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Interracial Surrender 7

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/26/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: 18+ Teens, All Sex, Big Cocks, Interracial

Directors: Unknown



Cast: Adriana Chechik, Gensen Giavonni, Riley Reid, Sara Luvv (Credited Sarah Luvv), Tanner Mayes, Isiah Maxwell, Moe Johnson, Nat Turnher, Jovan Jordan

Length: 2 hour 41 minutes

Date of Release: February 20, 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery, Trailers, Cumshot Recap

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Average. Widescreen presentation. Audio quality varies from fair to middlin'.

Overview: Four famous cocksmen are featured with five starlets in this interracial title from Team Skeet. Each scene has a setup that takes between two and five minutes before the action starts.  It is volume 7 of the series, so it must have some fans. I haven't seen any of the previous volumes so I can't compare it to those. Even with top name male talent and some super starlets showcased in here, it's really fairly run of the mill interracial porn.

Scene 1: Riley Reid & Isiah Maxwell

Coach Maxwell is kicking it at home watching a game when cute Miss Riley Nixon comes busting in his door in a cheerleader outfit demanding to know why she didn't make the squad. It's a little bit overacted on her part, but he does well with his part. He says her moves are average at best, so she drops her panties and starts lap dancing to show him her moves are above average. Within a New York minute she's trying to take his thick, long shaft into her throat. Gagging and choking she tries to get balls deep on it, but that's not going to happen, so he strips her naked so he can taste her. She squirms all around, panting and moaning, as he fingers her while licking. He might not have gotten balls deep into her throat, but he does in her box!

Riley Reid

Her body moves with the precision of a Swiss watch as she pumps onto his rod, both sides of the pair visible due to a mirrored wall in the wide shot. Her vocalizations emphasize every thrust as he rams into her bent into and over a chair making her cum loudly. A bit more BJ, and they move to the floor so she can squat and bounce while he bangs from below. She's a non-stop mover as she rides his member. Back in the chair, she massages his balls as he slides in and out of her. Her eye contact is superb throughout the scene, as she seems to ride the knife edge between pleasure and pain as he pumps away. Their gazes lock as she rides in reverse and he massages her clit while she shows off her cowgirl skills. As the pumping becomes intense, he slips out of her and fluids stream from her fuck hole. That's Isiah's trigger point and he drains his dragon into her mouth while delivering a comedic line.

Riley Reid

The light in the room showcases the duo nicely, and quite a few camera viewpoints are shown, some of which work much better than others, but it's a nice mix.

Scene 2: Sara Luvv & Moe Johnson

Sara Luvv is sunning nude by the pool as the camera explores her body with a telephoto shot as a guitar track strums out a latin-inspired melody. Moe's hiding behind a wall snapping pix with his phone. Later on, Sara finds herself locked out of her house and knocks on his door looking for a place to hang out until her parents get home. He admits he's seen her naked in the backyard and she takes that hint and starts flashing her tits, which he's quick to grab ahold of as she starts unbuttoning his shirt. They find a good spot on the counter for him to lean against as she takes his cock into her mouth.

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Sara Luvv

One leg propped on the counter, she gets a deep drilling, Moe pumping like a piston. After some slow throat fucking she gets propped on the counter in missionary and then lifted into the air for some bone bouncing. Moe takes some tongue time, driving Sara crazy, and then joins her on the countertop. Her eye contact is good as she gives a POV blowie and then takes a rodeo ride, leaning back to display everything to the camera nicely. A slight position change of the pair, and the camera view leads to skin tones and white walls suffering from highlight blowouts. A cameraman can be seen running to a new position in a reflection on the patio door as the duo do it in doggie. Once in his new position, he shoots into a mirrored surface from behind the pair, offering an interesting viewpoint of the ramming. The countertop escapades continue in a few positions, including her laying atop it with her legs over his shoulder as he slams into her from a standing position before he finishes himself off in her mouth.

Sara Luvv

The sex is pretty good here, the countertop being used well in a number of ways. Unfortunately, between focus anomalies, exposure problems, and heads getting cut out of frame fairly often, the overall scene gets drug down a bit.

Scene 3: Tanner Mayes & Nat Turnher

Tanner's setting the table, looking good in a tight blue dress. A neighbor, Nat, stops by to introduce himself and leaves his business card. When her hubby gets home, he's tired and cranky and decides to take a nap. As he sleeps on the couch, Miss Mayes prances around in a hot lingerie number and calls Nat over. He's surprised to see her answer the door dressed like that, and thinks it's crazy that her husband is sleeping like three feet away. With that said, he's anxious to get naked and have our pretty blonde starlet sucking on his schlong. Her boobs are well displayed as she bobs on Nat's knob, and then she drops her bra, her nipples brushing his leg as she licks. Panties tossed aside, she presents herself in doggie and he starts pumping away as hubby lies a foot away.

