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Lesbian Family Affair 4

Studio: Filly Films » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 3/25/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Lesbian Family Affair has grown into a staple of the girl/girl genre. With each chapter that comes, it seems that Tanya Tate just continues to get better and better in more ways than one. A woman of her talent and her character, I was simply blown away in the last version of her lesbian fantasy series, enough so that I was chomping at the bit to see this film. The stars that she works with in the last film were so perfectly cast. This particular film looks from the box cover, that it was going to keep up that same tradition of excellence and sex appeal that the last did with stars like Mercedes Carrera, Alexis Fawx and Tiffany Watson. All who are the who’s who players in the game of porn these days in their respective genres. I was very curious to see how you could repeat something as great as her last installment that featured some of the most delicious sex and wonderful acting. The question this XCritic writer wanted to find out, was how good Tanya Tate really was. Could she avoid the drop off that comes from creating a sequel to a classic? We shall soon find out.

 Lesbian Family Affair 4 Box Cover

Scene 1: Tanya Tate, Summer Day and Tiffany Watson

The Set-Up:

Tanya Tate, Tiffany Watson and Summer Day

Why wait to bring out the big guns when you are looking to woo the audience, right? I was delighted to see Tanya jump right into things with two of the best young blond bombshells in the business. Tiffany Watson and Summer Day. The pair play sisters looking to discover some hidden birthday presents within “Mommies” desk at the office. Tiffany and Summer are a great duo. Their act is very funny and I mean the way the fumble through Tanya’s desk and innocently play with discovered dildos and handcuffs has me laughing and I mean truly laughing. The dialogue is great and it is very cool to watch these gals act and piece together a scene. Tiffany Watson has a bright future in this business. She once again steps into a familiar role she is cast in but she mixes things up enough to give a look she never has. Her body is striking in her skin-tight dress. Tanya really sets the scene up to tease the fan. She gets your heart rate going with just the visuals of the blond babes in their outfits and then Tanya walks in with her sexy office attire on and her luscious cleavage just oozing out of her unbuttoned shirt in the most erotic way. The setup is lengthy, but Tanya’s tease of the fan’s senses will have you entertained. Summer Day is a great part of the equation and when things start turning sexual, she truly brings the lust factor up a few notches with these soft kisses and bedroom eyes that are captured by the camera perfectly. Acting is amazing in this scene, just amazing!

Tanya Tate, Tiffany Watson and Summer Day

The Sex:

When you combine these three amazing actors, you see that they are willing to try things that are not seen in most Tanya Tate films and they work for the most part. These gals really carry their characters well into the sex part of the film, especially Tiffany.

Tanya Tate, Tiffany Watson and Summer Day

This scene is a bit short when it comes to the kink but it serves as the perfect set up in this critic’s opinion, to get your appetite ready for more. Tanya chose a very good style set to have the action take place.



There is just something about an office setting and threesomes that Tanya does almost better than anybody. The star of the scene by far is Tiffany Watson. Her acting is wonderful, her body is orgasmic-ally perfect and the way she blends everything together is simply the cream of the crop when it comes to fantasies and the women that roam about them in our minds. The scene features the gals in some wonderful positions and I must say, it is nice seeing Tanya paired with women of this caliber in the business.


The part you can’t miss of this sexy encounter is when Tanya straddles Summer’s face and Tiffany is indulging in all things Summer as she pleasures her with these long tongue strokes. The dirty talk was missing a tad from this scene but I think Tanya was presenting something new to grab the fans attention. Something that will have you drooling as you watch each curvaceous babe move around the room in the scene.


The teasing and appeal of watching something that you should not be, is the big draw in this opening chapter. I truly like what Tanya did here. It is something different and it was something that does pay off for an opening scene.


