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Sins Life: Sex Tour Round 1

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 3/19/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Content: 4/5 stars

Running Time: 3 hours, 20 minutes

Cast: Johnny Sins, Kissa Sins, Katrina Jade, Adriana Chechik, Sydney Cole, Pocket Sins, and Cadence Lux

Directed by: Johnny Sins and Kiss Sins

Genres: All Sex, Gonzo, POV, Squirting

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Presumably 4K video as crisp, fluid visuals define this entire disc, while audio is only really odd and a tad echo-ridden during Adriana Chechik’s scene, where everything sounds like it was recorded in a fish-bowl (likely a result of poor mixing).

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Photo gallery and cumshot recap

Overview: Sins Life: Sex Tour Round 1 takes us inside the evidently open doors of Johnny and Kissa Sins’ debaucherous sex life. Through four lengthy, sweat-soaked scenes, we are shown unscripted and explicitly detailed threeways and five-ways that work to illustrate some of the most erotic and unadulterated mainstream pornography I’ve seen in quite some time.

Scene 1: Katrina Jade, Kissa Sins, and Johnny Sins

Kissa Sins and Katrina Jade are both giggling like schoolgirls as they crawl on their knees over to Johnny Sins, who is sitting on the couch in only his boxers. The two use teamwork – a recurring theme in this scene – to pull down his shorts and recklessly handle his dick as they take turns deepthroating it, one’s mouth scarcely leaving his cock, however. Krissa’s eyes are noticeably pronounced, with a lot of eyeliner, making them her most eyecatching feature amongst many, but both of the ladies’ fellatio skills get us off on the right foot. The musclebound Johnny fingers his wife and her friend with no problem whatsoever.

Katrina is the first to climb onto Johnny’s spit-covered dick with Kissa holding the handheld camera that will show us every dirty, intimate detail. Katrina then has her role shifted to eating pussy while Johnny rides her from behind. Kissa can’t help but cackle as her husband plows her into the couch, choking her and giving her everything he has. Meanwhile, Katrina goes nuts when she’s fucked in the same position, this time with Kissa’s hands intermittently digging into her moistening pussy. Katrina later has a chance to get her payback, spreading Kissa’s mouth as wide as it can go so she can swallow Johnny’s dick like it’s nothing.

Eventually, Johnny is basically nudged out of the picture, with Kissa and Katrina so absorbed in cunnilingus and making out with one another they wind up scissoring as if both of their ids have taken over their bodies. When Johnny’s finally welcomed back with a blowjob, he relaxes with a "no worries" attitude as the two women do their things. "You gotta fuck her," Kissa tells him shortly after sucking. "I want him to fuck you," Katrina demands, causing the girls to break out in laughter once again.

Johnny is a skilled swordsman, however, giving both ladies fair treatment, humping Kissa into the couch before spooning Katrina in similar fashion. With some aggressive fingering, Katrina even makes Kissa quirt and ocean all over their couch, dampening the pillows for the rest of the threesome.

The home-stretch features the two ladies 69ing, with Johnny coming over to fuck Kissa while Katrina gets a close and personal view of the penetration, all while eating Kissa out in a smorgasbord of sexual satisfaction. Kissa is good for one final squirt and manhandling fuck as Johnny and Katrina tag team her. Kissa then sits normally on the couch, her legs spread, while Katrina climbs on top of her lay, both exposing their pussies for Johnny to use one at a time. They howl and moan as Johnny pulls off a laudable trick and creampies them both.

Upon cleaning one another up, Kissa and Katrina share an intimate moment of cuddling in the fetal position, refusing to let one another go. Self-consciousness comes out in Katrina, who takes a look at herself after she gets ahold of her cell-phone and proclaims how she can’t understand how Kissa could look at her in her current state. These are the intimate and raw moments we crave in a DVD like Sins Life: Sex Tour Round 1, and we get them throughout this scene and not just in the final moments of a truly great opener. 4/5 stars.

