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Young Wife's Fantasy, A

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 7/3/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, DP, DAP, Rape Fantasy

Director: Rick Davis


Cast: Dahlia Sky, Christie Stevens, Bianca Breeze, Violet Monroe, John Strong, Marcus London, Ryan Driller, Tyler Nixon, Will Powers

Length: 1 hour 59 minutes

Date of Release: April 11, 2017

Extras: 5 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Select A Star, Hustler Hollywood Commercial, Slideshow, Phone Sex Ads, Web Info. Select A Star brings you to that starlet's chapter and breaks each scene down to BJ, 3 bouts of sex, and cumshot so you can go directly to the action you are looking for.



Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good visual presentation in anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1. Audio has director's instructions left in, which is a bit jolting if you are listening critically.

Overview: Four scenes featuring some great talent, both male, and female, are presented by Hustler. While they have their roots in print media they, like their magazine competitors, have branched out into video production. While some of their competitors pride themselves on airbrushed and artsy nude imagery, Hustler's never been afraid to get really up close and extremely personal with their lenses. That tradition continues here as we watch Violet Monroe, Dahlia Sky, Bianca Breeze, and Christie Stevens get nailed by top tier male talent. Check it out.

Scene 1: Violet Monroe, John Strong, Marcus London

Violet's been fantasizing about having two guys and her man, John, has that covered since his buddy, Marcus is coming over. The cherry-haired vixen is prepared, she went out and bought a nice dog collar that has "SLUT" written on it. John wastes no time leashing up the lingerie-clad lady and dog walking her to the bedroom, smacking her with the leash. Marcus hops right onto the bed and starts kissing Violet as John walks out of frame. There's a camera shot over John's shoulder as Violet stretches her throat out on Marcus' member.

Violet Monroe

Undressed, John walks back into frame and Violet drops to the floor to blow him while Marcus removes his clothing and then takes a position on the other side of her head. Her tits are spilling over her bra as she swaps her mouth on the guys. Bending down, Marcus manages to unclasp her bra to reveal her C-cups which are sporting what appear to be bite marks. Lying back on the bed, Violet gets expertly fingered by Marcus as she sucks on Strong. Soon, Marcus replaces his fingers with his phallus and starts pumping away. Her face smeared in her lipstick, she gets rotated back and forth between the men as they pump furiously into her mouth and pussy.

Violet Monroe

She's groaning and grunting while gurgling on John's cock as Marcus rails her from behind. Her bedroom eyes are seductive as she climbs aboard John's cock and Marcus buries his own in her ass. Her eyes glaze over as the penii continue to pummel into her holes and Marcus has her taste her own ass. John gets her ass in reverse cowgirl and Marcus plows into her fuck hole as someone asks if the camera has her face in closeup, which it does. The men contort her into one position, and then another, now just using all of her holes at will. John decides to up the ante and has her take both cocks in her ass which makes her scream as she cums. Someone off camera yells "Bring it" and an edit brings us to the guys unloading on her face as the director gives more direction.

Scene 2: Dahlia Sky, Tyler Nixon

Tyler's getting ready to leave for work but Dahlia is rolling around on the bed in heeled boots with matching black assless panties and a bra. He has to go, and she threatens to call someone over to rape her to make her sex life interesting. Upon returning home with a little black bag, he finds Dahlia zonked out and suspects she took something, so he pulls out a blindfold, places it on her and presses her face down into the mattress, ripping the covers off of her nude body. She struggles and tries to scream, but he keeps her pinned and tapes her hands behind her back as the director issues orders on which way to spin her. Tyler completes the hogtie as she threatens her "rapist" that her husband will come home but he doesn't care.

Dahlia Sky

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An edit has her untied and Tyler's licking and fingering her in doggie while he makes fun of her husband. Moving to the front of her, he has her suck his dick as the director has him finish taking his clothes off. Clothes off, he smacks her face with his cock and then goes back to facefucking her. Moving to the foot of the bed, the face fucking becomes a doggie drilling, her round ass, and boobs bouncing with each banging. Her husband never fucks her like this! The camera moves to Tyler's POV as the director has them change their hand positions a bit. In cowgirl, Tyler buries one of his digits in her ass as he ramrods her from below and the director has her change her foot positioning which takes her a moment as she isn't sure she can balance that way but Tyler helps her work it out. As her legs tire, the director has her come off to her left and go directly to the BJ, using her left hand only and then proceed into a reverse cowgirl.

Dahlia Sky

The reverse ride has her bouncing high and hard, and then grinding back and forth until off-camera directions have her lean back so he can get a shot that includes her profile in the mirrored closet doors. Tyler wants to slam her in spoon, which is okay with the director as long as she opens her legs. Dahlia's face is dripping sweat from underneath her blindfold and the skin between her breasts glistens with moisture also as the director calls for one more minute in spoon, followed by 3 minutes in mish and then the pop. Dahlia folds herself in half so Tyler can bang into her, but the director needs them to keep the same position, but shift a few feet closer to him. Tyler wants to cum on her face but she only lets her husband do that. Ripping off the blindfold he plasters her face as she realizes it's him.

Scene 3: Christie Stevens, Ryan Driller

Christie Stevens

Christie's best friend is out of town and she has a plan to fuck her husband, Ryan. Since they have on matching outfits, and different area codes are involved, she convinces him that it will be fine. Unleashing her massive globes, Christie bites her lip to keep from laughing as a chocolate lab saunters into the scene, tail wagging. With the dog out of the way, Christie gets naked and lies her bombshell body back on the couch to get fingered and licked. Panting and writhing, she cums and promises to do all the naughty things her friend won't and she drops to her knees.

