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Blonde Dahlia, The

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/22/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Comedy, Feature, Couples

Director: Stormy Daniels Producer: David Lord
Writer: Dick Chibbles



Cast: Monique Alexander, Asa Akira "Detective Brooks", Missy Martinez, Edyn Blair, Alexa Grace, Brad Armstrong "Chief of Police", Seth Gamble, Michael Vegas "Hammond", Damon Dice, Eric John (Non-Sex), Jack Vegas (Non-Sex)

Length: 1 hour 33 minutes

Date of Release: January 24, 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery, 6 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Promo Reel

Extras Menu

Bonus Scene 1: Monique Alexander & Tyler Nixon 25:39 Minutes

Monique Alexander

Bonus Scene 2: Alexa Grace & Seth Gamble 17:41 Minutes

Alexa Grace

Bonus Scene 3: Asa Akira & Small Hands 16:30 Minutes

Asa Akira

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Well Above Average on both counts. It is filmed really well, with great camera coverage all around. The sound is 2-channel Dolby Digital, and the mix is superb. The soundtrack is featured nicely, and is never overpowering. Voices are crystal clear, which is key as there really is a good comedic plot going on here.

Videographers: Jake Jacobs & Andre Madness
Sound: Frank Armitage Lighting Gaffer: Ric Rodney Editing: Alex Sanders

Overview: Asa Akira plays "Brooks", a ditzy detective. She's completely incompetent in everything she does. She and her partner "Hammond", played by Michael Vegas, are on the trail of a serial killer and are determined to put his crime spree to an end, if Brooks can keep from completely botching the case. As they try to track down the killer, they become familiar with a strip club, "The Filling Hole", that one of the victims worked at, and Asa will ultimately be forced to go undercover as a dancer, which of course goes horribly wrong. Brad Armstrong plays the Chief of police. It's a small part, but pivotal to the punchline of the final joke.

Dick Chibbles wrote this witty movie, and it was placed in the hands of director Stormy Daniels, who really pulled out great performances from the cast.

Scene 1: Alexa Grace, Michael Vegas

Alexa Grace

Michael is interviewing a stripper trying to get a lead in the case, and finds himself getting a lot more than that from the beautiful blonde Alexa. She throats his manhood as  disco lights color the room and a soundtrack bumps in the background. An edit brings us to her bouncing on his bone , the leather couch squeaking and rocking during the romp.

Alexa Grace

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Vegas holds her ass cheeks spread wide for the camera as she works her magic on him. As he takes his turn, he uses both hands to finger her pinkness and he keeps some of those fingers in her hole as he rams her in a sideways fucking. She does some dirty talking in between squeaks and moans as he drills into her in that position followed by more in doggie. Her eye contact is good, especially as he pulls out to drench her ass with his seed.

Scene 2: Asa Akira, Missy Martinez, Damon Dice

Asa Akira & Missy Martinez

Asa's neighbor is returning some milk she borrowed and a dream sequence happens that features a threesome with Damon Dice and Missy Martinez joining Asa. Our two raven haired starlets work well together here, giving viewers two beautiful bodies to watch. Miss Akira has a body built for speed, and Miss Martinez has one built for comfort. Mr. Dice gets to enjoy the best of both worlds. After a shared hummer Asa hops on for a ride and Missy watches closely while humping Damon's leg a bit. Missy strips off her panties asnd shoves them in Damon's mouth as Asa has a screaming orgasm. Missy takes a turn bouncing while Asa squats over Damon's face. It's a pant and moan festival, the girls grinding away.

Asa Akira & Missy Martinez

Missy gets some tongue time on Asa as Damon dicks her hard from the rear. He manhandles her thigh high booted legs up and lays more pipe before plowing back into Akira. Asa is pumping onto him as hard as he is pumping into her while Missy rubs her tits and mentions she can feel his cock in Asa's stomach. After a bout of multi-way oral, Damon takes Missy's ass while Asa props herself on the back of the couch for more tonguing from her neighbor. Missy is really enjoying her ass reaming and Asa helps out by sticking a bunch of fingers into Missy's pussy and then tastes her ass off of Damon's dick. Damon's drives back in, hard and fast, and then pulls out to pop on her stomach, which Asa promptly licks up.

