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Interracial Anal Glory Holes 2

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 4/25/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Content: 4/5 stars

Running Time: 1 hours, 46 minutes

Cast: Amara Romani, Kenzie Taylor, Natasha Nice, Rachele Richey, and Summer Day (NOTE: Opening credits of the DVD misrepresent Amara Romani as Harley Jade and Natasha Nice as Kiera King).

Directed by: Billy Watson

Genres: Anal, Gloryholes, Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: No technical specifications to note

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Photo gallery and cumshot recap

Overview: DogFart is at it again, this time further expanding their already vast DVD catalog by giving their series "Gloryhole Initiations" a bit more specifications. Interracial Anal Gloryholes 2 is the second volume in their series that truncates episodes of the series that prioritize anal action in addition to the thrill and taboo of anonymous sex.

Scene 1: Amara Romani and unidentified male performer

Amara Romani walks into a porn-shop in search of the rumored gloryholes she's heard so much about. She barks her demands at the clerk, who is initially skeptical she's a cop until he himself proves otherwise by her allowing him to cop a feel. She then walks into the viewing booth to find a room playing interracial porn with several holes in the wall, partly covered in duck-tape to remain smooth and viable for the imminent entry of certain tools.

In the meantime, Amara lubes up her breasts with spit as she awaits interracial action, "I get to worship some cock today," she says with a quiver in her voice, almost surprised at herself and what is coming her way quite literally. She strips down from her jeans shorts and thin tank to play with herself, resting on a folding chair, while putting her fingers down her throat to prep her mouth. Director Billy Watson makes us guess which hole a penis will come out of with very subtle, lingering direction. When Amara notices a hand come through a hole across from her, she anxiously gets on her knees almost immediately.

She goes for her usual: a gag-heavy, noisy blowjob dominated by an excess of croaking and spitting that sloshes its way down to coat her body. She's a rock-star as always. An angry fit of slobber and drool go everywhere, lathering her unidentified man's cock nonetheless herself. She starts by putting it in her twat, but soon redirects it in her ass shortly after - or what she lovingly refers to as her "whore-holes." She fucks and grinds with the same level of unrepentant energy she vocally expresses with every moment.

She concludes by kneeling on the ground, her legs wide and her crotch kissing the floor, using both of her hands to stroke her mystery man's cum onto her tongue.

Amara is, once again, a dedicated, uninhibited freak and one of the best performers today and she asserts her goddess status once again by resting on the folding chair on which she began masturbating. Another job well done. 4/5 stars.

Scene 2: Kenzie Taylor and unidentified male performers

Kenzie Taylor's outfit, first and foremost, is stunning. She's in a tight tank-top that accentuates her alluring figure, most notably her breasts that protrude out, along with booty shorts that ride up her body, more-than-slightly revealing the bottom part of her buttcheeks. She walks into the same porn-shop in search of a DVD boasting black cocks, eventually selecting a DogFart/Mandingo title and making her way to the viewing booths. She unzips her jeans and marvels, not only at the sex on-screen, but the talented female performer who can effortlessly take Mandingo's footlong.

She sees her own Mandingo-like shaft up close for herself when a large black penis pokes through the gloryhole adjacent too her, alerting her it's time to quickly get on her knees and do her own dudiligence. While she's in the middle of pleasing one, another pops out of another hole across the room, begging her to do a breathless bout of double-duty. Kenzie's up to the challenge, orally working both shafts, never minding for she's only getting her fix twice as fed now.

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She cums as the first dick works her pussy upon sucking and massaging the other shortly after. When she rides that one, she allows him access to her butt-hole, growling as he penetrates her considerable force. She milks the first one she was introduced to in her mouth, while the other splashes his load on her face.

Sweaty and satisfied, Kenzie exits upon getting redressed and walking out of the room with a strand of a stranger's cum dangling off of her face. 4/5 stars.

Scene 3: Natasha Nice and unidentified male performer

DVD covergirl Natasha Nice is talking to her evidently domineering husband on the phone as she enters the porn-shop, telling him not to worry, for she's just going out with the girls for some mimosas. She says this while walking towards the counter, hanging up on him and requesting some "interracial mimosas" to the guy behind the counter. She decides a gloryhole DVD is what will suite her today, entering the viewing booth in hopes to pleasure herself in peace.

What awaits, however, is a black cock that pops through one of the room's various duck-taped holes about the same time she gets into the DVD with her top off. Her husband calls a few more times to check up on her, while Natasha, who is understandably annoyed, gets to a point of not even caring that she can obviously be heard on the other end of the phone doing what she's doing - sucking dick. She gets into savoring her mystery man on her knees, doing a blowjob the right way, until she backs her ass up on his dick, going deep right away. Natasha seductively moans and grits her teeth while taking him entirely in her butt.

A small cumshot cannot phase Natasha, who makes the most out of it and everything else in the scene. Her husband calls at the tail-end of the scene, bringing it full-circle, and she talks to him while getting dressed. She says they'll need to have a talk about how incessant he is about calling her, but at the same time, she doesn't seem to mind. She's so dick-drunk at this point that she can't wipe a nearly-contagious smile off of her face, and proves that watching her get dressed and giggle can be as much fun as watching her fuck.

