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Anal Beauty 6

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 3/17/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: 18+ Teens; All Sex; Anal

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Adriana Chechik with Jaye Summers, Angel Smalls, JoJo Kiss, Joseline Kelly, Jean Val Jean, Christian Clay, Mick Blue

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap


Anal Beauty 6 is a DVD full of award winners. The Anal Beauty series won AVN’s 2017 award for Best Anal Series, Greg Lansky is AVN’s and XBIZ’s 2017 Director of the Year, featured starlet Adriana Chechik is AVN’s 2017 Female Performer of the Year and Mick Blue is AVN’s 2017 Male Performer of the Year. That’s a lot of awards packed into one adult DVD. With all these accolades, you would expect Anal Beauty 6 to be damn good. It is! Lansky uses the best of the best in this hardcore anal flick and the anal cavity searches in each scene are a turn on to watch. Adriana Chechik is the featured cover girl and she doesn’t disappoint in her rectum opener in the first scene with Christian Clay. Lansky captures the mood, the heat and the intensity of Adriana’s sexual fantasy of fucking her masseur, making for one hot scene. Adriana is joined by Jaye Summers, Angel Smalls, JoJo Kiss, and Joseline Kelly in 4 scenes of fast pumping, anal drilling action. Mick Blue goes deep in JoJo and Joseline’s sphincters and Jean Val Jean makes Jaye Summers and Angel Smalls’ ass holes gape, leaving one of them dripping in creampie. I highly recommend Anal Beauty 6. It’s a winner.

Scene 1:  Adriana Chechik and Christian Clay

In this scene, Adriana talks about her recent marriage to a very generous man. She lives in an amazing house and her husband gives her whatever she wants, but she is not happy. He’s gone all the time on business and he’s never there for her. Whenever he leaves town, Adriana gets a massage from Christian. He comes to the house and massages her then leaves. Adriana is developing a crush on him. After every massage session, she masturbates, thinking about him. Following one session, she talks a bath and fingers herself until she cums. Adriana is getting tired of always taking care of herself sexually. She needs more than that. The next time she has a massage, she plans to do something different with Christian. She gets herself ready for her nude massages and lies on the bench on her stomach while Christian oils her body all over. He starts on her back and works his hands all the way down her body to her legs, oiling her completely. She turns over on her back and he oils her legs, getting closer and closer to her pussy. Adriana knows that there is so much sexual tension between the 2 of them that when his hands start gliding around her inner thighs, she removes the towel, revealing her pussy to him. She sits up and looks at him and tells him not to be shy.

Christian isn’t shy at all. He fingers her pussy then tongues it, giving Adriana the kind of attention she has missed from her husband. His tonguing and attention get more intense and so does Adriana’s moaning. She turns over on her stomach and he licks her ass hole then pours oil all over it. With her hole lubed, he stuffs 2 fingers deep in her ass then in her pussy. He plays with her ass hole for a while, spreading it open with his fingers and telling her to relax so her ass hole gapes. He stuffs his tongue deep inside it again before feeding his dick to her. Adriana sucks his cock while lying on the bench and says she didn’t know he had such a big cock. It’s not long before she is making a sloppy mess all over his cock, drooling and gagging while she sucks it. He fucks her throat, making her gag even more. She gets in 69 position on top of him and lubes his dick and balls all over then sits on it cowgirl style. She rides his meat but Christian soon takes control, banging her pussy and stretching it out. She tells him she wants his big fucking cock in her ass and she sits on it in reverse cowgirl position, taking his dick all the way inside her hole. She climbs off and sucks his dick in hot ass to mouth then sits on it again and repeats. With her ass hole fully stretched, she changes position, getting into doggy and telling him to take it nice as slow as his dick drills deep in her rectum. Christian’s cock pumping her ass hole is making her cum. He slams her hole balls deep and Adriana begs him to make her ass hole gape and stay open. She follows her doggy style sex with ass to mouth cock sucking then is on her back again with her legs back behind her legs while Christian’s pole plows through her sphincter. He pumps her harder and faster until he’s ready to pop. She screams give me that fucking cum and that’s when Christian pulls out and blows his load all over her tongue. Adriana swallows then sucks his cock some more, working out any remaining jizz. He tells her she is so nasty.

