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Natural Beauties 3

Studio: Vixen » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 3/19/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 56 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: 18+ Teen; All Sex

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in 4K Ultra HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Eva Lovia with Carter Cruise, Kimmy Granger, Violet Starr, Jean Val Jean, Xander Corvus, Johnny Sins

Bonus Scenes: No


Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap;


 Buxom brunette Eva Lovia stars in award-winning director Greg Lansky’s latest edition of Natural Beauties and she is a natural beauty with her perky nipples and big, beautiful ass. In Natural Beauties 3, we enjoy watching Eva and her costars Carter Cruise, Kimmy Granger and Violet Starr in scene after scene of sizzling, steamy sex and I highly recommend this movie. In all starts when Eva, a celebrity stylist, shows her favorite client, Jean Val Jean, a rack of clothes. She has wanted to fuck him for so long, the sexual tension is palpable. She concocts a plan to get rid of his assistant and fuck him before the assistant returns. The chemistry between these 2 is hot to watch with the scene climaxing in a dripping creampie. Kimmy Granger has an intense and frisky round of fucking with Jean Val Jean, a waiter at the hotel where Kimmy and her parents are vacationing. After a long, boring summer, Kimmy releases all her tension on Jean’s dick, even fucking him on the balcony just over her unsuspecting parents. A hot standing cowgirl fuck lands Kimmy in the facial cum blast she has wanted for months. Violet Starr and Xander Corvus uncover a secret taboo passion the 2 have for each other ever since their parents got married. Violet sets out to help her stepbrother, Xander, overcome his awkwardness with girls but she ends up cumming on command by Xander’s big cock and things will never be the same between these 2 again. Carter Cruise has what has to be the most sexually intense and pleasurable scene of this flick when she fucks her boss, Johnny Sins. The chemistry between these 2 is amazing and she is having so much fun, her pussy and body turn crimson red as Johnny’s cock thrust deep inside her. That is definitely a scene you’ll want to watch again. Natural Beauties 3 has 4 unique scenes featuring intense sex shot in highly stylized, high-quality scenes that are sure to please.

Scene 1:  Eva Lovia and Jean Val Jean

South Carolina born Eva Lovia graces the cover of Natural Beauties 3 and she is quite the beauty. The gorgeous brunette who identifies as American, Japanese and Spanish, has an incredible round ass. At 5’3”, 114 pounds and with 32D boobs, she heats up the screen in this opening scene. At the start of the scene, she talks about the difficulties of being a celebrity stylist as she brushes her hair in front of the bathroom mirror. Carrying 10 trunks of clothes around town isn’t easy but today is special and she has been looking forward to it for a long time. This is the day she gets to dress Jean Val Jean. She has a total crush on him and is dying to have one moment alone with him but he has an assistant who acts like a jealous girlfriend. The assistant is always getting in the way. As Eva shows Jean the clothes she has picked out for him, his assistant interrupts, saying that she doesn’t like anything and Eva needs to wrap up because Jean is short on time. Eva has her eyes set on Jean and she’s not going to let his assistant ruin her opportunity. She convinces Jean to send his assistant 25 minutes away for coffee from one of the best restaurants in L.A. Once his assistant leaves, Eva starts undressing Jean and tells him she has waited so long to be alone with him. They kiss passionately for a long time until she asks him to show her his bedroom. The 2 pick up the action back in the room with an incredible view.

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Eva rubs her hand across his cock, making it hard then she starts jerking it off as the kissing continues. She works her way to her knees and starts sucking Jean’s cock. He calls her such a dirty girl just as she covers his pole in spit, making for a sloppy, messy blow job. Eva sucks his balls, telling him they taste so good. She is sexy with her glasses on, sucking his cock and teasing him. She grinds her as on his dick causing Jean to say he wants to fuck her pussy so bad, but Eva tells him to fuck her mouth first. She lies near the edge of the bed and opens her mouth wide as Jean thrust his dick down her throat, making her drool and gag. Jean returns the oral favor by eating her ass and pussy from behind doggystyle. She lies on the bed in a downward doggy enjoying Jean’s wet tongue on her pussy. She turns over missionary style and gets more tongue lashing from Jean who quickly penetrates her pussy with his prick. Eva fingers her clit while Jean’s cock dives deep inside her. She moans out telling him it feels so fucking good and keep doing it nice and hard just like that. They get into an intense rhythm that soon makes Eva cum with her legs up over his shoulders. Jean continues to drill her pussy. There are great close up shots of Eva’s pussy getting fucked. With her pussy stretched out, she gets in doggy position and gets it power slammed, especially when she lies in a downward doggy. Jean destroy her snatch in piston pumping fashion. A passionate cowgirl ride on Jean’s dick leaves Eva with a creampie that pours out of her pussy when he pulls his cock out. She kisses him then climbs off and sucks his cock some more and giggles while telling him they finally got rid of his assistant.

