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Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 47

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Dan C. » Review Date: 5/26/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Lesbian, Older/Younger

Director: ?

Cast: Mindi Mink, Arielle Faye, Holly Hendrix, Eva Long, Lena Paul, Reagan Foxx and India Summer

Length: 3 hours 5 minutes

Date of Release: 21 April 2017

Extras: Trailers for some other Girlfriends Films movies, really nothing else beyond that.

Condoms: None.  Because lesbians.

Audio/Video Quality: HD 16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen, Stereo 48,000 Hz

Mother Daughter Exchange Club 47 - DVD Menu


The Mother-Daughter Exchange Club is back with the 47th installment of one of the studio’s most popular franchises.  As with the other films in the series, the film tells the story of groups of mothers and daughters who meet up for sex.  Essentially, the moms swap daughters and all sorts of older/younger lesbian sex ensues.

The series first debuted back in 2008 and it’s obviously proven popular enough that Girlfriends Films decided to make forty-seven of the damn things.  A lot of time is spent building the storyline, giving the audience insight into why each of the mother/daughter pairs made the decision to join the Exchange Club.

And after the moms and daughters do their “exchange”…the hardcore lesbian sex happens.

Scene One: Mindi Mink and Arielle Faye

Mother Daughter Exchange Club 47 - Arielle Faye and Mindi Mink

After arriving in Hawaii, Mindi Mink and her daughter Holly Hendrix meet up with Eva Long and Arielle Faye to do the Mom/Daughter swap thing.  The first scene involves MILF Mindi Mink (2016 AVN All-Girl Performer of the Year nominee) applying makeup to Arielle Fay (XXX rookie who just debuted earlier this year) while the two make small talk and get to know each other better.

It doesn’t take long before Arielle Faye is wearing just her bra and panties and Mindi Mink is asking the younger girl if she’d be okay if Mindi “touches” her.  Several minutes of gentle touching, sweet talk and slow dancing ensues before the pair finally finds the bed to begin getting it on.

Mother Daughter Exchange Club 47 - Mindi Mink and Arielle Faye

The real sex doesn’t start until forty-six minutes into the movie.  It’s at this point that Ms. Mink goes down on Arielle Faye, taking her time while she eats out the younger girl’s pussy and ass.  Then more kissing and touching followed by Mindi “teaching” Arielle how to use her fingers and tongue to get another girl off.

The scene ends with an epic sixty-nine.  As with the rest of the action in this scene, nothing is rushed and when each of the ladies climax, you get the impression that they were real orgasms.  And after over an hour in the making, they were well earned.

Scene Two: Holly Hendrix and Eva Long

-- sponsored by --

Mother Daughter Exchange Club 47 - Eva Long and Holly Hendrix

In contrast to the first scene, Holly Hendrix (2017 AVN Best New Starlet) and Eva Long waste no time in getting to the sex.  We see them standing in a pool splashing each other and after about a minute of that, they head over to an outdoor patio area and Eva Long is eating Holly out after almost zero foreplay.

Eva goes down on Ms. Hendrix for a few minutes, with Holly moaning loudly and saying all sorts of nasty things.  This eventually turns into Holly riding Eva Longs fingers.  After this, the pair switches things up and Holly goes down on Eva.  The action continues to go back and forth like this for several minutes, with each of the performers delivering a high-energy, super-aggressive lesbian XXX showcase.

Mother Daughter Exchange Club 47 - Holly Hendrix and Eva Long

The action intensifies when Holly Hendrix flips Eva around and begins furiously eating her pussy and ass.  This sparks a lesbian feeding frenzy between the two as they take turns licking, sucking an spitting on each other’s tits and holes.  Every sort of lesbian sex act you can imagine (and two that you can’t) is put on display.

The scene winds down with the two fingering each other to orgasm before embracing for some deep, slow kissing.  You get the impression that each of the ladies gave everything they had for their performance and were now spent.  Good stuff.

