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Lesbian Family Affair 4

Studio: Filly Films » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 4/10/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Family Roleplay, Lesbian, Threesomes, 18+ Teens, MILF, Sex Toys, Big Boobs

Director: Tanya Tate


Cast: Tanya Tate, Alexis Fawx, Mercedes Carrera, Olivia Austin, Jasmine Summers, Tiffany Watson, Lily Rader, Maya Bijou

Length: 1 hour 47-minute main section 3 hours including bonus scenes

Date of Release: February 1, 2017

Extras: Strip Teases, Orgasms, Slideshow, Website Info, 10 Menu-Selectable Trailers, 13:31 minute BTS

Trailers Menu

Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Audio levels aren't always consistent, even within the same scene. There are some camera issues such as more movement than necessary, some focus issues, and off-screen people parts being visible.


The disc offers different viewing modes. If you watch it by selecting scenes, just that scene plays and it goes back to the menu. If you watch it from the title screen, all three main scenes are shown and the Bonus Scenes immediately follow them without a break.

Overview: The buxom Tanya Tate saddles up for the fourth installment of this series from her studio, Filly Films. Over the course of five scenes, she showcases four taboo threesomes and concludes the disc with a hardcore romp featuring Karla Kush. Each scene has a different setup, some more believable than others; but it's a nice variety to keep it from getting stale.

Scene 1: Summer Day, Tanya Tate, Tiffany Watson

Summer and Tiffany play sisters who are snooping around Mom's office looking for a hidden birthday present. As they dig through drawers they find all kinds of interesting things: handcuffs, a Fleshlight, some vibrators, you know, just general office supplies. They play sisters really well and look similar enough that it's believable. There's a comedic aspect to it in the fact that even though these two are old enough to have tattoos they are supposedly too naive to know what any of these things might be for, but they have a good time as they figure out how to turn them on. That's when Mom walks in!

Tanya Tate Summer Day Tiffany Watson

Just like real siblings, they immediately blame the other one when they see how pissed the buxom Tanya is. They're ready to bail, but Mom decides she should show them just what it's all for and starts by paddling Tiffany's bottom, which starts to turn her on as her sister stares on in amazement, handcuffed. The girls show shock and awe at first followed by some confusion when Mom cuffs them together and starts running a vibrator over their bodies, including their private parts. Tiffany is getting into it as she gets to rub her sister's clit with it as mom makes out with Summer. The girls trade places so Summer can learn the wonder of touching someone with a vibrator and soon enough the trio enjoys some naked fun time. They practice lapping each other between the legs and exploring Tanya's heaving bosom. It becomes a tongue twirling fiesta, with lots of rubbing, licking, and facesitting but never any penetration.

Tanya Tate Summer Day Tiffany Watson

Despite the lack of any penetration, it's an erotically charged tryst that should be a huge turn on for most people.

Scene 2: Jasmine Summers, Maya Bijou, Mercedes Carrera

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Mercedes and Jasmine are planning to have "special time" to celebrate her softball victory, and Maya's feeling left out because she's never included in these kinds of things, and she hears it at night. Her interest expressed, Mom agrees that they'll show her what goes on if she wants, and she definitely does. She's a bit apprehensive as they start to pull her top down, but warms up to it as they pull theirs off too. Soon, Maya's pretty body is nude and stretched out on an ottoman as her sister makes out with her while Mercedes goes down on her. Maya gets to perform some cunnilingus of her own as her sister sits on her face. Jasmine gets her turn at tasting her sister's juices while Mercedes plays with her pussy from behind.

Jasmine Summers Maya Bijou Mercedes Carrera
Jasmine Summers Maya Bijou Mercedes Carrera

Jasmine fingers Maya rapidly while tonguing her, making her orgasm. And the trio swap positions so Jasmine can get finger jammed by Mommy and then the sisters go to work on Mom. Faces pressed together they tongue Mercedes in tandem. Jasmine takes over the lapping and brings Mercedes to a shriek. The girls sit side by side as Mercedes rubs their crotches from behind them. That move doesn't really play well to the camera due to an awkward leg position hiding Maya's box. The young ladies reciprocate the action by both fingering Mom at the same time, making her cum.

It's a decent scene, the family roleplay seemed a bit over the top and there are some camera issues, but none of it is a dealbreaker.

