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Angel Smalls in Dirty Little Angel

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 4/24/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 3 minutes

Date of Production:  Production Year: 2017. Released March 1, 2017

Genre: Double Anal; Double Penetration; Double Vaginal; Cumshots; Star Showcase; Threesomes; Blowbang

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Jonni Darkko

Cast: Starring Angel Smalls with Holly Hendrix, Anna DeVille; John Strong, Alex Jones, Chris Cock, Darwin Slimpoke, Donny Sins, Filthy Rich, Ike Diezel, Isiah Maxwell, Rob Carpenter, Moe the Monster Johnson, Jack Jace

Bonus Scenes: One bonus lesbian scene with Anna DeVille and Angel Smalls plus lots of behind the scene footage with Angel.

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Filmographies


Petite powerhouse Angel Smalls packs a punch in her star showcase Angel Smalls in Dirty Little Angel. This flick is one of the hottest star showcases I’ve seen and with director and AVN Hall of Famer Jonni Darkko behind the camera, it’s no wonder.  Angel puts on an unforgettable show in this over three-hour flick, exploring and experiencing tons of sex from a seven-man, balls-deep blow bang, a sizzler of a girl-on-girl scene with AVN’s 2017 Best New Starlet Holly Hendrix and huge dildos, a double anal threesome and a gangbang climax that stretches her pussy, ass hole and throat to their limits. In the end, Angel has a bukkake of a finish with her face glazed in loads of cum and it’s still not enough to satisfy her. I highly recommend this movie. Angel’s sexual intensity along with Darkko’s camera and production perspective produce the kind of no-holds-barred porn that fans will enjoy.

Scene 1:  Angel Smalls, Chris Cock, Alex Jones, Rob Carpenter, Ike Diezel, Moe the Monster Johnson, Donny Sins, Jack Jace

The petite powerhouse, Angel Smalls, begins her sizzling star showcase with a big blow bang. Her mouth gets used by seven hard cocks and in the end, her face is glazed in cum and Angel is happy. When the scene begins, it’s all Angel. She seduces with her eyes and lips, pulling off her bra and running her fingers down to her pussy. She’s sitting on a white couch that soon will become a dick den where Angel will gag and spit on cock after cock. She runs her hands along her ass and thighs then gets in doggy position on the couch in her most sensual seduction yet. The camera zooms in close on her ass hole which is barely covered by her G-string. She beckons us closer to her, using her finger to invite us in. She puts that same finger in her mouth, licking it. Next, we see Angel kneeling near a fireplace with a hard cock in her hand, jerking it in and out of her mouth. The guy holds her head in place then fucks her throat, making her gag. He asks her if she wants more cocks. That’s when Donny Sins walks up, adding his hard cock to Angel’s party. She jerks both dicks at the same time then puts Donny’s in her mouth. She turns to let Rob bang her throat and that’s when Ike joins in, giving her three cocks to eat. The guys line up in a row with their cocks pointed toward Angel’s face. The throat banging has led to long strands of spit falling from her chin. She’s on her knees surrounded by the three guys when another hard cock enters the scene, then another hard cock. Angel is beside herself in a cock fantasy blow bang. The guys start fucking her throat one at a time, stuffing their dicks in her mouth all the way to their balls. Angel’s eyes roll back in her head and she gags and spits up all over herself. The guys stuff her mouth with their cocks then slap her face while she chokes on their meat.

Eventually, Angel is smacking on seven hard cocks and she lubes each one up with her spit. She attempts to deep throat each prick as it’s presented to her and she is successful, even trying to swallow the guys’ balls when she reaches the bottom of their shaft. Angel is working her mouth off in satisfying each hard cock and she is relentless in wrapping her wet lips around each pole. The guys take turns in pairs flanking her and fucking her throat. Angel worships each cock, savoring it in her mouth and forcing it as far down her throat as possible. With each cock, the guys encourage Angel to take more, telling her she can do it. Angel is a dick trooper. As the cocks crowd her face nonstop, she services each one and begs for more. Thirty minutes into it, her mouth is just as greedy as it was at the start of the blowbang when there was only one cock feeding her face. Four dicks surround her. One beats her head, one beats her shoulder and one is lodged in her throat while she jerks the other one. Then things heat up. Angle lies on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the couch. The guys line up and one by one, they fuck her throat, causing her to produce streams and streams of spit that covers her face. The guys call her a man-eater as she swallows one cock completely down to the balls. This throat fucking action is the hottest part of the scene as Angel hosts cock after cock deep in her mouth. Forty minutes in, Angel’s throat is still being banged and she can’t get enough of it. Angel makes her way to her knees and instructs the guys to all cum on her face. One after one, the guys blast her face with jizz, completely covering it. One of the guys spoons wads of cum off her cheeks and feeds it to her. She swallows it all and licks the spoon clean then waves goodbye.  

