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It's My First Time 5

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/29/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Camera Virgins, New Starlets, All Sex, Alt Girls, Tattoos

Director: Joanna Angel



Cast: Joanna Angel, Penny Poison, Tank, Honey Gold, Rain Summers, Lady Luna, Xander Corvus, Bill Bailey, Small Hands, Chad Alva

Length: 2 hours 38 minutes

Date of Release: March 20, 2017

Extras: Gallery, Internet Info, 5 Menu-Selectable Trailers

Extras Menu

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good on both fronts. Dialog is clear, the tease shots are artfully composed and the action is captured in standard run and gun fashion.

Overview: Joanna Angel brings five brand new ladies to the Burning Angel studio and puts them through their paces with the likes of Small Hands, Xander Corvus, Bill Bailey and Chad Alva. Each scene starts with a fun interview, which is usual for this studio and is followed by, or interwoven with a tease sequence before the action commences. One thing about Joanna Angel's interviews is they aren't your standard porn questions, there is usually something really unique about what the ladies reveal. If you are looking to see some new, inked talent; you should check this out.

Scene 1: Honey Gold, Small Hands

Joanna introduces the world to the industry's newest performer of the moment, Honey Gold. As you'd expect with a Burning Angel title, Honey is a pretty, inked and pierced young lady. They have a natural, fluid conversation about things like sex in front of people and wearing latex. Not only is Honey pretty, but she is very personable and easy going. Joanna shows her how to do a striptease as she nervously moves, wearing a pretty set of lingerie which really shows off her nice ass. After some tease practice, she learns to crawl over to a man seductively, in this case it is Joanna's husband Small Hands. The girls do some kissing before Honey gives her first onscreen blowjob and Small Hands has her get on the couch so she's not blocking the camera and he jokes with his wife. Joanna's impressed with her oral skills and helps her out with a bit of jerking before heading offset to allow the two to get busy.

Honey Gold

Small Hands starts by teaching what mouth fucking is and then tries to penetrate her, his efforts initially hindered by her lingerie clips. Once he gets going, she starts with the vocalizations. It's hard to tell if that comes naturally to her, or if she may have been practicing for the camera. Miss Gold's body is long and lean, tits supple and round. Her skin tone makes love to the camera lens as Small Hands slams her in spoon. Propped against a table, she gets her ass smacked as he drills her from behind, causing her to whimper constantly as he uses her throat and arms as a handhold. In reverse cowgirl she grinds to an orgasm and maintains good eye contact. She's a natural for the industry and a great opening performer. Small Hands can sense this and manhandles her around the couch pounding into her pussy and mouth. His stare is intense as he plows into the newest pussy in the biz and she rides him hard, choking him as she does. She said she likes it hard, and she wasn't kidding. The harder he hammers the harder she wants it. A final flurry of fucking occurs in missionary leading him to lose his load on her chest.

Honey Gold

Joanna walks back in and everyone is super happy with the take, high fives all around. Small Hands is a gentleman and walks off set to grab some baby wipes for his new friend.

Scene 2: Penny Poison, Xander Corvus

Penny Poison

-- sponsored by --

Joanna's fascinated with Penny the sword-swallowing, glass eating, split-tongued vixen she's interviewing. I'm not being figurative here, folks. Take that literally. Of course Joanna wants a demonstration, and Penny swallows a sword for her a few times. During one of those swallows is when Xander struts in and deftly pulls the sword from her throat and a few wisecracks ensue before Miss Angel leaves them to it. Our violet haired vixen gets right to swallowing Mr. Corvus' sword as he calmly directs her to look at him while she does it. He strips down as he slides his shaft between her massive mounds. He asks nicely and receives permission to fuck her mouth and takes a moment to do that before pinning her in doggie and ramming her from the rear.

Penny Poison

He squats over her ass, his whole body hammering into her hole as she spouts dirty talk. As they move to cowgirl he reminds her to look at her ass as she bounces high so the camera can see her face. She's a very active rider and he pummels into her from below. She's ready to cum and Xander encourages her to squirt for the camera and she gushes all over his balls. After that he teaches her the "sit and spin" trick and she squirts again in reverse cowgirl. Her lavender locks look good caressing her milky white globes as Xander continues his banging from below. As the pair move through the usual positions, the banging is hard and fast. Her teeth gritted, she begs for his blast and gets it from chin to nipple.

Scene 3: Tank, Bill Bailey


Joanna is interviewing the Pennsylvanian, Tank, from off screen and the interview is interspersed with tease footage by the pool. Tank's eyeglass frames match the highlights in her hair and her lingerie. They discuss her career as a foot model and the kinds of sex she likes to have. She talks about giving footjobs in cars and on a park bench. After the interview, the scene goes down in a bedroom where the somewhat shy Tank is joined by Bill Bailey who is eager to see her big titties. He's also eager to suck on her clit and he molds her like clay for the camera as he positions himself to lick between her legs and finger her furiously. She gives him some head to get him hard, and since her head is shaved on the camera's side there's no hair to get in the way of the view.


She's like a rag doll as he drags her to the edge of the bed so he can bang her barren box. She is fairly passive in most positions, grunting and panting softly until she gets into reverse cowgirl and bounces on his boner. She seems to enjoy it as Bill licks her booty and then lifts her leg high to show her goods to the camera in spoon. She rubs herself as he slides in and out of her, big boobs bouncing as she asks him to choke her. When she's ready to suck some more dick, Bill positions her facing the camera and fucks her mouth momentarily before banging back into her. Soon, he pulls out and tries to yank her into position but drizzles all over her on the way to her face.