Scene 2:  Jaye Summers and Jean Val Jean

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Jaye moved to San Diego with her mom after her latest divorce. She loves it here. She is in college studying journalism. The only trouble she’s having is she is not finding a boyfriend. But her mom isn’t having any trouble at all finding men. Her latest boyfriend, Jean, is a hot French guy and Jaye can’t take her eyes off him. One day when her mom leaves Jaye and Jean home alone, Jaye tells him to fuck her or else she’s going to tell her mom that she saw Jean with another woman. Jaye is so stressed, she tells Jean she needs to be fucked. With the threat looming over his head, Jean decides to fuck Jaye. They start kissing passionately in the kitchen and Jaye is getting relaxed already. Jaye promises she won’t tell her mom anything as the 2 of them go to Jaye’s bedroom. They continue to kiss until Jaye starts stripping Jean out of his clothes. She finds a hard dick hiding in his pants. She jerks it while he sucks her tits and kisses her all over her neck and chest. It’s Jaye’s turn to get naked and Jean helps her out of her clothes and continues French kissing her. Jaye never releases his cock from her hand, jerking and squeezing it while they make out.

She giggles and tells him she wants to suck his cock now. Jean obliges, lying on his back and watching her lick her lips all over his shaft. He tells her he’s going to fuck her and he wants her to keep sucking his dick. She works his cock in and out of her mouth, licking his balls when she gets to the bottom of his shaft. She wonders if her mom sucks his cock as good as she does. Jean tells her no, she is so much better at it. When Jean stands up and starts fucking her open mouth, that’s when she starts gagging and spitting up on herself. He makes her show him her tongue so he can beat it with his dick. She likes the way his cock feels on her tongue and she tries to get it further and further down her throat. Jaye is ready to be fucked and she starts off by sitting on his cock in cowgirl position. Jean squeezes her ass cheeks while she bounces up and down and he tells her to take his big fucking dick in her pussy. It feels so good to Jaye. As the action speeds, he starts spanking her ass cheeks while he stretches her tight pussy. His cock is drilling her hole and filling her up. She closes her eyes and screams out, right there! Right there! She climbs off his cock and tastes her pussy off it then turns around in reverse cowgirl position and gets her rectum examined by Jean’s dick. He spreads her legs open wide with her feet high up in the air and stretches her sphincter. Jaye fingers her clit and mumbles out how much she loves it. Jaye’s rose red ass hole is gaping and waiting for more of Jean’s dick. She does ass to mouth cock sucking and gets on all fours to the pleasure of Jean’s tongue deep in her ass hole. His cock follows his tongue and spreads her ass hole more in doggy position. She can’t believe how much he’s stretching her ass hole. Jean pumps her rooter until his balls slam against it and juices flow from it. She fingers her clit and closes her eyes in pleasure. Jaye is overwhelmed by the feeling and cums.

Jean turns her over onto her back and tongue fucks her pussy and ass hole, leaving Jaye begging him to fuck her ass hole some more. He opens it up again with his prick, driving it as deep as it can go into her anal cavity. It feels so good to Jaye, she tells him to bring a friend next time so she can feel 2 cocks fuck her. Jaye’s ass hole gapes again and again. Jean turns her on her side in spoon position and drills her ass hole until he loads it with cum. She tells him his load is so warm as his jizz spills out down her ass cheeks. She wants to taste his cum so bad, she runs her fingers through it and licks them. She smiles and tells him her mom is so lucky to have him.

Scene 3:   Angel Smalls and Jean Val Jean


Angel has been babysitting for single dad Jean. Angel has developed a crush on him over time but she is too shy to tell him. Instead, she decides to show him how she feels by taking sexy pictures of herself and leaving them for him to find. She puts the pictures in an envelope, kisses it to seal it closed then leaves it on his bed.  Waiting for him to come home drives her crazy. Jean finally arrives and asks her how the day went. She says everything went just fine. Jean goes upstairs to get her payment and he finds the pictures on his bed. He looks through them as Angel walks into the room and he asks her if the pictures are for him. She says yes. Jean picks her up and kisses her, asking her if this what she wants. Angel says yes and she is whisked into a round of passionate kissing on the bed. Before she knows it, they’re both naked and kissing and she is squeezing and jerking his cock. He leads her over the edge of the bed to the floor where she kneels and sucks his dick. Angel keeps her pretty brown eyes peeled on Jean while she moves his cock in and out of her mouth, hugging it with her lips.

Jean tells her to keep her mouth open so he can fuck it. He thrusts his cock to the back of her throat, making her gag. Angel shows him how much she loves sucking his dick, doing it just the way he wants it. She sits on his balls and sucks them then licks his dick all over.