Scene 2: Angel Smalls, John Strong, Markus Dupree

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Scene two is Angel’s experience with double anal. She has John and Markus to thank for crowding her rectum in this scene that’s almost an hour of booty banging. When the scene begins, Angel is on the couch in black, see-through lingerie teasing us again. She pulls her panties off to the side revealing her pink pussy. She fingers her snatch, smiling at the camera as she does it. Her fingers make their way to her ass hole and she begins fondling it too. There are lots of closeups on Angel’s pussy and ass. Her two fingers are running in and out of her tight ass hole now, opening it up. She’s in doggy position, reaching her hand back and fingering her ass hole. She pulls her fingers out of her ass hole and sticks them in her mouth, licking them and tasting her own ass. Angel continues to finger and pleasure herself. This time, she’s lying on her back with her legs open wide, making her ass hole gape as she stuffs it with her fingers. Her ass hole is on full display when she gets in doggy position.

John comes up behind her and starts banging her pussy and her ass hole. He fucks her pussy then pulls out and fucks her ass, making Angel moan in pleasure. Markus comes around and puts his cock in her mouth and fucks it while she continues to get her pussy and ass slammed by John. The guys have her sandwiched and they’re banging her hard. John is focused exclusively on Angel’s ass hole now, slamming it doggy style. She sits on Markus’ cock in reverse cowgirl position and John immediately stuffs her pussy with his cock, giving her a reverse cowgirl DP. She loves the feeling and tells the guys to give it to her hard. The reverse cowgirl DP goes on for a long time and Angel loves hosting both dicks. The guys pull out and she sucks Markus’ prick, tasting her own ass then she sits on John cowgirl style. Markus isn’t far behind, plugging her ass hole and setting a cowgirl DP in motion. Angel screams, “yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” Markus pulls her hair back while he fucks her ass hole. John continues to stretch her pussy with his dick as she sits on it. The close up on her pussy and ass hole show just how much she’s being stuffed by both dicks. Angel’s double anal begins in reverse cowgirl position. Her ass hole is gaping wide open as John and Markus’ cocks fill her anal cavern. Angel shows just how much she wants both cocks in her hole at the same time as she orders the guys to stretch her ass hole out. She turns to cowgirl position and continues to take both cocks in her ass hole, spreading it wide open. A standing cowgirl leads to more DP action with a cock in her pussy and one in her ass. When the guys pull out, we see Angel’s anal rose and her pink pussy. She gets in doggy position for more anal play, taking John’s cock inside her. Markus follows suit, plowing her ass doggy style. After another round of double anal in reverse cowgirl position, Angel eats John’s ass hole when he sits on her face. Markus fucks her ass missionary style and causing her to cum and squirt all over herself. She has two orgasms back to back and screams out in pleasure. John gets in her ass hole too, fucking it then pulling out to show more of her anal rose. She drops to her knees and sucks both dicks until they pop on her face and in her mouth. She swallows some of their cum then tells the guys to fuck her some more. She lies on her back, opens her legs wide and invites John into her ass hole. Markus fucks her ass then fingers her pussy until she squirts again.

Scene 3:  Angel Smalls and Holly Hendrix

The third scene in Angel’s sexploration is with AVN’s 2017 Best New Starlet Holly Hendrix. They have a hot girl-on-girl scene complete with big toys. When the scene opens, the two are kissing a big, glass dildo and kissing each other. Holly asks Angel to tell her how badly she wants that big dildo in her ass hole. Angel is position doggy style and Holly is tonguing her tiny, little ass hole. She pours lube all over Angel’s ass then starts filling it with the dildo. Holly tells her she can take it deeper so she pushes it further and further in Angel’s ass while fingering her clit. This makes Angel close her eyes in ecstasy and she begs Holly to push the dildo deeper inside her.

Holly tells her she wants to see that nice pink ass hole gape again, so she stuffs her hole some more. When Holly pulls the dildo out of Angel’s ass, we see a gaping pink hole that Holly plugs with her tongue. Angel’s ass hole is begging for more and Holly feeds it accordingly. Holly loves Angel’s sweet ass and continues tonguing and tasting it. Now, it’s Holly’s turn to take the big, fat glass dildo up her ass. Angel helps guide it in Holly’s ass in reverse cowgirl position. Holly sits down on it, making the glass rings disappear in her rectum. Angel ups the stakes on Holly, using a buzzing Hitachi on her clit while Holly grinds around and around on the dildo. The sensation is exhilarating for Holly. Angel pulls the dildo out of Holly’s ass and tastes it then she tongues Holly’s creaming ass hole, swallowing her ass juices.

