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Girlfriend Experience, The

Studio: daring! » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 7/4/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Couples, Erotica, Foreign, Vignettes

Director: DiSanto



Cast: Amarna Miller, Stella Cox, Jasmine Jae, Hannah Shaw, Julia De Lucia, Mark Rose, Freddie Flavas, Ryan Ryder, Max Deeds

Length: 1 hour 52 minutes

Date of Release: April 18, 2017

Extras: 4 Menu-Selectable Trailers

Condoms: None.

Audio/Video Quality: Very good. Even low-light shots are well defined, and the lighting/camera/audio are spot on. Anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1, clear audio that never overloads the mic even when it gets loud.

Overview: Director Disanto brings us five more couples that make love in Europe. It's artsy, it's erotic, there are no boundaries pushed. If you like your porn to be "pretty" and "artistic" you'll want to check this out. If you are looking for hardcore, Euro, anal drilling, this isn't your bag of tea. Couples should like it, and the price is right! It's a highly polished director working with highly regarded performers using an art team that obviously knows what they are doing.

Scene 1: Amarna Miller, Mark Rose

Our Spanish starlet tells us the backstory of how she and Mark got together as an artsy montage crossfades between wide shots and close shots of her in a hallway. She does some touching of herself, over her clothes, and smokes a cigarette bathed in backlighting.

Amarna Miller

A shadowy boudoir is where the pair gets busy, starting out on a red velvet settee which complements our starlet's scarlet locks which contrast with her milky white flesh as pure white light softly envelops the pair from above.

The action and connection this duo of Performer of the Year nominees share sizzle as her slobbering starts. Position changes take place using crossfades, so as not to waste any screen time. Mark seems to be in bliss as Amarna rides his rod as she moans with each stroke. Small, bluish studio lights can be seen in the background and are seemingly there to provide backlighting and hair highlights. The setee the action takes place on, groans, squeaks, and bangs in rebellion to their romping.

Amarna Miller

Amarna is a natural redhead, and seemingly really enjoys reverse rodeo riding, bringing herself to a shuddering orgasm with her fingers as she slams down on Mr. Rose. Her eyes roll back in ecstasy as Mark licks her slit and then starts pounding into her as she lies on her back, screaming and panting. That's enough to bring Mark to a massive geysering of her fiery bush.

Scene 2: Stella Cox, Freddie Flavas

Another Female Performer of the Year nominee gets paired up with a less experienced performer, Freddie Flavas, in this scene. Like the previous scene, our starlet narrates as an artful tease goes down in a hallway. Color and grayscale footage are intertwined as the leggy Italian's tease becomes passionate kissing, and rubbing with Freddie.

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Stella Cox

The microphone picks up every breath they take as they make out in the hallway, and every slurp she makes as she goes down on him. The action moves to another room where she gets bent over a wooden dining table so Freddie can fuck her slowly from behind. Her long locks cascade down her back and drape over her far shoulder; her large breasts swaying softly with each stroke.

As her bald beaver slides up and down on him in reverse cowgirl, the chair he is sitting in squeaks noisily. Freddie starts some cunnilingus on the lovely lady and the camera pulls focus between her face and his tongue and then alternates between the two.

Stella Cox

The pair moves to the floor for some spooning, her golden earrings glinting in the light as they dance to the rhythm of the lovemaking. Green lights highlight their hair as she bounces softly on his manhood. Her eyes are bright as she kneels with the tip of his cock in her mouth while jerking furiously to bring him to a release which drizzles down her chin.

Scene 3: Jasmine Jae, Ryan Ryder

Like the others on the disc, this scene starts with narration from our starlet as a deeply saturated nightclub scene fills the screen. That footage is blended with shots of her in lingerie and greyscale shots of her smoking a hookah. Again, our duo consists of highly regarded performers, both having been nominated for Performer of the Year in the past.

