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My Pie Tastes Better

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Steve Pulaski » Review Date: 5/2/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Content: 3/5 stars

Running Time: 3 hours, 3 minutes

Cast: Eva Lovia, Lucia Love, Aria Alexander, Adriana Chechik, Layla London, Lennox Luxe, Marc Rose, Steve Holmes, Keiran Lee, Sean Lawless, and Kyle Mason.

Directed by: N/A

Genres: All Sex, Big Cock

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: No technical specifications to note, presumably shot in 4K video resolution

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Photo gallery

Overview: You never know what you'll get when it comes to Digital Playground, and despite everything about the presentation and appearance of My Pie Tastes Better being a feature-film, the disc is a compilation of unrelated scenes largely carried by the strength of the respective female performers. The trademarks of DP are easily found in the form of crisp video and audio, on top of a great deal of fun, irreverent moments, all despite a general lack of consistency and certain positions either going on for far too long or simply not long enough.

Scene 1: Eva Lovia, Lucia Love, and Marc Rose

Two seductive ladies, the thin Eva Lovia and the buxom Lucia Love, attempt to tantalize their new neighbor Marc Rose by each making a pie for him to indulge in while the two make less-than-subtle passes at him despite them both being married. It's fun watching the ladies make their obvious gestures, including but not limited to Lucia whipping her breasts out at the table when both Eva and Marc's heads are turned. When Eva steps out, Lucia starts sucking Marc's dick, but when Eva returns, and Lucia is the one to step out, Eva states the line we, and Marc, all wanted to hear: "making pie is only the second best thing I do with my hands."

The ladies begin to fight when they both recognize one another's sexual motives, but Marc is a man undisturbed by the thought of compromise. He lets both ladies perch themselves atop the kitchen counter so he can really find out who possesses the better pie. The two are entranced as Marc eats both of them, savoring their juices before enjoying his own reward, a blowjob by two ladies who have no problem working the better halves of his penis and testicles.

Eva and Lucia forgo competition to double-team Marc, with Eva eventually forfeiting the initial first ride to Lucia. She climbs aboard Marc to jiggle her butt while riding him with Eva, in contrast, riding him more carefully but with a lot of energy when the time comes. The girls are giggly and enthusiastic when sucking dick and riding, for that matter, and the both ladies get bent over and fucked while the other stimulates their clit.

It's fun watching Lucia's expressive face while Marc handles her doggystyle, and she gets even more reactionary when Eva crawls underneath her in order to get a face-full of twat. Marc rides away in a scene that would've been better had more time been devoted to that position among others. It's ultimately the little things here - the smiles of the girls, the soft nipple-licking, and the delightful bout of cum-swapping that concludes the scene in a messy and satisfying sendoff. 3/5 stars.

Scene 2: Aria Alexander and Steve Holmes

My Pie Tastes Better is likely one of the last titles to showcase the radiant and unforgettable Aria Alexander following her retirement from the porn industry and her subsequent status of going entirely off the grid. She's long been one of my favorite newcomers in the industry, with feisty cat-eyes, an insatiable sexual appetite, and enough charisma to fulfill the showcase DVD she never got.

In the second scene of the disc, Steve Holmes arrives to visit his new girlfriend, the mother of the bossy Aria Alexander, who crabbily sits off to the side of the table on the staircase eyeing her mother's attractive new beau. She decides to seduce him while her mother makes dinner and remains preoccupied on the phone. Aria sucks Steve's monstrous member while partly concealing herself under the table, something Steve simply cannot believe. While Aria's mother bops in and out, she's too busy not too paying attention to really notice.

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The two move to the staircase where things heat up tremendously. Aria strips down and allows herself to be eaten by the clearly gifted Steve, which eventually descends into Aria straddling her crotch up and down his face in a rhythmic fashion. The two get more wild when Aria squats on his cock, riding him while trying to remain quiet and conspicuous to her mother. The stealth element at hand really could've been utilized more, as the scene gradually becomes more unrealistic with time.