Angel does a little experiment next. She wants to see how many fingers she can fit into Holly’s tight ass. She starts fingering her and soon is stuffing all five of her fingers inside Holly’s hole. Holly wants the penetration to go even deeper and Angel is happy to oblige. Angel takes a huge dildo and drills it into Holly’s ass hole, making it cream with ass juice. Angel licks it up then stuffs the dildo back inside Holly. Angel tongues Holly’s hole again then starts probing it with her fingers. Soon, Angel has worked all her fingers inside Holly’s ass hole. Angel continues to eat Holly’s ass hole then swaps ass juices with holly that she licked up from her hole. It’s Angel’s turn to get her ass filled and this time Holly pulls out a two-headed dildo to do the job. She sticks one end into Angel’s ass then bends the dildo to stick the other end in Angel’s pussy. Holly has the dildo bent like a horseshoe and has both ends deep inside Angel’s holes. Holly licks Angel’s clit, then pulls the dildo out of Angel’s pussy and ass and shares it with Angel. Both girls suck the dildo, tasting Angel’s pussy and ass. They end their scene kissing all over each other.

Scene 4:  Angel Smalls, John Strong, Jovan Jordan, Markus Dupree, Isiah Maxwell, Filthy Rich, Ike Diezel, Darwin Slimpoke

This last scene in Angel’s sexual journey is perhaps the hottest. It’s a gangbang scene and Angel proves she can take multiple cocks at the same time. From face fucking to double penetration, Angel does it all in the closing scene of this movie. When the scene opens, Angel is back to her teasing and masturbation. She quickly pulls off her lingerie and positions herself in doggy position on the couch. We view her from behind with closeups on her pussy and ass hole. Angel begins stuffing finger after finger in her asshole and licking them. Her fingers make their way to her pussy too where she stuffs them inside her tight box. She lies on her back and stuffs her ass hole with three fingers, fucking herself then sucking those fingers. Her pretty, pink pussy almost fills the whole screen as the camera zooms in close when she spreads her pussy open. She stands up and we see the guys sitting on the couch behind her. She says she’s going to fuck all of them today. The guys’ cocks are already hard and when she walks over to the group, John immediately puts her in standing doggy position and starts fucking her pussy while she sucks Markus and Filthy Rich’s pricks. Angel is surrounded by dicks and is making her fantasy come true. The guys take turns on her mouth and in her pussy. Isiah fucks her snatch next while Filthy Rich makes her gag on his dick down her throat. He chokes her and tells her to take that fucking cock. Markus slams her pussy from behind doggy style while she sucks on more meat. He pulls out of her pussy and drills her ass hole until John steps in to take over, stuffing her rectum with dick.

Her ass remains the target now as the guy swap out and continue to slam her tight ass. They pull her hair and choke her while fucking her ass and throat and it sends Angel into rounds of ecstasy. She is spitting up on every cock that’s in her face and she loves getting fucked doggy style, staying in that position for some time. Angel lies on her back next and opens her legs wide. Her ass hole is still target number one and it gets spread open by each hard cock penetrating it. She maintains a throat bang while the guys fill her ass hole. Her ass juices are flowing as it gets every plowed. Almost 30 minutes into the scene, Angel’s ass is gaping from cock. She moves into double penetration next in cowgirl position and she yells, “fuck me” as Markus drills her ass hole and John pounds her pussy. The guys have her air tight now with a cock in her mouth, pussy, and ass. The DP feels so good to her, she tells the guys, "not to fucking stop!" Angel’s holes are being stuffed balls deep and we see all the action close up and in High Def as her holes get opened wider and wider.

The DP doesn’t stop there. It develops into a reverse cowgirl DP that’s just as deep and hard as the cowgirl. Before Angel realizes it, she’s taking two cocks in her ass hole at the same time for a double anal in reverse cowgirl position. She moans in ecstasy as her ass experiences a double dick assault. She turns to a reverse cowgirl DP for a while but is soon back to taking two cocks in her ass at the same time. When both the guys pull their cocks out of her ass, she sucks both of them at the same time then gets on her knees and tells the guys she wants all of them to cum on her face. We watch as Angel’s face gets splattered in jizz, just like she wanted, leaving her cheeks and forward glazed in cum. She tells the guys she wants to feel their cum dripping down her chin. Blast after blast covers her face until John fucks her doggy style. She tells him she wants his fucking load. Ike slips in right after John, pounding her pussy some more. She gets fucked missionary style from Filthy Rich until he pops all over her face, capping off an incredible gangbang.

Final Thoughts:

AVN’s 2017 Dirty Little Slut of the Year and My (Wet) Dream Girl Angel Smalls stars in her own star showcase with the aptly named title Angel Smalls in Dirty Little Angel. The 23-year-old, five-feet tall Angel weighs 83 pounds but she is a petite powerhouse in this over three-hour flick that builds to debauchery from the first scene to the last. AVN Hall of Famer Jonni Darkko directs the flick and has put together four scenes of girl-on-girl, double cock stuffing, semen soaking and gangbanging with Angel at the center of it all. I highly recommend this flick.  Angel has no limits in her sexplorations beginning with a seven-man, balls-deep blow bang, a lesbian sizzler with AVN’s 2017 Best New Starlet Holly Hendrix, a double anal threesome and a gangbang with a bukkake climax. When it’s all over Angel, still wants more and takes another round of fucking from a couple of the guys in the end. Angel’s sexual appetite is high and it comes through in every scene. She’s a seductress who takes command of her scenes, making her a pleasure to watch.

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