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My Girl Loves Anal 6

Studio: Naughty America » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 4/6/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 29 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: All Sex; Anal

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Ashley Adams, Lexi Love, Kleio Valentien, Monique Alexander, Vicki Chase, Levi Cash, Preston Parker, Mark Wood, Johnny Castle

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Adriana Chechik Interview; Trailers for My Wife is a Pornstar, My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend


Naughty America’s My Girl Loves Anal 6 stars DVD cover girl Ashley Adams in the opening scene of the flick getting her ass hole massaged by Levi Cash’s cock. The Tampa-born starlet is 20 years old and carries a 34DD rack. She’s always hot to watch and loves anal sex. Ashley is joined by Lexi Love, Kleio Valentien, Monique Alexander and multi-nominated starlet Vicki Chase in this anal expedition. These girls won’t be satisfied until their ass holes get stuffed and stretched by hard cock, and it’s a turn on watching them cum from the hard pounding anal assault. The anal explorers are Levi Cash, Preston Parker, Mark Wood and Johnny Castle and they make short work of these girls’ bums in over 2 hours and 29 minutes of balls deep ass pumping action. Even though this flick is a collection of Naughty America’s anal webisodes, I still recommend it. You can watch these scenes on demand but the collection of these 5 scenes on DVD are worth taking a look at. These girls put on great anal performances and some of the hot scenes to watch are Vicki Chase, Ashley Adams and Kleio Valentien’s.

Scene 1:  Ashley Adams and Levi Cash

Ashley is home alone and talking on the phone about the new butt plug she got. She wants to surprise Levi with anal sex and she’s so worried about it. She convinces herself to try the glass butt plug up her ass so she can get her ass hole lubed and stretched for Levi when he comes home. She gets off the phone and starts to play with the butt plug. She licks and sucks it at first then she aims it at her ass hole and stuffs it in there slowly. The plug opens her rectum wider and wider until it glides all the way in her ass hole. Ashley is starting to love the way it feels and she fucks her ass faster and faster, pushing the plug deep inside her. She’s lying on her back in missionary position with her legs high up in the air. She pulls the plug out and decides to taste her ass by sucking it. Ashley is quick to put it back in her ass and plunge her hole again and again and it’s keeping her moaning. Levi walks into the room to see all this activity and he just watches her for a few minutes. He doesn’t let her know he’s in the room. He makes his way over to the couch and watches her. After a while, he startles her by asking what she’s doing. Ashley is surprised and embarrassed. Levi asks her what’s going on. Ashley admits she wanted to surprise him by practicing with a butt plug in her ass. Levi is beside himself. Ashley is finally ready to take it up the ass. He joins her on the couch and starts working the butt plug in and out of her ass while she lies on her side. Soon he’s pulling the plug out of her ass hole and stuffing it in her mouth. Ashley is greedy, swallowing the whole plug and her ass juices.

Levi wastes no time fucking her ass hole, he replaces the butt plug for his hard cock and starts plugging her hole with it in spoon position. She admits that this feels so much better than the butt plug. He stretches her ass hole slowly at first then starts fucking it hard and deep and spanking her ass, turning Ashley on even more. His body slams into hers and his dick drills deep inside her, causing her to scream out, fuck me, fuck me! Levi continues his assault of her ass using his cock like a piston. Ashley says his cock looks so good coming in and out of her ass hole. She sucks his cock in sloppy ass to mouth fashion and enjoys stuffing the butt plug in her ass again. Ashley goes for a wild ride, bouncing up and down on Levi’s cock in her pussy reverse cowgirl style then taking it in her ass hole in the same position. She goes from reverse cowgirl to doggy and Levi thrust his cock as far as it will go in her rectum. Ashely finishes her anal expedition cowgirl style then does ass to mouth cock sucking until Levi pops in her mouth and on her face.

