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Anal Cream Pies

Studio: Hard X » Review by Steve Pulaski » Review Date: 3/24/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes

Cast: Jada Stevens, Kat Dior, Roxy Raye, and Amara Romani

Directed by: Mick Blue and Mason

Genres: All Sex, Anal, Creampies, POV

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: No technical specifications to note

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Photo gallery and cumshot recap

Overview: For a franchise-rich porn company that specializes in straight-forward sex with touches of gloss and kink, Anal Cream Pies presents another golden opportunity for a DVD series, only this time, for one concept that isn't as common as you might think.

Scene 1: Jada Stevens and Mick Blue

Jada Stevens opens Anal Cream Pies by flaunting her curvaceous body for the camera all while making sure her fabulous and plump butt is in our full-view, twerking and taking up most of the screen. She readies her asshole for the day's events with a large, pink dildo, which she gently but firmly slides into her orifice using the assistance of her pointy, distended nails.

Mick Blue, one of the co-directors of the disc, eventually enters to softly rim Jada and eat her out, treating her before she treats him with a blowjob. She's more than enthusiastic to reciprocate, and more than talented too, devouring Mick's cock with ease and enticing gagging sounds she seems poised to let loose. It doesn't take Mick more than a few moments of intense penetration for Jada to claim she's already cum, this all occurring when he is in her vagina. Fear not - he moves to her butthole shortly after. "Just like that," Jada confidently states. "I like that shit," she adds as Mick proves to know the value of fluent, deep thrusts.

When she sits on top of him, director Mason's camera intimately focuses on Jada's jiggly bottom as it swallows Mick whole with ease and consistency. Jada goes on to pick up speed in the same position following a very brief blowjob, almost too brief as it would've been wonderful to see more of her oral skills. But this is not the DVD nor the place for such, especially when we see a well-paced spoon-fuck occur between the two that turns romantic with Mick softly choking his energized girl. Reverse cowgirl even turns into a very hot anal session as Jada hikes her legs in the air , supported only by Mick's hands as he rapidly rams her (the moment is very reminiscent of how Cassidy Klein boldly handled Jon Jon in DarkX's DVD "Interracial Teens Vol. 2").

The home-stretch comes following Jada's legs being doubled over herself, her asshole exposed for Mick so he can deliver a sticky, dripping load. Jada, in response, gently pushes it so it can drip out all down her crack, and after sucking Mick clean, allows him to go for another, unleashing a second load inside of her that drips all over her cheeks. A dirty end to a commendably kinetic scene. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 2: Kat Dior and Toni Ribas

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Blue is the coolest color for rising starlet Kat Dior as it contrasts her alluring, almost porcelain body and sultry gaze. Placed adjacent to a backyard poolside that sits in the foreground of the Hollywood hills, Kat's bulging eyes, inviting wink, and perfectly sculpted breasts only look that much more flawless. "I'm so horny," Kat tells us in a barely audible whisper. "I can't wait to stick this big, black buttplug in my ass."

We see every inch of the aforementioned toy enter Kat's large buttocks with crystal clear visuals to boot. It's about the time between her inserting the plug into her butt and twerking with it comfortably lodged that Toni Ribas enters to essentially DP her vagina while the plug remains airtight. He eventually grows jealous, removing the plug to prep for anal with a gagging blowjob from Kat. Mick's camera finds its way to Kat's now widened asshole to foreshadow the coming events.

Kat's facial expressions when her ass first meets Toni's dick are ones for the ages. Be it reverse cowgirl, simple missionary, or spooning, Kat is sent into a dizzying, eye-rolling fit of ecstasy. Passion takes over as Toni lifts Kat just a tad to lay her on the couch, eating and fingering her. He then goes on to attack her ass from that same position.

Toni makes the rounds on her, spooning her with rigor as she practices aerobics by lying on her back but arching her lower-half just enough to absorb Toni's member in what looks like it could be an awkward but marginally comfortable point of entry. Anal doggystyle makes Kat cum again, though, mostly while she wails as her hair and lengthy jewelry flail everywhere in the process. Toni gives Kat the load she worked so hard for after she shoots out a terrific geyser of fluid out her vagina. He rams and pastes his load inside her, capping off a scene with excellent energy and playful, exciting, and of course sensual vibes throughout. Kat kills it once again. 4/5 stars.