Aria finally bends over to change positions while Steve uses fingers to work her butt-hole while riding her. She evidently and vocally cums quickly in response to such steamy penetration, and cackles as Steve becomes dirtier himself, slapping her crotch and throwing himself into exhilarating sex with the daughter of his date. As usual, Aria showcases a crazy, lusty personality, commanding a scene by spicing it up with little quirks, such as the wiggle in the hips or the firecracker explosiveness that hides behinds her immaculately made-up eyes.

A sweaty, sex-drunk Aria sloppily sucks Steve's cock in the home-stretch as her hair falls on his penis and all over her face, yet her technique and commitment never letting up. Aria is still good, however, for one more rough doggy and missionary before she's upside down and bathed in his load. The scene ends with the inevitable reveal, once again, discarding any attempt at realism, but at the very least - and arguably more importantly - not skimping on the sex and personality. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 3: Adriana Chechik and Keiran Lee

Three friends are gathered for a backyard cookout, with Alex and Keiran Lee talking as friends while Adriana Chechik is in the kitchen preparing sides. Keiran shamelessly catches glimpse at Adriana, who looks like a more pampered Daisy Duke in cut-off jeans and a tight, almost see-through white blouse that fits so loosely around her slender build. While Alex lights up the grill, he instructs Keiran to go inside and talk to Adriana. He does a bit of that before unapologetically ripping down her jeans and plunging face-first into her plump butt. She holds back a series of audible moans as she tries to remain convincing to Alex, who is just a few feet away outside.

The two move to the living-room where Keiran can get fully acquainted, as can Adriana. Adriana unleashes her deepthroating skills, which are only rivaled by those of Lexy Bandera or Amara Romani in the modern day. Adriana gags and chokes herself on Keiran's sizable shaft like it's nothing, even as her eyes twitch from the force and the spit that goes on to coat her face. Her deepthroat show, as usual, is worth the price of admission for this scene.

The first position is a thrill as well, with Adriana's ass facing us as Keiran thrusts inside of her while she spreads her cheeks so we can see absolutely everything. She is practically wrestled down by Keiran, even in missionary, in order for her feisty movements to be controlled in some way. Her demeanor is unsurprisingly chaotic, but never off-key, as Adriana does everything from bite Keiran's finger to have her head forced down all in the name of an electric fuck.

Keiran gets her in a chokehold while the two lie against one another, Keiran sticking to the plan of rapidly penetrating and trying to subdue her instinctual sexual prowess. He catches Adriana by surprises when he forces her legs behind her head for cunnilingus, eating her before penetrating her in the same position, her long legs finding a home behind her head for quite sometime. It's also amazing how Adriana can give such an incredible blowjob all while in the midst of a choking fit that doesn't work to faze her technique in any way.

When she's back in the driver's seat - during a reverse cowgirl near the end - Adriana goes wild once again while being talkative to her partner. She's found her match as the two muster up intimacy by cuddling in an explicit yet impassioned manner. Things end with Keiran cumming all over her face, coating her with a dripping load that impresses everyone but Alex. What a hectic, breakneck scene that works on various levels to bring us to the halfway point. 4/5 stars.

Scene 4: Layla London and Sean Lawless

A group of guys are engaged in a busy Fantasy Football pool, just about to kick off their draft that they've purposefully rigged so their only female friend - Layla London - can't win again because of her persistent pick of the league's only surefire winner - "Tom Shandy." Layla, who dons an adorable outfit of short jean shorts and a low-cut red shirt with her name on the back, is frustrated when the draft is over (all of it captured in montage). After shooing the guys out for a smoke-break, she tries to cut a deal with Sean Lawless, the "commissioner," proposing a blowjob in exchange for the pick of Shandy.