Debatably, the hottest moment of the scene comes as Natasha struggles to put her tight jeans back on, hopping up and down topless in efforts to secure them. That alone deserves some kind of sidebar AVN award. 4/5 stars.

Scene 4: Rachele Richey and unidentified male performer

Bleach-blonde Rachele Richey waltzes over the DogFart section of a sex-shop's DVDs, immediately admiring the abilities of starlets who can take massive cocks up their asses. She stares in awe as her large breasts are concealed by a bright-pink top. Rachele is brought into the store in order to round up some equipment for her bachelorette party, initially settling on a large kit until a sales associate remarks about how childish a lot of the included games are. He takes her to the viewing booths, claiming that she'll witness something that might change her mind about marriage entirely.

Rachele is immediately stunned, not only by the presence of questionable holes in the wall, but also by the interracial porn on the TV in her private room. She begins to masturbate, finally unleashing her massive breasts and nipples as a big black cock slips through a hole beside her. She admires its size and girth before diving in, allowing her sizable lips to glide sensually up and down the shaft. She rarely goes deep for too long, but when she does, her lips tremble as they try to catch up with the prowess of her throat.

She throws her hips into anal sex, grinding roughly against the wall while her anonymous man acquaints himself with her booty. She rides like it's an intense horseback session, remaining in control of herself and her motions through a raucous bout of stimulation. He ends by giving her a large, dripping vaginal creampie as she pulls out early, leading her to make sure that she cleans up the excess that didn't find its way inside of her.

Instant regret washes over Rachele as she's getting dressed. "I have to walk back through the store?," she laments to her self. "People are gonna know I just sucked this random guy's cock," she proclaims as she returns to her clothed state, concealing her bust and brushing off the sweat on her cheeks. Her feet are filthy as she puts her heels back on, shocked and amazed by what was likely the dirtiest thing she's ever done.

Rachele is commendable here, although not as dominant of a presence as the previous ladies. Give her a more tangible concept, or maybe a few phone-calls from a needy or worrying husband, and she could probably work wonders and more by way of her relentless nature. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 5: Summer Day and unidentified male performer

Summer Day oozes innocence even as she's doing some of the filthiest sex stunts in porn, and her performance and scene, which serves as the concluding one as well, in Interracial Anal Gloryholes 2 is no exception to her arousing filmography. She immediately enters a sex-shop to purchase lingerie but shyly asks the clerk if the store has any interracial porn DVDs. The clerk is eager to show off he store's extensive selection of DogFart DVDs (I guess the store doesn't carry anything by Blacked or DarkX), to which Summer goes giddy when spotting her a gangbang DVD, her personal favorite genre.

Because Summer's husband doesn't like gangbang porn, much less interracial, she vouches to watch her DVD in a private viewing booth. She gets into the disc as soon as she walks in, stripping down to her bra and underwear as she plays with herself. When a black dick finds its way through one of the room's several gloryholes, she welcomes it by keeping her lips latches and licking on the long member.

She keeps herself hot once her man gives her the key to get totally naked, and Watson's camera pans down a couple times to show how wet Summer truly is. "Sir, do people fuck in here?," she asks nervously. "I really want to." But of course.

"It almost hurts," she whines as her unidentified man enters her anally. She steams up the scene even more by remarking how her husband isn't allow access to her asshole, but it gets even nastier when she proclaims how badly she wants to taste her ass. Summer takes an otherwise average scene on an above average DVD and infuses it with a lot of sensuality by way of her vulgar and horny personality.

Things end as a large load coats her tongue. " I wonder if the clerk knows what I did," she says to herself, "He's gonna think I'm a whore." Summer, once again, proves that dressing herself is just about as fun for the viewer as watching her have sex, as she meticulously makes sure her belted wedges are secure and her blue top leaves no evidence of what she's done. She smiles as she thinks about her forthcoming bubble bath to celebrate and cleanse herself of what was undoubtedly a wonderful session of anonymous anal sex. I'm sure her husband won't mind. 4/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Interracial Anal Gloryholes 2 packs so much in under two hours, let alone its title, that you almost have to break between scenes to digest what's just occurred (nonetheless being that the scenes are, again, truncated from their original release on DogFart's website to my knowledge, meaning they move at a much more rigorous pace). In terms of starlets, the crew at DogFart couldn't have picked a better assembly of defining starlets to further narrow their gloryhole concept. Amara Romani kicks off the disc with her usual sexy, sultry self, leading the way for Kenzie to do some double-fisted dirty-work, Natasha Nice to show why she's a covergirl, Rachele Richey to captivate with her blowjob technique and eye-popping breasts, and finally, Summer Day and all her explosive personality.

Like POV or foot fetish DVDs, I worry that gloryhole porn can sometimes fall prey to what it naturally is - sex that can't transcend intimate boundaries due to its inherently impersonal, shortchanged nature that can make for a one-note disc. But like Black Meat White Feet 3, a DogFart DVD I reviewed a few months back, the marquee company not only keeps this disc short but makes sure the girls infect it with their personalities and their own discernible skills. Often times, even in our masturbatory haze, we forget that this is what pornography is all about.

Interracial Anal Gloryholes 2 is a compelling showcase disc that will hopefully continue DogFart's reign not only as a tireless provider of interracial pornography but diverse interracial pornography as other companies are beginning to breed familiarity with their focus solely on the bare-bones nature of the genre.

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