Angel sits on his cock cowgirl style and rides it slowly, wrapping his shaft in her pussy. She bounces up and down on it faster and faster then Jean squeezes her ass cheeks and pumps her snatch. He spanks her ass and slams her hole, making her yell out fuck me! After tasting her own pussy off his cock, she gets her rectum stretched in reverse cowgirl position. Angel sits on his cock and smiles as she grinds her body up and down, hosting his cock deep in her ass. Jean fucks her ass reverse cowgirl style until she creams all over his cock, then he fucks her doggy style. Angel bends over on her hands and knees and closes her eyes as Jean’s dick opens her ass hole. His cock is drilling her gaping ass and she tells him she loves the way it's stretching her out. Jean licks her ass hole in a hot ass eating session, then he pumps her ass some more while she lies on her back. She tells him to keep shoving his cock deep in her hole. He spoon fucks her ass then pulls out and shoots cum all over her face. Jean sucks his cock and wipes his cum out of her eyes.

Scene 4:  JoJo Kiss, Joseline Kelly, and Mick Blue

JoJo and Joseline are failing their German class and they’re failing hard. It’s the last class they need to graduate and they should have been taking it more seriously. They’re so deep in the hole, they have to come up with another way to pass. They convince their teacher, Mick, to give them some extra credit assignments. They bring them over to his house and set their plan in motion. Mick greets them at the door and reviews their assignments. Surprisingly, everything looks great. He tells them he’ll see them in class on Monday. Before they leave, they ask if they can use his bathroom. He shows them the way then he sits on the couch. When JoJo and Joseline come back out of the bathroom, they are dressed in sexy lingerie. They sit on both sides of him, rub his thighs and tell him they are willing to do anything to pass his class. The rumor about their teacher being a perv is true and he doesn’t turn down their offer. The girls take his hard cock out of his pants and kneel on both sides of him to share sucking his cock. They each suck his cock for a while then pass it over to the next girl, keeping it lubed up with spit. Eventually, they tackle his dick together with JoJo swallowing his meat and Joseline going in right after. They convince him to get more comfortable and strip out of his clothes so they can eat more of his meat. Joseline sucks his balls then his cock and watches as Joseline does the same.

The girls tell their professor he’s so dirty. He tells them if they want to pass his class they will have to show him some appreciate. They know what he means and tell him they just want to be good girls for him. After stroking, jerking and spitting up on his cock, the girls take things to the next level by fucking him. JoJo sits on his hard dick cowgirl style while Joseline licks JoJo’s ass hole. Mick fills JoJo’s pussy, thrusting his cock all the way in. The next set up is hot. The girls get into 69 position with JoJo on bottom and Joseline on top. Mick walks up behind Joseline and fucks her pussy doggy style, letting his balls smack into JoJo’s face with every thrust of his cock. He pulls his dick out of Joseline’s pussy and puts it in JoJo’s mouth. She thanks him for letting her taste Joseline’s pussy off his dick. Joseline is cumming from Mick’s hard and fast stretching of her pussy. JoJo is the first to host his dick up her ass. She takes it lying down on her back with her legs spread wide open. Mick drills her ass hole while Joseline licks her pussy. Joseline won’t be left out of the action and she takes his cock the same way. JoJo begs him to put his cock in her ass again. This time in doggy position. Joseline spreads JoJo’s ass hole open and watches as Mick penetrates JoJo’s rectum. She tells JoJo, you can take it! You can take it! JoJo tells Mick his cock is so big and she has never had anything like this in her ass before. The girls do ass to mouth cock sucking then Joseline sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl position, taking his pole up her ass hole. She screams out as Mick annihilates her pussy with his tool. JoJo fingers Joseline’s clit while Mick’s dick is in Joseline’s ass and it makes Joseline cum. JoJo tells him he’s so good to them and they don’t deserve his hard cock. That’s when Mick pulls out and gives the girls what they want, a big load of cum in their mouths. They thank him as they cum swap and kiss each other and talk about how good their professor’s cum tastes. He tells them they passed the class after all.

Final Thoughts:

Chock full of award winners, it’s hard for Anal Beauty 6 not to be a winner itself. This series won AVN’s 2017 best anal series and its director, Greg Lansky, is AVN’s 2017 Director of the Year. Add to that AVN’s 2017 male and female performers of the year, Mick Blue and Adriana Chechik, and you’ve got a power-packed DVD featuring some sizzling, ass pounding anal sex. I highly recommend Anal Beauty 6. Adriana doesn’t disappoint in her opening scene with Christian Clay, the masseur she has fantasized about. After oiling and massaging her boy, he stretches and massages her ass hole with his big, hard cock. Her anal drilling is so good Adriana forgets about her traveling husband who is never around to satisfy her. JoJo Kiss and Joseline Kelly have the flick’s only threesome with Mick Blue in a scene that has the girls sharing Mick’s long dong. Jaye Summers and Angel Smalls get a plumbing up the ass from Jean Val Jean in 2 hot scenes. Anal Beauty 6 is a flick to watch.  

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