Scene 2:  Lexi Love and Preston Parker

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Lexi and Preston are looking for their first place to live together and they love the huge house they’ve found. It has a pool in the courtyard, the rooms are huge and it’s perfect for Lexi. She drags Preston outside to view the courtyard pool and talks about all the parties they can have in this beautiful place. Preston is concerned about the electricity bill with all the high ceilings and large rooms. Lexi doesn’t care. She loves the place. They walk around more of the house and are excited that it comes with all the furniture. There’s even a man cave for Preston. They check out the master bedroom with the large fireplace. Lexi is beside herself, but Preston tells her they should look at other places and check around. Lexi is disappointed and she thinks Preston just doesn’t want to move in with her. He tells her that’s not true. He loves her. Lexi promises to let him fuck her ass hole every morning if he agrees to move into this place. She sits him down, unzips his pants and pulls out his cock. She jerks it off then puts it in her mouth while she keeps her eyes peeled on his. Preston’s cock is hard in her mouth and she tries deep throating it. Lexi makes it all the way down his shaft, hugging his cock with her lips. She titty fucks his dick and asks him if this has changed his mind yet. Lexi continues to gag on his big pole and follows him to the floor where they get into 69 position. She lies on top of him and sits her pussy on his mouth while sucking his cock. Preston tongues her pink pussy, pulling her panties off to the side so he can eat her wet snatch. Lexi is enjoying her tongue whacking and giggles while Preston’s smacks on her clit.

She sits her pussy on his cock cowgirl style and rides him like she’s riding a mechanical bull, bouncing up and down and grinding around and around with his cock stuffed deep inside her. Lexi screams out and giggles in pleasure while taking Preston’s meat. He gets her ass hole ready by plugging it with 2 fingers while his dick plugs her pussy. Lexi sucks his cock then moves into reverse cowgirl position. She deep throats him again before telling him to put his hard cock up her ass hole. She takes dick in the ass in spoon position for starters, watching him guide his cock in her rectum. Preston pumps Lexi’s ass hole with long, hard strokes, sending his dick deep inside her hole. She squeezes his balls and watches it fill her tight rectum. Lexi’s anal massage continues doggy style and then missionary style and it feels so fucking good to her. Preston pumps her ass then Lexi begs for his cum all over her tits. He pulls out and shoots his load all over her jugs. She sucks his cock and thanks him for the anal session.

Scene 3:   Kleio Valentien and Mark Wood

Kleio can’t go out tonight because it’s her special night with Mark. She tells her friend on the phone that Mark fucks her in the ass and it makes her cum over and over again. She hears him come in so she tells her friend she’s got to go. Kleio looks at herself in the mirror again, making sure she’s sexy for him. She has on her lingerie and shows off her tattooed body. She enters the room where Mark is and wastes no time getting down to business, crawling over to him and pulls his pants off. Mark’s cock is already hard and she sucks it, licking his shaft and balls all over. This is Kleio’s special night and she’s making a night of it with her special cock. Mark stands up and feeds her his dick which she immediately deep throats and gags on. It’s Kleio’s turn now for pleasure. Mark eats her cunt then positions her missionary style over the edge of the couch and stuffs her tight hole. Kleio is happy she stayed in tonight because she’s getting her pussy stretched out by Mark’s hard cock. She holds both legs wide open and smiles, telling him his cock looks so fucking good going inside her pussy. Kleio has a hot, inked body and it’s a turn on watching her get fucked hard.

Kleio rides Mark cowgirl style and works her ass up and down, bouncing on his pole. She eats his meat then gets ready for the moment she’s been waiting for, taking his cock deep in her ass hole. Mark plugs her ass with his cock doggy style with Kleio looking back at him and smiling, telling him his dick feels so good. The doggy style anal fucking gets nasty with Mark going balls deep and Kleio creaming all over his cock. She takes more cock up the ass, this time in reverse cowgirl position followed by a hard pounding spoon fuck up the bum. The anal spoon fucking is what sends the pair to climax. Mark tells her to get down on the floor and he pops all over her face and on her tongue. She swallows his load and sucks his cock to finish.

Scene 4:  Monique Alexander and Johnny Castle

Monique is on the phone with her friend and she tells her that Johnny thinks he’s going to break up with her again. He has all her luggage packed and on the bed but she’s not going anywhere. She asks him what’s going on. Johnny tells her she maxed out all of his credit cards, she doesn’t have a job, she’s not helping out around the house and this time, he’s putting his foot down. She’s got to go. Monique says, “what are you talking about?” I fuck you, she tells him, “and I let you fuck me in my ass.” Johnny says he’s not going to fall for her ass antics anymore. She does this to him every time and she gets away with everything. Monique ignores him and undresses down to her yellow, bikini lingerie. This does the trick again. Johnny can’t help himself. He starts kissing her body while she’s bent over in standing doggy position. He drops his pants and stuffs his hard cock in her pussy, fucking her standing doggy style and telling her she gets him so worked up and he can’t help it. She says she buys all those sexy outfits just for him. Johnny slams her wet box, hitting his hard body up against hers and making her moan in pleasure. He pulls out and lies back on the bed so Monique can suck his cock, licking up her pussy juices off it.