Scene 2: Adriana Chechik, Kissa Sins, and Johnny Sins

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It’s Adriana Chechik’s birthday and there’s seldom a thing better than birthday sex, especially birthday sex that begins with her Frenching Kissa, leading into cunnilingus ever-so-naturally. Kissa gets a mouthful of Adriana’s clit until Adriana fills her own mouth with Kissa’s foot, toes and all. Adriana’s vocal banter and personality come into play almost immediately, reminding us in mere minutes why her place as one of the most popular starlets today is well-deserved. Whether she’s working in a feature film like Color Blind or a spontaneity-centered release like this, she’s electric as she commands every scene she’s in.

Adriana’s dictation comes initially in the form of coaching Kissa on how to best suck Johnny’s cock, despite Kissa clearly needing no help when it comes to deepthroating (many could use her tips, for I’d bet she has quite a few). The two can hardly stay focused on Johnny, however, because they are too busy kissing and spitting one another, absorbing their own sweat and juices. "You’re not breathing until I bust a nut all over this little pussy," Adriana screams at Kissa as she chokes and scissors her.

Let me remind you that, at this point, the sex hasn’t begun. Just eight minutes of cunnilingus, fingering, blowjobs, choking, flirting, kissing, spitting, gagging, and a barrage of sex-related humor (nose/nasal-play is a recurring theme, peculiarly so).

Johnny finally enters Adriana while she lies on her back and both of the ladies go wild with Kissa quick to stick a finger in Adriana’s butt. Adriana creates a great system of licking Kissa’s vagina in a 69 before and after Johnny slides in, eventually making the daring move to plug Kissa up with two fingers in her pussy while Johnny fucks it and puts one of his fingers in her ass. The scene results in a cornucopia of sweaty, screaming, potentially orgasmic fun.

Another memorable moment in a sex of many is when Kissa rides cowgirl, with Adriana masturbating over Johnny’s head. Adriana works up quite a river of fluid over the course of the scene until the dam busts all over Johnny’s face, drowning him and the camera as it focuses on her crotch. This is the perfect moment to talk about how expertly the POV camera is handled, be it by Johnny, Kissa, or whoever the guest is during the scene. It’s a risky inclusion that winds up working wonders due to the professionalism and prowess of the two directors.

When it’s time for Johnny’s cum to escape, Adriana is disappointed her head isn’t by Kissa’s pussy, where Johnny decides to plant his load. As a result, and with no warning, Adriana goes down to her friend’s pussy and snorts the cum without a straw, a hilarious and wildly unexpected scenario. The “after party,” so to speak, with Kissa and Adriana talking on the bed and recounting their favorite parts of the sex, turns out to be just as good as the sex we just witnessed. These conversations, not to mention these moments, are the kind of things that you really realize probably should’ve been private, but thanks to the exhibitionism of both Johnny and Kissa, they’ve come to light in a near-perfect scene. 4.5/5 stars.


Scene 3: Syndey Cole, Pocket Sins, Kissa Sins, and Johnny Sins

This time around, the three sultry ladies of the scene – Kissa Sins, Pocket Sins, and Sydney Cole – leave no time for foreplay, taking Johnny’s jeans off almost instantly after the scene begins and sucking his dick. Syndey, who is said to be so sex-deprived, not having sex in two weeks, initially takes on the head of Johnny’s penis while Kissa and Pocket work in conjunction to service to opposite sides of his shaft. He challenges them to pass his dick to each of their mouths without the use of their hands: they succeed, Kissa swallowing it upon contact, Sydney deepthroating it in gulps, and Pocket taking about half of it, complimenting her petite stature.

The ladies proceed to lube Sydney’s holes, giving her the first chance at penetration being she’s been so deprived. "Make her feel good," Kissa purrs to Johnny, as if he needs to be told, treating her first go-ahead in days with a great doggystyle. Pocket disappears and reappears with a long red dildo to keep herself occupied by her friends’ side, eventually getting her’s when Sydney taps out. Meanwhile, Kissa gets the royal treatment as she’s rammed on her back while the ladies rub her clit.

Kissa returns to Johnny’s cock when Sydney’s second run finishes, twerking all over Johnny’s lap and proceeding to messily squirt, giving the girls something to clean up in the meantime. Pocket is thrilled when she’s offered the opportunity to have Johnny titfuck her breasts, cupping them around his cock while the other two join in to make a beautiful sandwich of sex.

