you know just what you're getting into.

The complicated story, twisted as it may be, is shot and acted like a soap opera to a degree. After the long backstory plays out, Chanel Preston manages to put the moves on Violet Starr. Violet plays Vanessa's sister (more on that later), who wears leg braces due to a congenital disability.

Scene 1. Chanel Preston, Violet Starr

Chanel & Violet

Industry darling Chanel has seduced industry newcomer, Violet, and is showing her the joys of lesbian sex. Violet is limited in what she can do due to leg braces, but Chanel is intent on getting her pussy licked by the pretty, young thing. Along the way, she fingers and tongues Violet expertly; actually using features on Violet's leg braces to prop her legs into an accommodating position.

Chanel & Violet

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Our two lovely ladies both sport some hair down there, proving that bush is definitely making a comeback, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. The performances are good here, although there are some continuity and editing quirks you may notice if you are following the story line. Chanel is as pretty as they come, and looks great leaned back against the headboard while Violet works her pussy much better than someone who up until 10 minutes ago was supposedly unwise in the ways of woman loving. They maintain good eye contact, and good chemistry all the way through the scene.

Scene 2. Vanessa Veracruz, Veruca James

Veruca is interviewing for a postion as a housekeeper for Chanel and her fiance Vanessa (on her way to becoming and now known as Valentino in the storyline). Once her position in the household, and Valentino's ministry, is secured; she puts the moves on Valentino.

Veruca James

Full disclosure: I picked this disc up just because Veruca was in it, and I've loved her acting since seeing her in Deception. She reinforced my admiration of those skills here as she deftly manipulates Valentino into having sex with her.

Veruca and Vanessa

Watching these two critically acclaimed actresses go at it on the mattress is hot and steamy. Veruca is in love with the fact that Valentino surprisingly has lady parts, rather than the cock she was expecting, and that just makes her want her even more and the two go for a good, long romp.

Scene 3. Romi Rain, Scarlett Sage

Romi and Scarlett

Romi and Scarlett are discussing their complicated con job, which involves Valentino's congregation and baby, while Romi douches on the toilet using an enema bag. Yes, you read that right. Once Romi's all cleaned up inside and out she joins her lover in the bedroom and they get busy. This is another scene that features a critically acclaimed actress paired with an industry newcomer. Scarlett might be new, but she looks damn good while dominating Romi. Speaking of Romi, she is sporting some scarily long and sharp fingernails for a lesbian scene, but she's very careful with them while touching Scarlett and herself.

Romi and Scarlett

These two just go at each other. It's an energy-filled fuck session. There's nothing soft and frilly, it's hard rubbing, licking and tribbing. Scarlett's nipples are hard as a rock atop her pert titties as she sits on Romi's beautiful face, thrusting her hips wildly.

Scene 4. Mercedes Carrera, Violet Starr

Mercedes & Violet

Mercedes is performing therapy on Violet's legs and they are discussing Violet's troubles in dating and getting accustomed to her new environment. There's a long sub-scene involving other people talking to Violet about her troubles, before the pair are alone again and Mercedes expresses her willingness to help Violet with her sexual frustration. She does that by removing Violet's diaper and putting her in a pretty corset for starters. As the two lie next to each other in matching lingerie, Mercedes gives her compliments and encouragement while rubbing lotion on Violet. They talk about what Violet can feel below her waist, and where, as they do some soft kissing.

Mercedes & Violet

The brunettes look lovely together as they explore one another's bodies. Mercedes seems to enjoy feeling Violet's wetness, exploring her deeply with her fingers. After some tongue time, she breaks out a dildo with a pump; warning Violet that this might break her hymen. Violet seems to enjoy getting her hole stretched as Mercedes pumps the fake cock up inside of her. Once she's nice and stretched, Mercedes moves on to fucking her with a strap-on. She may not actually have a dick, but she knows how to use one! After a good fuck, they share some tongue time in a 69 and some post-coital cuddles.

Cover vs. Content: I didn't really scrutinize the cover until after finishing this disc. Once I did, I noticed that it actually does elude to the weirdness that lies within. Turn over the cover and the back reveals even more information about what you will find inside.

Final Thoughts: Whew. Where to begin? This disc has been in my player for like 3 days now. I tried to watch it about 7 times before I got all the way through it. I was going to write about 3 sentences in this review telling you to skip it, but I figured I'd give you the whole low-down so you can decide for yourself. In this house, we are media junkies and we watch everything from animation to hardcore sex to absolutely terrifyingly bad horror flicks. I'm here to let you know that even if you skip the preamble to this story and jump right to the first sex scene, you'll be asking yourself "what the fuck did I just get myself into?". Each chapter starts that way, so if you use the chapter menu you can't just jump to the hotties getting it on.

While I've seen other discs in this series which also involved odd storylines, somehow I missed this ongoing saga. The title of the story is absolutely correct: it is messed up! It's a tale of overcoming disabilities intertwined with complex sub-plots of deception and manipulation. Everyone here has a problem, or agenda, which will continue in further episodes of this series. If you are following this series, then I apologize for the spoilers above. If you aren't following the storyline, then be aware that you may not want to get involved at this point in the saga. There's some quality performances on this disc, and I won't be surprised if there are award nominations for some due to this content, but if you are just looking for hot and steamy lesbian sex from these girls, look elsewhere. Many viewers will want to Skip This, others may be intrigued and want to watch this On Demand. If you are in the latter camp, you should probably figure out where episode 1 begins and start there. Keep in mind that this 4th episode is 3 hours long!

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