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Anal Cuties 6

Studio: Hard X » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 4/7/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 5 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: 18+ Teens; All Sex; Anal; Gonzo

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Mason

Cast: Starring Alyssa Cole with Jaye Summers, Charlotte Cross, Lyra Law, Manuel Ferrera, Mick Blue, Markus Dupree

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Behind the Scenes with close to 8 minutes of post-sex interviews


Anal Cuties 6 stars Alyssa Cole and she deserves the starring role with the fiery performance she puts on in the opening scene with Manuel Ferrera. Alyssa’s scene is the hottest one of the flick and will have you watching it again and again. Mason directs this 4-scene flick also featuring Jaye Summers, Charlotte Cross, and Lyra Law. Mick Blue and Markus Dupree join Manuel in this anal visual sensation. This move is all about young teen girls who have a craving for deep penetrating anal sex. These girls live for the assgasm and their G-spot is in their ass holes. The guys massage each girl’s rectum with their hard cocks, sending our starlets into body-shaking ecstasy. I recommend Anal Cuties 6. The girls are sexy, funny and horny and their ass holes get stretched from end to end by hard cocks until our cuties cum.

Scene 1:  Alyssa Cole and Manuel Ferrera

DVD starlet Alyssa Cole opens the flick, showing off her 18-year-old ass for the camera as director Mason asks questions and gets to know her better. This is one hot scene with multiple cum shots by both Alyssa and Manuel. When the scene starts, Alyssa is dressed in an all patriotic bikini and tube socks. She was a very smart high school student with a high GPA but she admits that she was always horny and freaky. She talks about that one time she let the student body president finger her pussy during a student council meeting. Nobody noticed and she loved the attention. Her first time having anal sex was at a party at a frat house in Boulder, CO. She was on the bed with a guy who started undressing her. Once they started having sex, the guy stuck his dick in her ass and that began her addition to anal sex. She loves it. After Alyssa explains her sexual experiences, she joins Manuel on the couch who wastes no time focusing on her beautiful, round ass. She is bent over doggy style on the couch and he spanks her ass cheeks. Her shorts are so short, Manuel pulls them up the crack of her ass like a G-string. He takes out a butt plug and uses his mouth to insert it into her tight ass hole. Once it’s all the way in her hole, he uses his mouth again to pull it out. Alyssa loves the feeling and enjoys it when Manuel starts kissing her body and squeezing her tits. She rubs his cock in his pants then lies back missionary style and watches his tongue lash her pussy. Manuel eats her cunt, making her body shiver and shake. With the butt plug still wedged in her ass hole, Alyssa cums and creams all over Manuel’s fingers when he finger-fucks her pussy.

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Manuel drops his pants and stuffs his big, hard cock in Alyssa’s mouth and fucks it. She gags and drools almost immediately and ends up blowing bubbles with all the spit pour out of her mouth, covering his cock. She sucks his balls then lets him beat her tongue with his cock. While banging her throat, Manuel pulls the butt plug out of her ass, puts it in her mouth then spoon fucks her pussy. Alyssa tries moaning with the butt plug shoved down her throat while Manuel slams her 18-year-old pussy. He chokes her then takes his cock out of her pussy and puts it in her ass and stuffs it. Alyssa’s butt gets stretched from the hard and fast pumping of Manuel’s cock and her cries show how much she loves it. Alyssa sits up to ride his cock in reverse cowgirl position and just as she’s getting a steady bounce going, Manuel starts pumping her hole and fingering her clit, telling her to cum. She eventually does cum from his deep thrusts. She climbs off and does ass to mouth followed by licking Manuel’s ass and sucking his balls. She gets into doggy position for more cock up the ass and Manuel goes to town flogging her rectum with his dick. Alyssa holds her ass cheeks open as his cock glides in and out of her ass. After more ass to mouth, she rides his prick cowgirl style, crying out as he drills her sphincter. Alyssa lies on her back, missionary style, and Manuel pins one of her legs all the way back while he annihilates her ass with his cock. He pumps her hole until he pops inside her, leaving her ass hole oozing a warm creampie. It doesn’t end there. Alyssa fingers her clit vigorously until she cums and Manuel fucks her ass hole some more missionary style followed by doggy style, promising to give her more cum. Before he pops, Alyssa cums again and it sends her over the edge. Alec stays focused on her ass hole, ramming it full of his cock. He pulls out and Alyssa gets on the floor and opens her mouth. Manuel shoots another load of cum in her mouth. The fucking still doesn’t stop. Manuel drills Alyssa’s ass hole again doggy style and that makes her cum and leaves her legs shaking uncontrollably.  This is a hot opening scene in a lineup of anal cuties.