Pocket is then hoisted in the air, fucked as she overlooks the city in Johnny and Kissa’s Los Angeles-based loft, with Kissa going as far as to rim Johnny while he does it. Kissa allows Syndey a space in the action, which she responds by deepthroating Johnny in his wife’s absence. Johnny receives applause shortly after setting Pocket down, commending him for his unbelievable strength and dedication.

The girls end things by stacking themselves on top of one another, Kissa on the bottom, Pocket on the top, making an attractive tower of asses resting atop each other. Johnny is given the tall order to fuck one of them and masturbate the other two. His work is uncanny, and with Kissa’s advice, Johnny uses his sought-after load to creampie Syndey. Kissa slurps it out of her friend’s vagina and selflessly shares it with Pocket to conclude a ribald five-way for the ages. 4.5/5 stars.


Scene 4: Cadence Lux, Kissa Sins, and Johnny Sins

The final scene of Sins Life: Sex Tour Round 1 goes in a different, kinkier direction. Things start with Cadence walking into the Sins’ Las Vegas hotel-room only to be apprehended by a naked Johnny, who handcuffs and gags her. He throws her into the bed with the equally bound, gagged, fishnet-clad Kissa and he begins going to town on Cadence. Cadence winds up getting fucked as she’s silenced by the ball-gag in her mouth, save for a few moans escaping. Johnny then makes his way to Kissa, who lies, like Cadence, on her stomach, plowing her harder and faster than her friend.

Upon carrying them both over to a chair, so Johnny can get his blowjob, the two are ungagged and unbound, free to put on a sexy show of a sloppy and physical blowjob. Cadence and Kissa can’t keep their hands off of one another as much as Johnny’s cock, the two lathering their faces and chests with spit and grool. Rough vaginal fingering and cunnilingus prompts a beautiful, iridescent squirt-shower from Cadence, who proves she just needs a little bit to get a lot going.

Johnny moves things forward by fucking Kissa while the two ladies 69, the result predictably being rough and arousing. Cadence goes on to ride Johnny cowgirl, her ass being the focal point of the screen as Kissa’s handheld camera captures her gyrations over her husband’s lap. Despite these sex scenes being a good deal of fun, it’s awesome watching both Cadence and Kissa fight over Johnny’s dick. It echoes the playfulness and general messiness of Adriana’s scene, just with a lot less vocal personality.

Kissa rides Johnny while Cadence proceeds to smother him with her clit, but squirting is what finally gets all Cadence’s clit-play to finally pay off, soaking both her friend’s husband and their bed with her juices. This is followed by a two minute break, the three getting water to rehydrate while laughing about the unbelievable sex that’s taking place.

Kissa returns to lie down on the bed, exposing her crotch for Johnny to rail while Cadence taunts them both with choking and slapping. Johnny regains control during the final minutes as he takes a final turn on both of them before blasting his cum all over Cadence’s face, Kissa quickly swooping in for cleanup and swap-duty. It’s an ending that, despite being part of a lesser scene due to the positions and concept not being up to par due in part to its scripted feel, almost makes you have to sigh and catch your breath. 3.5/5 stars.


Final Thoughts

Sins Life: Sex Tour Round 1 is a sweaty, nasty, breakneck affair, forcing the private into the public as the sex lives of Johnny and Kissa Sins become entertainment and pornographic fodder for the masses. This is material, however, that’s so briskly paced, wonderfully shot, and organically spontaneous that it warrants its existence simply by how great its concept sounds. Thankfully, the Sins’ deliver with four compelling scenes unfazed by the fact that they are all over fifty minutes in length and feature a diverse array of positions, most of which thoughtfully incorporated.

Known personalities like Adriana Chechik and Katrina Jade spice up scenes with their own sexual energy, but the constants in Johnny and Kissa prove more than worthy to serve as the glue for this anthology. Johnny has a natural charisma to him, while Kissa is always outgoing and enthusiastic for her man and her girlfriends. Finally, seeing how well-shot and edited everything manages to be as clear as anything shot statically or with a handful of stationary cameras. Johnny and Kissa assure, even with their fun handheld camera, they are always getting the best, most arousing footage.

Sins Life: Sex Tour Round 1 is presumably the first of several "rounds," and in that case, I’ll happily watch Johnny and Kissa on their continued conquest, not only for terrific, rowdy sex, but also blurring the lines between an amateur and professional pornographic aesthetic.

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