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Let's Play

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 4/27/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: All Sex, Alt Girls, Tattoos

Director: Joanna Angel

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Cast: Janice Griffith, Amber Ivy, Dollie Darko, Nikki Darling, Small Hands, Xander Corvus, Bill Bailey, Johnny Castle

Length: 1 hour 42 minutes

Date of Release: November 22, 2016

Extras: 5 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Photo Gallery, Internet Info

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Solid on both fronts. Presented in anamorphic widescreen. Picture and audio are clear, dialog is intelligible. There's a couple of very minor lighting fluctuations, but nothing anyone will care about.

Overview: Joanna Angel brings us 4 scenes with setups that involve people playing video and/or role playing games. Blue-haired Janice gives up on her game in order to go down on Small Hands to start things off. She ends up squirting all over the place. Dollie Darko manipulates her Dungeon Master into manhandling her during a frenzied fuckfest. Amber Ivy shows off her gaming skills to her man, Johnny Castle, and then lets him show her his sex skills. Nikki Darling and Bill Bailey close out the disc with an anal romping that starts off as an augmented reality game. Overall, it's a fun title that is worth a look!

Scene 1: Janice Griffith & Small Hands

Janice was in a bind when her old roommate started selling off her video games for meth and moves in with Joanna and Small Hands. Joanna thinks video games are for kids, but leaves Janice to play her game as she heads out to the gym. Small Hands sees what she's playing and lets her know he has to keep his love for "Ass Effect" on the downlow, but Janice is more interested in what he has down low. Since Joanna doesn't mind that, the controller gets tossed aside and Janice gets tossed back on the couch. Her blue locks shine in the sun as Small Hands has her beautiful boobs, and bald box, for brunch. Janice seems a bit hungry too, as she inhales Small Hands entire hot dog with ease, slobber streaming down to her globes.
Janice GriffithJanice Griffith

Small Hands gives her a controller back so she can play the game while he bangs her from behind and when she tosses it aside he tosses her over. He gives her a short but thorough choking while he continues stroking and she presses her grey Converse's against him for support. When her mouth gets wide, Small Hands pulls out, flinging her squirt load into the air. Gripping her hair, he pummels back in working her up to two quick more squirts. Janice climbs onto his cock in cowgirl as he grabs a controller so she can fuck him while he fucks an alien. He abandons the alien banging pretty quickly, preferring to throw his real fuck toy over the couch arm, which she promptly slips off of as he pounds into her. The pair pound each other in one position after another, her squirt sessions continuing to shower them and the leather couch. A final, furious, missionary fucking leads him to unloading all over her pretty titties.

Scene 2: Dollie Darko & Xander Corvus


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Dollie and Xander are playing D&D with Small Hands and Joanna. Small Hands manages to strike a crushing blow to an ogre which leads up to what's most likely some funny improv between him and Dungeon Master Xander. Joanna fails miserably when she chooses to take a diplomatic route; Dollie squanders her turn by summoning a hawk. Xander starts to go off on Dollie and Joanna and Small Hands take that as their cue to leave and the argument continues amongst the remaining pair. Dollie wins that argument with a "roll for initiative" which impresses the Dungeon Master. It was part of Dollie's plan all along, to abandon the game and get to Xander's sword.

Dollie Darko

Miss Darko starts off with a head twirling sword swallow which she follows up by bathing his balls with her tongue. Xander explores her wet pussy with his fingers as she sucks him; he doesn't even care that she didn't read the Player's Handbook at this point. He decides to feel what actual pussy feels like on his cock and starts ramming her from behind as she talks dirty. Even though she won't be able to see without them, she tosses her Catwoman-styled glasses off as Mr. Corvus rams his cock in and out of her. Stripping down, Dollie climbs on his dick as they work out their pent up anger with a vengeance.

Dollie Darko

It's an absolutely frenetic fuck session as she pounds down on his dick and then reverses so he can grab her globes and rub her clit. As she bounces, he slaps her big boobs about and then pushes her forward so her titties bounce for the camera. Her teeth grit together as she cums on his cock as they start to lose traction and slide off the couch which provides a transition point for Xander to stand and fuck her titties while she continues to spout dirty banter. She gags on his engorged rod and they move back to the couch so she can be treated like a dirty garbage whore. She gags on her own fingers as Xander just rails her until he explodes volcanically all over her and the couch. Not wanting to waste any, Dollie licks it all off the couch and scrapes it off herself and into her mouth; earning a bunch of experience points in the process.