Jasmine Jae

The extremely saturated look continues as the action starts in the empty club, red accent lighting framing the pair as her blowjob begins. Jasmine rubs her round ass as she bobs on Ryan's knob. Her eyes light up as Ryan exposes her globes and pinches her pierced nipples.

Jasmine Jae

Her jewelry jingles as Ryan jams into her in a standing doggie, both of them moaning. Miss Jae grinds with a circular motion as she rides him in reverse and then switches to a piston pumping. Her necklace and clit piercing sparkle as they move into a spoon on the floor. His strokes get faster as he holds her tightly to him as she stares into his eyes.

Her cowgirl ride consists of short, quick strokes on his cock and then changes to long, slow, deliberate, slides in and out. She kneels for a sloppy, hand assisted hummer to bring him to a powerful climax.

Scene 4: Hannah Shaw, Mark Rose

Another hallway tease starts this scene out as Miss Shaw narrates her meeting of Mark. Footage of her smoking in the hallway wearing a leather jacket and lingerie is intermixed with footage of her in other scenarios in different clothes.

Hannah Shaw

Some of her fingernails are a near turquoise color, which complements the fading color of one hallway wall and contrasts with the exposed brick on the other as she drops to slurp and jerk. When the scene transitions to a different locale, we find Hannah giving more head in a bathroom with tiny, aqua tiles. Gripping the glass of the shower enclosure, she gets a deep dicking from Mr. Rose as he stands behind her.

Hannah Shaw

The pair's skin tones contrast well, Hannah obviously finding herself in more UV rays in England than Mark does.Their breathing and moaning are picked up in exquisite detail by the microphones, some reverberation present from the shower confines. A transition to the floor finds our duo spooning slow and methodically, Hannah's love triangle neatly trimmed. Her ride in reverse reveals her triangle is trimmed neatly, but not equally on both sides in case any of my readers are OCD about stuff like that.

Mark lies her down on the tile and laps at her love hole before plunging his English pecker back into her pierced box. He gives her a few more licks of love before a crossfade brings us to her rubbing one out as he rubs himself to fruition on her face.

Scene 5: Julia De Lucia, Max Deeds

Julia's scene begins in a bedroom doorway, not a hallway! Her narration overlies the synth track as she masturbates in the water closet. Her sleek, Romanian, body is showcased in both color and greyscale as she meets her man in the kitchen. He's in a suit, she's in lingerie but not for long!

Julia De Lucia

Through a couple of faded edits, she's sitting on the counter, her nylons highlighting the blues of the clock on the wall and the photograph behind her or vice versa. Nipples erect, she enjoys Deeds' tonguing as the soundtrack fades to a cutout.

Julia De Lucia

As she returns the oral favor, the blue of her back tattoo again highlights the other blues in scene as she gets balls deep on Max. The pair move to a couch where her oral work continues until he starts banging away at her box as she bends over. Her black hair is augmented with red which plays off the couch tones nicely. Max's face and neck start to redden as she rides him in cowgirl, his hands pushing her thighs down onto his manhood.

Her sculpted globes bounce with his banging in spoon as her silver earrings catch the light in the room. His bangs get faster until she takes slamming duties upon herself in reverse cowgirl. He works her hard, but not too deeply in missionary as she stares at her tiny patch where the action is going down. As he unloads on her face we hear the director instructing her he needs her head tilting down...

Final Thoughts: Well, here it is. Five scenes by Daring! media that seem to be recently shot, not rehashes of old work. This is high-end, Euro-Erotica. It's fairly repetitive in the positions and activities, but the girls all differ in looks and voice. It's chock full of performers that are definitely worth their salt, so no complaints there. It's a couples title and is couples-friendly, to be sure. There's no boundary pushing, nothing rough. It's basically five hot girls in great lingerie shot with an artistic eye and attention to detail. If you are looking for something to watch with your significant other on a casual sex night, this may be your ticket. It's erotic enough for women, I think and features enough core action to work for most guys. It's shot and presented very well. For the price, it's probably something you should pick up and stash in the collection. Recommended.

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