The action stays in the bed with Monique bent over doggy style on her hands and knees. Johnny continues his deep penetrating thrusts, stretching and spreading her pussy open. The camera zooms in close on her pussy getting pummeled by Johnny’s cock. She tells him to bang her pussy and he does. He pulls out and feeds her his cock, watching her suck it.

Monique sits her big round ass on his cock cowgirl style and rides it. The sensation is getting to her as she spreads her ass cheeks open while she bounces on his meat. Monique grinds around and around on his cock then sets her sights on sucking it again. She transitions to spoon position for more pussy stuffing then spreads her ass cheeks open so Johnny can fuck her ass hole. She fingers her clit while Johnny’s cock massages her ass hole. He takes his cock from her ass hole to her pussy to her mouth and Monique enjoys every moment of it. After sucking him off, she sits on his dick reverse cowgirl style, hosting it deep inside her. Johnny turns her to missionary position and holds one of her legs over his shoulder and fucks her pussy. He slams her tight hole until he’s ready to cum. He pops on her face and on her tongue, filling her mouth with spunk.  

Scene 5: Vicki Chase and Johnny Castle

Vicki has been out late and she joins Johnny in bed. He’s already sleeping and is tired when she tries to wake him up. Vicki isn’t going to let that stop her from getting what she wants. She undresses and pulls her butt plug out from behind her pillow along with lube. She lubes up the blue butt plug and her ass, pulls down her bikini and stuffs her ass with the plug. The unsuspecting Johnny is still fast asleep next to her. With her ass hole plugged, she lies on her back, opens her legs and starts fingering her pussy. Before long, Vicki is fucking her ass hole with the plug, stuffing it in and out of her rectum while fingering her clit. Her moaning gets louder and louder and it soon wakes Johnny up. He looks over and says babe, what are you doing? “What do you have in your ass?” He’s excited to see her do this and tells her she needs to wake him up whenever she does something like this. He climbs out of bed and comes around to her side of the bed, kisses her and eats her pussy while she fucks her ass hole with the plug.

Vicki is in real ecstasy now, enjoying Johnny’s tongue wrapping all over her pussy while her ass hole gets stretched by the plug. She is turned on and tells him she wants to suck his cock now. Johnny is already hard when he pulls off his underwear and Vicki wastes no time putting it in her mouth. She sucks his dick until she drools then lies on her back and host his cock in her pussy missionary style. “Ay Que Rico” is what she says as Johnny’s cock makes its way deeper and deeper inside her. He pumps her pussy, stuffing it with every inch of his dick, then he pulls out and eats her creaming cunt. He puts his cock back inside her, holds her leg over his should and pounds her hold, sending Vicki into fits of ecstasy. She sucks him off then rides his hard pole cowgirl style. After bouncing up and down on his meat, she sucks it again and this time Johnny makes her squirt by fingering her pussy hard and fast. They spoon fuck and while in that position, Johnny puts his cock in her ass hole. She says, “oh yes, pump that ass!” Johnny’s dick is balls deep in her rectum, making her mouth gape and her eyes roll back in her head. Vicki does ass to mouth then bends over doggy style for more ass fucking. Johnny shows her ass hole no mercy in his hard cock assault of her bum. He lies her on her back in missionary position and spends time eating her pussy which drives Vicki bananas. She thanks him for eating her pussy that way and watching him stick his dick back inside her ass hole. He fingers her cunt while his dick stays lodged in her ass. He continues to drill her ass hole in spoon position and pumps it until he’s ready to pop, cumming all over her ass and pussy.

Final Thoughts:

Horny starlet Ashley Adams leads an anal loving pack of starlets in scene after scene of rectal bliss in Naughty America’s My Girl Loves Anal 6. The Tampa-born Ashley Adams covers the DVD and gets her ass hole opened up in the first scene by Levi Cash’s hard cock.  Ashley is joined by Lexi Love, Kleio Valentien, Monique Alexander and multi-nominated starlet Vicki Chase in this anal adventure that doesn’t end until every girls’ ass hole is creaming over the hard cock wedged in it. The cock contributors and anal explorers are Levi Cash, Preston Parker, Mark Wood and Johnny Castle who fuck each girl’s ass hole in hard pounding, piston pumping action that leaves our starlets deeply satisfied. This flick is a collection of Naughty America’s anal webisodes and I recommend it. Even though you can watch these webisodes on demand, Naughty America did a good job of collecting 5 hot scenes on one DVD. The performances are great and so is the chemistry, especially in Vicki Chase, Ashley Adams, and Kleio Valentien’s scenes.  

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