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Booty Movie 5, The

Studio: ArchAngel » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 5/3/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 18 minutes

Cast: Britney Amber, Candice Dare, Sarah Vandella, Mandy Muse, Prince Yahshua, Rico Strong, and Ricky Jordan

Directed by: MimeFreak

Genres: All Sex, Anal, Big Cock, Big Ass, Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: No technical specifications to note, presumably shot in 4K video resolution

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Behind the scenes footage, photo gallery, and cumshot recap

Overview: The fifth installment of ArchAngel's long-running Booty Movie franchise is noteworthy not only for the fact that the young and prolific Mandy Muse graces its DVD cover, but also that it is the series' first release dedicated to scenes that all feature anal sex. Four voluptuous veterans, in turn, are treated to rousing and raucous bouts of anal action while clear and attractive videography compliments all their right moves.

Scene 1: Britney Amber and Prince Yahshua

In a lacey red bikini that looks like it couldn't get any thinner, Britney Amber puts a little jiggle in a lot of her large ass. She has the kind of round, picturesque curves you could only imagine on your dream-girl, but she's all real, and she's all woman, and you might even seriously wonder, if even for a moment, why she bothers wearing anything at all for this solo. Once inside, she does a small shake and striptease for Prince Yahshua, who greets her by acquainting his tongue with her butthole. You wind up getting the feeling that he acquaints himself a bit longer than instructed, but it's no bother to the viewer and clearly no bother to Britney whatsoever.

Britney begins blowing him with a blowjob that's loaded with noisy, gurgling sounds, especially when Prince adds a bit of force to her head. Britney's wide-eyes bulge as they so often do during the blowjob and subsequent invitation to anal, brought on shortly after she uses the immense amount of spittle that drips from her face to lather her ass. Prince evidently isn't interested in easing in, but rather, applying his frequent brand of impassioned love-making with forceful actions of sex and demands.

It's proven Britney can handle it, even as her eyes pop and her mouth falls once she's being rammed doggystyle on the couch, or when Prince initiates a followup deepthroat. She backs her booty up all over his dick to show him who's boss and does an intense sort-of swivel move atop him when riding him with her back towards us. By doing this, she keeps up and maybe even laps his demanding demeanor and the sex plays like a rowdy back-and-forth of experienced, carnal sexuality.

The two are a great match because of their tremendous energies and their unwillingness to let one another stay in command for too long. Britney keeps her sexual prowess consistent and never lets up, while Prince continues to prove that he's not your average fuck. He goes for one more insane bout of domineering sex by pounding her into the couch while she lies on her back. The stare she gives him as she's fed his load communicates nothing more than total bliss and satisfaction.

It is no complaint nor criticism when I say Britney remains mostly the same throughout the scenes in her lengthy pornographic filmography. She appears like a kid in a candy-store quite often when engaged in powerful sex, and she works with the similar levels of gravitas and skill even when placed in a larger setting (see Big Boob Orgy 5). She, once again, has a lot to offer here, as does the inimitable Prince Yahshua. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 2: Candice Dare and Rico Strong

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Candice Dare rocks a fuchsia V-strap piece of lingerie that covers her nips and clit and snakes around behind her to squeeze her back enough in a downward direction to make her lower back protrude out. She hardly needs the support, however, as her ass swallows the fabric as she parades around and twerks for our viewing pleasure. Add a little bit of eye-fluttering and you have an irresistible minx on the prowl.

"You like this big booty?," she asks us, conversing with us for a nice, unexpected interactive touch. "This big booty needs to be fucked." "By a big, long black dick," she adds. Moments later, Rico Strong arrives in time to fulfill that particular need, and even as he touches and caresses her flawless figure, she keeps up her loquacious character. Meanwhile, her blowjob is a good combination of firm handwork and open-mouth, loose-lipped gagging, aided a tad by Rico but also given the freedom to be as expressive and as dirty as she wants - but all bets are off when she uses both of her hands.

Rico slides into her pussy first on an angle that allows Candice a taste until she eventually readjusts into a more conventional doggystyle, allowing us to see how deep Rico is penetrating. Even if we weren't provided this more assured angle, the sound of her queefing should give anyone the indication that Rico is indeed feeling snug. She stops to suck, but only briefly, and gets back to work riding Rico with director MimeFreak's camera initially positioned with a high-angle shot on her ass before moving outwards to show the full sex, which crawls forward slightly overtime as Candice is pulling apart her cheeks for Rico.