Scene 3: Roxy Raye and Mick Blue

Roxy Raye boasts a perfect complexion, a picturesque set of breasts, a figure that would've made her a great pinup model, and what some would call a "thick" waist overall. She makes her solo moments a bit more memorable by doing that kinky porn star move where she places two fingers at the base of each of her ass-cheeks and uses them to twiddle her cheeks upwards, creating a hot, wavy motion up her backside. She also makes use of an interesting, clear apparatus that looks like the head of a dick with a bit of the shaft connected to a smaller suction pole.

She fingers her butthole before inserting the toy into herself, eventually removing it in order to say hello to Mick by deepthroating him in a great POV shot. This particular angle has Roxy's lovely eyes acting as the main focal point, at least until she transitions the angle, and Mick, to showing her being anally penetrated. It's all about her ass today, as she doesn't even seem to want her pussy to get any attention. Mick takes her doggy with impressive force until she decides hopping on his lap and taking his dick all the way down is the proper way to go. Roxy remains brimful of energy and effervescent spirits throughout.

Mick changes things up by titfucking her, which is made entertaining as Roxy seems determined to get a taste of the head of his penis by holding her tongue out like a dog, waiting for it to come in contact with her lips. When that runs its course, he holds her down on her back to plow her ass, and a fun little midway blowjob turns into Roxy showing what a freak she is for Mick's balls, running her tongue all over them. To end things, she perches her ass on his dick in a canted direction, allowing for a difference in visual, as the camera rests at about level with Mick's balls while looking up at Roxy riding. He finally shoots his load inside her while she is on her back, evidently far enough inside her that she needs her fingers to loosen it up. That's okay, though; it gives her an opportunity to taste it, which she couldn't seem happier about, and she forces things to conclude with a few additional deep thrusts.

Roxy is a very fun screen presence. I would love to see what she would do in a concept film, or even in a disc that required more of a performance. She's nonetheless effective here, not only having great chemistry with Mick but showing that she is a multiple-threat performer. She's got something to arouse and please everyone, a rare trait in performers of any genre. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 4: Amara Romani and Manuel Ferrara

Amara Romani's nasty and exhilarating scene in Jonni Darkko's Black Cum in Me made her a must-watch starlet for me alone, and the second she shows up in Anal Cream Pies in a unique piece of black lingerie, all bets are off. The outfit is mostly composed of black cloth, skin-bearing threads that clings to her like saran wrap, and needless to say, she tantalizes in it. She arouses Manuel Ferrara enough that he can't even allow her an appropriate solo introduction. He needs to enter, worship her ass, and have her grind on his crotch immediately.

Manuel gets a face full of Amara's ass at the very beginning, which she seems to enjoy more than him judging by the smiley expression on her face. Her cocksucking skills soon come out so we know there's no question Manuel is having fun. He fucks her while she overlooks the city from the high-rise they're both in until we transition to the bed, where he makes her cum early. Amara spreads her legs wide open on Manuel while she's treated to anal in reverse cowgirl. An amusing little blowjob occurs as Amara hangs her head over the couch and mildly drools on Manuel's member while he strokes into her mouth, but barely a moment later, we, the audience, witness wild anal sex. Amara belts out screams as Manuel thrusts inside her, not wasting time at all when it comes to plowing her.

In the final minutes of the scene, he takes her from behind with sheer intensity, Amara's screams echoing throughout the room as her moans turn melodic in their rhythm and range. Things end when Manuel gives her a sloppy creampie that spills out of her ass almost instantly upon receiving it, concluding a scene that has a lot of adrenaline despite being far too short for its own good. 3/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Being an avid porn fan for many years now, I still can't help but feel that internal injections of the anal variety are still hard to come by. Few DVD series are dedicated to such a thing, so it's admirable to see HardX step up and go beyond rimjobbing to finish the job. Anal Cream Pies is direct and entertaining, a lot of fun thanks to the chemistry of its performers and a great showcase of their respective talents. Conceptually, there's not much to the narrative, relying on the flawless juxtaposition of Kat Dior to Hollywood and the multitalented Roxy Raye to carry the disc to a laudable level, but in that sense, it works more to the starlet's favor than anything else. Remind yourself before, during, or after watching Anal Cream Pies how much it does for its cast and perhaps your enjoyment will even be greater the next time around.



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