Scene 2: Mercedes Carrera, Jasmine Summers and Maya Bijou

The Set-Up:

 Mercedes Carrera, Jasmine Summers and Maya Bijou

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The great actors gather up once again in this scene. Jasmine Summers, quite possibly the best kept secret in porn, is brought in for another wonderful Tanya Tate production. Jasmine is one of the first gals I can think of in this business, who wooed crowds and critics alike in her very first scene. For all you hungry fans, she tells the story of how she got into the business in the behind the scenes footage and you do not want to miss that, it is one of the coolest stories about the industry. Jasmine can act naturally. She has that ability to always have the fourth wall in mind and her sexual advances are every bit as good as her acting. Mercedes Carrera, what can you say about this woman. This is her second Tanya Tate production and she simply shines as the glue that brings the younger performers in for a magnificent scene. Maya is a new face for me and I must say, her acting was wonderful as the jealous daughter, yearning to be a part of “mother daughter” time. The story is short in this scene. The girls hop right into the sex almost from the get-go. Once again, the office is the place to be in this porno and the one thing that I think really gets the audience involved from the start is how well these women work together. It is a perfectly cast scene. There is not one stop to the action and when you see them playfully begin to get each other naked, you know you are in for a treat. Tanya really did the seduction set-up well. I honestly doubt there will be a fan who does not go batty just in the moments when these girls have their close on.

 Mercedes Carrera, Jasmine Summers and Maya Bijou

The Sex:

The combination of these three is a slice of heaven. Not only do all three kind of look related for all you perverts out there, myself included but these gals really interact and move each other into the spotlight. This scene is sexy and it consistently has something yummy happening at every take and angle. There is even some up close pussy eating that you rarely get to see with the curvaceous Mercedes Carrera. Tanya has these women do things they have not done and puts them within camera angles and frames that will make their most diehard fans say that "they have never seen their dream girls do that before." The positions are wonderful and the sexy moaning and facial expressions really add fuel to a fire that will heat up any room upon pressing play in this chapter of the film. Jasmine Summers and Mercedes Carrera’s interactions are flawless. They seem as if they have fucked more than a few dozen times with how well they flow together. Jasmine and Maya sell the mother, daughter and sister angle beyond perfectly. Maya Bijou, my goodness, what a body on this new comer. She has this fierce look to her character that when we see her get undressed by Mercedes and Jasmine, you get that feeling of anticipation that only comes from an aggressive woman. She is a perfect fit and exact opposite for the other women in the most scrumptious way. I really loved the camera work Tanya did. The focus gets a little screwy here and there but I think with the way the ladies keep the fans in a fantasy from second one and the way that Tanya once again adds some never before seen action to her movie in this scene, which features Mercedes sitting in between Maya and Jasmine as she rubs their pussies and kisses them both wet and deep as they tilt their heads back in ecstasy, is what Tanya's films are all about. It is all those little things that really steal the show in this sexual romp. This is how a threesome should be when it comes to films that feature that “all in the family” theme. Tanya is brave to take the chances she did and I think with how well she cast this scene, the gamble pays off. Be ready to be taken to a level of heart pounding action that you have never seen with these gals. That ladies in gentleman, is just how porn should be shot in this business.

Mercedes Carrera, Jasmine Summers and Maya Bijou

Scene 3: Alexis Fawx, Olivia Austin and Lily Radar

The Set-Up:

lexis fawx, Olivia Austi and Lily Radar

Well, one should always save the best for last in a lesbian film, right? Well, these three babes sure to deliver in that category as another wonderful Tanya Tate film comes to a close. Alexis Fawx, she has had one hell of a 2016 and it looks like she is picking up right where she left off as she starts in 2017. Olivia Austin is one of the most well recognized, curvaceous beauties in this industry. She always takes a scene to the next level with her appearance. Newcomer Lily Radar’s performances are new to me and the one thing I was simply delighted about, was how devastatingly beautiful this gal is. The scene has some great intro shots and beautiful camera work. Lily is a young college gal locked out of the house and Alexis and Olivia play her Mom and aunt who are hard at work looking to find ways to pay off some growing bills. The story takes us to the office of the two sisters and what comes out in this scene is something once again, I have never seen in an adult film. The women look spectacular as the office matrons who discover that web camming may be the answer to all their problems. The dialogue and acting is bubbly and fun. Olivia is simply amazing. Alexis is always cat perfectly as the woman who discovers a kinky side to all things in her scenes and she once again knocks our socks off, well, more than that with her sex appeal and willingness to get kinky and nasty after the scene has gone head first into the sexual encounter. The gals really put on a hell of a show. It is truly like being behind the scenes at a cam show. As Olivia and Alexis become more comfortable as they remove each stitch of clothing they are discovered by the young Lily Radar coming to get a key to get into the house. The three ladies soon discover that getting naked in front of the camera may be just what solves their problems. The viewer may discover the same thing as they stay tuned for what comes next. This scene has everything great going for it production wise. The setting is great, the dialogue is wonderful and the acting will keep you in the fantasy guaranteed.