Scene Three: Lena Paul and Reagan Foxx

Mother Daughter Exchange Club 47 - Lena Paul and Reagan Foxx

India Summer and Lena Paul are the next mother/daughter duo to join the Exchange Club.  After arriving at the club, they meet Holly Hendrix (who’s now living there and serving as a hostess?) who introduces them to Reagan Foxx.  The first thing Ms. Foxx does is smell Lena Paul’s hair, touches her butt and then the two run off to do some lesbian stuff.

After some small talk by a pool, the two wind up at the same patio Holly Hendrix and Eva Long defiled in the last scene.  While Regan and Lena proceed to kiss and suck on each other’s boobs, India Summer (Lena’s step-mom) walks by and watches for a little bit.  She walks away just before Lena starts sucking on Reagan’s toes.  That’s a shame, because what mother wouldn’t want that memory?

Mother Daughter Exchange Club 47 - Reagan Foxx and Lena Paul

The two take turns going down on each other and then Reagan decides to dial the action up a notch by bending the younger Lena Paul over and licking her asshole and pussy.  Now that everybody’s properly heated up, the ladies get even more adventurous, performing the advanced set of lesbian tricks (scissoring, face sitting, etc.).

After both ladies have had a few orgasms, the action slows back down and the two wind up holding each other and kissing while they exchange sweet talk and giggles.  The scene ends with the two of them jumping into the pool together, both still naked and covered in sweat and pussy juice.  And because there’s no rules at the Mother-Daughter Exchange Club, there’s also no lifeguard on duty to stop them.

Scene Four: Holly Hendrix and India Summer

Mother Daughter Exchange Club 47 - Holly Hendrix and India Summer

After watching her step-daughter getting nasty with Reagan Fox, India Summer staggers back to the area where she first met Holly Hendrix.  Holly’s still there and asks India if she enjoyed watching her daughter do lesbian sex stuff.  At first, India’s like, “No.  I don’t know.  Maybe.”  Of course, this quickly turns into Ms. Hendrix burying her face in India Summer’s snatch.

While India Summer tries to figure out if she’s a lesbian or even really into girls, Holly continues to eat her out while also explaining how she’s fucked every single mom that’s come to the Exchange Club since she’s been there.  India tries telling Holly that she thinks maybe they should just take it slow and Holly responds by shoving her tits in India’s face and then ordering her to go down on her.

Mother Daughter Exchange Club 47 - India Summer and Holly Hendrix

And because no one ever says no to Holly fucking Hendrix, India Summer goes down on her and eats her pussy.  After several minutes of this, Holly decides to introduce India to another lesbian staple; face sitting!  Holly aggressively shoves her petite ass onto India’s face, bounces around on it for a bit and then the two move into a sixty-nine.

After all of this, India Summer starts to come out of her shell (having Holly Hendrix ride your face will do that) and the two engage in all sorts of additional debauchery, including but not limited to fingering, ass licking, spitting, spanking and more face riding.  As the two start to simmer down and cool off by enjoying some light kissing, India’s step-daughter shows up and starts making out with Holly.

Did I mention that there’s no rules at the Mother-Daughter Exchange Club?

Final Thoughts:

Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 47 starts off slow, taking over an hour to finally get to the XXX action.  I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing, because anyone who’s familiar with this series knows that gradual build-up is one of the hallmarks of the series.  This is porn designed meant to be watched while you sit back and sip on some wine and fantasize about being a lesbian.

After the first scene, the action gets hotter and faster.  Holly Hendrix, who’s arguably one of the industry’s hottest starlets, is the main attraction here.  Both of her scenes are amazing and it’s clear that despite only standing 4’10, she is filled to the brim with enough charisma and sexual deviance to make her a dominant force within the porn business.  RECOMMENDED.

You can keep up with Dan C. on Die-Screaming, Twitter and your local police blotter.

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