After initial difficulties due to Candice' proclaimed tightness, Rico enters her asshole and works it well, especially as her cheeks redden from prolific, self-induced spankings. All this action leads her to squirting, but for the first time, MimeFreak's angle fails us until we see her clean up the contents of her mess. Rico successfully creates a gape in Candice while she lies on her back for penetration in debatably the best position of the scene, and when the lady wants cum in her ass, Rico happily delivers to cap off a scene filled with thrills and largely experimental, worthwhile camerawork. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 3: Sarah Vandella and Ricky Jordan

Desperately few porn stars are as ravishing as Sarah Vandella and even fewer can show so much charisma and unmatched joy by shaking their ass like she can. A light-pink thong still can't conceal her large butthole on her equally large butt, and following an energetic dance-solo, she's happy to carry on a casual, explicit conversation with us as she eagerly awaits her treat - in the form of Ricky Jordan. Ricky arrives and can't even wait to get his dick out. Sarah's blowjob technique focuses on those sultry, muffled noises that never fail to excite. It hardly takes time for Ricky's penis to rise, and it's amazing how effortlessly Sarah can wolf it down.

Ricky jumps right into her asshole immediately, not wasting time as she lies on her back like a goddess as she's serviced. She twerks a bit afterwards while sucking him off, showing her multiple, simultaneous talents once again and effectively engulfing his dick in doggystyle to follow.

One brilliant thing about both Sarah and her sexual prowess is that she doesn't seem to equate good or even exciting sex with exhaustive moaning or loud, audible noises, but a strict and thoroughly emphasis on technique. It's not even that she showcases a barrage of skills outside of terrific deepthroating and twerking, but rather her completely focused and deliberate ways to satisfy the men that she works with. It must also help when you have someone well-endowed like Ricky, who knows how to hit the right spots on Sarah in a rhythmic fashion, allowing her the ability to gallop on his crotch while her booty never ceases in jiggling or dazzling.

"Such a defiant little booty-hole," she says through spit-covered lips and watery eyes while reinserting Ricky into her behind following another sloppy blowjob session. He ends things by holding her arms behind her back and plowing her into the couch, delivering a dripping load across her mouth for all her hard and honest work.

"Thanks for fucking my booty and my pussy so wonderfully," she says, another job well done, another scene in the books, and another incredible bout of intercourse for her catalog. 4.5/5 stars.

Scene 4: Mandy Muse and Rico Strong

Big-bottomed covergirl Mandy Muse makes a noticeable entrance almost on the basis alone that we do not get a good look at her frontside until well into her solo showcase. She ostensibly wants to make sure her ass is the center of attention, and to her credit, she doesn't have to try too hard. Mandy is what is commonly referred to as "thick" in the modern day, with a butt that is noticeable even as she's facing you from the front, with knockout, curvaceous hips that dazzle even when she doesn't seem to place them at the forefront.

She bounces up and down in excitement on the couch, barely getting her words out in visible anticipation for her very own big black cock, and gets her ultimate desire when Rico Strong enters. He has his own agenda, however, not even wasting time with a blowjob as he gives her butt a few kisses before going deep in her pussy upon also admiring it for a few minutes. He pulls out briefly and we see how sopping wet she is, and her reciprocation in the form of a blowjob sees her romantically clinging to his penis, massaging and throating it for maximum pleasure.

Mandy then lies on her side to "stretch it open for daddy," per Rico's orders, and all this end-of-disc sexiness makes us forget we haven't even encountered the anal activity at this point. Just when you begin to realize such, Mandy opens herself up to be entered from behind in the same position by Rico.

MimeFreak's camera allows closeups of the secreting juices coming from Mandy's ass and vagina, and his view also foreshadows the cleanup that Mandy will eventually come to do all over Rico's shaft. She kicks it up a notch, reminding us also that no girl has had her legs hoisted in the air by their man on this disc so that nothing is left to the imaginative, wandering mind. Mandy's angelic and pale skin compliments the hue of the couch and contrasts nicely with the darkness of Rico, something that comes through as Mandy is railed on the couch as MimeFreak's camera looks upwards at Rico tirelessly penetrating with white curtains to his back.

The final trick in Mandy's sexcapade is her ability to squat over Rico's lap while he rapidly slides into her. She winds up caving, squirting a bit and throwing her hips into the sex some more, to which Rico provides her with a hearty load for her determined work. Mandy Muse and her performance in The Booty Movie 5 reaffirms my belief that thicker women almost never make for unexciting or even forgettable scenes. 4/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

The second half of The Booty Movie 5 works better than the first because it seems - even if the scenes were filmed in an alternate order - that it comes into more of its own artistically and in a content sense during Sarah Vandella and Mandy Muse's respective scenes. Britney Amber and Candice Dare are electric in their own ways, creating chemistry with their men and enduring sometimes tricky or rough anal acrobatics in order to get the right angles. However, Sarah and Mandy find themselves more evenly matched with their studs, Sarah with the sizable Ricky and Mandy with the frequently humorous Rico.

In addition, Sarah and Mandy have a lot of charisma that transcends past facial expressions and occasional rhetoricals to the audience in order to create characters for themselves. The sex here, as a result, is made even more stellar because of how far Sarah and Mandy push themselves all while doing things with such ease and emphasis on technique. I also believe that if The Booty Movie 5 added one more element - be it creampies, gaping, or something along more of a definitive genre-line - it would've been pushed over the edge into greatness. But as it standards, it's a uniformly solid and momentarily fantastic disc.

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