Scene 3: Edyn Blair, Brad Armstrong

Edyn Blair

Brad enjoys a nice cocksucking from his strawberry-tressed secretary. It's a fairly quick face fucking that ends in a cum bubble blowing before she heads off to find some files. The scene is really only in the movie to provide a comedic element to the plot line, which I won't spoil.

Scene 4: Monique Alexander, Seth Gamble

Monique Alexander

Monique is trying to get her boyfriend's attention, who is engrossed in the fourth quarter of a televised game. Wearing leopard print lingerie, she pounces on him like a jungle cat. Once she's secured his attention, he plants his face between her thighs. She quivers and squirms as he expertly flicks his tongue around her clit. Not to be outdone, she shows off her own expert oral abilities. Once she climbs into cowgirl she alternates rhythms, each stroke expertly running up and down the entire length of his shaft.

Monique Alexander

She's really enjoying a spooning, having been deprived for so long. Her globes jiggle, and her red tresses bounce, as he jams into her. She gazes into his eyes as he gives her a dicking in doggie while she talks dirty. He pumps rhythmically into her, finally bringing himself to a huge finale all over the cheeks of her ass.

Scene 5: Asa Akira, Michael Vegas

Asa Akira

Michael and Asa finally admit to themselves that they are into each other and get busy on a stage at the strip club. As Vegas peels off Asa's neon underwear it gets wrapped around his neck before he proceeds to tongue and finger fuck his partner. Holding a leg to her head, she looks absolutely fantastic. She rubs herself and his cock as he tries to undress, stopping to help her rub one out before pushing her to the ground so she can show off her world famous fellating skills.

Asa Akira

Her awesome body is showcased throughout the scene as she demonstrates her extreme flexibility while Vegas fucks her deep and hard. He gives it to her lying down, standing up, bent over, and stretched between the two positions. He rams her for all he's worth, both performers making it quite clear why they are so sought after in the industry. He's like a freight train chugging through the night in her tight little fuck tunnel. The pair play the part well, it's believable that they've been harboring an attraction to each other for quite some time; as Michael hammers away. Even the best male performer can only plug away at someone as hot as Asa for so long, and he forces her to the ground again to receive his love load.

Final Thoughts: Over the last year I've really started to like these comedic adult films. Up until that time, I had never really explored them. This one is definitely going to be at the top of some award lists, as it is just really well produced! This film really showcases what can be done in the industry when everyone pays attention to minute details and puts their best foot forward. Frequent readers may notice that I gave credit to a lot of technical positions, many more than usual. That's because they were all noteworthy. From the way the sex performances in the strip club light the performers really well while not washing out the disco lighting, to details like making headphones sound like headphones, nothing was too minute to care about for the crew.

Dick Chibbles wrote a really good comedy here. It's not laugh out loud funny, but it is nicely done. The whole cast plays their parts really well; and during the sex scenes plenty of time is saved by the editor who chose to cut out parts where the performers were switching positions. That works superbly here, moving the whole movie along at a really nice pace to keep the comedic timing of the storyline intact. Asa Akira excels as the bumbling Brooks, and Michael Vegas was the perfect choice as her partner. Monique and Seth's scene exists solely as part of the overall plotline, and the sex in it is hot and steamy. Tossing Missy Martinez in with Asa and Damon Dice worked really well, the two starlets just look really good together onscreen. Brad Armstrong plays a small, but pivotal role. Even though his sex scene was a quickie, there was a reason for that. Again, it was taking the time to put things like that in that really elevated this movie. The videography is done really well and we got realistic crime scene coverage as well as up close and personal during sexual performances. Everything from Art Direction, to Hair and Makeup are really well done. Even details like Asa's neon wardrobe at the strip club lent an air of authenticity to the overall production. I really enjoyed this movie, and I think many others will too. I have nothing but praise for it, it is Highly Recommended. Since it includes three good bonus scenes, there's no reason not to own it. Look for it, and the cast and crew to get some nods when awards season rolls around.

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