Sean is worried, for his girlfriend is right upstairs, but when Layla confidently tells him, "but she doesn't suck your dick like I will," his pants can't come off fast enough. Layla's technique is immediately loud and filled with drool to no complaint of Sean's. She enthusiastically works his penis in a way that balances slurping with handwork quite effectively until the guys come back to see Layla blowing their commissioner. They are shocked, but act has a human barrier when Sean's girlfriend comes downstairs once again to see where all the noise is coming from. The guys guide her away so the trading process can continue.

Sean evidently proposes the possibility of more trades taking place by ripping Layla's Dukes off to get her in a robust doggystyle that has Layla's ass flailing all over Sean's lap. He pounds her into the couch before letting her relax and ride him missionary in a calm but firm manner. Long stretches of closeups in the position, most of which conducted with a sterile shot, unfortunately prompt too much time for characters to dissolve into a sea of sameness regarding the sex, but the intercourse does maintain a good level of energy throughout.

Layla's bout of reverse cowgirl is the peak of slower, more methodical sex, however, with the prowess of Layla coming out as we see a great view of her - same goes for when her knee-high-clad legs are spread for Sean. Sean kicks it into overdrive once more in the end before blasting her face and finalizing the terms and conditions of their trade, despite Layla taking a bit more than his player and his load in the process. 3/5 stars.

Scene 5: Lennox Luxe and Kyle Mason

The concluding scene opens with a tough brute storming into a laundromat looking for his girlfriend, the red-headed Lennox Luxe, who is wearing little else besides a white T-shirt and pink bloomers that round out her large bottom. Kyle Mason, an employee there, conceals Lennox from harm's way once he sees her, allowing her to crawl into a hamper of clothes and then a washing machine to hide from her boyfriend. To repay him, Lennox starts slowly and softly sucking Kyle's dick, even as her boyfriend is nearby tearing apart the facility in hopes to find her.

When he finally takes off, Lennox agrees to tell Kyle what was in the bag her boyfriend kept asking about if he has sex with her - an odd condition but no matter. He happily complies while she continues to blow him, clearly favoring his dick as it spends more time in her mouth throughout the scene than nay other orifice on her body. Kyle bends her against the machines to get a better grip on her, and she responds to his sudden forcefulness quite nicely.

Lennox has an angelic appearance with beautiful pale skin and fiery hair that seemingly bleeds into her complexion, creating a color dichotomy that is fit for some type of goddess. She gives off a loving, gentle aura, emphasized during a moment akin to when Kyle lets Lennox sit on a hamper of clothes so her clit is level with his face for him to easily indulge.

Soon enough, clothes and contents litter the aisles of the laundromat as Kyle continues to make love to Lennox. One must give these performers props for doing an excessive amount of standing and fucking towards the end of the scene, nonetheless give Lennox some love for spending a good fourth of this setup inside a narrow washing machine trying to perform a blowjob with her large breasts swaying inside a washing machine with a free-floating interior. Kyle finishes off quite literally by cumming all over Lennox's beautiful face, her natural color concealing Kyle's load before she goes on to show him the contents of the bag, a different type of dirty laundry. 3/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Most of the scenes in Digital Playground's My Pie Tastes Better are on the edge of greatness or within striking distance of being very memorable. The issue comes with its lack of desire to commit to the stealth element of having sex under another character's nose or having characters that evaporate overtime due to a sudden lack of dialog or exposition in the middle of intercourse. Once again, the release is largely saved by the power of the performers, with Aria Alexander, Adriana Chechik, and Lennox Luxe stealing the show for a variety of different reasons.

While Aria takes her insatiable sexual appetite up a few notches for a challenging but rewarding bout of stair-sex, Adriana does everything she is known to do very well en masse, and Lennox is remarkably easy on the eyes with a knockout complexion and a gentle performance. My Pie Tastes Better might've been better served committing to a more cogent narrative, or simply a more tangible concept, but you can feel it when the disc hits its strides and allows the performers and quirky characters to carry things just as effectively as the wild sex unfolding on screen.


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