Scene 3: Amber Ivy & Johnny Castle

Amber Ivy

Johnny's trying to complete a mission in "Fuck Out 4" while Amber is trying to hurry him up so they can get to the movies on time. He's freaking out over the level and Amber bounds in looking cute as a button. She grabs the controller from him and shows him a secret passage which jumps them to level 60. That turns him on, and he pulls the pigtailed cutie's top down. She's not done playing, so they compromise as she sits on his face while continuing to dominate the game. She bounces her bald beaver on his face as her kill shots continue, finally tossing the controller aside in order to complete their 69. As her clothes come off, her alabaster skin contrasts with her inkwork.

Amber Ivy

Her eyes and mouth smile brightly as Johnny jams into her shaven slit in doggie and then a modified missionary, her legs in the air. Her little funbags flop around as he fucks her. He holds her cat-eared tiara-wearing head to his balls as she swallows his rod. His rod seeks its way back to her box and then she goes for a ball-slapping bouncy ride. Johnny's determined to enjoy this little spinner and moves from one dicking position to another, her whole body bouncing on the mattress as he pumps his manhood into her. She squeals with delight as he pauses to slosh some fingers around in her audibly wet hole. She stares at his sweat-drenched face as he pumps into her rhythmically before giving her a facial as sweat streams off his head. She decides to forgo the movie and beat the next level.

Scene 4: Nikki Darling & Bill Bailey

Nikki Darling

Bill's hunting for a "Shiny" on his smartphone and he catches one in the park. She magically appears, but she's weak and needs some PokeyDick to power her up. Bill rushes her off to his place as Joanna Angel and Small Hands frantically search the area to find one themselves. Once at the house, he discovers her PokeyPussy through her pink mesh unitard and starts licking it once he unsnaps her crotch. She rubs herself as he rims her ass hole. Her black braids bounce to and fro as he fucks her in doggie, or more specifically in this case maybe PokeyRabbit. He pulls her back onto him in a reverse cowgirl; his balls slapping loudly as he pounds into her pussy. She rubs herself, screaming, as he slams into her slit.

Nikki Darling

Holding her sideways on the couch, he lubes her rear entry with his tongue and then slides into it, her stiletto heeled boot high in the air and her eyes and mouth open wide. The camera inches in closer for a closeup of the anal action as she rolls over to reveal her landing strip as Bill bangs her butt hole. Her screams echo off the ceiling as she cums. Her eye contact is good even though her head is rocking around as she gets rammed. As they switch back to a reverse cowgirl, she keeps cumming and squeezing his cock out of her. Her tight ass cheeks are featured prominently as they switch to standard cowgirl for more anal cock slamming. Bill's working up a good forehead sweat as he manhandles his black beauty from one position to another. A final few rounds on the couch arm to "power her up" leads to his stardust all over her face.

Cover vs. Content: Unless you are a Janice Griffith fan, the cover won't beckon you to buy this movie. What's inside might though! Content wins!

Final Thoughts: I wasn't expecting much out of this disc, to be honest. Janice was the only female performer I was familiar with, so it was a crapshoot. Porn purchases are like that. That's why we're here at XCritic! We check this stuff out so you hopefully don't waste hard-earned money. Now, I'm not an avid gamer at all. There's no XBox or Playstation in this house since most of the kids have moved out and gotten married. If that also applies to you, then you'll be fine here. There is no actual gaming shown, only inferred. Well, except for that D&D scene. Speaking of that scene, as often happens in Burning Angel titles; Joanna Angel slipped in what seems to be a semi-scripted scene and Small Hands and Xander just ran with it. Here, Joanna and Dollie join in on the fun. Even though I've reviewed a handful of these titles, those scenes always seem to surprise me when they happen. You'd think by now I would expect them! But, I digress.

Dollie and Xander just go to town in that scene and their banter is pretty damned good during it! It's a lot of fun overall. Janice and Small Hands also have a pounding session which leads to tons of squirt on them and the couch! I really enjoyed watching Amber Ivy in her scene. The cat-ear tiara and pigtails were a cute touch for a really cute girl! Nikki Darling and Bill Bailey performed the only anal session of the disc, but it didn't work for me due to her face painting. The cat ears I liked, the bunny face, not so much...go figure. If you pick this disc up with hopes of watching hot chicks getting banged while playing the latest installment of Call of Duty, you'll be sadly disappointed. If you pick it up to watch hot, inked, girls getting banged into oblivion then you're in for a treat. The setups are very short except for that one scene and then it's off to the races. Overall, it's solid fucking on film but I'd say Watch On Demand is probably the best way to view it.

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