Alexis Fawx, Olivia Austin and Lily Radar

The Sex:

As the two busty babes go topless for almost the entire scene. It is a wonderful change of view to see Lily arrive on set. This casting was perfect as each possess something that gets the other going. Olivia has one of the best sets of knockers in the business, Alexis is just a chiseled, sculpted work of art and Lily is just the perfect petite beauty, who when she walks in the scene for the second time with her cute skirt, will have you mind wondering how good she looks when it comes off. These gals really have a thing for each other and as the soft kissing leads to boob and pussy play, the camera work stays steady and moves to the things we want to see as fans. The cover shot is the bread and butter of this scene and when you get into that part of lust filled sexuality, you will be drooling as Tanya zooms in to give us a close shot of Alexis sucking on Olivia’s pussy lips. Then the camera pans back to show Alexis’s hard body in all its glory, as she arched with her butt in the air as she indulges in all things Olivia. It is wonderful to see both older gals dominate Lily in a sense and guide her through the motions. It is not aggressive but it is not soft by any means. I was very much impressed with how much these three ladies could turn a viewer on by not going over the top. The dirty talk is not heavy, the acting is not laid on too thick. It is more like everything is proportioned perfectly in this end scene. I really think Tanya does the fans justice by showing for a third straight time, how these women of fantasy can truly grab our thoughts and tease us with words and drive us every bit as wild as they would with their clothes off and a nipple in their mouth.

 Alexis Fawx, Olivia Austin and Lily RadarBonus Scenes:


The two scenes that are included in this DVD are simply the best of the best when it comes to Tanya Tate and all her excellence. The first of the two is a wonderful threesome from originating chapter of the Lesbian Family Affair series. It stars Aaliyah Love, Zoey Monroe and Tanya Tate. This scene is one of the best the series has ever seen.

Featuring excellent acting and delicious sex. It is always a great thing to see Aaliyah Love and Tanya paired up. The two bring out the best in each other. The true best of the two scenes is her encounter with Karla Kush in Mommy and Me 10.

This scene is one of the best girl/girl scenes shot in the last seven years. I was so joyed to see this scene in with the film as a bonus for all the fans out there. If you have never seen this scene, it is worth the price of admission alone. This is a true sign of how much Tanya loves to give back to the fans by including something as grand as this scene for free with the purchase of the film. This is some of the best bonus content that is offered in a film today, that is for damn sure.





Alexis Fawx, Olivia Austin and Lily Radar

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This film has a feel of a test to see just how well Tanya can make a production go from script to live motion. The scenes feature a lot of story and build up, which I found very entertaining. The dialogue is funny and the actors sell it very well. I would strongly recommend that if you are a fan looking for pure sex, this may not be the film for you. This is a true production from Tanya, it has that feel. Some of technical aspects are a bit of a miss, there was a few times the camera pans too fast or the zoom leaves things a bit blurry. The moments are short and minor but they do take you out of the fantasy a bit. I think the women and the perfect casting makes this film worth buying. I truly mean that. Fans will look at this film as a very big chapter for Tanya Tate and her career. It is very cool to see so many women in one film that love what they do. You have the spokeswomen for everything acting and performance when you look at Tanya, Mercedes and Alexis but you also get niches in other areas. You get a super star in the making with Tiffany Watson. You get fireballs like Maya Bijou and Summer Day in the mix and then you showcase a woman who has everything takes in this industry and showcase it to its max with Jasmine Summers. These ladies all bring you back into the fantasy and they sure do keep your eyes and mind focused on the stories Tanya wishes to tell you as a fan. When you add in the best behind the scenes interviews in the business, that all feature Tanya topless, you get a sense that this is the jumping point for more big productions in the future from Tanya. I truly think that this film has something special lying between the sheets and I would honestly watch this film again and I do not say that about many films in this business. So when the dust settles and you are pondering whether or not to give this film a rotation in your porn library,  I think it is well worth the purchase price.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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