Scene 3: Alexis Fawx, Lily Rader, Olivia Austin

Alexis is stressing out over money and her sister, Olivia, let's her in on a secret way to make some extra cash: webcamming. Olivia fires up the webcam and Alexis is intrigued when guys in the chat room start offering her cash to lift her shirt. As the offers increase, so does her confidence and she unleashes her massive globes for the viewing audience. Soon, the blonde bombshells are both topless and touching boobs together. The pair has a lot of fun taking requests from the audience and as Alexis is sucking her sister's nipple, her daughter, Lily, walks in looking for Mom's house key as she has locked herself out of the house. Lily immediately knows they are camming and is freaked out, but is curious once she sees the amount of cash they've made in ten minutes.

Alexis Fawx Lily Rader Olivia Austin
Alexis Fawx Lily Rader Olivia Austin

Someone in the chat room offers Lily $100, which is what she needs for some new shoes, to join her mom and aunt topless. As the cash starts pouring in, Lily is ready to join in on getting freaky. The requests get faster and each one pushes the girls farther, ultimately resulting in all three blonde hotties fully nude and playing to the webcam. Before you know it, Lily's going down on Mom as Olivia holds her hair out of the camera's way. A request for a role reversal comes quickly and soon Mom and Daughter are 69'ing. Olivia seems happy to be a webcam mentor and show them how much cash they can make by getting down and dirty. AS Lily lies back on her aunt, Mom goes to town between her legs. The requests are never ending and soon, the trio is in the position shown on the front cover in a vertical pussy-licking chain. Lily's face glows as she sits with her legs spread wide and her mom and aunt bring her to a body quivering orgasm. The girls are overjoyed when they see the amount of money they made and are eager to do it again another day.

Bonus Scene 1: Aaliyah Love, Tanya Tate, Zoey Monroe (Lesbian Family Affair 1)

Aaliya Love Tanya Tate Zoey Monroe

Tanya's concerned about Zoey's recent sleepwalking since she's soon going off to university and Aaliyah comes up with an idea to keep her sister from waking up embarrassed. Zoe likes to suckle on Mom's boob while she sleepwalks and Aaliyah sucks the other one so it seems normal when she wakes up. Tanya's enjoying the titty sucking and starts rubbing herself. Mom thinks it would be a good idea if Zoey learned what it feels like and Mom and Sissy give her the titty treatment. The threesome progresses to become a free for all of sucking, licking, and fingering. Tanya's legs are atwitch as she lies on Aaliyah while her daughters bring her to an orgasm with a tongue at each of her holes. Zoey gets her slit licked by her sister as Sissy slides back and forth on Mom's thumb that's tucked inside of her. Zoey gets some tongue time with Mom as her sister tribs her. The camera is right next to Tanya's face as she has a screaming orgasm, so have that volume control handy!

It's a very unusual setup, but the action is hot.

Bonus Scene 2: Tanya Tate, Karla Kush (Mommy & Me 10)

Tanya Tate Karla Kush

Tanya's sad because she just got her final divorce papers and Karla is there to console her. Tanya feels wrong as her daughter starts pawing and kissing her, but it feels so good she gives in. Her nipples are fully erect as her daughter sucks on her boobs. Karla used to watch her parents in bed and wants to demonstrate to Mom what she learned and starts licking between her legs. Once her mom has given in fully, the action gets intense as the two go at each other with abandon. Karla's whimpering and shuddering as her Mom explores her slit with her tongue and fingers. Mom ups the ante by grinding groins with her daughter, the camera up close and personal for much of the heated exchange as the two fuck furiously. Their holes are wet and sloshy by the time they get to a 69 and slurp away at each other. Karla is squeaking and whimpering as Tanya rubs her pussy while licking her ass hole; Karla's body convulsing with orgasms.

The pair looks great together, and the action is some of the hottest on the disc.

Cover vs. Content: Yep, that cover shot actually happens! Don't miss that action!

Final Thoughts: Summer and Tiffany have a sizzling session with "their mom" when they get caught playing with her sex toys. It's a great opening to the disc! Mercedes has a special relationship with one of her daughters and her other daughter wants to learn what they do together at night, so they show her what all the noises are that she hears. Alexis and Olivia get caught webcamming by Lily and soon it's an online cash-fueled fuckfest between the trio. Zoey likes to nurse on her mom while she sleepwalks and her sister, Aaliyah comes up with a plan to show her it's nothing to be embarrassed about. The setup is a bit far-fetched, but the girls look good as they tumble through their threesome. Tanya Tate and "her daughter" Karla have a hardcore romp to close out the disc. The opening and closing scenes were the ones I enjoyed the most, but none of them are bad. It's worth having in your stash of girl on girl action because I think most viewers will find at least one scene to have a very high replay value. The camera work and some of the audio capture leave something to be desired, but overall I Recommend watching this one!

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