Scene 4. Lady Luna, Chad Alva

Chad and Luna are on a couch talking to Joanna when Luna reveals she masturbates to his porn and is looking forward to her own Chad experience. Since she's been having great orgasm lately in the bedroom she figured she should get that shit on film and proceeds to recount her tale of giving a hand job for a bag of chips. Someone tosses her a bag of chips from off screen and everyone has a good laugh. That's when Chad and Joanna decide it's just time to shut up and get busy. Luna's all smiles as Chad sucks her pierced nipples and rubs her crotch. Panties pulled aside, spiky studded boots resting on his jean jacket covered back, she begs for him to do it harder when he starts fucking her with his fingers.

Lady Luna

She crinkles her nose with delight as she gets to fellate her porn crush and Joanna asks if the real thing is better. It sure is! Her eyes are big and bright as she blows his big cock. She seems genuinely enthusiastic as he takes the time to fuck her titties. Her juicy jugs jiggle as he jams into her and they take her panties off so they can get serious. Pulling her around the couch, he performs some cunnilingus before banging her folded in half. Gripping her by the hair he hammers into her from behind, her ass looking fabulous as he reddens it with hand slaps. She rubs her clit as he gives her more finger banging as she squeals with delight. A final round of doggie brings Bill to blastoff which is captured in a closeup profile shot, the vibrant colors of her makeup working really well in the shot. She definitely earned herself some more chips and Joanna coerces her into scraping the cum off her face with one and eating it.

Lady Luna

For a first timer, I have to give her props. She's fun to watch and with a bit of work on her eye contact I think Luna will be one to keep your eyes open for.

Scene 5: Rain Summers, Joanna Angel, Small Hands

Rain Summers & Joanna Angel

This scene differs from the others in the fact that it was originally a live webcam show and Joanna is an active participant in along with handling some directorial duties. We are introduced to Rain Summers, who is celebrating her 19th birthday and is eager to have Joanna and Small Hands take advantage of her. Oddly, it took me two viewings of this scene to realize what was different about Small Hands; his face is freshly shaven! The threesome joke around with each other and Joanna's enamored with Rain's rump and the two ladies show their asses to the webcam as Small Hands jokingly mentions what a rough day this is going to be for him. The chatter slows down as the rubbing and kissing start. As they check out the tattoo above her vagina, Joanna notices that she has freckles there too and goes down on her as Small Hands makes out with her.

Rain Summers & Joanna Angel

The newbie is loving the attention as Small Hands takes his turn between her legs. Joanna gives her husband some head and then lets Rain take the reins. Joanna busies herself with undressing and camera duties as Small Hands gets his cock sucked while everyone banters playfully. Although our POV isn't from the webcam footage, it definitely has a camsite feel to it which works well here. Joanna and Small Hands give the first timer plenty of professional porn advice like how to keep your face towards the camera without looking at it or pushing a dick into your cheek for effect. She's a quick learner and it's cute to watch her studying the action on the monitor to make sure she's heeding the advice. She relays that after seeing it both ways she understands that certain things look better on camera and has a really good time once she has the hang of fucking on film and then the trio just fuck each other with Joanna occasionally grabbing her phone to post stuff on the 'gram. Rain's amazed that Joanna takes this big dick daily and Joanna laughs it off saying that one and many more. The whole thing is a fun-filled romp while being pretty informative about the difference between "porn sex" and "normal sex". Rain even gets to learn to eat pussy while getting banged from behind. It seems Small Hands and Joanna have found themselves a ready and willing student and they enjoy showing her the ways of the dark side. After Small Hands frosts Miss Summers' face, Joanna realizes she has a cupcake for the birthday girl.

Cover vs. Content: I did not get a DVD cover as this was an advance screener
Final Thoughts: One of the reasons why Burning Angel titles fascinate me; Joanna finds the most interesting people to talk to on camera and sometimes she fucks them. Sometimes, someone else does.  

Unlike many of the other studios I enjoy, I enjoy this studio's stuff because when all is said and done; Joanna and company realize they are making fuck films and treat the shoot that way the whole time. They are really here to catch hot sex on camera. She manages to capture raw energy, usually without complicated sets or intricate lighting. If you have read any of my other reviews, you know I lean towards highly polished stuff but I also enjoy down and dirty, to-the-point porn. You know, sometimes I like to catch a ballet, other times I just want to go to a dimly lit, overly loud club and rock the fuck out. This title is fun to watch.

Honey Gold has an awesome look to her and should go far in this industry if she chooses to. Penny Poison not only has dick swallowing skills, she also has actual sword swalloing abilities! Tank was a bit passive for my tastes, but she did admit she's kind of shy so that's to be expected for her first onscreen fucking. Lady Luna gets the chance to live out her fantasy by fucking Chad Alva, and it shows on her face. She's really into it. Closing out the disc with a good-natured webcam scene where husband and wife show a new girl the ropes is an excellent ending to the disc. Overall, I think if you like stuff from the Burning Angel studio, you'll find some hot new talent here. There's not much in the way of extras, so I'm going to say that it's probably a better value if you stream it On Demand rather than own the disc.

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