Scene 2:  Kimmy Granger and Jean Val Jean

School is only a week away and Kimmy can’t believe she’s saying this, but she can’t wait to go back. This whole summer has been a complete bust for her. Her parents have taken her on great trips but it’s only been them all summer, nobody else. She is over the whole thing and can’t wait to get back to school. That’s when Kimmy’s waiter, Jean, walked up to bring a drink. Kimmy pulls off her shades to get a good look at him. She thinks he’s gorgeous and she wonders where the fuck he’s been all summer. Kimmy gives him her room number when her parents weren’t looking and she runs off to the room to meet him. Jean walks in, picks her up, lies her on the bed and kisses her with excitement. He worries that Kimmy’s parents might walk in. She tells him not to worry about it because her parents are out by the pool. With the green light, Jean pulls her bikini top off and kisses her tits, then kisses his way down to her pussy, pulls her bikini bottom aside and starts eating her snatch. He thrusts his pointed tongue in and out of Kimmy’s wet pussy and she tells him she needed this so fucking bad. She doesn’t want him to stop. The feeling of Jean’s tongue makes Kimmy’s eyes roll to the back of her head. She crawls up, pulls his pants down and tells him she’s going to suck his cock so fucking good. Kimmy blows bubbles all over the head of his dick then runs her lips up and down his shaft, telling him she’s not going to take her mouth off his cock this whole time. She makes for a messy cock-crazed babe, drooling all over his tool and she can’t wait to tell all her friends about his dick.

Kimmy has waited all summer for this moment and Jean helps her make up for lost time with his hard and fast thrusting deep inside her pussy in reverse cowgirl position. Kimmy is cumming again and she loves watching his dick go in and out of her pussy. She fingers her clit while his cock drills her hole and squeezes his cock out as she cums again. Her eyes are at the back of her head again in pure pleasure. She climbs off, sucks his dick then rides it cowgirl style, getting just as much sensation as before. Her pussy is stretched and Kimmy is happy. She cums all over his cock again, gripping the pillow while Jean doesn’t stop drilling her cunt. These 2 get frisky and risky, walking out to the balcony of the hotel and fucking right over their oblivious parents. Her parents enjoy a glass of wine at the pool as Kimmy and Jean fuck in standing doggy position on the balcony. She has to keep quiet so her parents don’t hear a thing. They sneak back into the bedroom where Kimmy kneels in doggy position near the edge of the bed. Jean walks up behind her and stuffs her pussy with his dick. He starts pounding her hole doggy style and Kimmy tells him to go nice and fucking slow and deep. She wants to feel it build up inside her. Kimmy likes being naughty like this, knowing that her parents could walk in at any minute. She slams her body back and forth, hugging his cock with her pussy and making herself cum again. The ass spanking makes her cheeks red and makes Kimmy even hotter for Jean’s cock. He fucks her missionary style then puts her in a standing cowgirl that is intensely hot. She tells him to destroy her pussy. She rides up and down on his cock until he’s ready to cum and Kimmy shouts that she wants to drain his balls. Kimmy hurries to the floor, opens her mouth wide and takes his full load in her mouth and on her face. She sucks his cock, saying she wants to squeeze out every drop of his jizz. Once she gets more cum in her mouth, she plays with it on her tongue and fingers. Kimmy had lots of fun in this scene and enjoys being the nasty, cum hungry girl next door.

Scene 3:   Violet Starr and Xander Corvus

Violet’s mother remarried a few years ago and Violet’s new stepdad is awesome. She got to move into a new house and it’s over the top. Her stepbrother, however, is a different story. Xander is a perv and Violet believes he is obsessed with her. She caught him sniffing her panties one day and was annoyed by the whole thing. She just ignored him and walked away. Xander is always getting stood up and ignored by girls. He’s not having any luck. Violet feels bad for him and knows that what Xander needs is a confidence boost. She walks into his bedroom, takes off her clothes in front of him and says he needs to get over her and gain some confidence if he’s going to pick up any girls. Violet straddles him cowgirl style and looks into his eyes and tells him they’re going to have sex now. And that way, he will get over her. Once he gets past this, he’ll be just fine. Xander agrees it’s a great idea and he starts kissing and sucking her big boobs. She tells him she’s going to fuck him like there’s no tomorrow. Pretty soon, Xander’s tongue is dancing with Violet’s pussy and she’s watching the action while lying back in ecstasy. She loves feeling his tongue in her pussy is what she says. Xander says he finally gets to taste her pussy.