Scene 2:  Charlotte Cross and Markus Dupree

Charlotte interviews with Mason in the car on her way to what she calls her anal date. She is dressed in her panties and a top and she explains that whenever she does anal, she wants to feel sexy and slutty at the same time. She says she always has a butt plug in too. That’s when she gives us a peek-a-boo of the plug in her ass. She pulls up her top and shows off her tits and explains that she always stretches before she does anal as well. Charlotte admits that she cums really hard whenever she’s doing anal. She pulls off her panties and talks about being able to make a heart with her pussy. She’s soon playing with the butt plug, thrusting it in and out of her ass hole in the back seat of the car and fingering her pussy. Mason is filming the whole thing and tells her to keep going. Charlotte is all wrapped up in her butt plug and she’s about to make herself cum from playing with it in her ass. She is more than ready for her anal exercise today. After cumming, Charlotte pulls the butt plug out of her ass and stuffs it in her mouth.

Cut to Charlotte on the couch and Markus Dupree eating her ass hole. He tongues her butt then quickly drops his pants and stuffs her ass with his cock missionary style. She is lying on her back with both legs pinned back and watching Markus drill her ass. She tells him please don’t stop then says, “thank you, thank you, thank you” as Markus’ cock disappears deep in her ass.

Charlotte’s ass is creaming all over his cock and when he pulls out, her ass squirts. He sticks his dick back inside her and keeps her in anal bliss, slapping her face to roughen the feeling. She’s cumming again from the feeling of his dick drilling deep in her ass. He makes her pussy squirt next by fingering it until she splashes all over herself then he gets back in her ass. After a hard round of anal pumping, Charlotte does ass to mouth with a rough face fuck that makes her gag. She sucks his balls and his cock then bends over doggy style to get her ass stretched. Charlotte tells him he feels so good in her ass hole when he fucks it in reverse cowgirl position. She rides his cock cowgirl style in her bum then stands up and hosts his dick in standing doggy. Markus makes her ass hole gape then lies her on her back in missionary position and blows her rectum out with his piston like pumping. She tells him how much she loves that. The anal fucking moves to the arm rest where Charlotte yells, “give it to me, give it to me!” With that. Markus pulls out of her ass and pops in her mouth, leaving a trail of cum draining down her chin. She grabs his cock with both hands and sucks it, swallowing his jizz in the process.

Scene 3:   Lyra Law and Mick Blue

Mason admires Lyra’s ass as she twerks it for the camera. It’s incredible and she says she got it from her mom. What’s interesting about her story is she wasn’t always an anal lover. She had a boyfriend that didn’t know what he was doing and thought he could just spit on his dick and stick it in her ass. It didn’t work for her and she hated anal. She promised herself she would never do that again. As she was watching porn and watching girls do anal and loving it, she thought there’s got to be something to this. She decided that she wouldn’t even masturbate unless she has something in her ass like a butt plug. One day, her boyfriend was fucking her and decided to fuck her in her ass and she came. The experience was incredible. Her G-spot is in her ass. She says when you anal sex, you stay turned on all day.