Christie Stevens

Ryan's so happy that she's jerking him and licking his balls because his wife never does that. He has fully given into temptation now and lies her back to plunge into her bald beaver. Christie's free hand alternates between hair flipping and boob fondling while Ryan's drilling continues. The two sit face to face during the fuckfest, which is a pretty rare porn position. Christie slides down for some more knob slobbing much to Ryan's delight. A jeweled necklace shines as she sucks, Miss Stevens, making sure to cover his cock in spit. As she climbs into cowgirl, you can hear what I assume to be the cameraman's shoes squeaking on the tile as he repositions and the phone rings. The framing starts off fairly wide and slowly and deliberately zooms in centering the action in closeup. It pulls back a bit to get Christie's pretty face into frame as she looks over her shoulder. Ryan plays with her nipples as she pauses for another blowjob in closeup which needs to be 30 seconds longer so the cameraman can zoom out to showcase her long legs and ass as she's bent over for the blowie. At the director's request, she transitions immediately into reverse cowgirl. The camera swaps between wide and close shots, carefully trying to avoid chopping off Christie's head. Dropping to her knees, she gets Ryan's load drizzled on her tongue.

Scene 4: Bianca Breeze, Will Powers

Bianca has tricked her dry cleaner into coming over to check out a stain...um...okay. There's really no stain, just a comforter on the patio and her desire for him. He's a bit uncomfortable with the situation but since he doesn't have any other appointments he decides to lie back and get his cock sucked. During that time, his phone buzzes quite a few times and he tells her to just ignore it. She has him stand up so he can fuck her face properly, her almond eyes shining brightly. He instructs her to suck it good, which she likes when he takes control and she gets upset when his commands turn to a whisper.

Bianca Breeze

Bianca takes off her top to reveal her pretty, little, tan-lined titties. His phone buzzes again, and he plays it off as she gets naked and lies back on the comforter. This doesn't happen to him every day so since it's going to happen he wants her to put her heels back on to complete the fantasy. Going down on her, he gets his bald head rubbed as her wedding ring's diamonds gleam in the sunlight. The ring also catches the director's eye and he calls a timeout and asks her about it. She's not married, she's just wearing it for the scene and he wants to roll with it and use it as part of the script. He gives them some ideas for dialog and Will goes back to licking. He asks her if she's married, as instructed, and Bianca improvs her answer which is pretty funny. Yard equipment drones on in the distance as Will powers his cock into her hole. His cock is bigger than she expected..she knew there had to be a reason she was attracted to her cleaner. Will continues to plow her hairy hole, Bianca's teeth shine as white as the pearl necklace she's wearing while she does some dirty talk. She mentions she's so turned on right now, and it's audibly apparent as you can hear her wetness.

Bianca Breeze

The director instructs Will to put his right foot up so he can really power into her and his lunging turns to plunging as her breathing turns to whimpers. The yard work nearby gets louder, drowning out their moans. As she climbs onto his cock for some pussy pummeling, her head is framed in the blue of the sky. This emphasizes her simple, but probably really expensive, stylish haircut. She enjoys his huge cock in a number of positions, and he enjoys the fact that this doesn't happen every day. Presenting herself in doggie, she needs him to give her what she had him come here for and he tears it up. His delivery of the line "You are so pretty, ma'am" followed by "holy shit" is great. He uses her hair as a handhold as he plows into her and she readjusts her position a bit much to the delight of the camera guy. The slightly new positioning works both for and against Will as he really enjoys it, but it causes him to toss his load all over her ass cheek and up her back as he spurts out another funny line.

Cover vs. Content. ALERT> Ziggy Star and Cherie are NOT ON THIS DISC. Yes, if you look at the back cover they have a girl/girl scene...it's not here. Yes, their names are listed TWICE on the cover (front and back). I repeat...that scene does not exist on this disc. Also, there are five guys on the disc, and only four are credited at the end. WTF?

Final Thoughts: I picked this one up for Christie Stevens, Bianca Breeze, and Cherie DeVille. Cherie's not even on here. However, Bianca and Christie both are, and they look great in their scenes. Christie just doesn't have a bad angle to shoot her from, and Bianca looks great while delivering some good improv lines. Tyler Nixon stepped out of his usual role as a stepson/daughter's boyfriend and into a rape fantasy scene that was a bit unnerving even if not totally believable. Kudos to him for that. Marcus and John, well, they are Marcus and John. Their screen presences always ensure a good hardcore fucking of whomever the lady du jour might be. In this case, it is cherry haired Violet Monroe who looks great collared up. As for Dahlia Sky, I liked the bondage tape and the action, but I wasn't enthralled with the fact that her blindfold covered 1/2 her face the entire time, nor with how many times we heard the director. Ryan and Will both put on good shows, and acted well for their respective scenes. The Labrador walking into scene as it got started is film gold and there's an extended version of it during the end credits rolling.

There's a catchy tune that plays during the menus and the end credits which sounds really good through headphones during a review session. What does not sound great during critical listening is the director injecting stuff into the scene. It's probably fine on your bedroom TV, but if your volume is up, it WILL catch you off guard. As a whole, I'm going to discount the director's comments because you get used to them after a bit. This is porn, so sometimes I feel that as a critic, I may be a little harsh on technical shit like that. On the other hand, this is why editing bays exist. #justsayin The camera work is decent, not great. With all that said, the disc features 4 hot chicks getting dicked by some of the industry powerhouses. It's reasonably priced and features good sex...I'm going with a Recommended rating. Bianca, Christie, and Tyler are really the keys here. Yeah, that Tyler scene is a bit boundary-pushing for many, but I believe a film should push boundaries whether they are technical, aesthetic, or moralistic.

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