The sexual tension between this stepbrother and stepsister heats up when Violet gets on her knees for a throat banging from Xander. The experience is much more than she expected and Xander instructs her on what to do. “Keep that mouth open,” he tells her as he drills her mouth and beats her tongue with his hard cock. Violet is surprised when she gags on his big dick and spits up all over herself. She worships his cock some more once he lies back but she wants it in her pussy so bad, she can’t wait any longer. She climbs on top of him in cowgirl position and rides his dick, telling him his cock feels so good inside her. Xander pumps her pussy and squeezes her ass cheeks, keeping his stepsister satisfied.

She bounces up and down on him, squeezing his cock with her tight pussy. “Good fucking girl,” is what he tells her each time her wet pussy hugs his cock. She fingers her ass hole while Xander’s ball slapping fucking is making her cum. She creams all over his cock then climbs off and tastes it. She goes for another ride, this time on top of him in reverse cowgirl position and the fucking gets even better for her. Violet cums again on Xander’s dick. She sucks him off again then turns into doggy position for a deep pussy drilling from behind. Xander’s cock disappears far inside her snatch. He orders her to look back at him while he stretches her pussy out. These 2 show their flexibility in an interesting and intense round of fucking with Violet lying on her side and Xander hovering over top of her keeping his cock buried in her hole. That round of intense fucking comes to a climax when he pulls out and pops all over her face and in her mouth and hair. She has a big smile of pleasure on her face, telling him it all felt so fucking awesome.

Scene 4:  Carter Cruise and Johnny Sins

Carter’s first job out of college is in Los Angeles as a personal assistant to a successful hedge fund manager, Johnny. He has a very strict routine for her every day. She has to make a specific kind of coffee for him every morning, put together his to-do list and make his calls. When she delivers his coffee each morning, she gets lost in her attraction for him. She notices that he is dating a lawyer that’s just not right for him. She’s causing him a lot of headaches. One morning while Johnny is sitting in his underwear in his bedroom, Carter delivers his coffee and tells him that his girlfriend doesn’t deserve him. She’s just not right for him. She puts her hand on his face and tells him she wants to take care of him now. She wants to do her job. With that, these 2 kiss each other in a bout of passionate lovemaking while Carter whispers that she has always wanted him. He helps her out of her clothes, leaving her kneeling on the bed in her lingerie. She pulls his cock out of his boxers and jerks it while Johnny licks her body all over. The action between these 2 is the most passionate of the whole flick. Their attraction to each other is addictive and they seem to get lost in it. She’s ready to suck his cock and he’s ready for her to do it. He lies on the bed and she licks his dick from his balls up to the head, then she spits on it and sucks it some more.

Carter loves what she’s doing, pleasing Johnny this way, and it puts a big smile on her face when she tells him his cock is so big. He stands to fuck her throat and she hungrily accepts her feeding. She tries to catch her breath as he skull fucks her and she spits up. With his cock fully lubed by her mouth, Carter sits on it cowgirl style and tells him to fuck her deep. She loves it when he grabs her ass and guides her up and down on his prick. Once Johnny starts fucking her harder and faster, Carter cums, telling him to give it to her. She turns around into reverse cowgirl position, with her crimson body bouncing around and around on his cock. She tells him to fuck her just like that. It feels so good. Carter is cumming again and her body tenses up from the feeling. Carter’s body melts into the bed in downward doggy position while Johnny slams her pink pussy. The intensity of her pussy being stretched has her cumming again. This is one hot scene and Carter is on fire from the heat. There’s an extreme close-up of her pussy getting spoon fucked and it feels so good to her she starts giggling. Johnny drills her then quickly pulls out and shoots a big load on her face and in her mouth. Jizz gets into her eyes, forcing them closed but that doesn’t stop her from sucking his cock and swallowing his cum.

Final Thoughts:

Natural Beauties 3 may just be the best in the series yet with 4 sexually intense scenes full of tension and great chemistry that make this flick a true pleasure to watch. I highly recommend it. Beautiful Eva Lovia is the DVD’s featured starlet and cover girl and she is an amazing beauty in her own right with an incredible ass. She sets the tone of the flick in the opening scene, fucking her favorite celebrity client, Jean Val Jean. She’s a stylist who takes her client relationship to new heights in an unforgettable round of hard sex with the hard-bodied Jean. Eva’s costars are Carter Cruise, Kimmy Granger, and Violet Starr and they each take a cue from Eva, whipping up chemistry filled, high-intensity scenes that leave their pussies creaming on the cocks of Jean, Xander Corvus, and Johnny Sins.  Carter Cruise’s closing scene with Johnny Sins has to be the most climactic of the whole movie. She fucks him so hard, her pussy and body turn a crimson red, showing the true pleasure she feels all over. Shot perfectly in high quality, highly stylized scenes with lots of close-ups, Natural Beauties 3 is one of those flicks to add to the porn stash.

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