She meets up with Mick in the hallway and he puts his face in her ass right away. She stands up against the wall and Mick spanks her ass cheeks and licks her ass hole from behind. Lyra shakes her booty back and forth as Mick’s tongue wags back and forth across her crack. She turns around with her back against the wall and jerks Mick’s cock while he fingers her pussy. Mick fucks her up against the wall, pumping her pussy in a leg up. After the pussy warmup, Lyra drops to her knees and sucks Mick’s big cock. She squeezes his balls with one hand and deep throats his cock at the same time causing herself to spit up everywhere. With strings and strings of spit hanging from Mick’s dick, she deep throats him some more, causing a wet and sloppy mess everywhere. Mick fucks her ass hole in standing doggy position as she continues to lean up against the wall. Mick is hitting her anal G-spot and Lyra is in nirvana. They move to the floor in reverse cowgirl position and Mick’s dick goes into overdrive, pounding her ass hole. Lyra screams out for him to fuck her ass hole. She fingers her pussy while Mick’s dick drills her ass hole and Lyra is headed to another orgasm. She climbs off and sucks his dick then rides it cowgirl style in the bed. Mick turns her over into doggy position on her hands and knees and slams her hole, sending her to another bout with ecstasy. The anal fetish turns to missionary style followed by more reverse cowgirl girl. It all feels so fucking good to Lyra and she’s enjoying every moment of it. After spoon fucking her up her ass hole, Mick asks her if she’s ready. That’s when he pulls out and shoots his load directly into her open mouth. His cum pools on her tongue and she blows bubbles with it then swallows.

Scene 4:  Jaye Summers and Markus Dupree

Jaye hates her accent. She’s from North Carolina and she doesn’t like to sound country. She recently moved from North Carolina to Los Angeles and she loves it there.  She talks about being super athletic in high school but when she moved and changed schools, she became more of an introvert. When she was 16, she did her first blow job and experienced her first anal. One time she was at a football game with her boyfriend and they fucked out in the parking lot. Another time, she fucked him in a movie theater and she loved to fuck him before school in an abandoned stairwell. She’s excited about doing anal today because she hasn’t done it that much on camera. Markus gets her ready by eating her ass from behind in doggy position. Jaye has on a flirty short cheerleader skirt and Markus flips it up to eat her. She shakes her ass in his face and enjoys his tongue in her ass.

After eating her ass hole, Markus fingers it, getting it ready for the cock he’s about to stuff inside it. Jaye bends on her hands and knees and Markus works his cock inside her ass hole. He starts pumping her tight hole slowly at first, sending his cock further and further in her ass. She’s so tight, it takes a round of pumping to open her ass hole up. With her ass hole finally stretched open, Markus sends his cock balls deep inside her. She goes from doggy position to sitting on his cock in reverse cowgirl, looking intently at him while his cock massages her anus. Jaye climbs off and sucks his cock, swallowing her ass juices, then she rides it cowgirl style. We get to watch her bounce up and down on Markus’ cock from his POV. After sucking his cock and balls, she lies on her back for more anal romance. The pair finish their anal expedition in doggy position with Jaye screaming, “cum on my face!” Markus drills her ass hole then pulls out and blows his load all over her face and in her mouth. She sucks his balls then sucks his cock with cum dripping from her chin.

Final Thoughts:

DVD cover girl Alyssa Cole is unforgettable in Anal Cuties 6. She holds the opening scene and sets a high bar for reaching bouts of ecstasy through hard pounding anal sex. Her cock mate is Manuel Ferrera and he sets her on a tailspin of assgasms and orgasms that seem never ending. Alyssa enjoys a plug up her butt just as much as her costars Jaye Summers, Charlotte Cross and Lyra Law. Mick Blue and Markus Dupree join Manuel in this movie about anal stuffing and stretching. Mason directs the 4-scene flick and does a great job bringing out the slutty, cock-craving side of each anal diva. I recommend this flick. The girls are sexy, the ass drilling is hot and the assgasms are even hotter.  


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