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Exquisite Pleasure

Studio: Other » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 5/25/17

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genres: All Sex, Couples, Erotica, Vignettes

Writer/Director: "Hungman", "Sweet Sacrifice" Jean-Pierre Mendoza
Writer/Director: "Stolen", "Snapshots Vol. 2" Julia McDonell
Writer/Director: "Deeply Bitten Part II" Lucia


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Cast: Jimena Lago, Ena Sweet, Miriam Prado, Selina Ak, Emilio Ardana, Jorge Prado, Miquel Zayas, Andy Stone, Alex Ak

Length: 1 hour 27 minutes

Date of Release: April 24, 2017

Extras: Cumshot Recap

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in HD 1080p presented in 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Fairly artsy, cinematic look to it overall. Sound is captured nicely. Most of it is shot in dimly lit locations, so watch it in a darkened room if you choose to watch.

Overview: Verso Cinema is a collection of mainstream cinematographers that banded together under different identities to create a different kind of pornography. Something that bespeaks emotion and passion thru the art of film language. This is a collection of five scenes that seemed to have originated around 2015.

Scene 1: Jimena Lago, Miguel Zayas "Hungman"

Jimena Lago

A warmly lit, eat-in kitchen sets the scene for an intimate game of hangman between our couple. In round 1, Miguel loses and has to kiss Jimena. In Round 2, Jimena wins and has to give Miguel some head. I guess the rules of hangman are different for Spaniards? In round 3, Jimena tosses up a four letter word and after correctly guessing "C" as the third letter, Miguel starts disrobing. Stripping down his lover and pressing her against the chalkboard, he explores her body with his lips and hands.

Jimena Lago

Bending her over the counter, he starts sliding in and out of her, the action caught mostly in closeups of her firm, round, ass, and their faces as they kiss. Getting propped on the countertop facing him, she gets her bald beaver pumped into some more, some of the action in such extreme closeup you can't tell what the hell you are looking at. The action-down-below shot gets a tad bit wider and is interspersed with mid-shots when she gets laid onto the table for a final fucking that results in a small load on her stomach as the two share a cookie.

Scene 2: Selina Ak, Alex Ak "Stolen"

Selina Ak

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Selina's wearing a loose-fitting, black catsuit and a creepy blue face mask as she enters a house carrying a large, soft bag. Looking around, she takes a moment to thumb through a photo book which seems to have some provocative photos in it. Moving onto an armoire, she scores herself some jewelry to slip into her bag while Alex comes home with a loud slamming of the front door. Noticing the book open, he grabs a heavy vase and starts investigating. When he finds her, she puts the bag back and proposes a game wherein she has to guess who the jewelry came from. If she wins, he'll let her go. She wins the game and they start making out, a large picture of a girl that looks like her adorning the wall behind them.

Selina Ak

Stripping off her catsuit reveals her soft round breasts and hairy bush. That bush is where he starts his sensual assault by using his tongue, coupled with a strand of pearls, before moving onto fingering her. He manages to get most of his hand inside of her, causing her to moan softly. Her nipples stiffen as their gazes lock and her moans get louder and more frequent. He lies his heavily tattooed body on his back so she can stiffen his rod with her mouth and ride him. The bed squeaks with each bounce and the camera goes for an artsy shot of a ceiling light and wall mirror, well...because it does. That gives Alex a moment to take control and bang roughly into her box, pulling out to deposit a couple of puddles on her stomach.

Scene 3: Miriam & Jorge Prado "Sweet Sacrifice"

Ball Gag

We find Miriam in baking mode, kneading some dough. Next to the rolling pin is a bowl of chocolate pudding and a ball gag. Pulling some muffins out of the oven, she places them on the counter where Jorge finds them and asks if he can take one. After receiving the green light, he bites into one and apologizes for something he must've done earlier. Miriam commands him to take off his clothes and he complies. He gets gagged and bent over the stone countertop so she can flour dust his ass. Walking to a nearby drawer, she selects a shiny metal spatula and gives him a series of love taps that cause the flour to imprint a design on his ass. After blindfolding him, she sits on the counter and dips her toes in the pudding so he can have a taste. She removes his blindfold and unsnaps her panties, spreading some pudding on her pooter for him to lick off.


Removing her clothing to reveal her curves, she strokes his cock stiff and slides it inside of her as she stands facing him. They enjoy a few moments of lovemaking and then he jerks off onto her foot. She smiles and he wipes her foot dry with a towel before placing her shoes back on her feet. He thanks her as she struts off screen.

Scene 4: Ena Sweet, Andy Stone, Emilio Ardana "Deeply Bitten Part II"

Ena Sweet

Ena and Emilio are slow dancing to a bizarre narrative soundtrack in a dimly lit club, laser light dancing across them occasionally. Another man enters and stands in a cage talking to her. She slowly enters the cage and removes his shirt and unbuckles his jeans. Her fangs flash and she bites into his wrist. With blood drips spreading down his thighs, she drops to slowly suck his cock. Standing to kiss him, she gets her body caressed through the cage bars by Emilio's hands and mouth.

Ena Sweet

The soundtrack changes to an upbeat EDM tune as Emilio strips and jerks himself hard while fingering Ena through the bars. He swings into the cage with the others and Andy holds Ena's leg up so Emilio can plow into her from behind. The vamp is sandwiched between the men, her boobs splattered in blood. I'm not sure when that happened - I must've been watching something on the other side of the screen. After a minute or so of thrusting, Emilio pulls out and gruntingly deposits his seed on her ass. The trio sit on the floor of the cage, snuggled together as the soundtrack changes yet again.

Scene 5: Luna Ruiz & Lobo "Snapshots Vol. 2"

Luna Ruiz

Luna leads Lobo into a warmly, albeit dimly, lit room to show him a wall with hundreds of the same photo of his face on it. She leaves as he ponders it and then returns; the pair stripping their clothes off during a bout of shaky cam footage. On the squeaking, banging, couch is where the doggie quickly happens. The rhythm of love drones on as traffic whizzes by outside. Lobo takes some time to lick her crack as little kids are audible, playing outside.

Luna Ruiz

Luna climbs on top for some 69 action, the camera tight and panning. The couch banging returns as she rides cowgirl, her nipples in Lobo's lips. A large truck can be heard gearing up right before a loud rush (a train?) goes by as the pair move to a couch-end missionary. His POV of her stare is perplexing, to say the least. Her eyes aren't vacant but they don't give away any emotions or thoughts she might be having. Pulling out of her, Lobo has an extended spurting session on her bald beaver. They share a joke and a kiss.

Final Thoughts: This is a collection of what most people would consider art-house shorts that just happens to be stories about people getting it on. If you're a cinema buff first and foremost, and a porn fan second, this might be worth the hour and a half. For most people, I think this will be way too blasé. The sex is extremely vanilla, even if you count the vampire scene. I watched it twice, as per my usual review method, and that cat burglar scene still leaves me with more questions than answers.

Most of these performers seemed to have worked around 2014-2015 and produced a handful of titles before disappearing from the scene. I'm gonna say unless you frequent your local art house cinema, there won't be anything here interesting - Skip It. If you are an arthouse buff, then maybe you'll want to watch this on demand, but don't go in with hopes of visual grandeur. You'll find none. This film is not bad, I just don't think they had quite found their groove yet at the time of these shoots. Their website has some later works, which look more compelling.

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