Tanner Mayes

Hubby's a heavy sleeper and barely stirs as his wife gets deep dicking in a number of positions, not even trying to stifle her moans and grunts. Tanner's manicure looks nice as she rides in reverse while rubbing herself. He rocks her back and forth on his cock as she pumps up and down. The rhythm of love is slow and methodical in regular cowgirl with a bit faster tempo in a sidesaddle ride. Her bald beaver is nicely presented as she rotates through riding positions. The sex gets more daring as the action continues, her face planted above her husband's legs as Nat continues the pipe laying. Her tiny ass jiggles as she gets jammed in a standing position before taking a load to her face as hubby finally stirs from his slumber.

Tanner Mayes

The scene suffers from overexposure and it's a tad bit soft. Some very minor gamma adjustments and sharpening alleviate that issue.

Scene 4: Adriana Chechik & Jovan Jordan

Adriana Chechik

Adriana's literally standing around picking her nose when Jovan shows up to look at the house she's selling. The same gamma adjustment I used in the last scene is also useful here, although I turned down the sharpness. Her eyes and smile are bright as she gives him the tour and he decides to buy the house. They celebrate with a glass of wine and she sits him down and strips for him. Her ensemble is smoking hot in black and green as she drops to check out his package. This is the bonus she was looking for! She's anxious to suck him, and he tries to undress, the camera focus trying to keep up as the action moves. Slobber abounds as he undoes her bra while she feverishly bobs his knob. That fever pace continues as they do it doggie, which she's super into. Her tits are covered in her own spit as she looks up at him while he bangs her from behind and she tells him what she wants.

Adriana Chechik

Her brunette hair and black stockings work well against the backdrop of the white couch as her black cocksman just works her over. The go through a flurry of fuck positions. Adriana knows what she wants and isn't afraid to direct his dicking so that she cums all over his cock. Her eyes are attentive as he fuck, fuck, fucks her. She spreads her labia for maximum penetration possibility as he pounds into her in spoon and she rides him in a good romping that leads to a facial glazing.

Scene 5: Gensen Giavonni & Isiah Maxwell

Miss Giovanni runs to Isiah when the movie she's watching scares her. He's asleep and she wakes him so she can crawl into bed with him. After he argues for a while, he allows her in and soon she's rubbing her ass on his rod. Try as he might, he can't say no when she wants to suck his dick. He kindly holds her hair away from her face as she impales her throat on his cock. He returns the favor, totally into her bald young banghole. Her pussy's "hella tight" so he has to pull her to the edge of the bed and pin her legs to her chest to get into it nice and deep.

Gensen Giavonni

As he thrusts into her, she never quite looks comfortable with his big cock inside of her in the first few positions. Once she's in missionary with her leg on his shoulder she tells him she wants him to fuck her and he starts hammering away. He holds her legs spread wide as he hammers into her and the director can be heard reminding her to pull her top up so we can see her tits. Isiah has her take the top off and she grips her boobs as he bangs back into her. Her mouth screams fuck yes but her expression screams fuck no. She sits placidly in a reverse ride and as the roll through the requisite positions continues, she just never seems comfortable. She slowly crouches as Isiah positions her head for the camera and for his cum into her mouth.

Gensen Giavonni

Gensen has four credits to her name, including this one, at IAFD and her inexperience is quite evident. While her setup and closeout acting abilities seem capable enough, she just never seems comfortable during her romp.

Final Thoughts: It's five scenes of interracial sex. Some of the girls are new, some have, or are in the midst of achieving superstar status. All of the male talent is in the latter camp. While the setups seem decently thought out and the camera shots also have some forethought put into them, it just never pulls together quite how it should. With the exception of Gensen's scene, this is the kind of porn you watch when you have a certain starlet in mind and want to kill half an hour watching her take a big dick. There are really no extras worth talking about, and the production quality is average at best. Overall, it might be worth a streaming rental, or check out a scene or two On Demand. Riley and Adriana, as expected showcase their renowned sexual talents and Tanner's scene offers a nice comedic slant to it. Sara Luvv shows she can take a pounding and her acting talent is well above average. Unless you are amassing a "complete collection" of every title one of these starlets is featured in, I don't see anyone rushing to buy this as a disc.

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